PBL 2017: Chennai Smashers beats Mumbai Rockets

Follow the live scores and commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between Chennai Smashes and Mumbai Rockets.

Chennai Smashers' P.V. Sindhu.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the Premier Badminton League. The action shifts from the North Eastern city of Guwahati to the Siri Fort Sports Complex in New Delhi where we have defending champion Chennai Smashers taking on Mumbai Rockets.

This is how the action will unfold tonight's between Smashers and Rockets.

Tie 1: Men's doubles: Y. Lee / B.S. Reddy (CHE) vs Lee Yong-dae / B. H. Tan (MUM)

Tie 2: Men's singles: B. Leverdez (CHE) vs Sameer Verma (MUM)

Tie 3: Women's singles: P.V. Sindhu (CHE) vs Zhang Beiwen (MUM)

Tie 4: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk (CHE) vs Son Wan Ho (MUM) (Trump match for Mumbai)

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: Chris Adcock / Gabrielle Adcock (CHE) vs Gabriela Stoeva / Arjun M.R (MUM) (Trump match for Chennai)


Tie 5: Mixed doubles: Chris Adcock / Gabrielle Adcock (CHE) vs Gabriela Stoeva / Arjun M.R (MUM) (Trump match for Chennai)

(Chennai Smashers wins 15-9, 13-15, 15-9 and beats Mumbai Rockets

15-9 An unforced error does Mumbai Rockets in. Chennai wins the game and the tie. Arjun finds the net from close range and Chris Adcock and his partner-wife Gabrielle Adcock triumph.

14-9 MATCH POINT for Chennai. Arjun goes long.

12-9 Another one for Mumbai and it is Arjun all the way.

12-8 Arjun has played some impressive shots. A cross court shot from him from the backcourt and the Adcocks have no chance.

12-6 Gabriela goes into the net from the backcourt. Chennai three points away from the win.

10-6 What a shot from Arjun. He sends a split second reacted shot cross courted and wins the point.

9-4 Chris sends one to Arjun's body and the 20-year-old cannot his body out of the way.

8-4 Chennai leads at the mid-game break. A win for either team will seal the tie in its favour.

7-4 Chris goes long and Mumbai gets the point. The Adcocks challenge but lose their review.

7-3 What a shot from Arjun. He just sends one cross court drop shot and wins the point for Mumbai.

5-0 A 33-shot rally! Another smash from Chris and Chennai seems to be running away with the tie and the match.

3-0 Chris unleashes a ripper. Both the Mumbai players going for the shuttle and space created on the right and Chris times it to perfection.

2-0 Gabrielle Adcock's shot just falls over the net. Chennai takes the lead.

It all boils down to the third and final game of the fifth tie. What an evening we have had!

Third game begins

15-13 Mumbai restores parity. Arjun sends a cross court backhand from close range and Chris fails to reach for it.

13-13 Arjun at the net and scores are level. How costly will these small mistakes prove to for Mumbai?

12-13 Arjun leaves space in the forecourt and the mistake is costly.

11-13 Chris sends Arjun full stretch to his forehand and misses it. Arjun had left a gap on his right, as he was looking to take to the attack, and Chris pounces on the half chance in a flash.

10-12 It is Gabriela this time. She smashes a return from Chris to his backhand corner and wins the point.

10-11 Arjun goes to the net and Chennai draws close.

9-10 Arjun smashes and Chris goes wide.

8-9 Chris' shot drops right infront of Gabriela and Chennai gets back on points.

6-8 A flurry of points for Mumbai and it leads at the break.

6-6 That was a good shot. A cross court smash by Arjun and Mumbai on level terms.

6-5 Chris finds the net and the deficit for Mumbai is just one now.

5-3 Arjun's cross court forehand from close range goes out and Chennai in the lead.

3-1 What a rally! Gabriela hits long and Chennai prevails.

1-1 Arjun goes long at the baseline and it is on level.

Second game begins

15-9 Gabrielle leaps and smashes it with power as Arjun finds himself in no position to return that shot.

14-8 Chris finds the net from close range. Chennai still cannot get through.

13-6 Chris from the backcourt. He is excellent from that position. Times his forehand smash to Arjun's backhand and the youngster cannot reach it.

10-5 Arjun hits the net and Chennai is in control.

8-5 Chris cannot reach a forehand from Arjun. He hits wide.

8-4 Chris targets Gabriela's body from the backcourt and is successful with his ploy. Chennai leads at the break.

6-3 Gabrielle with the smash this time. She sends a blazing forehand that bisects both Gabriela and Arjun with precision.

4-3 That was a good smash from Chris. He leaps and sends one dropping onto Arjun.

3-3 Level again as Gabrielle finds the net.

Plenty of points from the back of the court.

2-2 Arjun finds the net and it is all level again.

1-1 Gabrielle misses a shot and scores level.

First game begins

Meanwhile the 20-year-old M.R. Arjun is making his Premier Badminton League debut.

We are now into a do-or-die match for Chennai Smashers. A win will give it 2 points and it will emerge the winners of the evening while a loss will see it plummet to 1 point and give Mumbai Rockets another win.


Tie 4: Men's singles: T. Saensomboonsuk (CHE) vs Son Wan Ho (MUM) (Trump match for Mumbai)

(Mumbai Rockets beats Chennai Smashers 15-11, 15-5, Mumbai leads Chennai 3-2 moving into the last tie of the match!)

Second game begins

1-0 Hard hands from Saensomboonsuk as Mumbai grabs the first point!

2-1 First point for Chennai as that one goes wide.

4-1 Once again, Son Wan extending the lead in quick succession; was helped by Saensomboonsuk who appeared to be in two minds there!

6-1 Mumbai running away with this one, Son Wan's smashes proving unstoppabe at the moment!

6-2 A reprieve for Chennai as an error from Son Wan hands Saensomboonsuk one point.

8-4 Saensomboonsuk halves the deficit!

Mumbai five points away from winning the trump match!

13-4 Nothing going Chennai's way as Son Wan draws closer to victory!

15-5: Son Wa wins it with effortless ease as Mumbai seals the trump match in style!

First game

1-0 Son Wan Ho draws first blood, Mumbai leads.

2-1 Saensomboonsuk opens Chennai's account!

3-1 Lovely push from Son Wan Ho, Mumbai 3-1.

4-2 Chennai stays in the hunt.

5-2 Mumbai extends its lead.

7-2 Son Wan Ho dominating the proceedings here as Chennai slips further.

At the break, Mumbai Rockets has the upper hand in this crucial trump match!

8-3 That one falls wide as Chennai gets one point.

8-4 Saensomboonsuk uses the angle to his advantage; quick hands gifting Chennai yet another point!

Chennai is fighting back here.

9-6 Saensomboonsuk reduces the deficit to three!

Saensomboonsuk breathing down on Mumbai's neck here, Son Wan letting the advantage slip!

11-8 But Mumbai fights back, it is now four points short of winning the first game.

11-11: The scores are level. Chennai has been relentless in its comeback here!

12-11 Son Wan creates an incredible angle and earns Mumbai an one-point lead.

15-11: Son Wan grabs the first game, Mumbai Rockets leads 1-0 in the trump match!


Tie 3: Women's singles: P.V. Sindhu (CHE) vs Zhang Beiwen (MUM)

(Chennai Smashers wins 12-15, 15-7, 15-9 and leads Mumbai Rockets

15-8 Zhang goes wide on the side and Sindhu wins the third game.

14-8 Match point for Sindhu and it is again Zhang at the net.

12-8 One more unforced error. Sindhu well in control now. Zhang has hit the net more than she has dished out winners now.

10-8 Unforced errors denting Zhang's progress. Sindhu well in control of the game now.

9-7 Zhang hits the net and Sindhu takes the slender lead.

8-7 Sindhu takes the lead at the break.

7-7 Scores level. Sindhu gets a winner perfectly on target.

6-7 An unforced error by Zhang and Sindhu crawls close.

5-7 Much better from Sindhu. A good forehand smash from the baseline and Zhang cannot take it clean.

4-7 Zhang increases the lead.

4-6 The Mumbai player with a two-point lead now. Sindhu stretches and misses the shot.

4-5 Zhang goes for a forehand winner.

3-3 Sindhu stretches Zhang to reach out for the shuttle and Zhang misses the shot.

1-3 Easy winner for Zhang. She places it well and little wide of Sindhu and wins the point.

1-2 Unforced errors doing Sindhu in.

1-1 Sindhu goes down twice but still manages to get back on her feet and continue the rally, but sadly goes down after hitting the net.

1-0 A relentless Sindhu wins the first point. A good forehand winner down the line.

Third game begins

It is one game apiece and we are in for the decider.

15-7 Sindhu restores parity. That was a great game by the Chennai player.

13-7 That was smashed by Sindhu. Perfect positioning and sends a smash.

12-6 Sindhu at her best. Zhang cannot get her forehand on target.

11-6 Zhang wrong foots Sindhu and gets the point.

Sindhu challenges another call, on the baseline and it is well out. Zhang gets a breather. Sindhu loses her challenge. Sindhu leads 11-5. Zhang on serve.

10-4 Sindhu just pushes it with her backhand from the net and the shuttle drops in a flash on Zhang's side.

9-4 Zhang makes a mistake at the net again and Sindhu in firm control of this contest.

7-4 Another deft touch and Sindhu wins forcing Zhang to play on the defensive on her forehand.

6-4 Sindhu goes wide and Zhang wins the point.

5-3 A good deft cross court shot by Sindhu and Zhang misses the return.

4-3 What a rally and what a way to win a point. Sindhu wins the 29-shot rally by sending a monstrous smash.

2-2 Sindhu draws level. She pushes it cross court and Zhang fluffs the return.

0-2 Good start by Zhang. An unforced error by Sindhu followed by a Zhang winner sends Mumbai on the lead.

Second game begins

12-15 Sindhu loses the first game. Zhang dishes out a good forehand winner to seal the first game.

12-14 A great forehand cross court push by Sindhu and the Chennai player fights on.

11-14 Game point for Zhang.

11-13 Back-to-back points for Sindhu and she is fighting it out.

9-13 A good cross court winner by Zhang. Sends Sindhu on her knees and the Indian cannot return it neat.

9-12 An unforced error by Zhang, a net shot and it gives Sindhu an opening.

8-12 Zhang is three points away from an upset.

Sindhu challenges a call. And the replays show the shuttle falls just out of the baseline and Sindhu loses her challange. Mumbai Rockets with a three-point lead at 8-11.

8-10 Sindhu tries a drop shot and it is on the net.

7-9 Zhang's forehand defence letting her down as she fails to keep one above the net. Sindhu on serve again.

6-9 Zhang hits a smash straight to Sindhu's body and the Indian cannot return it.

6-8 Another unforced error by Sindhu and Zhang goes into a break with a two-point lead.

6-7 Zhang hits out and Sindhu is back on serve.

5-7 Sindhu misses a cross court shot and Zhang moves ahead.

5-6 Sindhu misses a regulation return and Zhang with a slender lead.

5-5 Zhang set Sindhu up on her forehand and placed it well towards the backhand backcourt and Sindhu misses it.

5-4 Sindhu smashes, moves in and sends a deft touched shot and wins the point.

4-4 That was a beautiful finish by Sindhu, she wins the 24-shot rally with a good cross court smash.

3-3 After Sindhu finds the net in the earlier point, Zhang goes wide and scores are level.

2-2 A good finish by Sindhu. A good variation shown and finishes with a near forehand winner.

1-2 Sindhu goes wide and Zhang with a slender lead.

1-0 Easy picking for Chennai and Sindhu. The Chennai player sends a deft forehand winner.

First game begins

Right. It is the big match of the evening. P.V. Sindhu in action.


Tie 2: Men's singles: Brice Leverdez (CHE) vs Sameer Verma (MUM)

(Chennai Smashers wins 15-14, 10-15, 15-14 is level with Mumbai Rockets 1-1)

15-14 Brice does it! Chennai Smashers wins the third game. He pushes it hard and Sameer cannot take it. Heartbreak for Sameer Verma.

14-14 Now, Sameer draws level. He is giving Brice a taste of his own medicine by equalising.

14-13 Not yet for Chennai. It is just wide and Brice challenges. The replays shows the shuttle on the line.

14-12 Match point for Chennai.

13-12 Sameer is excellent with his smashes as well as his net shots. A pin point accurate smash and Brice has no answers as he closes in.

13-11 An opening for Sameer as Brice goes wide.

13-10 Good mix up of shots and Sameer finds his forehand shot buried in the net.

12-10 Sameer goes wide straight down.

11-10 A good touch by Sameer and he sends his opponent diving to the backhand area and in the end it proves to be too much for Brice.

11-9 A 22-shot rally! Sameer makes a mistake at the net and Brice gets the point.

10-9 A good push by Sameer from the net and the deficit for Mumbai is just one.

9-8 Mumbai getting back and not allowing Chennai to run away with a big lead.

Sameer challenges a call. He goes long at the baseline and Brice follows the shuttle to leave it. The replays shows that it is just out of the line. Brice and Chennai in the lead at 9-7.

8-7 Brice's backhand thuds into the net.

8-6 Chennai goes into the break with a two-point lead. A lead in the decider and Chennai would hope to keep that advantage intact.

6-6 Scores level again. Sameer mixes his shots well. Goes in for a cross court push and Brice's acrobatics goes in vain.

6-5 A good response from Sameer. He takes a drop shot and returns it well and Brice sends him long but Sameer responds with a thundering smash.

6-4 A good smash by Brice and Sameer cannot reach it.

5-4 A slender lead for Chennai. Sameer goes wide on the sides.

4-4 Chennai draws level. The Mumbai player cannot return a drop shot from Brice.

3-4 A dribble goes wrong for Sameer.

2-4 Sameer comes hard and dishes out a smash but unfortunately finds the net. It was the Mumbai player's point as he had perfect control over the rally.

1-3 Sharp cross court smash by Sameer. Brice dives but its too good for him to return.

0-2 Some delicate net play from both the players. Brice somehow manages to send it out and Mumbai with an early lead, again.

Third game begins

10-15 That is it! Mumbai Rockets restores parity. It is now upto the decider.

10-14 What a finish by Sameer. A neat cross court forehand smash and Brice can only be a mute spectator.

10-13 Chennai is still in the hunt. Brice picks up the serve well and gets a winner.

9-12 Brice is disappointed, he must be! A 24-shot rally comes to an end when the Chennai player can only find the net.

9-11 Brice crawls back.

8-11 Brice sends a Sameer dribble out and the Mumbai player picks up his third point on the trot.

8-10 Sameer gets a couple of points as Brice fails to clear the net.

8-8 Another net shot by Sameer and scores are level. The break seems to have done no good for the Mumbai player. His plethora of unforced errors continues.

7-7 Right! Chennai draws level. Unforced errors continues to haunt Sameer as he goes wide in a cross court forehand.

6-7 Chennai is making this opportunity count. Unforced errors doing Sameer in.

4-7 Sameer goes out at the baseline.

3-7 Mumbai keeps surging ahead. Another unforced error by Chennai Smashers player.

2-6 Brice goes wide and the Chennai dugout doesn't look a bit pleased.

2-5 An unnecessary unforced error by the Chennai player at the net. Cannot take the drop shot easily.

1-4 Brice sends it wide, at the sideline, off a backhand. Sameer just attempts to retrieve but decides against it in the last second.

1-2 The Mumbai player finds the net in an attempted forehand smash. Chennai gets the first points on board.

0-2 Sameer with the early lead.

Second game begins

15-14 Would you believe it! Sameer cannot make three game points count and loses the first game. Brice, on the top of his game. It has been an excellent stroke play from the Chennai player. Brice sent Sameer long, to the forehand corner, and followed it up with a smash to the backhand corner. Although Sameer did well to clear some ground, he couldn't take it beyond the net.

14-14 Brice draws level. It can be anyone's game from here.

13-14 Sameer smashes it to Brice's forehand corner. It looked in but was called out. Sameer didn't challenge.

12-14 Game point for Mumbai. Brice finds the net while returning a drop shot.

12-13 Brice follows a deft dribble with a ferocious smash.

11-13 Brice with some shoddy work again at the net and Chennai looks to be losing the plot here.

11-12 Mumbai player hits wide, at the baseline, and Chennai inch closer to level terms.

10-11 Sameer sends a good smash after taking Brice's backhand cross court shot and the Chennai player fluffs the return.

10-10 The good work in the previous point is undone as Sameer goes wide and Chennai and Mumbai are on level terms.

9-10 Shoddy work by Brice at the net and Sameer gets the slender lead for his team.

9-9 Brice draws level.

8-9 Three-points for Sameer. He uses the court well, moves well and dishes in winners with ease.

8-6 Sameer hits long at the baseline and Chennai takes the break with the lead.

7-6 That was a good winner by Brice and Sameer had no answer.

4-4 That was a good smash by Brice and Sameer makes an error in retrieving it from his backhand corner.

3-4 A good cross court winner by Sameer and Mumbai takes a slender lead.

2-2 A delicate drop shot by Sameer and Brice cannot retrieve it clean.

2-1 A couple of unforced errors by Sameer gives Brice a couple of points.

First game begins


Tie 1: Men's doubles: Y. Lee / B.S. Reddy (CHE) vs Lee Yong-dae / B. H. Tan (MUM)

(Mumbai Rockets wins 15-9, 15-6 and leads Chennai Smashers by 1-0)

6-15 Another unforced error. A net shot by Reddy and Mumbai wins the first tie of the evening.

6-14 Match point for Mumbai. Lee Yang is grounded and Reddy cannot keep the rally going and he finds the net.

6-13 Chennai pulls back two points. A good winner by Lee that.

4-13 Reddy finds the net and Mumbai is running away with this tie.

4-11 Lee returns the service way beyond the baseline. Chennai is losing it.

4-9 Chennai gets a point. Reddy smashes it down to the backcourt.

3-8 What a rally! The players head to the break with Mumbai in the lead. The raly had everything in it - smashes, drops and good court coverage and pickup. Mumbai finally prevails when Reddy could only direct it wide. Infact, Yong-dae had infact changed his racquet midway during the rally. That was brilliant.

3-7 Yong-dae this time with the smash. The Rockets are doing this in an excellent manner.

3-6 Tan smashes it and Reddy can only send the shuttle wide. Mumbai leads by three points.

3-5 Mumbai is looking comfortable. The Mumbai pair has been excellent in defence.

2-2 Yong-dae puts all his experience into use and gets his team on level terms. He smashes it down with excellent precision.

1-0 Chennai gets off to a good start.

Second game begins

9-15 The Rockets draws first blood. Yong-dae and Tan have won the first game over the Chennai pair.

5-5 Chennai draws level. Lee and Reddy have been at their best so far.

It has been a great start for Rockets as it runs away with an early lead.

First game begins