BWF World Championships, Day Four - As it Happened

Get the live score and match updates from the BWF Badminton World Championships in Basel, Switzerland.

Indian star Saina Nehwal faces Mia Blichfeldt of Denmark in the pre-quarterfinals of 2019 BWF World Championships.   -  Rajeev Bhatt

Welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of Day 4's action from the BWF Badminton World Championships in Basel, Switzerland.


That's all we have for you today from the 2019 BWF World Championships. Tune in again tomorrow for Day 5 updates!

BWF World Championships 2019 | Day 4 report

Denmark's Mia Blichfeldt defeats Saina Nehwal of India 15-21, 27-25, 21-12 to move into the women's singles quarterfinals.

12 - 21: SAINA NEHWAL HAS BEEN KNOCKED OUT! Mia Blichfeldt of Denmark beats the former World no. 1 in a thrilling contest.

11 - 18: Seven-point lead for the Danish shuttler now. Saina Nehwal looks extremely tired and Blichfeldt is making her run a lot.

8 - 11: Blichfeldt leads going into the break. Saina has herself to blame as she has committed too many errors in this game.

6 - 4: Saina Nehwal with the early advantage here. But Blichfeldt has won points of some long rallies in the third and final game.

And the final game begins!

25 - 27: And we'll have a third game! Blichfeldt takes a tough second game 27-25 after a long struggle. Saina Nehwal has let it slip.

25 - 25: Saina Nehwal has saved five game points, while Mia Blichfeldt saved two match points in the last 10 minutes.

23 - 22: MATCH POINT! Second one for Saina Nehwal in this match against Mia Blichfeldt.

21 - 21: Saina Nehwal saves three game points! Wonderful stuff from the Indian shuttler.

18 - 18: IT'S LEVEL AGAIN! Saina Nehwal is not giving up as she aims to finish the match in two games.

15 - 17: Blichfeldt keeps the two-point lead. Saina is trying hard to attack her opponent but she ends up making mistakes in the process.

13 - 15: Blichfeldt gets the lead! She gets four straight points and is on top for the first-time in the match. Saina is feeling the heat of the moment.

13 - 11: It is still anyone's game from here. Both the players are exhibiting some beautiful badminton right now. Nothing much to separate them in this game.

11 - 9: Finally Saina Nehwal begins to break away. She heads into the break after winning few very good points. The advantage goes back to the Indian shuttler.

7 - 7: STILL LEVEL! Blichfeldt has done well to keep up with Saina here. Both of them are able to get only one-point leads and nothing more than that!

4 - 4: The second game has been tight so far with some longer rallies and good fast movement on the court from both players.

2 - 2: Mia Blichfeldt was leading for the first-time in this match. However, Saina Nehwal came up with a good drop to level the scores.

The second game begins!

21 - 15: Saina Nehwal wins the first game! Blichfeldt saved one match point but Saina finished the game off with a brutal smash.

20 - 14: MATCH POINT! Saina Nehwal gets the well-deserved match point and she can't afford to lose the game from here.

16 - 12: Is a comeback on? Blichfeldt claims four consecutive points and it's only a four-point lead for Saina now. Saina looks a bit tensed here.

15 - 8: The former World no. 1 Saina Nehwal looks to be at her best right now. She is not giving her opponent an inch. She has also led throughout the first game. Blichfeldt looks out of sorts here.

12 - 7: Two straight points for the Danish star now. Saina is making a few unforced errors now.

11 - 5: Saina Nehwal holds a healthy six-point lead going into the first break of the match. Blichfeldt has looked a tad disoriented so far in the first game.

7 - 4: Saina is finishing off points in a hurry here. Blichfeldt is on the back foot straightaway. The Indian shuttler is placing it to perfection.

Saina 4 - 2 Blichfeldt: Both players getting points in pairs here. Saina Nehwal gets the early lead. 

11:20pm: And the match is underway!

10:43pm: Saina Nehwal's match will begin in about 30 minutes.

NOTE: KIDAMBI SRIKANTH IS ELIMINATED! The Indian World no. 10 lost 14-21, 13-21 to Thailand's World no. 15 Kantapon Wangcharoen in a men's singles third round match.

This was Srikanth's first-ever match against Wangcharoen, he struggled throughout the match and was eventually knocked out of the 2019 BWF World Championships.

Next up, World no. 8 Saina Nehwal of India will take on Denmark's World no. 12 Mia Blichfeldt in a women's singles third round match.

HS Prannoy went down fighting to World no. 1 Kento Momota earlier today, while two other Indian singles stars have done pretty well today. Both Sai Praneeth and PV Sindhu have won their respective pre-quarterfinal matches against Ginting and Zhang.  

PV Sindhu of India beats USA's B Zhang 21-14, 21-6 to make the women's singles quarterfinals in Basel.

21 - 6: And PV Sindhu seals a spot in the last-eight after another mistake from Zhang hands her the match.

20 - 6: MATCH POINT!!! Just half an hour into the game and Sindhu has a match point. A smash to get to that!

17 - 5: Sindhu is just four points away from the win! Disappointing that we haven't had any long rally the entire match. Not taking anything away from Sindhu, but Zhang has literally thrown away the game with her repeated errors.

14 - 5: Zhang finally gets two consecutive points. This time the errors come in from Sindhu. A possible opening here for the American World no. 10? 

11 - 3: Sindhu goes into the break with an eight-point lead. Zhang looks dejected. She is making more mistakes each passing point.

8 - 3: Sindhu is kind of running away with this match. Zhang is looking clueless right now. Sindhu is giving her a run for her money and the unforced errors aren't helping either.

5 - 1: Even luck is on Sindhu's side today as she wins her fifth consecutive point. Zhang was unsure whether to go for the return or leave and when she eventually returned it, Sindhu with some help from the net claimed the point.

2 - 1: Sindhu is getting her smash game right here! And Zhang loses a challenge as well. The Indian shuttler is making her opponent dance to her tune. Zhang has to try something different now.

The second game is underway!

21 - 14: Sindhu takes the first game 21-14 against Zhang. She has kept it simple throughout the first game.

20 - 13: GAME POINT! A wonderful backhand smash from Sindhu. She conceded three consecutive points very easily and has come back stronger.

19 - 10: Sindhu is getting closer to claiming the first game! A few good drop-smash combos from the Indian World no. 5 here.

16 - 9: Zhang is just having a wild go at everything. She is trying to be explosive but instead she's making a lot more mistakes. Sindhu will have no complaints about this.

14 - 7: Fifth straight point for Sindhu! We are witnessing short rallies here as Zhang is either hitting it long or finding the net way too often. Sindhu is using her height advantage to good effect here.

Both the coaches had animated conversations with their players.

11 - 7: Beautiful drop from Zhang! And Sindhu returns the favour to win the next point and head into the break with a four-point lead. Zhang actually lost a challenge in the process.

8 -6: Two-point lead for Sindhu! Zhang is complicating stuff here. She tries to innovate but ends up finding the net. Sindhu is taking some time with her serve. Mind games?

5 - 5: And Sindhu is back on level terms now! She is beginning to attack with those smashes. Good intent from the Indian shuttler.

2 - 4: Careless serve from Sindhu. She's looking a bit rusty early on. Zhang is benefiting from the unforced errors of her opponent.

Sindhu 1 - 2 Zhang: Sindhu gets her first point of the match after some assistance from the net. Zhang had claimed two very quick points to begin the game.

The match begins!

It's going to be World no. 5 vs World no. 10 as Sindhu battles Zhang. The pair's head-to-head record stands at 3-3. The Indian, however, has won the last two encounters between them.

Next Up! P.V. Sindhu takes on Zhang of USA in approximately 30 minutes from now.

India's B Sai Praneeth defeats World No. 8 Anthony Sinisuka Ginting of Indonesia to enter the quarterfinals of the 2019 BWF World Championships.

21 - 13: And Sai Praneeth finishes off the game with an amazing smash!!! A well-deserved victory for the Indian shuttler.

20 - 12: MATCH POINT!!! Another string of six straight points fro Praneeth. He has executed his gameplan to perfection today. Wonderful play from him.

14 - 12: Finally Ginting gets a point after Praneeth bagged six straight. Praneeth unsuccessfully challenged the smash down the line from the Indonesian.

12 - 11: Brilliant from Praneeth! Four in a row for the Indian shuttler. He's going on a full-attack mode and Ginting is having a tough time.

8 - 11: Amazing defence and bit of luck for Ginting as he claims a three-point lead now! Much-needed break for Praneeth. He needs to be aggressive from here on.

6 - 6: AND IT'S BACK ON LEVEL TERMS! Four consecutive points for the Indonesian World no. 8. Praneeth is being very defensive and Ginting is capitalising on that.

6 - 4: Ginting's drop shots are helping him claw his way back into the game. Praneeth wasn't attacking there and that has possibly cost him a few points.

4 - 0: What's happening with Ginting? Praneeth cruises to a 4-0 lead with his opponent doing very little at the other side of the net. Loss of concentration affecting Ginting? 

The second game begins!

21 - 19: Sai Praneeth wins the first game 21-19 against Anthony Ginting in 22 minutes. An unforced error at the end from the world no. 8.

19 - 19: Really well played by Praneeth! He is enjoying success down the line as Ginting is having troubles with his backhand. Very tight first game here!

17 - 18: Praneeth gets back-to-back points, thanks to inch-perfect smashes. He is attacking with all he's got right now. It could end up either way.

15 - 17: Ginting with a two-point lead now. Praneeth has been a bit rusty with his shot selection. He has gifted his opponent some points due to that. Ginting is moving quick and troubling Praneeth.

13 - 13: SCORES LEVEL NOW! Ginting is making a comeback here. He is also making Sai Praneeth run all over the court. Brilliant stuff from the Indonesian.

11 - 8: Praneeth has a three-point lead heading into the break. Ginting is struggling a bit.

This match will be all about speed and skill as the Indonesian is known to play a fast game using the depth of the court and it's already visible.

Sai Praneeth 4 - 3 Ginting: Sai Praneeth takes the lead after a slow start but Ginting is not far away from equalising.

Next up, another Indian B Sai Praneeth will face Indonesia's World no. 8 Anthony Sinisuka Ginting in a men's singles pre-quarterfinal match. 

World no. 1 Kento Momota beats Indian shuttler HS Prannoy 21-19 21-12 to advance to the quarterfinals of the 2019 BWF World Championships.

21 - 12: Prannoy saved one match point with a well-timed smash but he hit the shuttle long one final time to hand the match to Kento Momota.

20 - 11: MATCH POINT FOR MOMOTA!! Three consecutive points for him as well. Prannoy continues to make those unforced errors. Momota has looked fresh throughout the game and on the other hand, Prannoy seems very tired.

17 - 11: First time in the second game, Prannoy is enjoying a successful period as his aggressive intent is back. But he is a still a long way off making a comeback. However, he's won four of the last five points.

16 - 7: Error after error from Prannoy. It feels as though he gave his all during the first game itself. Momota is running away with it right now.

14 - 6: The World no.1 is having it very easy here. A brilliant smash down the line extends his lead to eight points. 

11 - 5: Momota has a six-point lead heading into the break. Prannoy is slightly out of breadth and he needs to recoup during this interval.

9 - 5: Prannoy is kind of losing the plot now. Momota is forcing his opponent to make even more mistakes with his defensive strategy. Prannoy's smashes are not helping him this game.

6 - 3: Momota just doing enough here. He is making Prannoy commit mistakes. Again Prannoy's judgement goes wrong. Three-point lead for the Japanese shuttler.

3 - 1: Momota exhibiting his quickness here. He is finishing off quick points. Prannoy is struggling a bit.

Second game begins!

21 - 19: World number one Kento Momota takes the first game against Indian shuttler HS Prannoy. Prannoy gifted the final point as Momota smashed it right back at him.

19 - 19: Prannoy with another smash down the line. And it just hits the edge of the endline. Momota looks a bit tired.

18 - 17: Both the players look tired after the string of long rallies. But Prannoy's smash came to his rescue once again. Momota's coach is shouting out some orders. Maybe he wants his player to be more explosive from here on.

17 - 15: WHAT A POINT! Longest rally of the match by a long way. Prannoy wasn't able to move forward and attack because Momota was putting it very deep. In the end a smash-drop combination won the point for the no.1 player in the world.

15 - 14: A number of unforced errors here from both the players. But Momota manages to somehow regain the lead. Prannoy is attacking and Momota seems happy to defend and get the points through mistakes from his opponent.

12 - 12: IT'S LEVEL NOW! Prannoy's aggressive intent is helping him here. He's connecting the smashes well.

12 - 10: Prannoy was unlucky there. Momota attempted a drop and the shuttled touched the net on its way to make it even more difficult for Prannoy. But he makes up for it with another amazing smash to seal the next point.

11 - 9: And as expected, Prannoy is starting to attack. A wonderful smash across from the Indian player to win his second consecutive point. 

11 - 7: Momota is enjoying a four-point cushion as the players take the first break of the match. Prannoy should try to be more aggressive in order to have any chance of winning the opening game.

9 - 6: Prannoy was making a comeback with two straight points and he was happy to be defensive but Momota executed an amazing drop after a very long rally to restore a three-point lead.

8 - 4: Momota is always good at judging outs. That's why he is world number one. The very next point, Prannoy loses a challenge. Momota smashed it down the line and it was a perfect one but Prannoy wanted to check it.

5 - 3: The point was Prannoy's for the taking but in the end Momota's defence pays off. The Indian shuttler overhits it as it goes out. Poor one from him.

2 - 1: Poor judgement from Prannoy. He though the shuttle would go out but it was well in. Momota gets back the lead.

Momota 1 - 0 Prannoy: A 24-shot rally to begin the first game. The Japanese shuttler snatches the point.

First up, India's HS Prannoy will take on World No. 1 Kento Momota in a men's singles pre-quarters match.


Two-time silver medallist P.V. Sindhu produced a commanding performance in her opening match at the BWF World Championships on Wednesday.

Sindhu, who had reached the finals of Indonesia Open last month, looked in good touch as she controlled the rallies and outsmarted Chinese Taipei’s Pai Yu Po 21-14, 21-14 in a 43-minute contest.

Eighth seed Saina Nehwal also made a positive start to her campaign, defeating Netherlands’ Soraya De Visch Eijbergen 21-10, 21-11 to set up a clash with Denmark’s Mia Blichfeldt.

Kidambi Srikanth on the other hand survived a scare but bounced back to beat Misha Zilberman 13-21, 21-13, 21-16.

Among others, Indian pair of Manu Attri and B. Sumeeth Reddy suffered a 16-21, 19-21 loss to sixth seeded Chinese combination of Han Cheng Kai and Zhou Hao Dong in men’s doubles.

Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy also crashed out after losing 20-22, 16-21 to seventh seeds Du Yue and Li Yin Hui of China.

Among others, the Indian pairing of Jakkapudi Meghana and Poorvisha S. Ram went down 8-21, 18-21 to eighth seeds Shiho Tanaka and Koharu Yonemoto of Japan in the women’s doubles competition.