Boxing Women's Worlds semifinal: Manju makes final, bronze for Lovlina, Mary and Jamuna

Mary Kom, Manju Rani, Lovlina and Jamuna Boro play their semifinal bouts in the Boxing Women's Worlds on Saturday. Follow for live updates, results.

Lovlina Borgohain, who will participate in 69kg semis today, had defeated Poland's Karolina Koszewska in the quaterfinals.   -  Twitter (@sarbanandsonwal)

Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship. I am Lavanya and I will be taking you through the day.

It's an exciting day for Indian boxing as we find four pugilists in contention for a medal.  Mary Kom and Jamuna Boro have had to settle for a bronze. Manju Rani, meanwhile, is through to the final of the 48kg category.


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Indian boxers took part in four semifinal bouts today - Manju Rani (48kg - Light Flyweight), MC Mary Kom (51kg - Flyweight), Jamuna Boro (54kg - Bantamweight) and Lovlina Borgohain (69kg - Welterweight).

Mary Kom, Jamuna and Lovlina ended up with bronze medals, while Manju made the final, which will be held tomorrow (October 13, Sunday). The title clashes will begin from 1:30PM IST.


-   NOTE: After a busy day of semifinals at the AIBA Women's World Championships in Ulan-Ude, Russia, India is on top of the medals table with three bronze. However, there are few more semifinal bouts to go.

-  The final score, as expected, is a close 3-2! There was not much to separate both of them. Think the final round made the difference.


-  A very close bout comes to an end. Guess, it will be a very close split decision.

-  Lovlina received some clean punches from Yang in round three. However, she did give back a few towards the end.

-  Lovlina looks a little tired right now. Yang has turned to the offensive mode here.


-  Yang is very happy to stay close to the ropes here. She seems to believe fully in her counter-attacking instincts.

-  The second round has been pretty close so far. Very little to separate the two boxers.

-  Lovlina just loves the aggressive approach. She's just throwing away a number of punches. Some of them did connect cleanly as well.


-  Yang just landed a few perfect punches to close out the round. This was a case of counter attacking at its best. Lovlina's aggressive approach might have backfired towards the end of round one.

-  Loud chants of 'INDIA, INDIA, INDIA' can be heard from the crowd. Lovlina is having lots of support this evening.

-  With over a minute remaining on the clock, Yang's headgear just came off and she's gone to her corner to get it adjusted.

-  Lovlina Borgohain is kind of dominating the initial exchanges. Yang Liu has adapted a defensive approach here. Lovlina has pushed her opponent towards the ropes way too many times already.


-  Mikhail Shashkov of Russia is the referee for the bout.

-  Yang Liu takes her place in the ring first and India's Lovlina Borgohain follows her after a few seconds.

The women's welterweight (69kg) semifinals is next!

-  The Indian, on the other hand, had beaten Karolina Koszewska of Poland 4-1 in a last-eight bout.

-  Lovlina's opponent today - China's Yang Liu - had shocked top seed Chen Nien-Chin of Chinese Taipei 3-2 in the quarterfinals.

REMINDER: Manju Rani will face Ekaterina Paltceva of Russia in the 48kg category final tomorrow, while MC Mary Kom and Jamuna Boro have settled for bronze medals.

India's Lovlina Borgohain will be in action in the 69kg category in twenty minutes from now.


Lovlina Borgohain (69kg)



- The rounds are done. It's time for the results. Jamuna Boro loses to Huang Hsiao Wen 5-0. She looks heartbroken. Bronze it is for the pugilist.

- Confident play from Jamuna as the third round begins. Oh oh, but Jamuna briefly loses balance and finds herself nearly fallen. Quick recovery from the pugilist. Nicely done. It's always about the next move with her.

- Huang has height on her side but Jamuna has pace and that's all you need, be it to move around the ring or to find those spaces to land blows. Engaging contest this.

- When you watch the punches in slow motion, you see Jamuna's eyes are always on where she wants to punch next. It's a smart strategy as she is always trying to think a little ahead of the opponent. It has paid off. A few strong punches to the head and torso here from the Indian boxer.

- Huang's made the first move. Strong punches from the former Asian Games champ. Full-armed punches heading in Jamuna's way. Boro is defending a little more than initiating blows at this point. The coach is drawing Jamuna's attention to her left side. Jamuna manages to corner Huang but the bell rings and the most energetic first round we've seen from the Indians today comes to an end.

- The rules have been explained. The women are ready to fight!

Jamuna Boro i
s up against top-seeded Huang Hsiao Wen of Chinese Taipei. Huang is also a former Asian Games bronze medallist. 

Jamuna Boro (54kg)

The next Indian in action is Jamuna Boro. She will fight in under five minutes. Stay with us for live updates.

MANJU RANI HAS WON THE BOUT 4-1. She goes through to the 48kg category final at the Worlds. Well done! The Indian pugilist is thrilled at the result. Commiserations to Raksat. Rani will

- It's been an evenly paced round this. Both Manju and Raksat have exchanged impressive blows. Now time for the results.

- When she punches, I need you to defend, not punch back, Manju- says the Indian coach. We hear cheers from the crowd. Time for the final round.

- Raksat is very comfortable attacking the abdomen. Each time Manju comes by to have a go at her head, she is ready to land a few of her own on Manju's stomach. Better from Manju in this round, she is initiating attacks here. A little more open from the first round. Raksat is playing it a little safer and slower this time and landing thought out punches very strategically.

- Manju is instructed: keep up the pressure and then attack. Her coach is asking her to move a little more freely. Will the tips help her claw back? Time to find out. Round two!

- The Thai boxer seems to have the support of the crowd. Her every move is being fervently cheered by a section of spectators here. Raksat packs a flurry of punches straight for Manju's torso. Aggressive play from Raksat so far. Bells rings to end round 1 right when Raksat had Manju nearly pinned to the ropes. Nervous instructions making their way across both camps.

- 15:34 and we begin.

Welcome back folks. It's time for Manju Rani's bout at the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship. She takes on Chuthamat Raksat, Thailand's former World Championship bronze medallist. Chuthamat also upset fifth seed Yuliyanova Asenova.

Remember this is Manju's first World Championship. A medal to take away will make this just that much sweeter.


Manju Rani handed India its second medal at the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships, defeating North Korea's Kim Hyang Mi in the 48kg quarterfinals in Ulan Ude, Russia, on Thursday.

Manju, the sixth seed, overcame her top-seeded opponent by a 4-1 verdict. The bout was a fierce one, both boxers agile and aggressive.

Manju Rani 48kg

The next Indian to take to the ring will be Manju Rani in the 48kg category at 3.30pm. Do make sure you join us then.

A seventh gold will continue to evade the Olympian as Mary Kom bowed out of the semifinal of the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championship. Mary conceded a 1-4 defeat and will take home the bronze medal.

Mary Kom 51kg Flyweight

And the verdict is out:
Mary Kom settles for bronze.  She loses her bout against Busenaz, who was a dominant opponent all through.

Oh. Oh. Mary has lost balance. Hands on the ground for this smallest of a second.

Busenaz is certainly moving around the ring well. Mary is a lot more comfortable closer to Busenaz, where she's able to restrict movement and lock and punch.

Mary picked up pace in the dying seconds of that second round, restricting Busenaz's movement shoulder up. Single se nahin jaana hai, says her team. Keep at it, don't lose intensity, her team folks chime.

Precision and pace from the Turkish boxer. Mary is the more defensive of the two. Busenaz has managed to catch Mary in a strong right-armed grip.

The Turkish pugilist begins aggressively. She has pace. Mary is going for Busenaz's torso primarily while the latter is packing punches to the head.  The India chants have gotten louder.

Busenaz Cakiroglu: What you need to know

Mary Kom's semifinal opponent from Turkey is the second seed. She is the European Championship and European Games gold medallist.

I have got Eye of the Tiger playing in the background and with that the bell goes. Come on Mary, a lady screams.

It's time for the flyweight 61kg semifinal. Loud cheers for Mary Kom there.

10:29: The contestants are taping up. Warm-ups will continue for a few more minutes.

Which is your favourite MC Mary Kom moment? Which of her golds is your favourite? The boxer is all set to become the most decorated pugilist in World Championship history. If you have any thoughts, wishes or comments you'd like to share with us, find us on Twitter at @Sportstarweb. We'd love to hear from you.

Where to watch: If you prefer to watch the bout from start to finish, you can do so by heading to AIBA's and Russian Boxing Federation's page on YouTube. You might have to make do with Russian commentary during the bouts. If you're looking to keep up with the tie in the middle of a busy day, we've got you covered.


Between Mary Kom and a place in the final stands Turkey's European champion Busenaz Cakiroglu, seeded second in the tournament. The London Olympic bronze medallist, who has six gold medals from this tournament, created history yesterday when she broke a tie with Cuban men's legend Felix Savon to become the only boxer across male and female categories to have amassed a staggering eight medals from the Worlds.

Lovlin won bronze at the Championships held in Delhi last year. Photo: Special Arrangement


The only time Kom had a medal of a lesser colour was in 2001 when she had to accept defeat in the final.

Mary, who also won her solitary Olympic medal in 51kg, would settle for nothing less than a gold, having had consistent performances throughout the year that include top-podium finishes at the India Open and the Indonesia President’s Cup.