Bedo: 'Will spoil Sarita's debut in pro boxing'

When pointed that Sarita has been among India’s best amateur boxers, the Hungarian veteran, Zsofia Bedo, of 59 professional bouts reacted by saying, "Professional boxing is a different world altogether".

"I promise, I will not let my city, my State and my country down," said a confident Sarita Devi.   -  Sandeep Saxena

Hungarian Zsofia Bedo has said that she will spoil former World and Asian champion L. Sarita Devi’s debut in professional boxing in Imphal on Sunday.

Zsofia said Sarita was not going to last four rounds. “I tried to know more about my opponent. When you search for boxer Sarita, you find pictures of a lady in tears. I am going to add more such images to internet. Trust me,” said Zsofia.

Notwithstanding Sarita’s laurels in amateur boxing, Zsofia, who has boxed in 59 professional bouts so far, said, “Professional boxing is a different world altogether, I am coming from a place, where we believe in complete knock-outs even during training. There are not going to be soft punches for scoring points.”

In her response, Sarita, who training under coach Joe Clough, said, “I run an academy near Imphal. Young aspirants look up to me as a role model. The city is going to support me in a big number. I can’t let them down.

“Zsofia has experience. But she too has suffered defeats in the ring. Joe (the coach) has made me sweat so hard that if there will be blood in the ring, I am confident who is going to bleed. There have been days when I have sparred against two opponents. I promise, I will not let my city, my State and my country down,” said a confident Sarita Devi.

Clough said, “I have worked with many Asian and Indian boxers. I find Sarita among the best learners. Strength behind her punches and her energy levels are remarkable. It’s just that her technique and footwork required some polishing.”

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