The Open Diary: The DJ is late, Olympic Crispy anyone?

Wednesday saw the field make final preparations for the challenge ahead, while Justin Rose took the time to shine a rare positive light on golf at the Olympics.


Dustin Johnson billed the favourite to win The Open.

The wait is nearly over – the 145th Open Championship is a matter of hours away and excitement is building. Wednesday saw the field make final preparations for the challenge ahead, while Justin Rose took the time to shine a rare positive light on golf at the Olympics.

There was also a bit of last-minute rescheduling for one tardy U.S. Open champion and weather to suit every season.

For all that and more, check out our daily diary from Royal Troon ahead of the latest edition of the world's oldest major.


All sports fans have an early Olympics memory that stands out, some momentous event that inspired them to strive for sporting greatness. For major winner Rose, his abiding memory was one that might not ring a bell with many – at least not until you decipher his code.

Asked about his favourite early recollection from the Games, Rose grinned and said: "Olympic Crispy."

The bafflement that spread across Troon's interview room was lifted as he continued: "...which is what I called Linford Christie when I was a young kid.

"I must have been obviously very young, very impressionable, but that was one of my earliest Olympic memories, the 100 metres."


Rose was speaking after being confirmed as part of Great Britain's team for Rio 2016. Following a spate of withdrawals from the golf event on its return to the Olympic stage after a 112-year absence, Rose's optimistic outlook was refreshing.

The 35-year-old has gold in his sights and called on fans to help him come up with a suitable celebration after revealing he had not yet thought of one.

He said: "I'm sure we can come up with something in the next couple of weeks. I'll try to be creative. It might be a good Instagram competition to see what people come up with."


A pleasant start to the morning on the west coast of Scotland gave way to a huge downpour just before midday as Troon showcased its changeable weather.

By early afternoon the crowds in the grandstands were squinting into the sun once more. Within a 10-minute spell at the driving range, one spectator went from bemoaning the lack of a jacket to asking if her partner had brought sunscreen.


You know what DJs can be like – you make a request, but they have other plans.

Well, Dustin Johnson is no different. Scheduled to face the media at 1300BST, the in-form American failed to show.

A member of staff at the course rocked up and threw the Oakmont victor under the bus: "He's messed up the times. Well, he knew it was supposed to be one o'clock, but he's out on the course."


Perhaps Johnson was collecting his thoughts lest he say something regrettable. Alas, Shane Lowry took no such precautions as he risked offending everyone he's ever played with at The Open.

Just read this.

"I have a really good group tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that. I can't wait," he said, offering no hint of what was about to come. 

"That's where I wanted to be. I've been in plenty of s****y groups over the years, so with all due respect to the golfers...I shouldn't say that, should I? 

"But you know what I mean. I've been like last off and first off. I don't mean by the players I was playing with, but I meant the times more so. God."

It's too late now, Shane.


You know those people who are annoyingly talented? It would appear Jordan Spieth belongs to that club. Having smoked a few off the tee at the driving range, he turned his attentions to a competition with a pal to see who could throw a golf ball closest to a nearby pin.

Spieth, of course, won.

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