ISL 2020-21 highlights, Semifinal 2nd leg, MCFC VS FCG (agg. 2-2): Mumbai into the final after 6-5 win on penalties

ISL 2020-21 Playoffs, FCG vs MCFC: Mumbai City FC beat FC Goa 6-5 penalties to reach the final at the GMC Stadium Bambolim.

Updated : Mar 09, 2021 19:34 IST

Mumbai City celebrates winning the penalty shoot-out against FC Goa.
Mumbai City celebrates winning the penalty shoot-out against FC Goa.

Mumbai City celebrates winning the penalty shoot-out against FC Goa.

This is Sportstar's ISL 2020-21 blog of the Mumbai City FC vs FC Goa match which will be played at the GMC Athletic Stadium on Monday.

That's all we have for the night. We have one finalist and we move to another semfinal with ATK Mohun Bagan taking on NorthEast United. [ PREVIEW ] Until then, it's good night.


A pile of bodies lay around after a monumental effort over two legs against the best team in the land. FC Goa had embodied itself in Edu Bedia’s fighting spirit only to fall short by the smallest margins. - Difficult to like, impossible to break: Edu Bedia's ISL marathon with fractured ribs

Sergio Lobera "I am very proud and happy to make the final. Its very special to play in final for me. I have very good players and personalities in dressing room. THey deserve to enjoy this moment and hopefully to win the trophy for the people who believed in us at the start. My focus is on the final. I wish them [FC Goa and Ferrando] the best in the Champions League. They played very good and in penalties everything is possible. When I was working in Spain, there are no penalties when you finish in top of the table. I want to win the trophy. [On goalkeeper change and no shots on target] About Amrinder, it was a decision of gking coach. It was a brave decision by my coach. For me, Amrinder is best goalkeeper in India but Purba can do a good job in penalties. It was a very difficult game. In 2 legs we suffered because we didnt have possesion of the ball.

Juan Ferrando "[Where you lost out?] At the end, congratualtions to Mumbai. After two times they were very difficult opponent. We had chances but we didnt score. In penalties, it's a bingo. Work of Naveen was very good. Our time.. maybe pressure or tired.. Physical and mentally... But is necessary to explain the players, first chapter was a a good job.  [Leaving Angulo out?] Because we start with 4-3-3. We had proboems woth wingers. They had lot of time in free space. Ishan was a referenc3 as no. 9. We need more time for more players.. So bought Angulo in extra time to make 4-4-2. You can use lot of plans with multiple combinations but we are out of the final. I don't know. [Plan for next 5-6 months before new season?] My focus is to rest 2-3 days and prepare for Champions League. Football is very difficult to think 2-3 months ahead. We plan with coaching staff and decide pre-season for ACL. Its important for FC Goa and Indian football."

PODCAST - FC Goa coach Juan Ferrando's first season in ISL comes to an end. He has had among the most challenging start to life in India. In this episode of The Full Time Show, he speaks to Aashin Prasad about his maiden season in ISL, quarantine and player management, coaching style, contentious refereeing and his takeaways from the season.


What an end to a tantalising tie! The league winner has the opportunity to do the double! Celebrations in the Mumbai camp and heartbreak for Goa.  First appearance in an ISL final for Mumbai City FC.

MCFC 6-5 GOA - Goan Borges walks up... He scores and Mumbai is through to the final!!

MCFC 5-5 GOA - MISS! Martins fires it wide... He sidefooted it wide.

MCFC 5-5 GOA - Mandar drills it into the right corner! Naveen had no chance!

MCFC 4-5 GOA - Adil scores but just about. Lachenpa got his hand on it but he can't keep it out.

MCFC 4-4 GOA - Fall walks up. He stutters but he puts it right into the left corner!

MCFC 3-4 GOA - Ortiz calmly slots it as Lachenpa dives the wrong way.

MCFC 3-3 GOA - Ranawade scores his penalty! It wsn't in the corner but Naveen dives the wrong way.

MCFC 2-3 GOA - Pandita scores his penalty! Lachenpa dives the wrong way.

MCFC 2-2 GOA - Jahouh walks up for the final kick of the shootout. SAVE! Naveen makes the save! Jahouh fired it high into the left but Naveen guessed it right to save it!

MCFC 2-2 GOA - MISS! Donachie ends up shooting it over the bar!

MCFC 2-2 GOA - Raynier is up next. Raynier slots it past Naveen near the middle as the 'keeper dived the wrong way.

MCFC 1-2 GOA - Gonzalez scores! He fires it into the left corner!

MCFC 1-1 GOA - SAVE! Boumous hits it straight and Naveen punches it into the air with an arm!

MCFC 1-1 GOA - Angulo finds the corner of the net despite Lachenpa diving right.

MCFC 1-0 GOA - SAVE! Hernan Santana goes right but Naveen dives to make his save. That was another poor penalty.

MCFC 1-0 GOA - MISS! Brandon crashes it off the bar and the ball goes out.  Huge advantage for Mumbai.

MCFC 1-0 GOA - Ogbeche slots is calmly to put Mumbai ahead.

MCFC 0-0 GOA - SAVE! Bedia misses as Lachenpa makes the save diving to his right.


Mumbai makes a last minute sub after the full-time whistle. Amrinder OFF, Lachenpa ON. There is some confusion on whether a substitution can be made after the full-time whistle.

Juan Ferrando shakes his head as the final whistle went. Bothh teams move into a huddle to decide their penalty takers. Naveen put through his paces by the goalkeeping coach.

120'+2' Bedia with a corner.  Amrinder pushes it behind for another corner but the referee blows the whistle. We move to penalties! Yay.

120+1' Ortiz wins a corner on the right side.

One minute added time.

120' GOA SUB: Dheeraj OFF, Naveen Kumar ON. Ferrando is bringing on Naveen for the penalties.

119' Cross into Goa box where Ogbeche wins a header to set up Raynier on the edge of the box. His shot is off target and Rowllin can't react to turn the ball towards goal.

118' Brandon cuts in from the left and looks to find Angulo on the backpost but there is a little too much pace on the delivery. Gama on the bench can't bear to watch...

115' Angulo makes a turn near the halfway line and looks to feed Pandita but Fall is alert to the situation and makes an interception.

115' A lot of yelling and finger-pointing among the Mumbai players.

113' Pandita nearly got on the end of a poor flickon header by a Santana but Amrinder was off his line to get on the end of it in the nick of time.

113' Play resumes and the players are okay to continue.

110' Foul conceded by Goa and Jahouh has the chance to play in another inviting delivery. Dheeraj comes off his line and makes a punch but he collides into Gonzalez. Both players are down and receiving treatment.

108' Jahouh with a freekick to find Santana inside the box but Adil makes a crucial header to clear it out.

107' Sanson is booked for a foul on Vikram Pratap.

106' Sanson with a poor headed clearance inside his box but luckily for him Boumous can't redirect his header on target.

106' Goa gets the final 15-minute period underway. Boumous goes down clutching his calf. He is okay to continue.

Referee blows the whistle for halfway point.

104' Brandon and Bedia lining up the freekick. Bedia looks to curl it into the top corner but its straight at Amrinder who punches it behind for a corner.

103' Ortiz is tripped by Mandar outside the right edge of the Mumbai box.

Sanson will slot into the left-back position.

101' GOA SUB: Noguera, Gama OFF; Angulo, Brandon ON

97' The freekick is recycled into Doanchie on the right side, who is unmarked. But his cutback doesn't find a teammate.

96' Jahouh commits a foul on Noguera. No yellow card for him yet.

95' Jahouh with an outswinging freekick into the Goa box which Gonzalez gets a touch and falls into space but no Mumbai player to take advantage of it. Martins boots it out of the box.

93' The ball bounces around Mumbai's box as Mumbai struggles to clear the ball from Sanson. Noguera takes off his shot to show the referee the boot print left by Mandar on him inside the Mumbai box.

91' MCFC SUB: le Fondre OFF, Ogbeche ON. Mumbai gets the extra-time underway.

Goa has been the better side and has had the better chances but has failed to take them. Donachie could have been the hero in the final minute of the game but he failed to capitalise it. Another 30 minutes to decide the first finalist of the season.


90'+4' THAT WAS THE CHANCE! Bedia swings in a freekick and Donachie gets a free header but he can't get it on target as he heads it down and away from goal.

90'+3' MCFC SUB: Vignesh OFF, Mandar ON

90'+2' Boumous with a foul on Bedia.

No away goals in this season's semifinals. So as it stands, we will move onto extra tiime.

Four minutes of added time.

90' MCFC SUB: Bipin OFF, Vikram Pratap ON. Finally, a Mumbai sub.

89' Jahouh with a shot from distance and the shot takes two deflections but Dheeraj has it covered.

87' Dheeraj makes a last ditch save from a freekick by Jahouh into the Goa box as Bipin looked to get on the end of it.

85' Play resumes and Ortiz wins a free-kick. Noguera with a freekick on Boumous now.

83' Stoppage in play as Dheeraj gets some treatment from the medical staff.

81' Boumous runs down to the byline and plays a cutback which goes out of play for a goalkick.

80' Gonzalez with a mazy run into the Mumbai box from the right and plays a backheel but the ball is intercepted before Ortiz can get on the end of it. Jahouh with the interception.

77' GOA SUB: Romario OFF, Sanson ON


75' Inswinging corner and Gama seems to have got his head on it to put it behind the goal. But the referee awards a goal kick. No substiutions yet from Sergio Lobera in the two ties.

74' Boumous wins a corner against Gonzalez as the game opens up a bit.

72' Noguera wins another corner near the byline. Sixth corner for Goa.  Noguera with an inswinging corner and Donachie meets it but can't keep his header on target.

71' Bedia drills a freekick from distance and Raynier sticks out a leg to deflect behind fot a corner. The shot was on target and was likely going to find the top corner.

70' Boumous looks to have a go from distance but he scuffs his shot whichDheeraj has no trouble collecting.

67' Foul called against le Fondre on Bedia. Bedia isn't moving yet from the floor.

66' Play resumes after a short break. Santana is okay to continue.

64' Santana has gone down awkwardly as he trips over his teammate Ranawade.

62' Shouts for a handball against Adil inside the Goa box but referee says no penalty. At the other end, Romario plays in a low cross into the box which Pandita meets with a diving header which Amrinder saves! Replay shows there was no handball.

61' Ortiz slips the ball behind Mumbai's defence for Romario, whose cutback is intercepted by Santana before it can get to Ortiz.

60' Chance for Mumbai as Boumous picks out Bipin inside the box, Bipin returns the favour by hooking it back across goal for Boumous, whose effort is blocoed by Adil.

57' Noguera with a freekick from the right side and Fall makes a crucial interception ahead of Pandita at the near post.

55' Gama makes a run from his own half and wanders into space. Pandita makes a run behind the defence which creates space for Gama to have a go from distance like the first leg. He srikes it well but this time Amrinder pushes it away to make the save!

53' Bedia and Ortiz line-up the free-kick. Ortiz takes the shot and fires it over the goal.

52' Borges with a foul on Ortiz outside the Mumbai box. Well-worked by Ortiz and Romario in the build-up to the free-kick.

48' Finger-tip save from Amrinder onto the post as Romario sidefoots a Gama cut-back into the Mumbai box. Well-worked move by Goa down the left-side.

46' GOA SUB: Redeem OFF, Pandita ON. Goa kicks off the second half. Ortiz moves to the left-flank.

STAT: 0 - Mumbai City FC has failed to land a single shot on target at the end of first half in the match, the fourth instance this ISL season for the Islanders and second against FC Goa this campaign.

Ishan Pandita is ready to come on...



A tantalising opening half with both teams not giving each other an inch to gain any advantage. Goa had the best chance when Ranawade made a crucial block inside the box against Redeem. Ortiz looks a threat playing as a false nine and put the ball into the net, which was rightly ruled offside.


45'+2' Borges fouls Ortiz and Spaniard isn't happy with him. Both players square up against each other.

Two minutes of added time

43' Boumous with a slaloming run into the edge of the Goa box before releasing Bipin but the ball is behind the winger. Ball finds Vignesh on the flanks and his cross is blocked by Gonzalez.

40' Noguera runs into meet a cutback from Redeem but ends up fouling Fall inside the Mumbai box.

38' Jahouh stands over it and he rolls it to the edge of the box for Boumous, who runs in and smashes it over the goal.

37' Foul conceded by Adil near the edge of the Goa box on le Fondre. Free-kick near the byline on the right side.

34' From the free-kick, Ortiz goes for goal into the left top corner but Amrinder covers the area and pushes it away for a corner.

33' Ortiz looked to turn away from Fall near the edge of the Mumbai box but the centre-back knocks him down. Freekick from a dangerous area.

Goa slightly edging the possession with 54%.

30' Adil with a well-timed block on le Fondre near the edge of the Goa box. WATER BREAK TAKEN.

27' BLOCK! Superb from Ortiz to hold the ball up and bringing Nogeura into play. The no. 10 dances past his marker before scuffing a right footed shot on goal which Amrinder could only parry it into the box. Redeem looks to turn the ball into the net but Ranawade makes a superb block!

27' Mumbai break forward through Boumous and Rowllin, who ends up overhitting his pass for Bipin.  The cross into the box is blocked.

26' Ortiz smashes it into the back of the net after being played through by Noguera but the assistant puts his flag up for offside.

24' Ranawade wins a corner down the right side after the restart. The corner is flicked on and bounces into the six yard area but luckily for Goa it's cleared away from the box.

21' Clash of heads as Ortiz and Jahouh leap up to win an aerial challenge.

19' Foul by Gama on Raynier. He is one of the seven players from the first tie, who are on a yellow card.

17' Long ball  behind the defence for Ortiz by Bedia and the striker brings it down with a touch but he can't get it into his path. Martins harries the opposition near the byline to win a corner.

17' Yellow card for Vignesh as he clatters into the back of Noguera.

16' Bipin with a cross from the left into the box and Adil with a diving header away. Another ball comes in and Gama heads it back into the path of Adil, who hacks it out of the box.

13' Boumous latches on to a throw in and runs to the right side before fizzing a ball into the box at the near post for le Fondre. Donachie does well to put the striker off.

12' Boumous with a shove on the linesman...

9' Superb recovery from Jahouh to catch up with Ortiz and win the ball off the striker as he looked to break forward.

6' Boumous with a diagonal switch to find la Fondre inside the box but Adil makes a superb block to deny the striker from squaring the ball into the six yard area.

5' Bipin does well to win a corner after a 40 yard run from the halfway line to the byline. Short corner taken and the crosser looks to find Fall inside the box, but the delivery is behind the target man.

3' Foul by Jahouh on Ortiz as he looked to get the ball away to Jesuraj.

2' Amey nicks the ball off Saviour near the halfway line before he loses out to Adil near the edge of the Goa box.

1' Mumbai City get the match underway from left to right.


7.24 PM: Both teams make their way out to the middle. Goa players come out in their black away kits. Mumbai in its home colours.

The Mumbai City starting XI going through their paces before the all-important second leg clash. - ISL/Sportzpics

6.40 PM: Three changes for Goa as well as Ivan Gonzalez, Alberto Noguera and Redeem Tlang are named in the starting XI with Angulo, Seriton Fernandes (injured) and Princeton Rebello (injured) making way. Good news for Goa as midfielder Brandon Fernandes returns to the matchday squad for the first time since January 17 when he hobbled off against ATK Mohun Bagan.

FC Goa has 18 goals to call up on from the bench in the form of strike duo Igor Angulo (14) and Ishan Pandita (4). ISL/Sportzpics

6.37 PM: Big changes for both sides. Sergio Lobera brings back Amey Ranawade, Rowllin Borges and Hernan Santana. Mandar Rao Dessai, Mehtab Singh and Bartholomew Ogbeche drop to the bench. Adam le Fondre will lead the line for the first time since the loss to Jamshedpur FC.

6.30 PM: Mumbai City FC XI (4-2-3-1)

Amrinder Singh; Amey Ranawade, Mourtada Fall, Hernan Santana, Vignesh Dakshinamurthy; Ahmed Jahouh, Rowllin Borges; Raynier Fernandes; Hugo Boumous, Bipin Singh; Adam le Fondre

FC Goa XI (4-2-3-1)

Dheeraj Singh; Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Adil Khan, Saviour Gama; Edu Bedia, Glan Martins; Alexander Jesuraj, Alberto Noguera, Redeem Tlang; Jorge Ortiz

6.20 PM: FC Goa’s Ishan Pandita has the best minutes per goal ratio in the current campaign of the league (13). The Indian striker has played mere 52 minutes in the league but has already scored four goals.

6.15 PM: FC Goa has won only 1 of the 11 games it was drawing at half-time (D7 L3) this ISL season.

6 PM: Here are the predicted XIs for the game

Mumbai City FC predicted XI (4-2-3-1)

Amrinder Singh; Amey Ranawade, Mourtada Fall, Mehtab Singh, Mandar Rao Dessai; Ahmed Jahouh, Raynier Fernandes; Adam le Fondre, Hugo Boumous, Bipin Singh; Bartholomew Ogbeche

FC Goa predicted XI (4-2-3-1)

Dheeraj Singh; Leandra D'Cunha, Adil Khan, Ivan Gonzalez, Saviour Gama; Edu Bedia, Glan Martins; Alexander Jesuraj, Alberto Noguera, Jorge Ortiz; Igor Angulo.

5.45 PM: PODCAST = FC Goa coach Juan Ferrando has had among the most challenging start to life in India. In this episode of The Full Time Show, he speaks to Aashin Prasad about his maiden season in ISL, quarantine and player management, coaching style, contentious refereeing and his takeaways from the season.


Follow Sportstar's full coverage (Latest news, Interviews, Features, Points table, Quiz, Videos) of ISL 2020-21 .

ISL 2020: Points Table

The seventh edition of the Indian Super League got underway inside a bio-bubble in Goa on November 20.

The tournament, spanning over four months, will see 11 teams play each other in a league and playoff format across three venues. Following the inclusion of SC East Bengal, this season will feature 115 games, up from 95 last season.


With the tie well-poised at 2-2, Mumbai City FC will square off against FC Goa in the second-leg of the 2020-21 Indian Super League's first semifinal in Bambolim on Monday.

The team coming out on top at the GMC Stadium will book a place in the ISL 2020-21 final and has a chance to compete for a 2022 AFC Cup qualifiers spot, which is awarded to the winner of the playoffs.


MCFC came from behind twice to deny FCG the advantage in the tie with a draw at the Fatorda Stadium on Friday. The Islanders, who are known to dominate opponents right from the start, were struggling early on during the first-leg.  

Despite his side not starting the previous match like he would have wanted, head coach Sergio Lobera isn't too concerned, especially with Mumbai claiming a close league title just a few days back.

"I don't feel any pressure, neither do the players. It has been a big season and we have achieved something very important. We want to enjoy the playoffs and win another trophy. We are very excited, and lucky to play these kinds of games," he told, during a virtual media conference.

Meanwhile, Lobera's counterpart Juan Ferrando has several injury concerns. Seriton Fernandes and Princeton Rebello were both stretchered off in the last outing. With Brandon Fernandes already out, the Gaurs might be a bit short on Indian options.

"In the last game, we had lots of (injury) problems, but it is normal. The players are very tired. This season was very difficult. In such a case, we make tough decisions and sometimes we get success, sometimes we don't. It is necessary to take risks," Ferrando said.

Spaniards Alberto Noguera and Ivan Gonzalez will be back for Goa after serving out suspensions.

"It is important to select the best possible line-up for an important game. It is difficult because we decide on one style of play and then when one player is out with injury, it becomes necessary to prepare a new plan," the FCG coach added.

Rebello's injury was due to a two-footed challenge from MCFC centre-back Mourtada Fall during the second half stoppage-time in Margao. Ferrando had compared Fall's challenge to a taekwondo move back then, and Lobera hit back at his nemesis.

"Speaking about Fall, if someone says that he had a bad intention during the tackle then they don't know him. I don't like people trying to provoke my players. If you want to compare, then I can say that Edu Bedia (Goa captain) bit Deepak Tangri (in the Chennaiyin FC game), and he's still playing.

"At the end of the last game, some people were speaking to the match commissioner. I don't like people crying all the time. On the pitch, we need to respect all the people and try to help the referees and other officials," the Mumbai boss claimed.

The away-goal rule has been scrapped this season. If the second-leg ends on level terms as well, the teams will move into extra-time and then penalties, if needed.  

Speaking about the unpredictable nature of a shoot-out, Ferrando said: "Of course, we have prepared for penalties because it is necessary, but I hope we don't need penalties in the end. Because penalties are about luck too." 

The Islanders finally have a full squad available after the return of the suspended Amey Ranawade.


Mumbai City FC:  Amrinder Singh, Nishit Shetty, Vikram Lahkbir Singh, Phurba Lachenpa, Mourtada Fall (Senegal), Mandar Rao Dessai, Tondonba Singh, Amey Ranawade, Mohammad Rakip, Mehtab Singh, Valpuia, Ahmed Jahouh (Morocco), Rowllin Borges, Bidyananda Singh, Cy Goddard (Japan), Raynier Fernandes, Hugo Boumous (France), Jackichand Singh, Hernan Santana (Spain), Asif Khan, Bipin Singh, Vikram Pratap Singh, Vignesh Dakshinamurthy, Bartholomew Ogbeche (Nigeria), Pranjal Bhumij, Adam Le Fondre (England).

FC Goa:  Mohammad Nawaz, Naveen Kumar, Dheeraj Singh, Shubham Dhas, Ivan Gonzalez (Spain), Seriton Fernandes, Adil Khan, Aibanbha Dohling, James Donachie (Australia), Mohamed Ali, Sanson Pereira, Saviour Gama, Edu Bedia (Spain), Brandon Fernandes, Amarjit Singh, Alberto Noguera (Spain), Redeem Tlang, Glan Martins, Jorge Ortiz (Spain), Leander D'Cunha, Princeton Rebello, Alexander Jesuraj, Makan Chothe, Igor Angulo (Spain), Ishan Pandita, Devendra Murgaonkar.

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