Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the IPL 2022 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Gujarat Titans at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai

Hazlewood to Miller, 1 wide. Miller hits the next ball for four. 2 to get. Tewatia finishes off with a four. What a win. Tewatia and Miller have done it again. Titans win by six wickets. Titans move to 16 points, stay atop the points table. That would be all from here. Thanks for joining us.

GT 164/4 in 19 overs: Harshal Patel to bowl the 19th. 2 off the first ball. Just the one off the second ball.  Single to Miller off the third ball. Review for catch ... not given. RCB review. Clearly off the foot. 1 off the fifth ball. Tewatia slams the last ball for six.

GT 152/4 in 18 overs: Hazlewood to bowl the 18th. Tewatia picks up a six off the third ball. Flicked over fine-leg for six. He follows it up with a four. 1 off the fifth ball. Miller ends the over with a four. Titans need 19 runs in 12 balls.

GT 135/4 in 17 overs: Harshal. 7 from the over. Tewatia and Miller keeping GT in the hunt.

GT 128/4 in 16 overs: Siraj.  Tewatia collects a four off the third ball. Make that two in two. GT motoring along. Now 4legbyes... but Faf has gone for a lbw review against Tewatia. Wickets missing... RCB lose a review. 15 came off the over. Siraj: 4-0-39-0. Titans need 43 runs in 24 balls.


GT 113/4 in 15 overs: Hasaranga. Miller smacks the first ball for four before hitting the second one for six. 13 off the over. Titans need 58 runs in 30 balls.

GT 100/4 in 14 overs: Siraj back for his third. Tewatia has been given out lbw first ball! But he reviews. Great review. Pitching outside leg. Tewatia survives by a centimetre. Tewatia hits the third ball for four. Just four from it in the end. Very good from Siraj.

GT 96/4 in 13 overs: Hasaranga into his third. GONE ! Sudharsan has been caught behind. Tewatia is at the crease. Just 2 runs and a wicket. Titans need 75 runs in 42 balls.

GT 94/3 in 12 overs: Harshal. Three off the first three before Miller carves one through covers for four. 1 off the fifth ball. Sudharsan ends the over with a four.

GT 82/3 in 11 overs: Shahbaz. GONE! Hardik holes out. Critical spell. David Miller comes to the crease. What an over. 5 runs and a wicket. Titans need 89 runs in 54 balls.

GT 77/2 in 10 overs: Hasaranga continues. Sudharsan slams one to the deep mid-wicket fence. 8 from this over.

GT 69/2 in 9 overs: Shahbaz is back. Gill cuts one behind point for four before being given out caught behind! He reviews immediately. UltraEdge shows no spike but Rawat's glove is in line with the stumps and it is a no-ball!  Free-hit! Shahbaz offers a full toss and Gill has clobbered that for six. Gill has been given out lbw now! He reviews after having a word with the non-striker. Three reds and he is gone. GT lose a review. TIME OUT! Hardik Pandya is in next.

GT 55/1 in 8 overs: Hasaranga with the ball. Karn Sharma is on the field in place of Virat Kohli. GONE! Saha has holed out! He goes for 29. Sai Sudharsan in at 3. 5 runs and a wicket.

GT 50/0 in 7 overs: Harshal Patel with the ball. Good over from Harshal - just four off the over. Smart use of the off-cutters. Titans need 121 runs in 78 balls.

GT 46/0 in 6 overs: Siraj to wrap up the PowerPlay. He continues to concede runs. Saha collects two fours from the over. 12 off it. Siraj has gone for 20 in his first 2 overs.

GT 34/0 in 5 overs: Hazlewood gets another over inside first six. Excellent control of line and length from Hazlewood. Only four singles from this over.

GT 30/0 in 4 overs: Shahbaz replaces Siraj. Saha welcomes him with a boundary first ball. Seven from the over. RCB have used four bowlers in the PowerPlay so far.

GT 23/0 in 3 overs: Here's Josh Hazlewood. Tidy start from the Aussie quick. Only five singles from it.

GT 18/0 in 2 overs: Siraj shares the new ball. Siraj straying on the pads in this over and paying the price as Gill gently taps it on the leg side to collect four more. 8 from the over. No swing for the pacer.

GT 10/0 in 1 over: Maxwell takes the new ball. Gill and Saha open. Saha off the mark with a four. Gill now smashes one to deep mid-wicket for four more.


A nice little knock from Lomror there gives some respectability to RCB's total. But the big source of delight for RCB will be Kohli's form. He looked imperious as he played his drives and pulls and flicks. But if he had stuck on till the end, RCB may have gotten more. Rajat Patidar, too, played an excellent innings.

Join us, in a bit, for the run chase.

Pradeep Sangwan: "It's tough, playing after three-four years after injury. But enjoying it. The ball is coming on to the bat quite well. It's tough to bowl three in a row in the heat. 170 is a gettable total." His figures: 4-0-19-2.

RCB 170/6 in 20 overs: Alzarri Joseph to bowl the final over. Mahipal Lomror comes across to the off-side for a cheeky stroke to fine leg, but misses. The ball hits the pads, it's a single. A low full toss outside the off-stump; Shahbaz cuts to deep point for a single.

Oh and Lomror tees off! Gets a full delivery on leg-stump and lofts the ball to the stands beyond long-on. Joseph tries to bowl a wide yorker - misses his line slightly and it's a wide. Lomror tries to hit the ball out of the park again, but this time he holes out to the man at long-on. Some delay here as the umpires are deciding whether the ball hit the wires as it came down - and it has! It's a dead ball! Lomror survives.

Lomror flicks to deep midwicket for two runs. Lomror comes across to the off-side and scoops the ball over the head of the fielder at short fine leg! Four runs.

Final delivery: Lomror tries to hit another six, but this time he holes out to David Miller at long-on. Doesn't hit the overhead cables this time.

Mahipal Lomror c Miller b Joseph 16 (8b, 2x4, 1x6)


RCB 155/5 in 19 overs: Lockie Ferguson to bowl his final over.

Maxwell drives to mid-off and picks up two runs. Full outside off-stump from Ferguson, Maxwell squeezes it out to third man for four runs! A low full toss, Maxwell tries to smash it, but can't time the ball. And and excellent tumbling catch by Rashid Khan! Smiles as Ferguson comes across to congratulate him.

Yorker to Shahbaz, who defends. Dot ball. Low full toss, Shahbaz smashes the ball past extra cover for four runs! A single off the final delivery to keep strike.

RCB 144/4 in 18 overs: Rashid Khan comes on to bowl his fourth over. Karthik sweeps to pick up a single. Maxwell makes room and slaps the ball to long-on for a single. And Karthik is out! He tries to sweep a good-length delivery, gets a top edge, and the fielder at short fine leg makes no mistake.

Shahbaz Ahmed comes out to bat. He picks up a single. Maxwell attempts the switch hit again, and this time he connects! Four runs. Maxwell plays the ball to long-on for a single.

Dinesh Karthik c Shami b Rashid 2 (3b)


RCB 136/3 in 17 overs: Shami is back into the attack for his final over. Kohli drives to long-on for a single. Oh and a boundary finally! Maxwell gets a length ball and slogs to deep midwicket for four!

He attempts the same stroke but can only mistime the ball to the fielder at deep midwicket for a single. Kohli makes room for a big hit and loses his wicket! Yorker-length ball - hits the base of off-stump.

Dinesh Karthik comes out to bat. Is off the mark with a single as he steers a good-length delivery to sweeper cover. Slower ball, it's short, and pulled away to deep square leg for six runs by Maxwell!

Virat Kohli b Shami 58 (53b, 6x4, 1x6)

RCB 121/2 in 16 overs: Joseph bowling his third over. Short of a length again, to Maxwell this time. Dot ball as Maxwell attempts to pull but misses. Plays a reverse hit again, and is unable to get the ball past short third man again. Single.

Kohli slogs to deep midwicket for a single. Short of a length to Maxwell, hits him on the thighs as he attempts to pull. Short ball to Kohli, who pulls to long leg for a single. Maxwell attempts the reverse hit again and misses.


RCB 117/2 in 15 overs: Sangwan is back into the attack. Patidar comes across to the off-side again, gets a low full toss, and tries to play a sweep. Can't time the ball well. And he is caught out. Sangwan has his second.

Glenn Maxwell comes out to bat. Maxwell tucks the first delivery he faces to fine leg for a single. Oh, and nearly out! Half-volley on off-stump, Maxwell lofts to long-on, but the ball doesn't carry - there's not so much power in that. The fielder dives in vain. Maxwell survives.

Rahul Tewatia, who dived, goes out of the field for medical assistance. Full toss, outside off-stump, Maxwell can't put bat to ball. Then plays a reverse hit - single. Ball travels to short third man.

Rajat Patidar c Gill b Sangwan 52 (32b, 5x4, 2x6)

RCB 110/1 in 14 overs: Lockie Ferguson is back into the attack. Patidar comes across to the off-side to try to flick the delivery from outside off-stump, but he can't put bat to ball. Single. Single for Kohli, too, as he flicks to square leg. Patidar carved a short of a length delivery to deep extra cover for four runs and that brings up his fifty! Yorker, Patidar misses.

Patidar slogs to the leg side for a single to keep strike.

RCB 102/1 in 13 overs: Shami back into the attack. Patidar plays the scoop! Scoops it to fine leg. Alzarri Joseph prevents the ball from going to the boundary - just about. Patidar tries to pull, can't put bat to ball. Single.

Half-century for Kohli! Plays the ball to midwicket for a single. Cheer from the crowd, Kohli raises his bat. What a relief it must be for RCB and Kohli. Patidar slogs to long-on for a single. Kohli gets a short of a length delivery and softly plays the ball to the leg side - two runs taken. Full, on off-stump, Kohli steps out of his crease to covert the ball to a half-volley - and he flicks it to long-on for a single.

RCB 94/1 in 12 overs:DROPPED! Kohli could have been out for 47 as he chips the ball back to the bowler. But Rashid just gets a hand on it. Two runs taken. Five singles from the over too.


RCB 87/1 in 11 overs: Alzarri Joseph back into the attack. First ball - single. Short, Kohli pulls to square leg for a single. Moves to 45. Short of a length to Patidar, who pulls mightly for a six over cow corner! Four more, as Patidar makes room and clumsily slogs to the leg side. The fielder coming around from deep square leg dives but in vain. This is turning out to be another expensive over from Joseph.

Patidar plays a short of a length ball to sweeper cover for a single. Kohli drives on the up - to extra cover. No run.

RCB 75/1 in 10 overs: Oh and a lovely straight drive from Kohli! It's a full toss from Ferguson; Kohli drives straight down the ground for six runs! It's followed up by a short of a length delivery outside off-stump; Kohli plays the upper cut for four runs through third man! Drives to sweeper cover off the fifth delivery. Patidar slaps away a half-volley outside off-stump for four more! Through extra cover. Scorching drive.

RCB 60/1 in 9 overs: Rashid Khan resumes. Single off the first ball.

Oh and a nice slog sweep from Patidar. SIX RUNS! Outside the off-stump - on a good length, and Patidar hits it well to long-on. Two more singles in the over.


RCB 51/1 in 8 overs: Lockie Ferguson comes on to bowl. First delivery to Kohli: it's short of a length, Kohli drives on the up, no run. Slightly fuller, it's driven awkwardly back to the bowler. On a good length, coming into the right hander from over the wicket, Kohli plays the ball softly to short midwicket. Short of a length, outside off-stump, steered to point for no run. Short and wide, Kohli cuts, gets an edge, the ball flies to third man. The ball bounces once before being fielded by the keeper. Last delivery: Patidar makes room and plays a fierce drive. Hardik makes an excellent stop at mid-off. Saved three runs.

RCB 48/1 in 7 overs: Rashid Khan comes on to bowl.

A nice drive from Kohli to deep extra cover, it's full, on off-stump from the leg-spinner. On a good length, outside off-stump - Patidar slogs to long-on for a single. Drifts on to the pads of Kohli, who flicks to deep square leg for a single. Full, on off-stump, to Patidar, who drives to long-on for a single. Kohli plays an inside-out drive for no run. Then flicks to the vacant region on the leg side for a single to keep strike.

RCB 43/1 in 6 overs: On a good length by Sangwan. Kohli drives to mid-off and runs a quick single. Oh and a nice straight drive from Patidar! On a good length again, Sangwan stays in his crease and plays a back-foot drive past the bowler for four runs!

On the legs, tucked to square for a single. Kohli guides a short of a length delivery to backward point for a single. Patidar tucks another and picks up a single. Kohli drives to mid-on and there's another single.


RCB 34/1 in 5 overs: On the pads from Alzarri Joseph, who comes on to bowl his first over. And flicked imperiously by Kohli! A top shot as he picks up a boundary through midwicket. Overpitched, outside the off-stump, Kohli drives well and four more! Through extra cover this time. On the pads again, and flicked to short third man for no run.

On a good length, coming into the right hander. Kohli defends awkwardly and picks up a single. Short of a length, outside the off-stump, gently steered to third man by Patidar - four runs! Last delivery: short of a length again, defended from the crease by Patidar.

RCB 21/1 in 4 overs: Short of a length from Sangwan, defended by Patidar. Patidar drives to mid-off for no run. He drives again and picks up a single. Kohli defends...oh and a near run out! Patidar was nearly out as he came halfway down the pitch for the single before being sent back by Kohli: the fielder's throw hits him as he dives to make it back to the crease. Kohli gets a full delivery and drives back the bowler. And they pick up a single on the final delivery.


RCB 19/1 in 3 overs: Oh and beaten! In the corridor, the ball goes past the outside edge of the bat through to the keeper. Kohli is cautious and defends the next delivery from the crease. Short, rises up to Kohli's shoulder, Kohli pulls hard, gets an edge, but it's enough to take the ball over the head of the fielder at short third man for four runs. Kohli comes across to try and flick the next delivery, but misses; it hits the pads, and the batters run a quick run. The ball would have probably gone down the leg side so there's no appeal.

Patidar awkwardly negotiates a short of a length delivery. Short of a length again, Patidar pulls to deep midwicket. Three runs.


RCB 11/1 in 2 overs: Left-arm seamer Pradeep Sangwan comes on to bowl. On a good length first up, Kohli defends from the crease. On a good length again, but there's slight width, Kohli steers the ball to third man for a single. Oh and Faf is beaten, in the corridor, moves just slightly after pitching. Dot ball - defended. And Faf is gone!

Full delivery - not too full - and du Plessis goes for the drive. Edges behind! Out for a duck.

Rajat Patidar comes in to bat. On a good length, he defends from the crease.

RCB 10/0 in 1 over: Virat Kohli to face the first delivery. Full, on off-stump, defended solidly by Kohli.  Shami pulls up in the delivery stride twice, Hardik has a word with the bowler. A tape comes out and Shami marks his run-up. Oh and a beautiful delivery after the delay: yorker length, outside off-stump, moved away after pitching.

Overpitched, on off-stump, Kohli drives well and picks up a boundary. There's no mid-off. And on middle and leg this time, flicked away to square leg for four more! Short from Shami, the delivery drifts down the leg side - it's a wide. Full, on off-stump, defended: the batters run a quick single. Last ball: outside off-stump, on a good length, du Plessis defends.



1527 IST : K. Saiyed and Virender Sharma, the two umpires, walk out. Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis come out to open. Mohamed Shami to bowl the first over. The crowd shouting "RCB, RCB." All set for action!

1515 IST: Rashid Khan to broadcasters: Definitely a great feeling to ensure the team's win the last time (against SRH). Happy to be on the winning side and looking forward to today. The team doesn't depend on one or two players only - during close games, it's important everyone takes responsibility and stands up. Will be a little hard fasting (Ramzan) and playing in the heat. Have played in Dubai so used to it, but will be hard.

1500 IST : Faf du Plessis wins the toss, RCB will bat first. It's hot, he says, and the pitch may become slower in the evening. Two changes for Hardik Pandya: Sai Sudarshan for Abhinav Manohar, and Yash Dayal has a niggle and will be replaced by Pradeep Sangwan. One change for RCB: Mahipal Lomror comes in for Suyash Prabhudessai.

It's Hardik Pandya's 100th IPL game.

1455 IST : PITCH REPORT - Swing won't be a big factor, but spin may be, says Matt Hayden. A great batting track. "Absolute belter."

1445 IST : We're just a few minutes away from the toss. The Titans have chosen to bat just once (against KKR), all the rest of the times they won the toss, they chose to bowl first. But given that this is a day game, given the heat and humidity in Mumbai, they may choose to bat again.



Virat Kohli’s poor run of form would be a concern for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) ahead of the side’s Indian Premier League (IPL) clash against Gujarat Titans (GT) at the Brabourne Stadium on Saturday.

RCB comes on the back of two losses, and Kohli, IPL’s overall leading run-getter, has only 128 runs from nine matches at an average of 16.00. In his last five games, Kohli has failed to get off the mark twice and perished for single-digit scores on two occasions.

GT will be high on confidence after Rashid Khan and Rahul Tewatia’s Houdini act against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Wednesday. The two retained their composure to plunder 25 runs in the final over to take the team home. The Hardik Pandya-led team has now won four successive matches to move atop the standings.

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GT has the most dismissals in the PowerPlay (19), with Mohammad Shami and Lockie Ferguson spearheading the pace attack. Meanwhile, RCB has scored maximum runs (735) and picked most wickets (31) in the middle overs, with Shahbaz Ahmed, Harshal Patel and Wanindu Hasaranga being the key contributors.

The Titans are likely to play the same eleven, while the Royal Challengers may, at some point, rest Kohli. However, with captain Faf du Plessis saying, “...we still back him to turn it around” after the previous game, it may be a while until RCB experiments with a new combination up top. If Kohli is rested, Anuj Rawat may be back as opener, with Rajat Patidar continuing as the No. 3.