Champions League draw: When, where to watch and all you need to know

Here's all you need to know about the Champions League round-of-16 draw that will be held in Switzerland on December 16.

The Champions League draw will take place at UEFA's headquarters in Switzerland   -  Getty Images

When is it?

The Champions League last-16 draw will take place on Monday, December 16 at UEFA's HQ in Nyon, Switzerland.

What time is it?

The draw will begin at 4:30 pm IST followed by Europa League draw at 5 pm IST.

Where to watch?

The Champions League last-16 draw, as well as the Europa League draw, can be watched on Sony Ten network's channels or streamed on the Sony LIV app. It can also be streamed on the UEFA website.

Which teams have made it to the Champions League last-16?

Sixteen teams have made it to the draw, with group toppers being seeded and the runners-up unseeded.

Seeded teams

Barcelona (ESP, Group F)

Bayern Munich (GER, Group B)

Juventus (ITA, Group D)

Liverpool (ENG, Group E)

Manchester City (ENG, Group C)

PSG (FRA, Group A)

RB Leipzig (GER, Group G)

Valencia (ESP, Group H)

Unseeded teams

Napoli (ITA, Group E)

Real Madrid (ESP, Group A)

Tottenham (ENG, Group B)

Dortmund (GER, Group F)

Lyon (FRA, Group G)

Chelsea (ENG, Group H)   

Atalanta (ITA, Group C)

Atletico Madrid (ESP, Group D)


How does the draw work? 

The eight seeded and eight unseeded teams are placed in two separate bowls, with one picked from each to determine each of the eight last-16 ties. The eight seeded teams can face any of the other eight unseeded teams (and vice-versa) — as long the two teams haven't qualified from the same group or aren't from the same country.

Who can each team face in last-16?

Manchester City's potential opponents: Napoli, Real Madrid, Dortmund, Lyon,  Atletico Madrid

Tottenham's potential opponents: Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, RB Leipzig, Valencia

Liverpool's potential opponents: Real Madrid, Dortmund, Lyon, Atalanta, Atletico Madrid

Chelsea's potential opponents: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG, RB Leipzig

Barcelona potential opponents: Napoli, Tottenham, Lyon, Chelsea, Atalanta

Bayern Munich potential opponents:  Napoli, Real Madrid, Lyon, Chelsea, Atalanta, Atletico Madrid

Juventus potential opponents:  Tottenham, Real Madrid, Lyon, Chelsea, Dortmund, Atletico Madrid

RB Leipzig potential opponents: Tottenham, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Atalanta, Atletico Madrid

PSG potential opponents: Tottenham, Chelsea, Napoli, Dortmund, Atalanta, Atletico Madrid

Valencia potential opponents: Tottenham, Napoli, Dortmund, Lyon, Atalanta

Real Madrid potential opponents: Bayern Munich, Man City, Juventus, RB Leipzig, Liverpool, Valencia

Dortmund potential opponents: Man City, Juventus, Barcelona, Liverpool, Valencia, PSG

Lyon potential opponents: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Man City, Valencia

Napoli potential opponents:  Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Man City, Valencia, PSG, RB Leipzig

Atletico Madrid potential opponents: Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Man City, PSG, RB Leipzig

Atalanta potential opponents:  Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, PSG, RB Leipzig, Valencia

When will Champions League last-16 games start?

First legs are on 18/19 and 25/26 of February. The second leg of the games will take place on 10/11 and 17/18 of March.

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