Mother’s Day | Hockey gave me an identity but mom made me who I am: Mandeep Singh

“My mother is a simple, god-fearing woman who may not know much about hockey...but has given us the biggest life lessons," hockey star Mandeep Singh says about his mother.

Mandeep Singh with his mother.

At 25, he is a senior pro in the national hockey team, but Mandeep Singh remains the kid in his family. The youngest among three brothers and a sister, Mandeep admits his family’s support has made him what he is today.

“I am the youngest and they treat me like that even now. I guess it’s true that you never grow up for your parents, specially mothers. You are always a kid for them. Despite staying away from my family for a large part of the last 15 years, it is their support and love that has sustained me in the sport,” he says, laughing.

The laughter, again, is a trademark Mandeep thing. The youngster is always smiling, always laughing, even in the toughest of situations on field. Regardless of the result of a game, there is never a frown on his face. “As the youngest in the family, I am also the biggest prankster. That has remained with me in the team also! But it’s always harmless.


“My mother is a simple, god-fearing woman who may not know much about hockey despite two of us (his elder brother Balwinder also played hockey for a while) playing the game but has given us the biggest life lessons, including how our actions should not hurt anyone even as a joke. She has taught us to stay happy under all circumstances and keep trust in Waheguru. Hockey has given me an identity but she has made me the person I am. Love you loads, Mom!”

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