Highlights PSG 3-0 Toulouse: Bernat, Mbappe and Neymar score, Messi earns an assist, TFC vs PSG

Toulouse vs PSG: Read all the live updates and pre-match build up of the Ligue 1 fixture between Paris Saint-Germain and Toulouse from Toulouse, France.

  • ⦿ Full Time: PSG 3-0 Toulouse
  • ⦿ 90+1’ Goal! Bernat makes it 3-0 for PSG
  • ⦿ 50’ Messi and Mbappe combine to doubles PSG’s lead
  • ⦿ 37’ Neymar scores to put PSG ahead from a Vitinha assist
  • ⦿ 12:30 am: PSG vs Toulouse kicks off
Paris St Germain’s Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in action moments before the second goal against Toulouse.

Paris St Germain’s Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in action moments before the second goal against Toulouse. | Photo Credit: REUTERS

Toulouse vs PSG: Read all the live updates and pre-match build up of the Ligue 1 fixture between Paris Saint-Germain and Toulouse from Toulouse, France.

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Match Report : Neymar and Mbappe score, Messi assists as PSG wins 3-0 against Toulouse

Paris Saint-Germain ends the match with a convincing 3-0 win over Toulouse. With the win, it secures its position on top of the league table with a whopping goal difference of 17 as compared to 8 of its nearest competitor, Len (8).
90+1’ Goal! Bernat makes it 3-0 for PSG
Mbappe’s shot comes off the woodwork, but Bernat follows it to score the third goal for PSG and his first of the season.

Change for Touloiuse! In: Brecht Dejaeghre , Out: Branco Van den Boom


Chance! Chaibi gets the ball in the penalty box, and tries a right-footed curler. Before he could execute, PSG players get to him to nip that attack in the bud.


Off the post! Mbappe gets the ball along the left flank in an offside position, but he goes for goal with a right-footed curler. The ball hits the post, but even if it would have crept in, the goal would not have stood.


Chance! A great aerial pass delivered by Verratti into the box and Nuno Mendes almost scored his first goal for PSG as his shot flies over the net and he hi=olds his head in disbelief.


Mbappe serves the ball almost in a plate and Vitinha shoots on target. Dupe, who has conceded two goals, is still lokking very solid and makes a great save, full-stretched.


Another save by Donnarumma! Toulouse looks to be desperate to get its foot back into the match and Dallinga goes for another shot from distance. But the Italian makes a good save.


Van den Boom takes the free kick for Toulouse. The shot is on target, but Donnarumma makes a good save to fist the ball away, out of danger

50’ Messi and Mbappe combine to doubles PSG’s lead
Messi makes a run into the box with the ball and instead of shooting, passes to Mbappe on his right and the Frenchman steers the ball into the net to give Paris its second goal of the night.
Second Half Begins!
Only three minutes into the second half and a hand ball offense by Spierings gifts PSG a free kick. Messi takes it, but Dupe saves it with a flying save on his right.
Half-Time! TFC 0-1 PSG
Neymar’s goal separated the two sides midway into the match, with the Brazilian continuing his red-hot form in the league so far.

Neymar gets the ball to Messi on his left and Messi shoots on target, This time, Dupe fists the ball away, out of danger.

37’ Neymar scores to put PSG ahead
PSG attacks on the counter and Mbappe gets the ball to Vitinha who passes to Neymar on his left. The Brazilian gets past Dupe to finish in style. The goal is initially ruled off-side, but after a VAR check, it is given. PSG is ahead!

PSG starts building an attack through small passes and the ball finally enters the final third. Mbappe gets the ball, passes to Neymar who tries a hot. But Toulouse clears the ball out


Van den Boomen takes the corner kick, which is headed by Dallinga, but he fails to keep it on target. The forward is enraged with himself and it looks very evident that he could have done much better with that set-piece.


Save! Messi tries a shot from inside the box this time and Dupe denies the Argentine yet again. This is turning out to be some battle in France.


Toulouse attacks on the counter after an error by Pereira and Spierings and Ratao get the ball up the pitch, with Aboukhlal on their left. Spierings crosses, but the Moroccan misses to receive it and finally the TFC captain tries a shot from distance. Donnarumma saves it easily


Just Off Target! Nuno Mendes delivers a low cross for Messi, who steers the ball right towards the goal. However, the shot is just off target as it misses Dupe who has already full-stretched


Chance! Abouklao and Ratao get off on the counter again and the former is delivered a cross by the latter, but the Moroccan fails to connect. But eventually, the linesmen raise the flag - he would have been offside


Mbappe makes a run into the box, tries to beat Nico, but earns a corner for PSG. Messi takes the corner, which is headed out of danger


Chance! Ratao attacks on the counter, passes to Aboukhlal, who carries the ball into the box and shoots. Donnarumma makes a regulation save


Neymar tries to get the ball past Aboukhlal, but fails as Toulouse defends well enough to keep the three men - Messi, Neymar and Mbappe out of danger - temporarily


Save at both ends!

Dallinga gets the ball right in front of the PSG goalie and shoots right on target. Donnarumma makes a key save to keep the scores level and action on the other end and Mbappe makes a run into the box from the left and shoots, This time Dupe makes a save.


Free Kick! Lionel Messi takes the free kick after Neymar leaves it for the Argentine, but the shot lands into the wall. Poor kick by Messi in the circumstances


Early chance for Messi and Mbappe who get into the box, but the final shot is stopped by Dupe to deby an early lead to the French Champion.

Kick Off! We are underway in Toulouse!
The host starts from left to right, while PSG starts from the other end.
The Players on the pitch and we are almost there, set for kick off!
The players have stepped on to the pitch. Toulouse starts in white with blue shorts, while Paris starts in just the opposite.

Before the match begins, have a look at PSG’s best goals against Toulouse.

Toulouse: L D W D D
Nantes 3-1 Toulouse
Toulouse 2-2 Lorient
Troyes 0-3 Toulouse
Toulouse 1-1 Nice
Osasuna 3-3 Toulouse
PSG 1-1 AS Monaco
Lille 1-7 PSG
PSG 5-2 Montpellier
Clermont Foot 0-5 PSG
PSG 4-0 Nantes
Starting Lineups are out!
Toulouse Starting XI: Dupe (GK), Desler, Rouault, Nicolaisen, Diarra, Zanden, Spierings, Van den Boomen (C), Aboukhlal, Ratao, Dallinga
PSG Starting XI: Donnarumma (GK), Mukiele, Marquinhos (C), Ramos, Nuno Mendes, Verratti, Pereira, Machado, Messi, Mbappe, Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain will look to get back to winning ways after it was held to a 1-1 draw in the previous match against AS Monaco in the previous Ligue 1 match.

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe had missed the target narrowly, with shots from both of them hitting the woodwork, while Neymar had scored the crucial goal to steal a point at home.

PSG sits on top of the league table with 10 points from four games and is level with rival Marseille. A loss here would risk it to lose the top spot, but the last loss for the team was in March, against AS Monaco last season.

Since October 2010, Toulouse and PSG have played 22 matches and the host has come out victorious just once and that had come six years ago, in September 2016. The team sits 10th in the Ligue 1 table and a win here would propel it into the top four.

When and where to watch Toulouse vs PSG?
The Ligue 1 match between PSG and Toulouse is scheduled for a 12:30 am kick-off at the Toulouse Stadium in Toulouse, France.
It will be telecast on Sports18 and Sports18 HD and will be live streamed on Voot and JioTV
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