PKL 2018 Day 4: As it happened

Catch the updates of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2018 matches between Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba, and Tamil Thalaivas and Bengaluru Blasters.

After a spectacular display in the first match against Patna Pirates, faults are beginning to show in the Thalaivas defense.   -  R Senthil Kumar

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE blog of the Pro Kabaddi League match between Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba, and Tamil Thalaivas and Bengaluru Blasters.


37-48 Athul with a successful raid and that's the end of the contest! Three losses in a row for Thalaivas. Bengaluru with an emphatic display courtesy Pawan Sehrawat and Kashiling Adake. Ajay Thakur fought a lone battle in attack with 19 points.

We are into the final minute.

36-48 Thakur is hauled down after a good run on his raids.

35-47 Kashiling having it easy now, gets a touch on the right corner.

35-46 Successful raid for Thalaivas. Thakur gets a point.

33-46 Thalaivas once again wilting away. Another point for Kashiling.

Kashiling Adake now has 501 career raid points.

31-45 Kashiling gets two points on the raid, managing to get his fingertips on the line.

31-43 Thakur picks up another point.

Time out called. Less than six minutes left on the clock.

30-43 Thakur gets a bonus point.

29-42 Sumit Singh is tackled down and Thalaivas affect an all-out here. Improved effort from the home side in the second period.

26-41 A touch on the run from Thakur and Bengaluru is down to one player.

24-40 Thakur gets a point on his raid, out-muscling his marker.

22-40 Athul runs into the Bengaluru defenders rushing in from the left.

22-39 Athul with two successful raids.

20-38 Kashiling gets two points on his raid. Poor stuff from Manjeet going for a solo tackle.

20-37 Thakur gets two points! Is there still a way back for the Thalaivas?

16-34 Pawan with a successful raid but he lands awkwardly on his knee. Unfortunate for the raider and he makes his way back to the dressing room. He was on fire tonight accumulating 20 points.

16-33 Athul with two touches on a turn and roll run! Bengaluru reviews the call and its unsuccessful.

14-33 Thakur is tackled out of the mat. Hands on the chin moment for the Thaliavas' supporters.

14-32 That's another all-out handed to the Thalaivas. This could become an embarrassing scoreline for the locals.

12-29 Point number 18 for Pawan!

Thalaivas are in danger of being meted with another all-out. They just have two players left on the mat.

Second half

12-28 The first half comes to an end! Thalaivas have let this slip and how! A spectacular collapse in both defence and attack allowed Bengaluru to capitalise and race to a healthy lead. Pawan Sherawat has accumulated 17 points thus far!

12-27 Super tackle and its another three points from Pawan! He has 17 points in just the first half!

12-24 Ajay Thakur is bundled out of the mat! Bengaluru has doubled its lead.

11-23 And Darhsan is taken out! All out inflicted on Thalaivas!

11-20 Pawan takes out five Tamil Thalivas players in his raid!

11-15 Super tackle from Bengaluru! Thakur so ever so close to the line but Ashish Kumar and Mahendar SIngh managed to pull him back!

11-13 Ashish Sangwan is taken down led by Manjeet Chillar from the left.

10-13 Vimal Kumar with a touch on Bengaluru skipper Rohit Kumar.

9-11 Kashiling again goes for the bonus line but Manjeet is quick to pounce on his ankle to help take him down.

8-11 Bulls with a successful review this time and its another bonus point on Kashiling's raid.

8-10 Manjeet Chillar calls for a review and it's unsuccessful. Bonus point for the Bulls.

8-9 Vimal Raj pounces and gets a touch!

7-9 Pawan's golden run comes to an end! Thalaivas defenders jump all over him.

6-9 Thakur gets a touch on the left corner.

5-8 A successful review for Thalaivas with Thakur getting his foot to the bonus line.

4-8 Misjudgement from the Thaliavas defenders and it allows to get three points on his raid.

4-5 Thakur gets a touch of the bonus line.

3-5 Pawan with another successful raid, his fourth point of the night.

3-4 Thakur, yet again, gets a touch on the run on the right.

A fast start to this match under two minutes.

2-3 Thakur reaches out on the right side, gets the touch!

1-3 Pawan with a successful raid.

1-2 Athul opens the tally for Thalaivas with a raid point.

0-1 Oops. Ajay Thakur is tackled down on his maiden raid.

First half

Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru Bulls

We now move on to the hoe side, Tamil Thalaivas taking on Bengaluru Bulls. Another derby-ish. Can the Thalaivas right the wrong of the last two matches tonight?

Now that was a humdinger. At least until the last two minutes where Jaipur just crumbled away.

That's the end of the match! U Mumba has produced an inspiring comeback led by Siddarth Desai to take this game away from Jaipur. 13 raid points from Siddarth in 17 attempts!

39-32 Nitin gets two points on the raid.

39-30 Baliyan gets another point on the raid.

Less than two minutes to go in this contest.

38-30 Siddarth with three points on his raid.

35-30 Jaipur is capitulating here. Ajinkya Pawar is tackled down.

34-30 Rohit Baliyan with another successful raid for U Mumba.

33-30 Anup Kumar is bundled out to the lobby!

31-30 A super tackle is affected on Nitin and just like that U Mumba is in the lead again!

29-20 Siddarth Desai gets two points on his raid and that's another 10-pointer for the raider!

27-30 Anup Kumar gets past the line with Fazel Atrechali hanging to his ankle.

26-28 Three points for Jaipur! A super raid from Nitin Rawal.

26-25 Baliyan quickly gets a bonus point.

Time out taken with less than eight minutes left.

25-24 Lead for U Mumba courtesy Siddarth Desai's raid.

24-24 Nitin Rawal is charged down from the left before tackled to the mat.

23-24 Empty raid from Deepak Hooda for Jaipur.

22-23 Anup Kumar subs himself in for the raid and is tackled down. U Mumba inflicts an all-out on Jaipur!

17-22 Dharmaraj goes into the lobby and its another super tackle for Jaipur!

16-20 A super tackle! Mohit Chillar's ankle hold on Siddarth Desai is too strong a grip to get out of!

16-17 Siddarth Desai is at it again! He gets two touches on the run.

14-17 Jaipur's Nitin gets a point for getting a touch of the bonus line.

13-16 Do-or-die raid and Amit Kumar gets a touch for Jaipur.

Jaipur on the back-foot in the half with U Mumba sniffing an all-out opportunity

Second half

Siddarth has been stellar yet again with five points in the half. Jaipur skipper Anup Kumar has been underwhelming thus far with just a point to his name.

13-15 Another point for U Mumba! Siddarth Desai with a successful raid. U Mumba has fought back fell in the half after a slow start. Halftime break.

12-15 U Mumba follow the raid up by tackling Deepak Hooda down.

11-15 Mohit Chillar fails to get a good grab on Baliyan's ankle and he escapes back to the line with a touch.

10-15 Empty raid from Anup Kumar.

10-15 An ankle hold on Abhishek Singh followed by a tackle on him. Unsuccessful raid for U Mumba.

9-13 Siddarth Desai is pulled down with a tuck of his shirt and down he goes into the lobby.

Four successive empty raids now. Less than five minutes to the break.

9-12 Good defensive spell for both the sides as Anup Kumar is tackled down to the lobby.

8-12 Abhishek Singh is tackled down with the mid-point line nowhere near him.

8-11 Deepak Hooda is bundled out of play by U Mumba defenders.

7-11 Siddarth gets it right this time and two points on the raid with two touches.

5-11 Siddarth Desai is tackled down and Jaipur inflicts an all-out on U Mumba!

4-8 Successful raid from Nitin Rawal.

4-7 Rohit Baliyan, the last man standing for U Mumba, gets a touch of Anup Kumar and a bonus point!

2-6 Another unsuccessful raid from U Mumba's Abolfazal.

2-5 What a reach by Nitin Rawal! He manages to get his fingertips over the line with two defenders holding him. Two points for Jaipur.

1-3 Do-or-die raid and Abhishek Singh is going nowhere. Jaipur defenders swarm all over him.

1-2 A successful raid from Deepak Hooda.

1-1 An ankle hold followed by a take down on raider Abolfazal. First point of the season for Jaipur.

First half

Pro Kabaddi League's inaugural champion Jaipur Pink Panthers will kick-start its season against U Mumba. The Panthers finished a disappointing fifth in their Zone A qualifier. U Mumba, who squandered a winning position in the dying seconds of its opening match against Puner Paltan to come away with a draw, will be hoping to take all five points tonight.

For Tamil Thalaivas the home leg seems to taking an all too familiar turn after its impressive opening game win. The Thalaivas have lost its last two matches with their defensive structure exposed by both UP Yoddha and Telugu Titans. The Ajay Thakur-led side will take on Bengaluru Blasters tonight.

Here's Amal John's preview on tonight's encounters.