Sri Lanka vs South Africa Highlights, T20 World Cup 2024: SA wins by 6 wickets in low-scoring game

SL vs SA Highlights: Catch the score and updates from the T20 World Cup match between Sri lanka and South Africa at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

Updated : Jun 03, 2024 23:20 IST

Catch the live score and updates from Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match.
Catch the live score and updates from Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match. | Photo Credit: Team Sportstar

Catch the live score and updates from Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match. | Photo Credit: Team Sportstar

Welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match being played at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

  • June 03, 2024 23:18
    SA beats SL by 6 wickets

    SL vs SA, T20 World Cup 2024: South Africa decimates Sri Lanka in Group D opener

    T20 World Cup 2024: South Africa chased down 78 in 16.2 overs to start its campaign in a dominating fashion.

  • June 03, 2024 23:07
    SA 80/4 in 16.2 overs

    Miller sends the second delivery from Hasaranga to the long on fence with a dance down the wicket. SA wins the contest!

  • June 03, 2024 23:01
    SA 75/4 in 16 overs

    Maheesh Theekshana for the first time today. SA just six runs away. Miller is trapped in front on the final delivery which is a slider. But the ball is pitching outside leg, SL still goes for a review and loses it. Just three from it.

  • June 03, 2024 22:59
    SA 72/4 in 15 overs

    Hasaranga to Klaasen, SIX! In the slot as Hasaranga searches for flight, packs it away down the ground. FOUR now! Another hit down the ground. Klaasen deciding to get a move on. 11 runs from the over.

  • June 03, 2024 22:54
    SA 61/4 in 14 overs

    Pathirana to continue. An inside edge for Klaasen flies wide of the stumps and runs to fine leg. Miller is off the mark with a flick to mid wicket. Klaasen gets another searing yorker, gets bat to it and is able to get one run.

  • June 03, 2024 22:51
    SA 58/4 in 13 overs

    Hasaranga to Klaasen, one run to long on. It is in the air but carries to the fielder on a bounce. WICKET! Hasaranga gets another one, Stubbs is gone. Stubbs tries to slap it through covers and the fielder nabs it inches above the ground.

    Tristan Stubbs c Asalanka b Hasaranga 13 (28)

    David Miller is next in line.

  • June 03, 2024 22:45
    SA 57/3 in 12 overs

    Pathirana for his second over. On the pads and Klaasen flicks it to fine leg for a single. Another run for Stubbs to deep point. YORKER! How does that not go into the stumps. It is 151 clicks and Klaasen is down on the ground in trying to get bat to it. Manages to get a single. Two runs for Stubbs through mid wicket.

  • June 03, 2024 22:40
    SA 52/3 in 11 overs

    Wanindu Hasaranga to de Kock. Works the first delivery to deep mid wicket; one run. Stubbs uses the angle and tugs the second to fine leg for another single. A soft-handed push from de Kock to deep mid wicket is enough to get him two. GONE! A soft caught-and-bowled dismissal. That’s the end of de Kock.

    Quinton de Kock c & b Hasaranga 20 (27)

    Heinrich Klaasen in the new batter, off the mark with a backfoot punch to long off.

  • June 03, 2024 22:32
    SA 47/2 in 10 overs

    Matheesha Pathirana into the attack. A loosener on the pads to start off, Stubbs has no trouble in flicking this to deep square leg for a single. De Kock gets width on the fourth delivery, he slashes but only gets one run. Stubbs with a single to mid on. An overhead wide gives an extra to SA. A single through point for de Kock to finish the over. Five runs from it.

  • June 03, 2024 22:30
    SA 42/2 in 9 overs

    Shanaka to Stubbs, one run to deep point on the fourth delivery. De Kock clips the fifth to deep square. Stubbs plays with soft hands to mid on and runs one. Another tight over, just three runs.

  • June 03, 2024 22:25
    SA 39/2 in 8 overs

    Mathews to Stubbs, gets an inside edge but the ball creeps through the keeper’s hands, one run. De Kock blocks the second and steals a single before the fielders close in. SIX! De Kock gets a half-tracker and he pummels it away into the stands over square leg.

  • June 03, 2024 22:19
    SA 30/2 in 7 overs

    Shanaka to Stubbs, square drives the second delivery but the point fielder puts in a dive to keep the shot down to a single. De Kock gets a single on the third delivery. Stubbs works the last one through square leg. Just three runs off it.

  • June 03, 2024 22:16
    SA 27/2 in 6 overs

    Thushara for his third over. De Kock gets a single through covers. Two leg byes to Stubbs, still unable to open his account. He is off the mark on the final delivery, looks to punch it down the ground, gets it through mid wicket off his inside edge.

  • June 03, 2024 22:07
    SA 23/2 in 5 overs

    Dasun Shanaka is the new bowler. OUT! Markram is caught at slip. It is angling into him, convinces him to go for a flick, straightens just enough to take the outside edge and reach Kamindu Mendis at slip.

    Aiden Markram c Kamindu b Shanaka 12 (14)

    Tristan Stubbs at No. 4. A review by Sri Lanka. Stubbs is beaten down leg and the umpire signals wide. The replay shows it flicked the thigh. DROPPED! Stubbs edges but Kusal Mendis puts it down.

  • June 03, 2024 22:03
    SA 23/1 in 4 overs

    Thushara to continue. SIX! Too full from the over and Markram lofts this over covers. Markram clips the third off his pads to get two runs. Taps the next off his back foot through square leg; one run.

  • June 03, 2024 21:57
    SA 14/1 in 3 overs

    Mathews to Markram. Jaffa! Mathews bangs the second into the surface, Markram is looking to charge down and work it through the off side, sees the ball shape away and fly past his edge. Just one run from the over, a single for Markram to deep point on the final delivery.

  • June 03, 2024 21:50
    SA 13/1 in 2 overs

    Nuwan Thusara starts with a no ball. It is too high, it is too wide and SA gets a free hit. Thusara bowls the free hit in the slot, de Kock slogs, gets it through mid wicket for two runs. An inside edge to short fine leg for one. OUT! SL has the first wicket. Wide of off and tailing away from Hendricks. No footwork and the batter fends at it, hands an edge to first slip.

    Reeza Hendricks c Kamindu b Thushara 4 (2)

    Aiden Markram at No. 3. He starts with a clips to square leg and gets off the mark. A single each for de Kock and Markram to end the over.

  • June 03, 2024 21:45
    SA 6/0 in 1 over

    Quinton de Kock and Reeza Hendricks to start for SA. Angelo Mathews to bowl the first over. A single for de Kock on the fifth delivery through the vacant point region. FOUR! Hendricks carves the final delivery through backward point. He makes the most of the width on offer.

  • June 03, 2024 21:33
    Another low for Sri Lanka

    SL vs SA T20 World Cup: Sri Lanka bundled out for 77 by South Africa, its lowest team total in T20Is

    The Wanindu Hasaranga-led side was bundled out for 77 runs in 19.1 overs. Its previous lowest was 82 against India in 2016.

  • June 03, 2024 21:32
    SL 77 all out

    Marco Jansen will bowl the last over. Jansen to Theekshana, RUN OUT! Theekshana was running for a quick double but Nuwan Thushara was well short of making his ground at the non-striker’s end. A comprehensive bowling performance and an average batting performance from Sri Lanka led to its lowest T20I total! They have been bundled out for 77.

  • June 03, 2024 21:27
    SL 76/9 in 19 overs

    Baartman with his last over. Baartman to Theekshana, FOUR! Finally some runs for Sri Lanka. Theekshana heaves the slower ball over deep mid-wicket. Five off this over as Baartman ends with 4-1-9-1. 

  • June 03, 2024 21:23
    SL 71/9 in 18 overs

    Kagiso Rabada in place for Nortje. Rabada to Pathirana, OUT! Pathirana falls while trying to chip the fuller ball. Sri Lanka is nine down with Nuwan Thushara coming as the last man. A wicket maiden for Rabada. 

    Pathirana c Markram b Rabada 0(4)

  • June 03, 2024 21:23
    Nortje rules the roost

    SL vs SA: Anrich Nortje records best spell by South African in T20 World Cup

    T20 World Cup 2024: Nortje ended his four overs with four wickets and conceded just seven runs.

  • June 03, 2024 21:22
    SL 71/8 in 17 overs

    Ottneil Baartman comes into the attack. He leaks just one run, through a wide from this over. 

  • June 03, 2024 21:13
    SL 70/8 in 16 overs

    Anrich Nortje to bowl his last over. LEG BYES! A single off thigh pad for Mathews. A risky single for Theekshana in the following delivery. Nortje to Mathews, OUT! Another wicket! Nortje gets his fourth! Mathews finds Baartman. Pathirana plays two dots as Anrich Nortje records the most economical spell in the T20 World Cup history and the best bowling figures by a South African!

    Mathews c Ottneil Baartman b Nortje 16(16)

  • June 03, 2024 21:11
    SL 68/7 in 15 overs

    Kagiso Rabada in place of Keshav Maharaj. Rabada to Mathews, SIX! It is the third six in the last three overs for Sri Lanka as the two senior batters in the middle are putting on resistance against South Africa. Fuller ball on the leg and Mathews latches onto it, playing it towards long-on. Mathews gets a single and gives the strike back to Shanaka. Rabada to Shanak, CLEAN BOWLED! Shanaka tried to be over-aggressive but paid the price for it. Misses the line and Rabada uproots his stumps. 

    Shanaka b Rabada 9(10)

    The new batter, Maheesh Theekshana negotiates the rest of the over. 

  • June 03, 2024 21:07
    SL 61/6 in 14 overs

    Marco Jansen comes back into the attack—a couple of singles to start the over. Jansen to Shanaka, SIX! Shanaka gets under the ball and pulls it, a top edge at the long leg adds six more runs to the scoreboard. 8 off this over. 

  • June 03, 2024 21:02
    SL 53/6 in 13 overs

    Keshav Maharaj continues. Maharaj to Mathews, SIX! First maximum of the innings as Sri Lanka gets past the 50-run mark. Maharaj completes his 4-0-22-2 spell. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:58
    SL 46/6 in 12 overs

    Anrich Nortje with this third over. Angelo Mathews gets a single off the first delivery. Nortje to Asalanka, OUT! Oh god, the trouble is getting bigger and bigger for Sri Lanka with each ball. Asalanka holes out to Reeza Hendricks at deep square leg. Dasun Shanaka in at no. 8. Just two off this over as Nortje holds an impressive spell of 3-0-6-3. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:54
    SL 44/5 in 11 overs

    Keshav Maharaj with his third over. The struggle continues as just four come from this over. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:48
    SL 40/5 in 10 overs

    Anrich Nortje continues. Nortje to Kusal Mendis, OUT! This is getting out of the hands of Sri Lanka. Half of their batters are back in the hut. This time Mendis falls trying to pull the short ball. Four off this over as SL get to 40 in 10 overs.

    Kusal Mendis c Tristan Stubbs b Nortje 19(30)

  • June 03, 2024 20:42
    SL 36/4 in 9 overs

    Keshav Maharaj continues. Maharaj to Hasaranga, OUT! Maharaj temps Hasaranga with a looping ball and shimmies down the track, only to get stumped by Quinton de Kock behind the wicket. In comes Sadeera Samarawickrama at no. five. Maharaj to Samarawickrama, OUT! Bowled! Maharaj keeps the length the same, plays with the line and angled in for the right-hander, crashing straight into the stumps. New batter, Charith Asalanka gets off the mark with a couple. Five runs and two wickets off this over.

    Hasaranga st de Kock b Maharaj 0(2)

    Samarawickrama b Maharaj 0(1)

  • June 03, 2024 20:40
    SL 31/2 in 8 overs

    Anrich Nortje comes from the other end. The struggle to middle the ball continues for the Mendis due here. Nortje to Kamindu, OUT! Kamindu loses his wicket while trying to break the shackles. He goes aerial towards deep square where Reeza Hendricks collects a fairly easy catch. Surprise surprise! Skipper Wanindu Hasaranga .comes in at no. four. Just a single from this over. 

    Kamindu Mendis c Reeza Hendricks b Nortje 11(15)

  • June 03, 2024 20:33
    SL 30/1 in 7 overs

    Skipper Aiden Makram introduces spin for the first time in this innings. Four singles and a double fetch SL six from the seventh over. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:30
    SL registers its joint-lowest PP total in T20 World Cups

    SL vs SA: Sri Lanka registers its joint-lowest PowerPlay score in T20 World Cups

    Sri Lanka ended the first six overs, when only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle, at 24 for one.

  • June 03, 2024 20:28
    SL 24/1 in 6 overs

    Ottneil Baartman continues. Just a single off the first five deliveries before Kusal goes ariel over extra cover for a quick couple, Still just three from this over as Sri Lanka manage 24/1 in the PowerPlay.

  • June 03, 2024 20:22
    SL 21/1 in 5 overs

    Change of ends for Kagiso Rabada who replaces Marco Jansen. The South African pace battery has put Sri Lankan batters in a leech. Rabada to Kamindu, FOUR! Some positive intent was shown by Kamindu who picked up the length on time and deposited it on the deep mid-wicket. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:20
    SL 14/1 in 4 overs

    First change in the bowling line-up, Ottneil Baartman comes in place of Kagiso Rabada. Baartman to Nissanka, OUT! Baartman strikes in his debut World Cup! What a way to introduce himself to the world! Nissanka looked to break free but a mistimed hit went straight to Heinrich Klaasen at deep third. 

    Nissanka c Klaasen b Ottneil Baartman 3(8)

    Kamindu Mendis in at no. three. Kamindu gets a leg bye single which means Baartman starts with a maiden!

  • June 03, 2024 20:12
    SL 13/0 in 3 overs

    Jansen continues from over the wicket. A yorker to start the over which cramps Nissanka. He manages a single off the next delivery. Kusal digs in the full ball on off to get a quick couple before playing out two dots. Another quiet over, just four off it. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:09
    SL 9/0 in 2 overs

    Kagiso Rabada from the other end. Rabada to Mendis, FOUR! Short ball on off, and Mendis opens his arms, getting an outside-edge-induced boundary over slips. Two singles and just a wide fetch SL seven off this over. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:03
    SL 2/0 in 1 over

    Jansen starts over the wicket, and Nissanka has the strike. Full-length ball in the middle and Nissanka gets off the mark with a gentle tap on mid-off. Kusal, too, gets off the mark with a single as he flicks the ball on leg off the third delivery. A tentative start for Nissanka, who misses to find connection in the following three deliveries. Just two off the first over. 

  • June 03, 2024 20:01
    All set

    Sri Lanka openers Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Mendis walk out in the middle. Marco Jansen has the white new ball in hand. 

  • June 03, 2024 19:58
    National Anthem time

    It’s time for the National anthems of both countries. Players are lined up as we are moments away from the live action. 

  • June 03, 2024 19:42
    SL vs SA Lineups

    Sri Lanka: Pathum Nissanka, Kusal Mendis (wk), Kamindu Mendis, Sadeera Samarawickrama, Charith Asalanka, Angelo Mathews, Dasun Shanaka, Wanindu Hasaranga(c), Maheesh Theekshana, Matheesha Pathirana, Nuwan Thushara.

    South Africa: Quinton de Kock (wk), Reeza Hendricks, Aiden Markram (c), Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, Tristan Stubbs, Marco Jansen, Keshav Maharaj, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Ottneil Baartman.

  • June 03, 2024 19:33
    Toss - Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka wins the toss and opts to bat against South Africa.

    Wanindu Hasaranga: We’re going to bat first. We can see it’s a good wicket. Just want to get a good score. Our bowling is so strong. I’m ready to go. Some players came after IPL, we played two practice games. We are going with 7-4 combination, seven batters, four bowlers and two all-rounders.

    Aiden Markram: We actually would’ve bowled. Not sure how the wicket is going to play. Team has been together now for few years. Did well at the ODI World Cup, ideally would’ve liked to go a few steps further. Good facilities here.

  • June 03, 2024 19:16
    Most wickets in SL vs SA T20Is

  • June 03, 2024 19:11
    Most runs in SL vs SA T20Is

  • June 03, 2024 18:56
    SL vs SA in T20 World Cups

    Total Played: 4

    Sri Lanka won: 1

    South Africa won: 3

    Last Result: South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 4 wickets (Sharjah, 2021)

  • June 03, 2024 18:43
    JUST IN - T20 World Cup 2024 prize money announced

    What is the prize money for the ICC T20 World Cup 2024?

    The ninth edition of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will see the winners of the 20-team tournament earn at least $2.45 million, the highest prize money in the history of the tournament

  • June 03, 2024 18:36
    SL vs SA Head-to-Head Record in T20Is

    Total Played: 17

    Sri Lanka won: 5

    South Africa won: 11

    Tied: 1

    Last Result: South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 4 wickets (Sharjah, 2021

  • June 03, 2024 18:18
    SL vs SA Dream1 Prediction


    Heinrich Klaasen (c), Quinton de Kock, Kusal Mendis


    David Miller, Tristan Stubbs


    Wanindu Hasaranga


    Kagiso Rabada, Matheesha Pathirana (vc), Anrich Nortje, Maheesh Theekshana, Nuwan Thushara

    Team Composition: SL 5-6 SA | Credits Left: 10

  • June 03, 2024 17:37
    South Africa Predicted XI

    Quinton de Kock (wk), Ryan Rickelton, Tristan Stubbs, Aiden Markram (c), Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, Marco Jansen, Keshav Maharaj, Anrich Nortje, Kagiso Rabada, Tabraiz Shamsi.

  • June 03, 2024 17:37
    Sri Lanka Predicted XI

    Kusal Mendis, Pathum Nissanka, Sadeera Samarawickrama (wk), Charith Asalanka, Angelo Mathews, Dasun Shanaka, Wanindu Hasaranga (c), Nuwan Thushara, Matheesha Pathirana, Maheesh Theekshana, Dunith Wellalage.

  • June 03, 2024 17:22
    What to expect from Group D?

    T20 World Cup Group D Preview: Strengths, weaknesses and players to watch out for

    Group D has more than two contenders, unlike the first three groups with clear favourites for the Super 8.

  • June 03, 2024 17:17
    Live Streaming Info

    How to watch live streaming of Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match?

    The Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match will be live streamed on Disney+Hotstar app and website in India.

    Which TV channel will telecast Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match?

    The Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2024 match will be telecast live on Star Sports Network in India.

  • June 03, 2024 15:06

    Sri Lanka: Wanindu Hasaranga (C), Charith Asalanka (VC), Kusal Mendis, Pathum Nissanka, Kamindu Mendis, Sadeera Samarawickrama, Angelo Mathews, Dasun Shanaka, Dhananjaya De Silva, Maheesh Theekshana, Dunith Wellalage, Dushmantha Chameera, Nuwan Thushara, Matheesha Pathirana, Dilshan Madushanka.

    South Africa: Aiden Markram (c), Ottniel Baartman, Gerald Coetzee, Quinton de Kock, Bjorn Fortuin, Reeza Hendricks, Marco Jansen, Heinrich Klaasen, Keshav Maharaj, David Miller, Anrich Nortje, Kagiso Rabada, Ryan Rickelton, Tabraiz Shamsi, Tristan Stubbs.

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