West Indies beats England by four wickets to take 1-0 lead

England vs West Indies 1st Test Match 2020: Catch the highlights and commentary of Eng vs WI day five action at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton.

Jermaine Blackwood plays a shot en route to his half-century on Day five of the first Test at the Ageas Bowl on Sunday.   -  AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the final  day of the first Test between England and West Indies held at Ageas Bowl, Southampton.


- West Indies 1 England 0 - An absorbing Test match comes to an end and we will see you for the second Test at Old Trafford. Till then it's goodbye.

- Test cricket returns in an emphatic way as West Indies beat England at the Ageas Bowl to spark off celebrations in a rather quiet way. Fantastic fightback and Jason Holder's men did make a brilliant turnaround to eke out a four-wicket win. Chasing 200, West Indies suffered an early setback but a 154-ball 95 from Jermaine Blackwood and useful contributions from Roston Chase and Shane Dowrich ensured they were in the hunt. Skipper Jason Holder did play his part as he guided his team over the line. It was a complete team effort as Shannon Gabriel and Holder starred with the ball as a brittle England line-up failed to put up a strong total. Ben Stokes, in his first stint as captain, ends on a losing note.

- Single and West Indies has capped off an emphatic four-wicket win at the Ageas Bowl.

- FOUR- Scores Level- Back of length and Campbell slashes over gully.

- West Indies 318, 195/6 after 64 overs - Needs 5 runs - (Holder 14, Campbell 3) Just a single from the over.

- West Indies 318, 194/6 after 63 overs - Needs 6 runs - (Holder 14, Campbell 2) Just six runs away from registering a historic win and both batsmen are doing it in singles.

- West Indies 318, 190/6 after 62 overs - Needs 10 runs - (Holder 11, Campbell 1) Just a single from the over and Holder needs to ensure he stays till the end.

- West Indies 318, 189/6 after 61 overs - Needs 11 runs - (Holder 10, Campbell 1) Blackwood misses a ton but what a knock he played. Absolutely brilliant in what has been a fascinating Test match. Crowd at the Ageas Bowl could have been the cherry on the cake!

- John Campbell is back at the crease

- WICKET - Rush of blood and that has brought a fantastic innings from Blackwood to an end. Similar dismissal as in the first innings and he hits it straight into the hands of Jimmy Anderson at mid-off. Misses a century by five runs but did the job what his team, required. Terrific innings comes to an end.

- FOUR- Short ball and Blackwood steers it beautifully towards the third man boundary.

- West Indies 318, 185/5 after 60 overs - Needs 15 runs - (Blackwood 91, Holder 10) Blackwood moves into the nineties and Holder would be mindful of the fact. However, given the body language, winning the Test seems more important than personal milestone.  

- West Indies 318, 180/5 after 59 overs - Needs  20 runs - (Blackwood 89, Holder 7) Maiden from Stokes and he kept shuffling the field but Holder was happy to shoulder his arms.  

- Captain to captain again, as Ian Bishop says on air!


- West Indies 318, 180/5 after 58 overs - Needs  20 runs - (Blackwood 89, Holder 7) Play and a miss for Blackwood as Anderson bowls an excellent over.  

- West Indies 318, 178/5 after 57 overs - Needs  22 runs - (Blackwood 88, Holder 6) West Indies inching closer to the target and Holder with a boundary has eased some pressure. The Test is slowly slipping away from England. Time for a Drinks break.  

- FOUR- Short from Stokes and Holder gets into a very nice positions and pulls it over the mid-wicket for a boundary. 22 more to win.

- West Indies 318, 173/5 after 56 overs - Needs  27 runs - (Blackwood 88, Holder 1) The calling gets better as Blackwood survived another run-out. They just need to bat out and do nothing silly. England, not giving an inch with Stokes marshaling his side.   

- West Indies 318, 171/5 after 55 overs - Needs  29 runs - (Blackwood 86, Holder 1) The West Indies captain gets off the mark with a risky single to mid-on and a run-out could have ended Blackwood's stay at the crease. Little figgity out there. It could have been suicidal!  

- West Indies 318, 169/5 after 54 overs - Needs  31 runs - (Blackwood 85, Holder 0)


- West Indies 318, 168/5 after 53 overs - Needs  32 runs - (Blackwood 84, Holder 0) Excellent over from Ben Stokes. He got the breakthrough but it might have come a tad late.

- Jason Holder, the West Indies captain walks out.

- WICKET- The England captain strikes with a jaffa! Square up Dowrich as the ball leaves the batsmen late, taking the outside edge and Buttler pouches it safely.

- No Ball - Stokes knew it as he didn't celebrate after Dowrich drove straight into the hands of first slip. Another opportunity gone. He has overstepped once again!

- Ben Stokes into the captain. Can the England skipper turn it around from this stage?

- West Indies 318, 164/4 after 52 overs - Needs  33 runs - (Blackwood 81, Dowrich 20) A very hostile over from Jofra Archer but Dowrich despite coping a blow does well.

- REVIEW- England review for caught behind. On-field decision Not Out. Archer pings one down the leg and replays suggest the ball hit the hip of the batsman not the bat or glove. Dowrich survives. One review remaining for England.

- West Indies 318, 162/4 after 51 overs - Needs  37 runs - (Blackwood 80, Dowrich 19) Blackwood is gunning towards the target, even eyeing for his century. Very much achievable but he needs to stay.

- FOUR- Just over Anderson. Blackwood almost did a repeat of his first innnings dismissal. Drives Wood firmly, but uppishly, Anderson leaps at mid-off but the ball just flies past him and races away to the fence. A shot Blackwood could have avoided.

- FOUR- Blackwood is not going to miss that. Low full toss and Blackwood drills it through the extra cover region for a boundary.

- West Indies 318, 154/4 after 50 overs - Needs  46 runs - (Blackwood 72, Dowrich 19) The fifty-run partnership between Blackwood and Dowrich was up in the over. Credit to Blackwood for absorbing the pressure and he is taking West Indies closer to the target.

- FOUR- Sublime wrists by Blackwood.. Just flays it through the covers and the 50-run partnership is up. Target below fifty.

- West Indies 318, 149/4 after 49 overs - Needs  51 runs - (Blackwood 67, Dowrich 19) Since the Tea break just four runs have come but West Indies must remember they have lot of overs to play to get the 51 runs. They just need to clam their nerves and treat it like any other session. 

- REVIEW - Ben Stokes shows the T for a LBW. Wood gets the ball to dart in, Blackwood goes for the shot, misses it and the ball hits him flush on the back thigh. Replays show the ball is missing the stumps. That was a desperate call from the England captain.

- West Indies 318, 147/4 after 48 overs - Needs  53 runs - (Blackwood 66, Dowrich 18) Maiden from Archer and Blackwood safely negotiates.

- West Indies 318, 147/4 after 47 overs - Needs  53 runs - (Blackwood 66, Dowrich 18) Wood is steaming in a Dowrich nearly drags it on to his stumps but he is safe. West Indies just needs to play normal cricket. Nothing fancy.


- West Indies 318, 145/4 after 46 overs - Needs  55 runs - (Blackwood 66, Dowrich 16) Two runs from the over and all eyes will be on Blackwood.  

- We are back for the final session of play with West Indies requiring 57 runs. Here's Archer to Blackwood.

- Tea, Day 5 - Fantastic session for the West Indies are they are getting closer to the 200-run target. Didn't seem though when they went to Lunch at 35/3 and lost John Campbell, who was back in the sheds retired hurt after injuring his toe. Jermaine Blackwood is the man who is unbeaten on 65 and he shared a vital 73-run stand with Roston Chase. Once the ball became soft, West Indies approached the chase with more control and better shot selection. 108 runs and just a wicket in the post Lunch session. Will be back in 20 in what should be a tantalising final session of the Test. But for now, the game is pretty much in West Indies' bag.

- West Indies 318, 143/4 after 45 overs - Needs  57 runs - (Blackwood 65, Dowrich 15) Guard your stumps and watch the ball - that's the cricket West Indies batsmen are playing currently. England in search for wickets.  

- West Indies 318, 139/4 after 44 overs - Needs  61 runs - (Blackwood 65, Dowrich 12) Mark Wood got a forward short-leg and a backward square leg but Dowrich does well. Defends, takes a single and hands it over to the more experienced Blackwood. 

- A little over 10 minutes to go for Tea and West Indies still have batsmen with ability in the sheds.


- West Indies 318, 138/4 after 43 overs - Needs  62 runs - (Blackwood 65, Dowrich 11) Blackwood is playing one of the best knocks and England is feeling the pressure.

- West Indies 318, 134/4 after 42 overs - Needs  66 runs - (Blackwood 61, Dowrich 11) Blackhood holds the key and going by the flow of things, the game is very much in favour of the West Indies.

- West Indies 318, 128/4 after 41 overs - Needs  72 runs - (Blackwood 56, Dowrich 10) West Indies up and running with eight runs coming from the over. Target very much in reach.

- FOUR- Full on the pads and Blackwood flicks it beautifully through the square leg.

- FOUR- Edged and it is past first slip and that brings the fifty for Blackwood. Excellent knock under pressure.

- West Indies 318, 120/4 after 40 overs - Needs  80 runs - (Blackwood 48, Dowrich 10)

- FOUR- After a barrage of bouncers, Archer bowls a full toss and Dowrich acknowledges by glancing it through the square for a boundary.

- West Indies 318, 113/4 after 39 overs - Needs  87 runs - (Blackwood 47, Dowrich 5) Four runs from the over and Blackwood is inching towards his fifty.

- West Indies 318, 109/4 after 38 overs - Needs  91 runs - (Blackwood 46, Dowrich 2) Just a single from the over but Archer is being brutal. He floored Blackwood with a brute of a bumper.

- West Indies 318, 108/4 after 37 overs - Needs  91 runs - (Blackwood 46, Dowrich 1)Blackwood nearing his fifty and he needs to hang in of West Indies needs to overhaul the target.

- FOUR- Beautiful from Blackwood as he leans into the shot and drives it through the covers for a boundary.

- West Indies 318, 102/4 after 36 overs - Needs  98 runs - (Blackwood 40, Dowrich 0) The partnership is broken and that was a special delivery from Archer. West Indies need to be careful as a couple more could open up the gates.

- Shane Dowrich is the new man in

- WICKET - Archer strikes and there's the wicket. Brutal bouncer from Archer as the ball takes off sharply, Chase tries to evade it but the ball kisses the glove and an easy take for Buttler.

- West Indies 318, 100/3 after 35 overs - Needs  100 runs - (Chase 37, Blackwood 39) There's the 100 for West Indies and it needs another 100. This partnership has injected hope after an early setback. What an absorbing day of Test cricket!

- West Indies 318, 96/3 after 34 overs - Needs  102 runs - (Chase 36, Blackwood 38) Couple of runs from the over and Archer dropped his pace on one occassion. 

- West Indies 318, 96/3 after 33 overs - Needs  104 runs - (Chase 34, Blackwood 38) Just a single from the over and England needs to break this partnership. The duo has added 69 for the fourth wicket.

- Bess back into the attack

- West Indies 318, 95/3 after 32 overs - Needs  105 runs - (Chase 33, Blackwood 38) - Time for a Drinks break.

- FOUR- Short from Archer and Blackwood guides it up and over deep point for a boundary.

- West Indies 318, 90/3 after 31 overs - Needs  110 runs - (Chase 32, Blackwood 34) Luck seems to goe West Indies' way! Three chances for Blackwood and England fumbling a bit at the moment. Seven from the over.

- FOUR - Chance for a catch and it goes straight through Burns at gully! Blackwood wasn't in control of the shot and the ball flew straight past Burns who didn't even attempt it! Stokes had overstepped too.

- West Indies 318, 83/3 after 30 overs - Needs  117 runs - (Chase 30, Blackwood 29) Run-out chance and Crawley fumbles it. Oh dear! First a drop and now a run-out chance in a space of 10 minutes. Chase wanted the run but Blackwood wasn't interested and Crawley fumbles at cover. West Indies don't mind that.  

- West Indies 318, 82/3 after 29 overs - Needs  118 runs - (Chase 29, Blackwood 29)

- West Indies 318, 78/3 after 28 overs - Needs  122 runs - (Chase 28, Blackwood 26) Five runs from the over and West Indies has picked up momentum. The fifty-partnership was up in that over. 

- The fifty-run partnership between Blackwood and Chase is up.

- FOUR - Blackwood welcomes Archer with a boundary. Straight, just drifting down and Blackwood tucks it through the square leg.


- West Indies 318, 73/3 after 27 overs - Needs  127 runs - (Chase 28, Blackwood 21) Three runs from the over. There was a chance down the leg side but Jos Buttler spilled it, although it was given as a leg-bye. Replays suggest, the ball brushed Blackwood's glove on its way to Buttler, who put down a tough chance.

- West Indies 318, 70/3 after 26 overs - Needs  130 runs - (Chase 27, Blackwood 20) Some control from the West Indies batsmen and slowly yet steadily they are chopping off the runs.

- West Indies 318, 68/3 after 25 overs - Needs  132 runs - (Chase 26, Blackwood 19) Partnership between Chase and Blackwood is 41 and this is crucial. The duo needs to kept ticking away and keep England at bay.

Shannon Gabriel picked a five-wicket haul as West Indies bowled out England for 313 on the final day of the first Test.   -  AP


- Ben Stokes into the attack

- West Indies 318, 66/3 after 24 overs - Needs  134 runs - (Chase 26, Blackwood 17) Two runs from the over and the West Indies dressing room must be breathing lightly.

- West Indies 318, 57/3 after 23 overs - Needs  136 runs - (Chase 25, Blackwood 16) Controlled aggression from Chase. West Indies needs one good partnership to come back into the game and there are at least 64 overs to be bowled. Plenty of time.

- FOUR- Excellent from chase as he lofts Bess well over the mid-on for a much-needed boundary.

- West Indies 318, 57/3 after 22 overs - Needs  143 runs - (Chase 16, Blackwood 18) Three runs from the over and both Chase and Blackwood focus on strike rotation.

- Jimmy Anderson into the attack

- West Indies 318, 54/3 after 21 overs - Needs  146 runs - (Chase 16, Blackwood 15) Four runs from the over and Bess is sticking to bowling tossed up deliveries and sometimes going full.

- West Indies 318, 50/3 after 20 overs - Needs  150 runs - (Chase 15, Blackwood 12) The fifty comes for West Indies and they need another 150.

- FOUR - Full, outside off and Blackwood with a straight bat drives through the covers for a boundary.

- West Indies 318, 45/3 after 19 overs - Needs  155 runs - (Chase 15, Blackwood 8) The line has been impressive from Bess as he is getting the short leg into play. Stokes almost caught Blackwood at first slip but went to his right. Could had been a straightforward catch had he stayed in his position.

- West Indies 318, 42/3 after 18 overs - Needs  158 runs - (Chase 15, Blackwood 5) Four runs from the over.

- West Indies 318, 38/3 after 17 overs - Needs  162 runs - (Chase 14, Blackwood 2) Bess starts with a maiden and it will be Chase who needs to play the anchor role. Probably the best player of spin in this current team.

- West Indies 318, 38/3 after 16 overs - Needs  162 runs - (Chase 14, Blackwood 2) Three runs from the over and Woods gets the ball to climb from a back of a length on one occassion. West Indies batsmen need a lot of application on this pitch.

- It will be Mark Wood with Blackwood on strike.

- Right then welcome back! Players are back after Lunch and this is a do or die session for the West Indies. A couple more could well derail their hopes of taking a series lead.

- News coming is that John Campbell hasn't gone to the hospital. His toe has been iced and will be available to bat.

Lunch, Day 5 - England bowlers put their side in command after West Indies was set a target of 200. Impressive from all three fast bowlers - James Anderson, Jofra Archer and Mark Wood - especially Archer who wrecked havoc and picked two before damaging John Campbell's toe. West Indies is technically four down and it remains to seen if Campbell can bat or not. Roston Chase will be the key and Dom Bess holds the aces for England. Will West Indies put a fight or will England roll through? All answers in 45 minutes.

Jofra Archer uses sweat to shine the ball during Day five of the first Test against West Indies.   -  GETTY IMAGES


- West Indies 318, 35/3 after 15 overs - Needs  165 runs - (Chase 12, Blackwood 1) Four runs from the over and most importantly for West Indies, Chase survived a huge LBW call.

- Review by England - Appeal for LBW, umpire says No and Chase is lucky as the impact was outside.

- West Indies 318, 31/3 after 14 overs - Needs  169 runs - (Chase 8, Blackwood 1) Four runs from the over and England would be eyeing another wicket before lunch.

- Nasser Hussain on air says that no player from both sides has used saliva. They have only used sweat from their backs to shine the ball.

- West Indies 318, 27/3 after 13 overs - Needs  173 runs - (Chase 6, Blackwood 0) Excellent start from Bess as he starts with a maiden.

- Dom Bess into the attack

- West Indies 318, 27/3 after 12 overs - Needs  173 runs - (Chase 6, Blackwood 0) West Indies in deep trouble after Mark Wood removed Shai Hope. England, truly well on top.

- Jermaine Blackwood is the new man in, no Campbell yet.


- WICKET- Timber! Wood strikes on arrival and Shai Hope has no answer. Length delivery, comes back in and Hope gets a thin edge before the ball knocked down the off stump.

- Mark Wood replaces Jofra Archer

-  West Indies 318, 26/2 after 11 overs - Needs  174 runs - (Hope 9, Chase 5) Couple of singles from the over. Anderson has been bowling a perfect line and almost all the six were bowled targetting the stumps.

- Meanwhile, Dom Bess is loosening up and might have a bowl before Lunch.

- West Indies 318, 24/2 after 10 overs - Needs  176 runs - (Hope 8, Chase 4) Runs coming slowly for West Indies and that's a welcome sign.

- West Indies 318, 20/2 after 9 overs - Needs 180 runs - (Hope 0, Chase 0) Couple of boundaries and that should ease some pressure.

- FOUR - Beautiful from Hope as he is covering the swing and this time once again drives through the covers.

- FOUR - Hope goes through the extra cover way and finds the fence of Anderson.

West Indies 318, 12/2 after 8 overs - Needs 180 runs - (Hope 0, Chase 0) Five wides and a wicket. Anderson and Archer are on fire and the West Indies batsmen are looking for survival. Run scoring a second thought, as of now.

- Roston Chase is the new man in

- WICKET - That's Plumb! On the stumps, full delivery and Brooks misses the flick. Simple decision for the umpire and England has dented West Indies' chase.

- West Indies 318, 7/1 after 7 overs - Needs 193 runs - (Hope 0, Brooks 0) Maiden from Anderson.

- West Indies 318, 7/1 after 6 overs - Needs 193 runs - (Hope 0, Brooks 0) Wicket-maiden from Archer and England is not letting anything loose. Two new batsmen at the crease and it will be testing for the West Indies batsmen.


- Shamarh Brooks is the new man in.

-  WICKET - Poor defence and an inside edge ends Brathwaite's stay at the crease. Length delivery, not much pace, loose hands from Brathwaite and the ball sneaks in to disturb the stumps.

- West Indies 318, 7/0 after 5 overs - Needs 193 runs - (Hope 0, Brathwaite 4)

- Shai Hopes is the new man in and he is welcomes with three slips.

- Bad news for West Indies as John Campbell walks back, retired hurt. He injured his toe while dealing with a Jofra Archer yorker.

- West Indies 318, 6/0 after 4 overs - Needs 194 runs - (Campbell 1, Brathwaite 3) Runs from West Indies openers but Archer has been bowling a wonderful line.

- West Indies 318, 2/0 after 3 overs - Needs 198 runs - (Campbell 0, Brathwaite 0) A maiden from Anderson.

- West Indies 318, 2/0 after 2 overs - Needs 198 runs - (Campbell 0, Brathwaite 0) Bit of an eventful over as a fired-up Archer almost trapped Campbell but England didn't review it.

- West Indies 318, 0/0 after 1 over - Needs 200 runs - (Brathwaite 0, Campbell 0) Watchful from Brathwaite as Anderson generates some swing but the West Indies opener was up to the task.

- Alright the England players sprint on to the field and out come the West Indies openers - Kraigg Brathwaite and John Campbell. It will be James Anderson with the new ball with Brathwaite on strike.


- West Indies has asked for a heavy roller which will make the surface a but more hard.

- West Indies requires 200 runs to go 1-0 up in the three-match Test series. They have 88 overs to achieve the target. England added 29 runs for two wickets in the morning with Shannon Gabriel finishing off with 5/75.

- WICKET - Gabriel takes five England all out 313. Archer goes for the pull but gloves it to Dowrich behind the stumps. Archer reviews but replays indicate there was a glove involved.

- England 204, 308/9 after 111 overs (Archer 19, Anderson 4) Just a single of Holder's over. 24 runs have been scored so far.

- England 204, 307/9 after 110 overs (Archer 18, Anderson 4)  England's lead is inching towards 200 and the West Indies would ideally want to take the final wicket as early as possible.

- FOUR- Down the leg side and Anderson is off the mark with a tickle. The leg slip was far and the fielder had no chance.

- Jimmy Anderson, the last man, walks out

- WICKET - Gabriel strikes to leave England nine down. Wood makes room and tries to guide a slightly back of length delivery through the cordon but the ball takes the outside edge on its way to the keeper.

- England 204, 302/8 after 109 overs (Wood 2, Archer 17) Archer is not holding back and has been on the attack. England cross the 300-run mark.

- FOUR - Shot! Where did that come from! Archer makes room and drills Holder past covers for a boundary.

- Jason Holder into the attack

- England 204, 297/8 after 108 overs (Wood 2, Archer 12) Gabriel overstepped but was not called. Maiden over.

- FOUR- Down the leg side and that's poor from Dowrich as the ball runs to the fence. All handy runs as far as England is concerned.

- England 204, 293/8 after 107 overs (Wood 2, Archer 12) West Indies bowlers need to find their rhythm rather quickly.

- FOUR- Bit of bounce and Archer flashes over the slips for a boundary. Handy runs.

- England 204, 289/8 after 106 overs (Wood 2, Archer 8) Gabriel purchases some late movement and beats the outside edge of Wood on one occassion. Three runs from the over.

- Shannon Gabriel will start from the other end.

- England 204, 286/8 after 105 overs (Wood 1, Archer 6) Two runs from the first over of the day.

- We are all set and it will be Alzarri Joseph to Mark Wood

- England 204, 284/4 after 104 overs (Wood 1, Archer 5) Leads by 170 runs. Good noon. Day Five and we are set for a cracker of a finale. A result is on the cards after West Indies fought back late on Day four. England 284 for eight, with a lead of 170 and West Indies will aim to polish off the tail as quickly as possible.

- Great effort from Zak Crawley who made a fighting 76 and in all probability should hold his place for the second Test at Old Trafford. But, for now, the Ageas Bowl is set to produce a result, with the visitors having an upper hand. Fantastic return of Test cricket after the game was grounded due to the ongoing pandemic. 

- Weather update: Forecast is clear with dry and sunny day ahead with patchy clouds later in the afternoon. Chances of rain is minimum with gentle winds blowing across.

Day 4 Report

England ekes out lead of 170 over Windies after 4th day

England ended day four with a 170-run lead over West Indies as Zak Crawley and Dom Sibley notched up half-centuries in the second innings of the first test at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton on Saturday.

Day 4 | As it Happened

Joe Denly just not good enough, says Michael Vaughan

England should look beyond Joe Denly but retain Zak Crawley when regular skipper Joe Root returns for the second Test against the West Indies, former captain Michael Vaughan has said.

Denly managed 18 and 29 in the first Test against the West Indies and has now gone without a fifty in his last eight innings.

His Kent team mate Crawley topscored for England with 76 in the second innings and Vaughan said Denly should make room for Root, who missed the Southampton Test to attend the birth of his second child.

Crawley walked out to the crease with England at 113-2 and trailing the visitor by one run, and stitched an important 98-run partnership with captain Ben Stokes.


Batsman should be given out if DRS shows ball is hitting stumps, says Tendulkar

Batting great Sachin Tendulkar on Saturday asked the ICC to consider doing away with the provision of the umpire’s call when a team opts for a review for an lbw decision, saying the batsman should be given out if the ball is hitting the stumps.


Tendulkar: Anderson could bowl reverse 'reverse swing'

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar believes James Anderson is the only bowler who could bowl a “reverse outswinger” with a wrist position of a conventional inswinger.


Nasser Hussain wants ICC to change its ‘bad light’ laws

Former England captain Nasser Hussain wants the ICC to revisit its regulations related to bad light which has affected Test matches over the years.


Vihari on Shannon Gabriel: You have to wait, wait and wait

India batsman Hanuma Vihari, who faced Gabriel in his dream series in the Caribbean islands in 2019, assesses the Trinidadian’s stellar show against England.


England vs West Indies: A rivalry steeped in history and greatness

The West Indies’ three-match Test series in England is an opportune moment to see in what ways the rivalry between the two may have evolved.



1. England: Ben Stokes (c), James Anderson, Dominic Bess, Stuart Broad, Jofra Archer, Rory Burns, Zak Crawley, Joe Denly, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler, Dom Sibley, Chris Woakes, Mark Wood.

2. West Indies: Jason Holder (c), Jermaine Blackwood, Nkrumah Bonner, Kraigg Brathwaite, Shamarh Brooks, John Campbell, Roston Chase, Rahkeem Cornwall, Shane Dowrich, Chemar Holder, Shai Hope, Alzarri Joseph, Raymon Reifer and Kemar Roach.


What: West Indies tour of England, 2020

Where: Ageas Bowl, Southampton

Date: July 08-12

Time: 03:30 PM IST


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