PKL 2018 Highlights: Thalaivas stuns Titans; Delhi conquers Gujarat on home soil

Here are the highlights from the day's zonal matches in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Updated : Nov 20, 2018 22:39 IST

Welcome to SportstarLive 's live blog of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018-19.

( Scores read: Gujarat Fortunegiants ; Dabang Delhi )

That's all we have for you today. Thank you so much for joining us. Do tune in tomorrow at 8 pm for two exciting battles! Ciao.

Phew! What an enthralling night of Kabbadi it was. It was a day of upsets at the Pro Kabbaddi League. For the first time in the history of PKL, Tamil Thalaivas defeated Telugu Titans and Gujarat slumped to its first defeat at home at home at the hands of Dabang Delhi.




Dabang Delhi snaps Gujarat's nine-match winning streak and earns a hard fought victory. The see-saw match had everyone on their seats, including me, but Delhi has done the unthinkable.

26-29 SUPER TACKLE AND GUJARAT IS FINALLY CONQUERED! It all came down to final raid, but Delhi emerged on top! Naveen may not have done well in the raiding department, but his ankle hold on Sachin ensures that Gujarat is beaten for the first time at home on the mat!

26-26 Rajesh Narwal commits a blunder! Sachin raids to bring the scores back to level.

25-26 Gujarat gets one more back! Pawan Kadian was looking for bonus point in a do-or-die raid and isntead, gets tackled!

24-26 Vishal Mane has been sent back to the bench by Mahendra Rajput.


23-26 TIME-OUT! And now Sachin is floored! Delhi gets one back! Less than five minutes to go.


23-25 This is some defending by Gujarat! Meraj Sheykh wasn't able to get his hand down on the other side of the midline. The defenders out-power Meraj. THIS IS BREATHTAKING DEFENDING!


22-25 Sachin gets his sixth raid point. He comes in and goes out in a flash with a bonus point.

21-24 Meraj Sheykh continues on his merry way, What a stunning raid. He's been on fire tonight.


20-23 ALL-OUT! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE STUFF FROM MERAJ SHEYKH! Two touch points, two points for all-out and then one self-out by Gujarat. This is incredible! The match, once again, has swung to the other team. It's difficult to stay on my seat! I can only imagine how you all are feeling!

19-17 Hadi Oshtorak hops past the midline on one leg. Joginder Narwal's ankle hold was too weak to stop Hadi and the lead increases by one more point.

18-17 This is a see-saw battle! Sachin has been tackled and the lead is back to one point.

18-16 SUPER TACKLE BY GUJARAT! Sachin gets rid of Naveen Kumar.

Gujarat hasn't started off the second half well. Meraj Sheykh gets two raid points. Excellent raid. Two touch points. Gujarat also wastes a review here. They questioned whether Meraj stepped out-of-bounds just before getting the two touches! What a poor review!

15-14 Pawan Kumar got a quick raid point and then the Delhi defence contained Rohit Gulia to pull back by two points.

15-12 The raiders now come to the fore. Gujarat is known for its defence, but the raiders are supporting the defence really well. First Chandran Ranjit is stopped in his tracks and then Sachin got a beautiful raid point, who stumbled past the midline.

13-12 SWEET REVENGE FOR PAHAL! Dong Geon Lee had gotten the better of Ravinder Pahal in the first half, but Ravinder was up to the task this time and successsfully holds Dong Lee back.

We are yet to see an all-out. Will we see one soon? Let's find out as second half begins/



13-11 Parvesh brings up his High5 with an excellent ankle hold on Meraj Sheykh. This brings the first half to an end. With a narrow lead of two points, Gujarat goes into the break on top. Four tackle points for Parvesh and it's only bound to get better. Don't go anywhere! We are in for a nail-biter of a match, which will go down to the wire.

12-11 Less than a minute to go Rohit Guilia, on this occasion, is plummeted to the ground.


12-10  Rohit Gulia gets a raid point. Slender lead for Gujarat.

11-10 This time, it's Ruturaj Koravi as he forced Chandran Ranjit to lose his balance and go towards the lobby. He was then stopped completely by Parvesh.


9-8 Coach Manpreet Singh is all smiles! 4 Gujarat defenders, led by Parvesh Bhainswal, come to the fore and take the lead. Brilliant stuff from Gujarat! After a poor start, the home-team looks settled!


8-8 Third successful tackle for Gujarat tonight. Problems begin to surface for Delhi. Naveen Kumar hasn't started off well and Gujarat comes back on level terms.


7-8 SUPER TACKLE! Pressure was on Meraj to deliver in the do-or-die raid, but the Gujarat defence , mainly Lee and Vittala, was too good for Meraj on that occasion.

5-8 Do-or-die raid and Rohit Gulia has been trapped. Rogit tried to go for a bonus point, but Meraj Sheykh tackles. The big Iranian gives a send-off stare too.

5-7 Ravinder Pahal dashes Sachin off his feet to score a tackle point before Chandran Ranjit gets a touch on Ruturaj to tale the lead by two points.

5-5 SCORES LEVEL BY NAVEEN! Takes a knock by Sunil from cover on the head before crossing the midline.

3-2 Rohit Gulia was tomb-stoned by the Delhi defence.

2-1 There is no escaping for Naveen Kumar. Excellent tackling from Gujarat before Dong Geon Lee gets a bonus point.


0-1 Sachin is sent to the bench and Delhi gets going.

It's time to turn our focus to the second match of the night. The home-team, Gujarat Fortunegiants will take on Dabang Delhi KC in the first Zone A clash of the week. Gujarat sits pretty at the second spot in the table, while Delhi is fourth. Delhi has never beaten Gujarat and it will have to fight tooth and tail to break Gujarat's winning streak of nine matches. The only time Delhi came close to beatin was when it held the Fortunegiants to 32-32 draw. Let's see what happens tonight.



Overall: Matches – 5 | Gujarat Fortunegiants – 4 | Dabang Delhi – 0 | Tie – 1

PKL 6: Matches – 2 | Gujarat Fortunegiants – 1 | Dabang Delhi – 0 | Tie – 1

  • Gujarat Fortunegiants are unbeaten in 5 matches against Dabang Delhi. 
  • They have already played twice in PKL 6 with the first match ending in a 32-32 tie 
  • Sachin had 7 raid points with Sunil Kumar and Ruturaj Koravi both picking up 4 tackle points.
  • Coming off the bench Chandran Ranjit scored 9 raid points while Ravinder Pahal had 4 tackle points.
  • In their second meeting, Gujarat won 45-38
  • Dong Geon Lee picked up his first PKL Super 10 while Rohit Gulia had 7 raid points as well. Parvesh Bhainswal had a HIGH 5 (6 tackle points).
  • Chandran Ranjit had 11 raid points for Delhi and Naveen Kumar had 8 raid points. No Delhi defender had more than 2 tackle points in the match.
  • Gujarat Fortunegiants PKL 6: 8 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties. Won last match against UP Yoddha by 5 points.
  • Gujarat Fortunegiants are on a 9-game unbeaten streak (8 wins and 1 tie).
  • Gujarat are still unbeaten at home in PKL in 9 matches (Won 7 and tied 2).  
  • Dabang Delhi PKL 6: 4 wins, 5 losses, 1 tie. Lost last match against Patna Pirates by 3 points.  



Well, we sympathize with everyone who bet their money on the Telugu Titans. It was expected to win tonight and jump to the second place in Zone B, but it has blown this opportunity. Credit where it's due. Tamil Thalaivas played extremely well and was on the front foot from the start. It ends 27-23 in Tamil's favour and keeps its hopes fo making to the play-off alive.

27-23 With no second left on the clock, MS Athul sacrificed himself and it was Telugu Titans'  seventh tackle point of the night.

27-23 TAMIL THALAIVAS STAY ALIVE! WHAT A GREAT DAY AT OFFICE FOR THAKUR AND BOYS!  Tamil Thalaivas has beaten Telugu Titans for the first time in PKL history.

27-22 JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED! Like the coach said, Tamil sacrifices a point.

27-21 THIS SHOULD BE IT! Careless work from Rahul. Do-or-die raid and he thought he got a bonus point and ran past the midline, only to realize he hadn't made it.

TIME-OUT Thalaivas' coach tell his boys that it's okay to concede a point as 90 seconds remain, but don't ltet htem get a bonus point. Brilliant pep talk.


26-21 MS Athul catches Abozar Mighani off-guard with his peripheral vision. Brilliant presence of mind.

25-21 Rahul Chaudhari has a knack of coming alive towards the fag end of the match. Is this the start? He out-powers Manjeet Chhillar's ankle hold and sends him back to the bench.


25-20 Three and a half minutes left! The lead is with Tamil Thalaivas after Rahul Chaudhari scored his eight raid-point. What's going to happen? ONE MOVE IS ALL IT TAKES! We have seen— over the course of the season so far— that certain teams have turned the table around in the last two -three minutes. So, don't count the Titans out yet.


25-19 D Pradap from left corner sends Farhad Milaghardan back to the bench. ADVANTAGE PRADAP , in that little battle.

24-18 Manjeet Chhilllar and Sukesh Hegde team up again. Like we mentioned earlier, the Thalaivas force the Titans' defenders deep and then they are only at Chhillar's and Hegde's mercy. Manjeet blocks and Sukesh dashes. Boy, there is no escpaing these two tonight.

23-18 DANGER FROM THE LEFT! Manjeet Chhillar, once again, gets the better of Mohsen Maghsoudlou in the do-or-die raid.

22-17 There is something remarkable with the Thalaivas' defence today. The team is playing a flat-line and forcing the the Titans raiders in deep.

22-17 OFFICIAL TIME-OUT after two empty raids, one from each team. Rahul Chaudhari has struggled today. He only has 5 raid-points to his name. Less than TEN MINUTES TO GO! Can the Thalaivas hold on and defeat the Titans for the first time or will Telugu Titans fight back? Don't go anywhere.

21-17 Farhad Milaghardan sends Ajay Thakur back to the bench. Once again, Ajay Thakur was sent out in a do-or-die raid, but this time, he couldn't get back on time as his attempt to get a bonus point pushed him too deep and Farhad stromed in to floor Ajay.

21-16 No reviews left for both the teams. They will have to fight it out without the use of technology.

21-14 Ajay Thakur and do-or-die raids tonight are coming across as best friends. Ajay has been given the onus by the Thalaivas to deliver in almost every do-or-die raid and he sure has.


20-14 Manjeet Chhillar Mohsen Maghsoudlou tip-toes to stay in-bounds and then brings down Mohsen Maghsoudlou. That is sheet experience coming into play.

19-13 Rahul Chudhari looks a little off-colour today. He has come across desperate at times tonight and is only looking to pinch off bonus points. Again on this occasion, he only got a bonus point.


19-12 Terrific Dive from Madane ! He has been excellent from the left corner to get someone as good as Aay Thakur down.

19-11 Ajay Thakur gets a running hand touch to send Farhad Milaghardan back to the bench.




18-10 Do-or-die raid for Ajay Thakur and he gets  a bonus point and his sixth raid-point of the night. The Thalaivas has come out firing, but can they hold it off for another 20 minutes? The first half has come to an end with the Tamil Thalaivas leading the Telugu Titans by eight points. Massive lead!

17-10 Excellent Scorpion kick by Nilesh Salunke to get rid of D Pradap.


17-9 TELUGU TITANS ALL-OUT! Manjeet Chhillar blocked Rahul Chaudhari before Hegde came in with a dash to completely floor Rahul. Big lead for the Thalaivas now.

14-8 ON THE VERGE OF ALL-OUT, THE THALAIVAS! Ajay Thakur continues on his merry run.


13-6 SUPER AJAY WITH SUPER RAID! Do-or-die raid for the skipper and boy, does he deliver. he landed square on his neck. He had 3 men pouncing on him, trying to grapple every inch of his body, but his match awarness helped him cross the midline.

10-6 Do-or-die raid for Mohsen Maghsoudlou but MS Athul— one of the key raiders— puts in a tackle to stretch to lead to 4 points.

8-6 MADANE SAYS HELLO! Krushna Madane contains Ajay Thakur before Thalaivas concedes a self-out point.

8-4 Lovely tackle by D Gopu. He has been brought into the squad to bolster Titans' defence and he successfully stops Ajay Thakur from getting a raid point in a do-or-die raid.


6-4 SUPER TACKLE! Sukesh Hegde goes in with the ankle hold on Nilesh Salunke and gets support from his main defenders.

4-2 Huge scalp for Chaudhari. He gets Manjeet Chhillar from the right corner. He delivers in the do-or-die raid.

3-1 Rahul Chaudhari is up and running. Amit Hooda from right corner has been sent to the bench.
Outstanding hand-touch from Nilesh Salunke and gets the captain of Tamil Thalaivas on the bench.


2-0 Sukesh Hegde picks up 2 raid points to start the night and he wiped off both the corners. Great start!

0-0 Tamil wins the toss and Telugu will raid first.

After an enthralling  Inter-Zone Challenge Week, the zonal battles resume with Tamil Thalaivas facing off against Telugu Titans at the Arena by TransStadia, Ahmedabad in match one of the night. Telugu Titans —which is fourth in Zone B— hasn't lost to Tamil Thalaivas till date. The latter—which is reeling at the bottom of Zone B— would be itching to go out there and change that tonight. With the likes of Ajay Thakur, Sukesh Hegde and Manjeet Chhillar in the ranks, it is capable of giving the Titans a run for its money.



Overall: Matches – 4 | Tamil Thalaivas – 0 | Telugu Titans – 4 | Tie – 0

PKL 6: Matches – 1 | Tamil Thalaivas – 0 | Telugu Titans – 1 | Tie – 0

  • Telugu Titans have won all 4 matches that they’ve played against Tamil Thalaivas. They are the only team in Zone B that the Tamil Thalaivas are yet to beat.

  • Both sides have lost 2 out of their last 5 games. (2 wins, 1 tie and 3 loss each)

  • Telugu Titans won their first meeting of the season 33-28.

    • Both Ajay Thakur and Rahul Chaudhari ended the match with 9 raid points each, just 1 short of a Super 10.

    • Amit Hooda had a great match, getting a HIGH 5. He had 6 tackle points at a tackle SR of 120.

    • Mohsen Maghsoudlou put in an all-round performance. He had a total of 7 points (3 raid points and 4 tackle points).

    • There were 4 Telugu Titans players with at least 2 tackle points.

  • Tamil Thalaivas PKL 6: 3 wins, 7 losses, 1 tie. Lost their last match against U Mumba by 14 points.

  • Telugu Titans PKL 6: 5 wins, 3 losses, 1 tie. Won last match against Puneri Paltan by 4 points.

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