Olympian S.S. Hakim likely to be discharged in four days

On July 13, Hakim tested positive for coronavirus and he has been undergoing treatment at a hotel in Hyderabad. His family is paying for the expenses.

The 81-year-old Olympian tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is recovering at a hotel under the care of his personal doctor.   -  FILE PHOTO/V.V. SUBRAHMANYAM


Olympian footballer S.S. Hakim, who tested positive fo COVID-19 on July 13, is doing better. He is likely to be discharged in three to four days.

“My health has improved a lot. The doctors have just now checked my condition and said I might be even discharged in three or four days as there are no more complications,” Hakim told Sportstar on Monday.

The 1960 Olympian and son of the great coach late S.A. Rahim is being treated at a hotel in the city. “I preferred to be here after I failed to get a bed in the Military Hospital. I did go to Osmania General Hospital but decided not to be in-patient as I was not at all comfortable there,” he said.

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Hakim's family has been taking care of the medical expenses and daily expenditure of about Rs. 12,000. “I am not here to beg for any help. You will be shocked to know that a Telangana state minister asked me which sport I played,” he said.

“But, I tell you I will continue to fight for the cause of the players – particularly of the old-timers who have no means to take care of even minimal medical assistance – once I am discharged,” the former IAF officer said.

 “It is disgusting to say the least that none from the federation or the government are bothered about yesteryear stars. This is the reason I have always raised my voice to create a corpus fund for the benefit of all those who were passionate for the sport and took pride in representing India,” he concluded.

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