Cameron Green was signed by Mumbai for Rs 17.50 crore at the IPL 2023 auction in Kochi on Friday, becoming the second most expensive player in the IPL.

The bidding for the Australia player started at Rs 2 crore between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. The price shot past Rs. 7 crore in no time.

Delhi Capitals also entered the race as the sum moved past Rs. 10 crore. Capitals and Indians fought for the player even past the 15-crore mark.

“Cam Green, he is a player we’ve tracked for the last two or three years. With his recent performances in India, we thought he is exactly the player we needed and he fits the right age-profile. We were looking at younger players. In the last two auctions, we have deliberately picked players that are younger and give us more lifetime value. That’s why we thought Cam is perfect for us to come in,” said Akash Ambani, Mumbai Indians owner.

“I’m pinching myself that this has all happened. It’s such a weird feeling watching an auction for yourself. I can’t believe how nervous I was and I was shaking like anything when the final call was confirmed,” Green said.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the IPL and it’s going to be so cool to be a part of it. The Mumbai Indians are one of the powerhouses of the competition so I feel very humbled to be joining them. I can’t wait to get there next year.”

- Amol Karhadkar