PKL 2019: Telugu Titans beats Gujarat Fortunegiants, Haryana Steelers beats Bengaluru Bulls - As it happened

The Patna leg of the Pro Kabaddi League 2019 ends today. Follow this space for live scores, commentary, statistics and more from the final games of the Ahmedabad leg of the ProKabaddi League 2019.

Benglauru Bulls and Haryana Steelers both have a win each in their head-to-head meetings in PKL.   -

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live blog of the Pro Kabaddi League season 7!

It's a double header to finish the week as Bengaluru Bulls takes on Haryana Steelers in the first game of the evening, before the home side Gujarat Fortunegiants clashes with Telugu Titans.

The usual suspects Shivansh Gupta and Lavanya Lakshminarayanan have their hands full today, so I, Aashin Prasad, will try my best to fill their shoes.


LIVE: [Scores read - Bengaluru Bulls vs Haryana Steelers, Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Telugu Titans]

Another empty raid by Gujarat and that's the match and the first win of the season for Telugu Titans! After five defeats, Titans pick up a crucial win. Gujarat is on a downward spiral as it has now lost its last four matches.

24-30 Siddharth runs down the clock with an empty raid.

One minute left on the clock

24-30 Armaan comes in as a sub and gets a raid point because of a self out from Gujarat's defender. Gujarat asks for a review. Ankit has stepped out according to the TV replays.

24-29 Sachin is tackled on the left corner by Vishal Bharadwaj... That should be the game for Titans. Or maybe not.

Time out taken. The Gujarat coach pleads his players to make quick raids with 133 seconds left on the clock.

24-28 Do-or-die raid and Parvesh has Suraj's number! He takes him down on the left flank yet again!

23-28 Gurvinder is circled down from all corners and Titams get a five-point advantage!

23-27 We are back with an empty raid from Siddharth.

Another time out taken

23-27 Sachin goes for the touch but is taken down by two defenders from the left corner.

Four minutes left now

23-26 Third point on the bounce for Gujarat! Sachin gets a raid point and Amit Kumar goes to the bench.

22-26 Suraj Desai is taken down! Parvesh again from the left corner takes him down with a thigh grab!

21-26 Gurvinder Singh get a running hand touch. Poor from C. Arun to concede the touch.

If Titans can avoid silly errors, they should be able to close out a first win of the season. There is still plenty of time left, however.

Time out taken with six minutes left in the match.

20-26 GB More also goes down as Titans are beginning to get a stranglehold of this game.

20-25 Sachin has three points from 10 raids today. Another unsuccessful raid for him.

20-24 Parvesh again, clutches the feet of SuraJ Desai!

19-24 Vishal Bahradwaj from the right corner pounces at the feet of Rohit Gulia! Gujarat loses its key raider...

19-23 Farhad extends Titans lead by taking out Ankit.

19-22 Rohit Gulia picks up five points with a touch on Amit Kumar.

18-22 Farhad with an empty raid after Siddharth picked up a raid point earlier.

18-20 More runs in, invites a touch from Arun and heads back over the line. As easy as that for More.

17-20 Suraj Desai is trapped down the middle! Parvesh with the tackle. He has led Gujarat's defence after its sloppy start.

16-19 Poor stuff from Farhad, who falls prey into the hands of Parvesh!

15-19 Rohit Gulia is tackled down!

15-18 Empty raid from Siddharth Desai

15-18 Parvesh executes a thigh hold on Suraj Desai and the raider can't wriggle out of it.

14-18 Rohit picks up a bonus point.

13-18 A positive start for Titans to the half as GB More is tackled down!


13-17 GB More follows up his successful raid with an empty raid. That's the half. Titans will be the happiest side

12-17 Amit Kumar in the last few seconds of his do-or-die raid is taken down first by a thigh tackle before the ankle grab comes and tackled.

11-17 Sachin is taken down after the challenge comes in from the right corner.

11-16 Rohit Gulia is taken down on the right corner going for a kick touch! Abozar pounces on him with an ankle grab.

11-14 Sachin gets a bonus and a touch point on his raid. Farhad fails with his ankle hold!

9-13 Rohit Gulia gets a successful raid point.

8-13 Siddharth Desai gets a raid point as he takes Sumit out to the bench.

8-11 Suraj Desai claims a bonus and Titans ask for a review. He only cuts the bonus line and he review is unsuccessful. It was a do-or-die raid and he has to go out.

7-11 Raider out! Sachin is taken out to the lobbies by Amit Kumar! His fellow defenders support him in the challenge to complete the tackle.

7-10 Parvesh and Sudeep pounces on Siddharth Desai to get Gujarat's first tackle points of the match.

6-10 Sachin picks up a bonus point on his raid.

5-10 Rohit Gulia with a touch point for Gujarat. He gets a toe touch on Furhad.

4-9 Telugu Titans inflicts its first all-out of the season!

3-6 Siddharth with a successful tackle.

2-5 Suraj gets another raid point and GB More has to go out.

Sachin is in to raid. And he's attacking that right corner. Unsuccessful. That's an empty raid. Coach Manpreet has his game face on. We saw just how heated things got in their leg opener. Let's hope the Fortunegiants have better luck this time around.

Fortunegiants have opened their account. Rohit has crossed that bonus line but C.Arun has thrown him across the mat. Point each to both sides. 

The other Desai, Suraj is here, and its a straight forward raid from the younger sibling. The victim - Sunil Kumar. The home captain has been despatched to the bench.

Desai is out to raid first. He is going for those toe touches and begins proceedings with a point from the left corner.

Toss: Fortunegiants won the toss. Titans will raid first.

The second game promises  mouth-watering contest. Siddharth Desai's Telugu Titans is up against the home team and its a packed house here for the Fortunegiants. The Titans would not have expected to be the woodenspooners. There is a job to do and they will have their eyes set on securing a win today.


Gujarat Fortunegiants: Sachin, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, More GB, Rohit Gulia, Ankit, Sumit

Telugu Titans: Siddharth Desai, Farhad, C. Arun, Amit Kumar, Suraj Desai, Abozar Mighani, Vishal Bhardwaj


Milestone watch

C. Arun (HYD) is 10 tackle points away from reaching 100 tackle points in PKL.

Ruturaj Koravi (GUJ) is one tackle point away from 50 tackle points in PKL.



Overall: Matches – 2 | Gujarat Fortunegiants – 2 | Telugu Titans – 0 | Tie – 0

  • The two teams have played only twice with each team winning once – Haryana Steelers won in PKL 5 while Bengaluru Bulls won in PKL 6.

Gujarat Fortunegiants PKL 7 Record : 3 Wins, 3 Losses, 0 Tie

Last Match: Lost to Tamil Thalaivas 28 – 34

Gujarat is on a 3-match losing streak at the moment. It had previously never lost 3 consecutive matches before in PKL.

Telugu Titans PKL 7 Record: 0 Wins, 5 Losses, 0 Ties

Last Match: Lost to Bengaluru Bulls 26 – 47.

Telugu Titans is on a 6-match winless streak in PKL 7. This is its 2nd-longest such run in PKL.


Time for second match of the evening: Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Telugu Titans

Stunning, stunning team work from Haryana Steelers! Bulls were running away with this game in the first half before the Steelers turned it around before scripting a big win! Bulls fall to their second defeat of the season.

30-33 Vikas Kandola goes for one more raid with one second left on the clock and he gets two raid points to seal the win!

29-31 Bulls concede a touch point to Vinay for another raid opportunity.

29-30 Pawan Sehrawat is taken down by Dharmaraj Cherlatan! That should be the game for Steelers!

29-29 Empty raid from Vinay.

One minute left

29-29 Pawan Sehrawat tackles down Vikas Kandola!!! What a tackle, what a moment in the game!

28-29 Mohit Sehrawat with a crucial raid point, taking out Kuldeep Singh. Another time out taken.

27-29 Amit Sheoran with a huuuugeee error. Concedes a touch to Vikas Kandola and a point on the do-or-die raid. Is that the game?

Back to Kabaddi now...

Arsenal has won... Drats...

Time out taken with a little over three minutes left. This is going right down the wire. Bulls have four on the mat, while Steelers have six.

27-28 Vikas Kale takes out Sumit Singh, who is forced into the lobbies.

27-27 Rohit blindsides Naveen and takes him out to the lobbies! Umpire claims Rohit was out of bounds, too. Review is taken and replays show Rohit's feet was in the air and wasn't in contact with the playing area.

Four minutes left on the clock

26-26 Vikas Kandola with a powerful tackle on Pawan! Oh wow! Pawan went flying out into the lobbies after the impact from the tackle by Vikas. *Gulp* The kind of tackle I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of...

26-25 What has Mahendar Singh done there? Mahendar concedes a touch point to Vikas, who also gets a bonus point.

26-23 Pawan Sehrawat gets his raid point and Steelers are left to three.

Time out taken with 7 minutes, 15 seconds left on the clock. Bulls have a full quota of players on the mat while Steelers have just four

25-23 Vinay's luck runs out on the left corner! Amit gets his man with an ankle grab and he gets enough support to push him to the lobbies

24-23 Rohit gets two raid points, his first points since his early burst in the first half.

22-23 Vinay with another raid point.

Less than 10 minutes left now..

22-22 Ashish Sangwan is back and he is sent to the bench again after an unsuccessful raid

22-21 Vikas Kandola is snapped by Sumit Singh! He goes for a thigh grab and Vikas goes down in a heap.

21-21 Pawan Sehrawat is unsuccessful in his do-or-die raid as Vikas Kale shoves him out to the lobbies.

21-20 Vinay gets a touch on the right cover! Ashish Sangwan goes to the bench.

21-19 Naveen has nowhere to go and is taken down right down the middle. Rohit is back for the Bulls.

20-19 Amit Sheoran gifts a raid point to Steelers' Vinay and that brings Vikas Kandola back.

20-18 Pawan with another raid point.

19-18 Vikas Kandola with an unsuccessful raid, Kuldeep Singh with the tackle.

18-18 Pawan Sehrawat invites the tackle and Naveen is suckered in to go for the ankle grab and misses.

17-18 Oh boy... Rohit Kumar is taken down! Vikas Kale runs in from the right to tackle the raider into the lobbies.

17-17 Scores are level as Vikas gets a bonus point on his raid.


17-16 Ashish Sangwan goes down and that's an all-out inflicted on the champions! What a comeback by the Steelers in the last five minutes or so in the half. That's the end of the half and we have a thrilling game on our hands.

17-13 Vikas Kandola gets a touch point! He claims for two but they don't have a review left...

16-12 Vikas Kandola gets a touch point and the Steelers are finishing the half on the strong foot. Just two Bulls players left on the mat.

16-11 Another Bulls raider goes down on the left side. It's Mohit Sehrawat who is sent to the bench.

16-10 Pawan seems to be having an off day on his raid duties. He is taken down on the left corner.

16-9 Vikas Kandola is taken down and it's Pawan in defence this time! He goes for his ankle and the right cover runs in to dash him to the lobbies.

15-9 Pawan Sherawat goes back empty handed... A rare sight.

15-8 Kuldeep Singh takes down Rohit Kumar. His first unsuccessful raid of the evening.

15-7 Vinay gets a touch on Amit Sheoran and Haryana registers a point after a lull in its points tally.

15-6 Rohit with another raid point and it's 600 PKL raid points for him!

14-6 Vikas Kandola is taken down early in the re-start! Ravi Kumar with the challenge from the right side.

13-6 Rohit gets another bonus. He has led his side from the front today!

12-6 Naveen is tackled down and we have our first all-out of the match! He did manage to get a bonus.

9-5 Dharamraj tries to take out Rohit from behind but the raider manages to escape his clutches! One player left on the mat for Steelers...

Another 10 minutes left in the half.

8-4 Rohit claims a touch point and the Steelers defender concedes the touch. Oh wait, Steelers' Ravi says there was no touch and they go for a review. The umpires had given the point to the Bulls. Review is unsuccessful. No more reviews left for Steelers in the match!

7-4 Do-or-die raid and Vikas Kandola is trapped! It was five against one raider and he had no way out!

6-4 Super tackle points for Steelers! Mohit Sehrawat goes for the point and he is taken down by three Steelrs defenders! Dharmaraj with the big tackle.

6-2 Vikas Kandola gets a riad point on the do-or-die raid and he gets the big one out! He takes out Pawan Sehrawat!

6-1 Rohit Kumar gets two defenders! Leaps high to escape a leg grab before reaching out to the mid line as he has another defender grabbing on to his feet.

4-1 He doesn't disappoint, gets a touch on the man on the center! He is flying at the moment.

Huge roar for Pawan Sherawat as he goes for his raid.

3-1 Naveen steps out of bounds. Another man to the bench for Steelers.

2-1 Pawan Sehrawat lures Dharmaraj to go for an ankle grab but the raider escapes to get the point and his man.

1-1 Vikas Kandola with a bonus too for the Steelers.

1-0 Rohit Kumar gets a bonus point in the first raid of the match.


Bengaluru defenders will be wary of Haryana's raiders, who are known to be fast starters in PKL-7. From 48 raids in the first 10 minutes of their 5 matches, Haryana has a strike rate of 48 with 23 raid points -- most in the competition.

Pawan Sehrawat is the man in form for Bengaluru Bulls. He has scored a Super 10 in each of his last three matches. Steelers' Vikas Kale at the right cover will have the unenviable task of taking on Pawan, who has failed only 8 raids in his last three matches.


Bengaluru Bulls: Rohit Kumar, Ashish Sangwan, Pawan Sherawat, Mahendar Singh, Mohit Sehrawat, Saurabh Nandal, Amit Sheoran

Haryana Steelers: Vikas Kandola, Vikas Kale, Ravi Kumar, Naveen, Vinay, Sunil, Dharmaraj Cherlatan


Milestone watch

Rohit Kumar (BLR) is 7 raid points away from reaching 600 raid points in PKL.

Amit Sheoran (BLR) is 1 tackle point away from 50 tackle points in PKL.



Overall: Matches – 2 | Patna Pirates – 1 | UP Yoddha – 1 | Tie – 0

  • The two teams have played only twice with each team winning once – Haryana Steelers won in PKL 5 while Bengaluru Bulls won in PKL 6.

Bengaluru Bulls PKL 7 Record : 4 Wins, 1 Losses, 0 Tie

Last Match: Beat Telugu Titans 47-26

Bengaluru has won its last three matches after its heavy defeat to Fortunegiants.

Haryana Steelers PKL 7 Record: 2 Wins,  3 Losses, 0 Ties

Last Match: Beat Patna Pirates 35-26

Steelers broke a three-match losing streak by defeating Patna Pirates 35-26.