ProKabaddi 2018 Highlights: Telugu Titans vs Patna Pirates

This has been the host Titans' night from the first raid itself and one of schoolboy errors to forget for the Pirates.

Telugu Titans plays host to the Patna Pirates in the final encounter at Vizag on Thursday.   -  PKL Media

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the final clash in Vizag between Telugu Titans and Patna Pirates.


Scores in order of Telugu Titans- Patna Pirates




41-36 FT Pardeep Narwal comes in for the last raid of the match and no, we have no superhuman show from the Dubki King. He has been outwitted yet again tonight, and Titans is back to winning ways. There is now a two-point difference between the Pirates (52) and Titans (50) on the Zone-B table.

40-32 Why would Rahul Chaudhari go for points now? Just a few seconds to go and Chaudhari should look to use up 30 seconds now.

39-31 Rahul Chaudhari should have taken more time. It was a Do-or-Die alright but an error costs a a Super-Tackle. They cannot leak points at this stage.

37-29 Boy, oh boy! Pirates struggling big time as Narwal has been pinned yet again by right-in Mohsen. Clearly this match is Titans' for the taking now.

35-28 Rahul Chaudhari is in for a Do-or-Die raid as he is clearly brimming with energy. What was Kale thinking? As easy as a pat on Vikas Kale's shoulder is what it takes for Chaudhari. Pirates aren't allowed schoolboy errors now.

34-27 Again? Abozar again commits the same old mistake, a replay of the effort from two raids ago. The plan backfires again.


33-26 Pardeep Narwal brings up his Super-10, a raid after Rahul Chaudhari's Super-10, as the right cover commits the gross error of committing for an ankle-hold unsupported.


32-24 The roars of "Rahul! Rahul!" greets the empty raid from the poster boy.

30-24 All-Out inflicted on the Telugu Titans by Pardeep Narwal! He desperately tries to make it to the mid-line and makes it after Farhad commits a rookie-error.


29-19 Nilesh Salunke goes easy using up all of the 30 seconds. Empty raid!

28-16 A good show from the Pirates' defence as Rahul Chaudhari has been floored. But Chaudhari needs to be praised for his attitude too. Should have gone for the left resorting to the lobbies to escape. But, well done Pirates, well done Chaudhari!

27-15 Rahul Chaudhari walks in for the raid as he knocks the doors of a Super-10 but decides not to hasten things. Empty raid.

26-15 Telugu Titans' Farhad Milaghardan challenges that Manjeet has stepped out into the lobbies. The review is unsuccessful.


26-15 HT: Abozar looks to keep things as it is as the last raid of the half goes pointless. In the previous raid, we saw Narwal taking to the bench once again as he is taken out. A night to forget for the Patna hero.

25-15 Rahul Chaudhari exudes confidence as he walks in. Empty Raid.


23-12 Left cover and left-in spells doom for Narwal as he walks towards them to avoid Abozhar Meghani, but that doesn't help either as Vishal has his game sorted tonight. All-out again, inflicted on the Pirates. This is certainly not their night.

19-11 Freebies for Rahul Chaudhari, as Manjeet doesn't pay heed to Jaideep who constantly cries out against the move. Chaudhari escapes the hold and dashes for the mid-line.


16-11 Farhad Milaghardan comes back with an empty raid. Doesn't try much. Guards up already?

15-5 Rahul Chaudhari rushes in for a Do-or-Die and that is some impeccable raid right there. He scores a touch point even as the opponent is stunned as he completes the raid in a matter of less than ten seconds.

11-5 All-Out inflicted on the Pirates already! Thrill for the home side and a spill for the visitor as the Dubki King Pardeep Narwal is back on the bench- for the second time, within five minutes!

6-0 What a start! Nilesh Salunke has a Super-Raid, already! Not even three minutes into the match and what is this? The home crowd is up on its feet as the side puts up a spectacular show. 4 Points there as almost all of the Pirates squad jumps in to drag Salunke back!

2-0 The Dubki King is back on the bench. Vishal Bhardwaj leading from the front and setting an example. Superb show!

1-0 Setting an example right there! It is Rahul Chaudhari taking the first raid, and uses his wit and the lobbies to escape with a touch point from the right corner.

Stats: As of now, Titans' Rahul Chaudhari is on 798 career raid points, compared to 810 points of Pirates' Pardeep Narwal.


The game is scheduled to begin at 08:00PM IST.





As the Telugu Titans hosts the Pirates at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor stadium minutes from now, both the sides would be looking to cement their place in the Playoffs.


As of now, the Pirates occupies the second place on the Zone-B table whereas the home side sits third.