Alexander Morozevich (Russia)



World ranking: 14. Rating: 27-7. Date of birth: July 18, 1977

KNOWN to adopt unusual openings and his preference for complicated positions, Alexander Morozevich is the most unpredictable performer in this World Championship.

His uncompromising style of play makes him one of the star attractions of any event. From reviving a forgotten opening or variation to bringing in his own fresh and combative ideas in the game, Morozevich has never shied away from surprising his rival and spectators alike.

He began this year miserably at Wijk aan Zee by finishing 13th in the 14-player field and since then has not attracted invitations to other major events. In spite of his none-too-encouraging form, Morozevich will still be expected to contribute to the excitement. Winner of the Biel International title in 2003 and 2004, as well as the Melody Amber rapid and blindfold in 2002, Morozevich is capable of stunning anyone with his unorthodox and daring experiments.

No wonder, his motto in life is, "Not to believe too much in what others say and to carry on with what I believe in."

Morozevich promises to provide more decisive games than most others at San Luis.