TENNIS star Jelena Dokic wants fans who ogle Anna Kournikova to start loving the sport's sex symbols for their skill with a racket as much as their looks.

The 20-year-old blonde beauty begged fans to look beyond such poor-playing cuties as Anna Kournikova.

"People should stop looking for a babe," Dokic said. "They should look at tennis players first. There are plenty of good looking girls out here besides Anna.

"Anna hasn't played for a long time. Tennis is definitely looking for someone else and has a lot of better players, some of them good looking girls. Everyone has definitely found some good looking girls out here other than her."

Admitting that sex appeal has helped the WTA Tour expand, Dokic said the competition has gone beyond the court into the greater game of glamour.

"It's not just tennis anymore. It's much more than that," Dokic said. "It has gone more into shorter skirts, who looks good, who doesn't. I think we all expect that. The tour has grown. They have used that a little bit and it has helped. There's much more attention on women's tennis because of that.

"You shouldn't overexpose this. You should also look at the athleticism and power we have on the tour, not just the looks. All of us just try to compete and beat each other on the court. If you can look good at the same time, it's a bonus."