England vs Pakistan 1st Test, Day 2 Highlights: Shan Masood, bowlers make it Pakistan's day

England vs Pakistan First Test 2020: Catch the live streaming updates, ball-by-ball commentary, live cricket score of Pak tour of Eng at Old Trafford.


Ollie Pope and Joe Root run between the wickets. - REUTERS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the first England vs Pakistan Test at Old Trafford in Manchester.



At the end of a long day's play, Pakistan will be the more buoyant of the two sides. Shan Masood's 156 and the magnificent spell of bowling by seamers in the final session has given it the edge in the contest.

With Ben Stokes and Joe Root both dismissed, England needs something special from its middle order to pile on the runs on Day Three.

Join us, for all the action from Manchester, at 3.30pm. Until then, it's goodbye.

. One run from the final over of the day. Yasir got some turn as well. It's 92/4 after 28. It's stumps.

. Another economical over from Afridi. Only one run from it. 91/4 after 27.

. Buttler gets a short delivery from Yasir and he plays the cut stroke and collects another boundary. He takes a couple as well, on the next ball. It's 90/4. We're nearing the end of the day's play.

. Two singles and a couple from the 24th over of the innings, bowled by Yasir Shah. And then, a maiden from Afridi. 83/4 after 25.

. Afridi back into the attack, and Jos Buttler plays a nice drive through extra cover to collect a boundary, the first of his innings. 79/4.

. Ollie Pope is playing his strokes against Naseem. First, he plays a nice pull stroke for a boundary and then, drives and the thick outside edge evades gully and goes to the boundary. Runs arrive at the other end as well; Buttler collects two twos off Yasir Shah. 74/4.

. Yasir Shah gets his man! Joe Root looks to cut a good-length delivery, and nicks to the wicketkeeper. The dismissal has come about just after the two batsmen had put on 50 runs for the third wicket. Root departs for 14. It's 62/4.

. A loud shout for lbw after a delivery from Naseem comes back into Pope, but it's too high, so even though he wasn't offering a stroke, it's not given out. Review isn't taken. Maiden over. 58/3.

Joe Root walks back after being dismissed in the final session. - GETTY IMAGES


. A long hop from Yasir Shah and put away by Ollie Pope. On the final delivery of the over, Root plays the sweep and also collects a boundary.

Pope has grown in confidence in this innings. A cover drive off Naseem in the 18th over was another good stroke. It's 58/3.

. Yasir Shah, the leg-spinner, into the attack now. He gets a couple of deliveries to spin away sharply from a good length. He offers a loose delivery at the end and Root takes full toll, sweeping to square leg for four. 44/3 after 16 overs.

. Ollie Pope gets his second boundary of his innings. He plays a lovely straight drive off Naseem and the ball races away to the long-on boundary. 37/3 after 15.

. Another accurate over from Abbas. Joe Root gets behind those deliveries solidly, though. It's a maiden. 31/3.

. Naseem Shah into the attack now, and he works up serious pace straightaway. One of the deliveries climbs up and flies through to the wicketkeeper. A loud shout for lbw on the next delivery but it's too high. 31/3 after 13. It's drinks.

. The wicketkeeper comes up to the stumps, to Abbas, perhaps to disallow the batsman to stay out of his crease as he plays him. Two runs from the 12th over of the innings. It's 30/3.

. A nice, crisp drive from Ollie Pope but there's no run as the ball hits the stumps on the other end. Another drive, this time through extra-cover, gets his two runs. 28/3 after 11 overs.

Joe Root nicks behind off Yasir Shah. - REUTERS


. Ollie Pope gets one on his legs and he works it away through midwicket for three. Two no-balls called by the third umpire in that over from Mohammad Abbas. 26/3.

. Joe Root gets his deliveries to go across the right-handed Joe Root with the angle. There are oohs and aahs as the balls go past the bat. England not out of the woods yet. 21/3 in nine overs.

. Joe Root is off the mark, finally, off the 22nd delivery of his innings. He taps one to cover and scampers through. 20/3.

. A maiden from Afridi. Unsure why he switched to around the wicket for a part of that over. Maybe he wanted to bowl at the stumps to Joe Root. 16/3.

. What a top delivery to get rid of Ben Stokes. It was among the best deliveries in the contest so far. Abbas gets one to pitch on a good length and seam slightly away from the left-hander; Stokes tries to play a drive to it but misses and the ball hits the top of off-stump.

Abbas celebrates along with his team-mates. Pakistan on a roll. 12/3.

Dom Sibley walks off after being dismissed. - AP


. A maiden over from Shaheen Afridi. Joe Root gets solidly behind the good-length deliveries. 12/2 after 5.

. And England loses its other opener. Dom Sibley is rapped on the pads by Mohammad Abbas, and it's given out by the on-field umpire. Sibley goes for the review, to no avail. England 12/2.

. A tuck to fine leg for a couple, and Dom Sibley moves to 8.

. And another shout for lbw. This time, it's not given, and Pakistan opts for the review. The ball is full and straight, but there's bat involved. Not out.

Shaheen Afridi does the Shahid Afridi pose after getting rid of Rory Burns. - REUTERS


. A loud, confident shout for lbw from Shaheen Afridi, and it's given! Joe Root stood on his toes as the ball thudded into his pads, and he immediately opts for a review. The ball would be going over the stumps, according to hawk-eye. Root survives.

. An accurate over from Mohammad Abbas. He bowls on a good length, on off-stump. No run. 4/1.

. Shaheen Afridi bowls the first over of England's innings. A loud shout for lbw in the first over itself; it's a straight delivery pitched on a good length and Burns plays all around it. Given not out, it's reviewed, and it's all red - that's out!

Burns out for 4. England 4/1.

. All over. Pakistan has been bowled out for 326. It's a good-length delivery from Broad, outside off, and No. 11 Naseem Shah gets a glove to that. Simple catch for the keeper.

Naseem Shah signals for the review, and the third umpire confirms that he had gloved it.

. A full toss from Jofra Archer, and Shaheen Afridi puts it away to deep midwicket. It's a four. The score: 326/9. Overs: 109.

. After appealing to the umpire for the verdict, Broad had turned around to his team-mates when the umpire raised his finger. So he turned around again, puzzled by the reaction by his team-mates.

Stuart Broad appeals. - GETTY IMAGES


. Shan Masood's innings comes to an end! Broad gets a delivery to angle into him from around the wicket, and it raps him on the pads. And it's given out after some lengthy consideration from the on-field umpire.

Shan Masood departs after having scored 156 (319b). Score: 317/9.

. Another boundary for Shan Masood, who pulls a short delivery to fine leg. He pulls again and collects a single. Shaheen Afridi survives an lbw appeal on the final delivery. 317/8 after 107.

. Welcome back. Jofra Archer to bowl the first over. England will hope to end Pakistan's innings quickly.

The second session has come to an end, and it's been Pakistan's, although wickets have fallen, too. Shan Masood has played a patient innings, and propping up his side. Only Babar Azam, besides him, has scored more than 50.

We'll be back in 20 minutes.

. Shan Masood tucks a delivery from Broad off his legs and scampers through for a couple. It takes him to 150. He's scored about half of Pakistan's runs; a valuable knock. It's the first time in his Test career he has reached 150.

The second run could have ended Afridi's innings, though, as he was slow to go for the second run. He makes a dive and the throw, relayed by the wicketkeeper, isn't a very good one. 312/8.

. Two singles from the over from Jofra Archer. 309/8.

Jofra Archer took two wickets in two balls to leave Pakistan eight down. - AP


. Shan Masood carries merrily on. He gets a full delivery and plays a slog to midwicket for a six. Off the third ball of the same over - from Dom Bess - he comes down the track and tees off. It's another six, straight, and then an attempted slog-sweep gets him a boundary. 16 runs from that over. The 300 is up for Pakistan as well. It's 307/8 and Shan Masood moves on to 147.

Perhaps he's decided to get a move on, with tailenders for company.

. The hat-trick ball is a good length delivery on middle stump and Shaheen Afridi, the new batsman, gets behind it and defends it solidly. The rest of the over is safely played out as well. 291/8 after 103 overs.

. And one more! Archer is on a hat-trick. Mohammad Abbas gets a good length delivery marginally outside off-stump, and he edges it to first slip. 290/8.

. Yasir Shah's stay ends. He gets a good length delivery on middle-and-leg-stump, a delivery angling into him, and it strikes him on his pad. It's given out lbw. Yasir chooses not to review, and understandably; replays showed it would have been umpire's call to determine whether it was hitting the stumps. 290/7.

. Yasir gets an edge again, off Dom Bess, but the ball falls in no-man's land on the off-side. A single taken from that over. 290/6.

. Archer bowls a short delivery and it's pulled neatly by Shan Masood for a couple. He repeats the stroke on the next delivery and gets a single. 289/6.

. Dom Bess is negotiated assuredly by Yasir Shah this time, and it's another maiden over.

. Another maiden; this time, it's bowled by Jofra Archer. 286/6.

Shan Masood pulls out the slog sweep. - GETTY IMAGES


. Yasir Shah edges a delivery from Dom Bess, and it's spilt by Jos Buttler. A rare maiden over in this session; we had numerous ones in the first session. 286/6 after 98 overs.

. Yasir Shah gets off the mark with a couple. He plays a firm drive off Woakes and Stuart Broad partially stops the ball. In the same over, Yasir steers one away to third man and picks up three. It's 286/6.

. The partnership has been broken, at last. Shadab Khan comes down the track to Dom Bess, and tries to smash a six, but instead holes out to Joe Root at midwicket. It's a skier, and Root pouches it safely. 281/6.

It was an enterprising innings from Shadab Khan. He scored his 45 at a strike-rate of 59. Yasir Shah, the leg-spinner, is the new batsman.

. Another drive, this time off Woakes, and Anderson restricts it to three. It's 281/5.

. The first real stroke of disdain from Shan Masood. He comes down the track to Dom Bess and smashes the ball to the boundary at extra-cover. A ball before, he pulled out the sweep as well, also for a boundary. A cut to deep point gives him a single, and he moves to 123. 277/5 after 94.

. Shadab gets a slower-ball bouncer from Woakes and he tries an overhead smash but gets an edge. The ball bounces before being collected by the keeper. Shadab, after playing that stroke, falls to the ground. Woakes lets out a grimace to that stroke. 268/5 after 93.

. Shan Masood comes down the track for a bellicose stroke but he makes a mess off what is effectively a full toss for him from Dom Bess. No run. Shadab, meanwhile, gets closer to his half-century; he plays a square drive and gets three runs. It's 268/5.

. Shan Masood lets a few deliveries go by outside the off-stump. Three singles are taken in this over from Woakes. It's 264/5 and drinks come on to the field.

. Dom Bess back into the attack now. Two runs are taken, including another sharp single. 261/5.

. Chris Woakes is back, but it's no trouble for the batsmen. A couple of runs taken in the over. 259/5 after 89 overs.


. Shan Masood carries merrily on; he steers Anderson away to deep cover for another boundary, and moves to 108. It's 256/5.

. Another quick single taken, and it brings up the 250 for Pakistan. Rapid runmaking in this session. The new ball hasn't worked for England.

. Shadab nearly falls into Broad's trap when he pulls a short delivery. The ball nearly travels all the way to Jofra Archer at fine leg, but bounces just short of him. Broad is disappointed. 249/5 in 87 overs.

. A tuck to leg off James Anderson, and Shan Masood reaches his century. He expresses his elation, and batting coach Younis Khan, sitting in the stands, lets out a roar. It's a dogged, patient innings from him, although not without some pleasant strokes. 244/5 after 86 overs.

Shan Masood celebrates his century. - REUTERS


. Shan Masood moves into the 90s with a backfoot punch, and then gets another short, wide one from Stuart Broad which he steers away for another four. Off the fifth delivery, he tucks it away off his legs for a couple. He needs two more for a century. 241/5.

. An overthrow, and two runs are taken. Shadab taps the ball to cover and takes off for a single, but he turns back to return and the throw isn't collected by the back-up fielder. The 50-partnership is up for Shan Masood and Shadab.

Shadab gets a short, wide one from Anderson and he slaps it away for a boundary. 231/5.

. Broad bowls full for the most part, and his back-of-a-length delivery that slanted across the left-handed Shan Masood is left alone. There's a risky single taken again, but the batsman would have been safe at the non-strikers' end even if there was a direct hit. 225/5.

. Anderson gets a bit of swing with the new ball; his first over with the new ball looked promising. It's 220/5.

. New ball is taken, and Stuart Broad bowls the first over with it. Shan Masood flicks one off his pads and collects a boundary through square leg. There's a single taken, too, from the over, and it's 219/5.

James Anderson celebrates the dismissal of Babar Azam. - REUTERS


. Shadab continues to get deliveries on his legs and he continues to fancy the bellicose sweep. It's 80 overs up. Pakistan 214/5.

. Two more singles and a leg-bye from the 78th over, bowled by Joe Root. Runs are not coming in a trickle any more. Two overs to go for England to become eligible to claim the new ball. 206/5.

. 200 up for Pakistan as Shadab gets a short delivery outside leg-stump and he dispatches it to fine leg for a boundary. After 77 overs, it's 203/5.

. The players make their way back. Shan Masood continues to wear a sweater; it's about 23 degrees celcius in Manchester at the moment. Runs straightaway as the first ball from Joe Root is a full, wide delivery and Shadab reaches out to it and squirts it away to third man for a couple. More runs, as Shan Masood plays a backfoot punch for a single, and then Shadab sends a full delivery away to the square leg boundary. 191/5 in 76 overs.

A fruitful session for England. Three wickets, including the big one of Babar Azam, who departed in the first over without adding to his overnight score of 69. Shan Masood continues to play with pragmatism, though, and Pakistan will hope he continues to bat for long.

The English seamers have been sharp and for the most part, hard to get away.

We'll be back in about 35 minutes for the post-lunch session.

. There's time for one last over before lunch, and it'll be Dom Bess, the off-spinner, to bowl it. He bowls a slightly short, wide one, and it's steered away for a couple by Shan Masood. The next three deliveries are good length deliveries, and he gets sharp turn. But no damage done. It's 187/5 after 75 at lunch.

Chris Woakes celebrates after the dismissal of Mohammad Rizwan. - AP


. A risky single taken, after Shadab taps one to leg and scampers. It would have been tight had there been a direct hit, but it's not a direct hit. One more single taken, after Shan Masood plays a pull, and it's 185/5 after 74.

. Woakes bowls a full delivery and Shan Masood gets inside the line of the ball - far too inside to execute a good stroke - and the ball squirts away past the vacant slip cordon to the boundary. 183/5 after 73 overs.

. Woakes bowls a similar delivery to the new batsman but it's slightly wider and it goes through to the keeper with a fair gap between bat and ball. But there's definitely some movement. Meanwhile, Masood picks up three through point off Archer. 179/5.

. A wicket for Woakes! He bowls on the off-stump line and Rizwan edges it to the wicketkeeper. Pakistan five down now. Shadab Khan walks in to bat.

. Four singles from the over from Archer. Shan Masood continues to get deliveries on his pads. 176/4.

. A rare loose delivery, bowled by Woakes. Shan Masood gets a full delivery on his pads and duly flicks it away to fine leg for a boundary. He flicks again on the final delivery and picks up a single to keep strike. 172/4.

. A single from Archer's 13th over. Archer tests Shan Masood out with a few short deliveries. 167/4.

. Anderson takes sweat from his shirt and shines the ball. Remember, no saliva can be used due to sanitation concerns. A maiden from Woakes, who continues to bowl back of a length or good length. The ball swung in on one occasion and Rizwan negotiated it awkwardly, jumping and trying to fend it away from his thigh. 166/4 after 67.

. Rizwan moves to 8 with a steer through point for three. It's a short, slightly wide delivery from Archer. Rizwan has struggled a bit in this innings; he's taken 33 deliveries for his eight runs. 166/4 after 66.

. Another maiden, this time from Woakes.

. Jofra Archer into the attack. His second delivery is short of a length, and it cuts the batsman into half as it flies through to Jos Buttler. A smile from Archer.

Two singles from that over. It's 162/4 after 64.


. One run from Woakes' 10th over of the innings. He settles into a nice off-stump line on a good length. He squares Rizwan up on one occasion, the ball narrowly evading the edge of his bat and the off-stump to go through to the keeper. 160/4 after 63.

. Shan Masood leans into a drive and gets a boundary through cover. The first authoritative stroke in the day. A single taken, and it's 159/4 after 62 overs.

. Chris Woakes into the attack, and he bowls an accurate first over to Mohammad Rizwan. The first was a full delivery; Rizwan tried to play a drive and missed it as it went to the wicketkeeper. An edge would have brought curtains to his innings.

Rizwan eventually gets off the mark, nudging a delivery to third man for a couple. These are the first runs for Pakistan in seven overs. And then he adds two more to his tally; again, through third man. 154/4 in 61 overs.

Stuart Broad lets out a roar after getting rid of Asad Shafiq. - GETTY IMAGES

. Anderson continues from around the wicket to Shan Masood. The batsman doesn't seem have difficulties playing at the deliveries or leaving them alone. Some nice carry: the ball's travelling at chest height to the wicketkeeper. 150/4 in 60 overs.

. A loud shout for lbw again and it's given out! Mohammad Rizwan reviews immediately and from the replays it's clear that the ball did touch the bat before it thudded into the flap of the pad. Not out.

It is a good-length delivery on off-stump, and Rizwan gets inside the line as he shapes up to defend, and misses it.

. Again, Anderson gets the deliveries to slant across the left-hander. For the last two deliveries, though, he switches to around the wicket, and immediately gets Shan Masood to edge one. But no harm done, the soft hands allow the ball to drop to the ground well before it reaches the slip fielders. It's a maiden. 150/4 after 58 overs.

James Anderson got his first wicket of the Test off the first over of the second day. He got Babar Azam to edge one to first slip. - GETTY IMAGES


. Another one down! Asad Shafiq shapes up for a tentative forward prod to a good-length delivery from Stuart Broad, and edges the ball to second slip. Ben Stokes dives to his left to take the catch. Pakistan four down now. 150/4 in the 57th over. Mohammad Rizwan is the new batsman.

Asad Shafiq scored 7.

. Another maiden, this time by Anderson. He bowls a good length outside the off-stump to Shan Masood, who carefully lets the deliveries go by. 150/3 after 56.

. Broad, bowling to the right-handed Shafiq, settles in on an accurate outside-the-off-stump channel. Shafiq leaves the deliveries alone or defends. It's another maiden. 150/3 after 55.

. A slight mix-up between the two batsmen when Shafiq defends a delivery and calls for a single. The hesitation by his partner, who probably wasn't alert to the opportunity for a run, prevented the two from running through. Shafiq comes a few steps down the track and then stops and slowly trots back. They have a word with each other.

On the last ball of the over, from Anderson, Shafiq does the same thing, and this time, the loud and clear call is heeded by Shan Masood. The two batsmen scamper through. It's the 150 up for Pakistan. 150/3 in 54 overs.

. Shan Masood gets a full delivery from Stuart Broad, he plays a crisp drive but the fielder at cover dives to field the ball. No run. It's a maiden. 149/3 after 53.

. Asad Shafiq is the new batsman, and he gets off the mark by playing a nice drive through extra-cover off Anderson. It's a full delivery but not overpitched, and the batsman neatly steers it away. 149/3 in 52 overs.

. Shan Masood gets the first runs of the day for Pakistan by flicking one to midwicket for a couple. He then steers one through cover-point to get a couple more and move to 50. It's been a patient, stolid innings from the opener. 145/3 after 51 overs.

. A loud shout for lbw from Stuart Broad, as he gets a delivery to come into the left-handed Shan Masood and it hits him on the front pad. The not-out verdict is sent for review by England, and the third umpire thinks the ball hit the bat before thudding into the pad. Not out.

. A wicket in the first over itself! Anderson bowls accurately in the off-stump channel, and on the last delivery, gets Babar to attempt a drive and nick one to first slip. The ball carries nicely to the waiting hands of Joe Root. It's a big blow for Pakistan; Babar had been batting well. 139/3 in 50 overs.

. Right, so we're ready for Day Two. James Anderson to start proceedings. Bowling to Babar Azam.


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into disarray. Sport, like everything else, was suspended. Cricket restarted recently, with West Indies' tour of England and Pakistan now.

Pakistan opener Shan Masood knows that he and his teammates are very fortunate for being able to play Test cricket during a difficult time like this. Here's more on what he said.

England coach Chris Silverwood was left frustrated yesterday by a Jekyll and Hyde bowling performance from his side. Click here to read more about what he had to say about England's performance on day one.

The coronavirus outbreak has been bad for finances everywhere. The England and Wales Cricket Board is far from immue. In fact, it is set to engage in severe cost-cutting measures as it stares at a potential deficit of £182 million in the current financial year. More details on that over here.

For captain Azhar Ali, the duck was the 15th of his career. When was the last time he got out for a duck? December, 2019, against Sri Lanka.

The 32-year-old Abid Ali got out for 16 on Wednesday. This is the fourth Test of his career, and he has impressive numbers so far: two centuries, including an unbeaten one, against Sri Lanka.

Although Babar Azam was the star of the day, Shan Masood provided the foundation on which Pakistan built its innings. His stolidity was impressive. This is a good opportunity for him to get to his first Test century against England; he has three Test centuries in his career - two against Sri Lanka, and one against Bangladesh.

Much of Day One was curtailed due to rain. What's the forecast like for Day Two? Light cloud and a gentle breeze, says the BBC.

Babar Azam played fluidly on Day One. His half-century had some serene strokes. He needs another 87 runs to get to 2000 runs in Test cricket. Pakistan will expect much from him today.

In the recently concluded Test series, West Indies lost two in a row after winning the first Test. Here's Sunil Gavaskar on West Indies cricket and Jason Holder's plea on a more equitable distribution of ICC's revenue.


Babar Azam struck a fluent, unbeaten half-century as Pakistan closed a rain-shortened first day of the first Test against England on 139 for two at a gloomy and wet Old Trafford on Wednesday.

Babar (69 not out) showed all his skill and class to weather an early storm from the England bowlers, and wrestle away the initiative along with the more sedate opener Shan Masood (46 not out).

England was superb before lunch, heading into the interval with Pakistan on 53 for two, but wayward and tepid after the break as the tourists piled on 68 runs in 16.1 overs before rain brought an early tea.

The players came back late in the day for 7.5 overs, but bad light meant England had to bowl spinners Dom Bess and Joe Root, and Pakistan was able to see off the threat.

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The closest the home side came to a wicket was a stumping chance for Jos Buttler against Shan off Bess, but the bounce of the ball eluded the wicketkeeper and the left-hander survived.

Fast bowler Jofra Archer took the first wicket of the innings, bowling Abid Ali (16) with a delivery that nipped back and burst through the gap between bat and pad after a tentative prod from the batsman.

Seamer Chris Woakes then claimed the big scalp of touring captain Azhar Ali, trapped leg before wicket for a duck, which left the visitors teetering at 43 for two as the ball whistled about in the gloom. Yet the home side was unable to hammer home that advantage, instead losing its line, length and intensity in a limp post-lunch session as Babar and Shan added an unbeaten 96 for the second wicket.

Pakistan had won the toss and elected to bat, with England captain Root admitting he would have done the same, hopeful of utilising a wearing wicket late in the game that is expected to take turn.

It is for that reason it has selected a pair of leg-spinners in Shadab Khan and Yasir Shah, but will want to give it something to bowl at by building a sizeable first innings total.

Where and when can you watch Pakistan vs England LIVE?

Pakistan vs England will be aired LIVE only on SONY SIX channels from 5 August 2020, 3.30 pm onwards. It will be available for live streaming on SONY LIV.