Baba Indrajith’s motto in life is simple - “live in the present, be happy, be helpful, and make people around you happy.”

Along with his twin brother Aparajith, Indrajith comprehends the various shades of life and relishes the challenges that come with it.

His figures in first class cricket are laudable - Indrajith has 3392 runs in 53 matches at 50.62.

Yet it is his level-headedness off the arena and his compassion for the less privileged that makes Indrajith special.

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Ask him about the present times and he responds to Sportstar , “I am, along with Apar, sending money to various charities. This is not the time to save, this is the time to give.”

He is a great believer in Isha Foundation and the work the organisation does, reads its books and contributes handsomely to its causes.

Indrajith said, “Right now, we see people without food or shelter, who are struggling to get by in the prevailing circumstances. We have to reach out to them.”

The twins’ father Dr. Baba owns a hospital in Ambattur. Indrajith said, “We have to take care of all the staff in these trying times. We cannot let them down.”

Indrajith and Aparajith stay with their maternal grandparents at MRC Nagar in an independent house. “Our parents come to visit us thrice a week and we are getting to spend precious time with them during the lockdown,” he said.

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The twins have a small gym set-up at home where they perform different drills. Among the finest young batsmen against spin in the country, Inder does routines to keep himself nimble-footed.

Interestingly, he is into cooking these days. “I have a passion for cooking and am learning to make two dishes every week,” Indrajith revealed. He is now an expert in preparing dosas and omelettes!

Meanwhile, like most during a lockdown, he watches movies. Indrajith also listens to music of his favourite, A.R. Rahman. And he takes out time for yoga and meditation.

Ask Indrajith and he will tell you a lot can be done during a lockdown by opening up your mind.