Alan Shearer: ‘Indian football is at the brink of a great revolution’

The legendary striker was in Mumbai as a part of the second ‘The Football Movement’ conference.

Alan Shearer with the Premier League trophy in Mumbai.   -  Special Arrangement

Former England striker Alan Sheraer, who hold the record of scoring the most number of goals in the English Premier League (260), said here, at the `The Football Movement’ conference, “I feel Indian football is at the brink of a great revolution, the same way as Premier League was in 80s and 90s. It’s because of the enthusiasm of the fans here. I feel Indian football is going to grow bigger and better from here on.”

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The UK Department for International Trade (DIT), India On Track (IOT) and the Premier league assembled important British and Indian football clubs, sports organisations and businesses at the second edition of ‘The Football Movement’ here.

The keynote speakers were Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League, St.John Gould, Director for UK Trade and Economics, India at the British High Commission and officials of the Indian Super League and Premier League clubs.

“We want to develop our relationship with everyone here. Football is going to a next level in India, because of leagues, grassroots programs and other competitions that are helping in to grow more. We are taking initiatives so that it will create best footballers, India is full of raw talents and we will work towards developing those in the near future,” said Scudamore.

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