Rowing Federation of India to convene emergency meeting to address ban

The meeting has a two-point agenda: restricting the number of voters to two in the electoral college and also barring any proxy voting.

Rowing Federation of India's emergency meeting is set to take place in Hyderabad on January 25. [Representative image]   -  G. Ramakrishna

The Rowing Federation of India, which is de-recognised by the Union Sports Ministry, has convened an emergency executive committee meeting here on January 25 to resolve the issue.

RFI was de-recognised for allegedly violating the Sports Code 2011 during its last elections held in Hyderabad where Ms Rajalaxmi Singh Deo and Mr. M.V. Sriram have been elected as President and the Secretary General respectively.

The meeting has a two-point agenda: restricting the number of voters to two in the electoral college instead of the previous number of three and also barring any proxy voting.

These were the guidelines the RFI apparently violated during the elections as per the Union Sports Ministry which also asked the Indian Olympic Association to discharge the functions of the rowing body.

“We decided to convene this meeting and go for fresh elections after making necessary amendments to our Constitution incorporating the guidelines to implement the Sports Code in to to,” said former RFI president C.P.Singh Deo in a chat with Sportstar.

“Unfortunately, an impression has been created as if there was lot of fraud in the elections. The proxy voting in the RFI was never aimed at rigging the whole process but only to enable those who could not come to voting to cast their votes.”

“What is perplexing is that the Ministry could have just sent us a communication specifically suggesting that these two amendments had to be made to comply with the Sports Code with regard to election process,” Mr. Deo said.

“It is also pretty obvious that the not many powerful people in the Sports Ministry and the IOA were happy with the RFI action to ban Olympian Dattu Bokanal last March. So, we are also removing that ban now,” he concluded.

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