FIH Men's Junior World Cup India vs Germany Highlights: Germany beats India 4-2 to advance to final against Argentina

FIH Junior World Live Stream: Get updates and commentary from the FIH Men's Junior World Cup semifinal clash between the India Juniors vs Germany Juniors.

Indian junior hockey team goal keepers Prashant Chauhan and Pawan greeting each other after India entered the semi-final in the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup 2021.   -  The Hindu

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the FIH Men's Junior World Cup Semifinal clash between India and Germany at the Kalinga Stadium, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This was Aneesh Dey bringing you live updates from the match.

Germany will face Argentina in the final while India will clash with France in the third-place playoffs!! Stay tuned for match report!!


1' GOOOOAAALLLLL!!! INDIA GETS ITS SECOND!! ITS BOBY!! A great finish in the top corner but that won't change much.

3' Good play by India as it tries to create something from the left. But skipper Mulller was there to cut out the danger.

6' CLOSE- Germany shoots from the edge of the circle and it is not far away from goal as the ball whistles past goal. Pavan was just a spectator there.

7' SAVE- A good save by Pavan to keep out the flick from the penalty-corner. It had power but it was straight at him and at a comfortable height, which probably made the save easier.

8' Penalty-corner for Germany!!

10' CHANCE- A great chance for Germany to score its fifth. Smith is played a great pass, which puts him one-on-one with Indian keeper Pavan. Pavan rushes out but Smith gets around him and shoots. It hits the side-netting. That was close.

14' A great run by Indian captain Vivek Sagar but could find any attacking outlet. He opts to pass it back.

START OF FOURTH QUARTER!! (India needs three unanswered goals in 15 minutes to take the game to a shootout)!!


1' CHANCE- A huge chance by Manjee to drive the ball home from close-rage but he complete miscues his shot as Germany clears. What a chance.

3' SAVE- Great play by India to penetrate the final line of the German defence. Uttam Singh was one-on-one with the German keeper Brinkman. He tries to go past him and drive the ball home from an acute angle but the German keeper uses his core strength well to dispossess Uttam.

5' CHANCE- A nice ball slapped to the middle from the right but Gurmukh Singh, who was at the end of the ball, had his angles wrong.

7' A good run by India from the left wing. All that was needed was a ball dragged back into the centre but the Germans anticipates the danger and intercepts the ball.

8' The Germans resorting to their trademark aggressive approach and right now, the Indians are having difficulty in coping with that.

10' India keeping possession and trying to draw the Germans from their position in order to create space. It does not seem to be working at the moment.

14' Kutter shows his skill to penetrate the Indian circle but he is dispossessed. That leads to an Indian break. It is a good one but the home team too slow in getting the ball inside Germany's circle as the Germans retreat and snatch the ball from India.


India coach Graham Reid on the gameplan: ""First thing we need to do is get another goal and work on that. We need to put more pressure on them. Right now they are showing us how to play."


It has been a dominating performance by the Germans in the first half scoring four goals. India's defence looked disciplined in the opening stages of the match but seemed to lose the plot as the match progressed. It will take a monumental effort by the Indians if they want to keep their final hopes alive.



2' Uttam Singh does well to keep an overhit pass inside play. He tries to find an opening from the right but he is crowded out by the German players.

4' India's defence was looking quite compact and disciplined in the opening stages of the first quarter but has completely fallen apart since the start of the second quarter.

GOOOOAAALLLL!!! ITS FOUR FOR GERMANY!!  Kutter scores from penalty stroke to make it 4-1 for Germany against India!!

GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!! INDIA PULLS ONE BACK!! Uttam Singh does well to guide the ball home after a low ball is played across from the left.

GOOOOOAAAALLLL!!! ITS THREE FOR GERMANY!! ITS SKIPPER MULLER!! A great finish on the reverse and Indian goalkeeper Pavan had no chance.

7' CHANCE- Germany does well to penetrate the crowded circle. The defence was stretched and all Muller has to do is poke the ball inside the goal but the Indian defence recovers well.

GOOOAAAALLLL!!! GERMANY HAS DOUBLED ITS LEAD!! ITS Holzmueller- A bit of pinball hockey inside the circle. Germany with a scooped shot which comes off the post but the rebound is lashed inside the goal by the Philip Holzmueller.

11' SHOT- Germany's Struthoff with a dangerous shot on the reverse from the left side. The ball flashed across goal. If that was on target, it would have been a second goal for Germany.

13' Germany scoops the ball from its own half into a dangerous area of the Indian half. However, the Indian defence recovered well as it regains possession of the ball.



EFFORT BLOCKED- It was Sanjay with the effort but Germany does well to block the shot.

1' India has their first penalty-corner with seconds left in the first quarter!!!

GOOOOAAALLLL!!! Germany scores from the penalty corner!! Its Eric Kleinlein!! The initial effort was blocked but the rebound is tucked in by the German. Unfortunate for goalkeeper Chauhan as the ball was behind him when the goal was scored!!

1' Penalty-corner for Germany right before the end of the first quarter!!

3' The right flank seems to be Germany's preferred source of attacking outlet till now. Ludwig is a constant threat there but India's backline has been quite compact except for that botched chance by Germany.

5' FOUL- India captain Vivek Sagar Prasad is fouled.

6' Germany with a long ball inside India's half but Chauhan comes off his line and shields the ball from Germany as it goes out of play.

7' Germany's Ludwig has made some decent runs from the right till now. However, he has not posed any substantial threat till now.

8' SAVE- It is a well-worked penalty-corner but India's Chavan makes a confident save.

8' First penalty-corner for Germany!!

10' CHANCE- Germany with a huge chance to take the lead. Pressure on the Indian defence draws the players out and there was a chance for the Germany to put the ball inside an open goal. However, Germany cannot take the chance.

14'' Germany playing out from the back and trying to penetrate the Indian defence with a long ball but the home team does well to thwart the attack.

15'' India attacking from right to left!!



The players make their way out into the field, and it is time for the national anthems.

7:25 PM- Just five minutes till the match begins. Who will face Argentina in the final? Stay tuned to find out!!

India's Starting XI for the night!!

India Juniors Playing XI: Prasanth Chauhan (GK), Sanjay, Shardanand Tiwari, Yashdeep Siwach, Abhisek Lakra, Vivek Sagar Prasad (C), R.Moirangthem, Gurmukh Singh, Boby Singh Dhami, Araijeet Singh Kundal, Uttam Singh

Coach: Graham Reid

MATCH PREVIEW: Junior Hockey World Cup: India braces for stern German semifinal test

If keeping its defence intact was the primary task for India against Belgium, resisting the German raiders until the last second will be its number one priority in the semifinals of the men’s Hockey Junior World Cup at the Kalinga Stadium.

The way Germany fought back, scoring an equaliser in the final seconds of its quarterfinal match against Spain before going on to win the penalty shootout, spoke a lot about the six-time champion’s resilience.

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India chief Graham Reid rightly pointed out the young Germans’ strength. “You never rule Germany out, whatever the situation. They have proven that over the years,” said Reid about the opponent, which has 10 podium finishes in 11 appearances.

India, the most attacking and defensive team with 132 circle entries and 17 saves so far, must retain its composure as it did against Belgium.

Players like Sanjay and Yashdeep Siwach did a wonderful job to marshal the men at the back against Belgium. They will look forward to continuing their good work.

The last line of defence, goalkeepers Prashant and Pawan, blunted Belgium’s moves and would love to have another clean sheet.

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The midfield, led by captain Vivek Sagar Prasad, will be eager to facilitate a fluid movement, and the alert forwards will try to make the most of the opportunities. India’s robust drag-flicking department must be eager to contribute to this in the host's quest for a spot in a second consecutive final.

Germany, which last won the title in Delhi in 2013, will look to have a balanced approach. “We need to keep defence (as our) first (priority). We have to control India’s game and put our game through,” said Germany coach Valentin Altenburg.

The likely absence of penalty corner specialist Benedikt Schwarzhaupt due to an injury may affect Germany.

9th--12th places: Korea bt Poland 3-2.

Full Squads

India Juniors: Pawan(GK), Sanjay, Shardanand Tiwari, Sunil Jojo, Abhishek Lakra, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Maninder Singh, Rabichandra Singh Moirangthem, Rahul Kumar Rajbhar, Uttam Singh, Manjeet, Gurmukh Singh, Boby Singh Dhami, Sudeep Chirmako, Ankit Pal, Vishnu Kant Singh, Dinachandra Singh Moirangthem, Prashant Kumar Chauhan(GK), Araijeet Singh Hundal, Yashdeep Siwach

Germany Juniors: Benedikt Schwarzhaupt, Hannes Muller, Jean Danneberg, Michel Struthoff, Robert Duckscheer, Masi Pfandt, Erik Kleinlein, Christopher Kutter, Paul Smith, Moritz Ludwig, Maxmilian Seigburg, Antheus Barry, Anton Brinckman, Philip Holzmueller, Nicals Schippan, Mario Schachner, Aron Flatten, Matteo Poljaric

What TV channel will telecast India Juniors vs Germany Juniors match?

Star Sports 1 will telecast the semifinal clash between the India Juniors vs Germany Juniors .

How can I live stream India Juniors vs Germany Juniors fixture?

The live streaming of today’s semi-final match between India Juniors vs Germany Juniors can be live-streamed on Disney +Hotstar and also on (