Presenting the highlights of Wednesday's Pro Kabaddi League fixtures. The 96th match of the league will see an Inter Zone clash between Haryana Steelers and Bengal Warriors. The 97th match will be another Inter Zone clash between Dabang Delhi and Bengaluru Bulls.

31-32 Meyraj Sheykh kills the entire duration of the final raid. He does not mind giving one point away. Delhi has 55 points and it consolidates its position as the second runner up in Zone A. With the current form it will be difficult for Puneri Paltan to overtake the Eagles. A playoff place seems easily gettable now.

26-32 Raju gets a firm double thigh hold on Naveen but the latter has already killed 20 seconds. That has already done half the job.

25-32 Rohit Kumar has been floored. Joginder Narwal does not repeat the blunder he committed the last time around. Rohit Kumar is the one with the maximum points in this contest by the way. 12 reads the scorecard.

25-31 Rohit Kumar gets the bonus coupled with a touch point.

22-29 Chandran Ranjit comes in, pinches a point. A half attempt on holding him down by the left corner results in failure. Not the first time today.

20-29 Dabang Delhi, as expected, looking to slow the game down.


20-29 Meyraj Sheykh walks in for a Do-or-Die raid. The bonus line is active but Sheykh is known to have the taste for touch points. Keeps low, gets right corner. Signature Meyraj Sheykh! Less than six minutes to go into this contest. Bulls have a lot to do and do fast.

18-28 Vishal Mane effortlessly takes on Pawan Sehrawat, who is clearly not at his best. His injury is affecting the show on the mat. He returns to the bench and can be seen comforting himself with an ice pack.

A timeout has been taken by Dabang Delhi.


18-27 Pawan Sehrawat up and running again as the medical team allows him to return to the mat.

16-27 Rohit Kumar rolls away to the right of Pahal who never got the perfect hold.

16-26 All-Out. Super-Raid. What a show! Meraj Sheykh quick on the turn, resorts to the lobbies. Three points! That sure does put Delhi on the front foot. Bulls needs a miracle.

14-21 The Hawk has dived into Pawan Sehrawat. He lands awkwardly on his neck as Pahal dives to take him down. He is clearly in some sort of discomfort. There is a brief stoppage of  play.

14-19 Intense! Naveen performs a headbutt on Pawan Sehrawat. There is a tussle but the defenders prevail.

12-18 Pure Class! The game's pace sees a surge. Naveen with the best show of athleticism for the day. Performs a somersault over the right corner. Perfect landing too. What a spectacular point to pocket!


10-14 The skipper of the Bulls, Rohit Kumar walks in for the first raid of the final 20 minutes. Empty raid.


10-14 End of first half. So that is the scoreline after two empty raids after Ranjit's. These sides have met each other on ten occasions before this and it is a 5-all. So we cannot even guess where this match is headed. A four-point lead against a side which has players like Rohit Kumar, Pawan and Anand isn't enough to put you in a safe position.

10-14 Chandran Ranjit attempts the left cover but then he attempts a touch on the left corner on the run. Easy pickings! Point to be noted, he has attempted the same move multiple times in this season of Pro Kabaddi.

9-13 The bonus point is active and there are seven players on the mat as Ranjit walks in. But, no risk taken.


8-13 Rajesh Narwal has been brought back into the game. Pawan Sehrawat gets an easy touch point from the right corner.

7-11 Anil Kumar, the substitute does well. Gets the skipper Rohit Kumar with an ankle hold. Would have been a super raid if not for a good assist from Ravinder Pahal.

6-11 Bulls must stage a comeback soon. It is a Do-or-Die raid for Dabang Delhi, and Chandran Ranjit steals a bonus point. Raju Lal could just watch.


3-10 Rajesh Narwal dives into Ashish Sangwan's midriff. No way out of that brute display of strength to bring him down. An All-Out has been inflicted on the Bulls.

Joginder Narwal gets a Green Card for coaching during the raid.

2-5 Anand V gets the bonus point in the Do-or-Die raid.

1-5 Chandran Ranjit targets the stalwart Rohit Kumar and gets rid of him with a fabulous and crafty reverse kick.


1-4 Joginder Narwal, skipper of Delhi leading from the front and setting an example right there. He dives to get a firm ankle hold on Pawan Sehrawat.

1-2 Rohit Kumar walks in for the Bulls. He has been arguably one of the side's best raider this season but he returns empty-handed. No risks taken.

Bengaluru Bulls wins the toss and take the choice of court.




Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls


33-35 The review is unsuccessful and three points given to Haryana! Win for Haryana Steelers! Replays showed Monu didn't get a touch on the defender which meant Haryana was awarded three points for the defenders who stepped out to the lobbies to tackle the raider.

Ohhh... Drama at the end! Monu Goyat is pushed to the lobbies but the raider claims Surjeet stepped into the lobbies before he was forced out. One point given to the Warriors and two for Haryana! Warriors still have a review left and it has taken it.

31-32 Empty raid from Monu Goyat.

31-32 Missed ankle hold and Ravindra gets a touch point!

Warriors calls for a time out. 67 seconds left on the clock. Its too close to call who will emerge victorious in the contest!

30-32 Monu Goyat is looking to wind down the clock. An empty raid.

30-32 Maninder goes on the right side for the touch but he is taken down from behind from the left sided defenders!

30-31 Two-point raid from Monu Goyat as he picks up a bonus and a touch on the run. Warriors calls for a review for the bonus call and its successful! Just one point there. A great call from Bengal Warriors there.

We have two empty raids and its time out again. 132 seconds left on the clock.

30-30 Ravindra picks up a touch point, sends Mayur to the bench.

29-30 Monu Goyat picks up a raid point.

Less than four minutes left in the contest and we go into a time out. Haryana desperately needs this win. Can it get it?

29-29 What an inspired substitution from Haryana! Maninder hauls down the big raider Maninder Singh!

29-27 Maninder evades an ankle grab and manages to pick up a point on the raid.

28-27 Monu Goyat with a bonus point! 10 points on the night for the raider.

27-26 Monu Goyat brings out his kick again and is successful, too, again.

26-24 Maninder continues to roll on here with his raids! Three touch points for Bengal Warriors.

23-23 Monu Goyat plays out an empty raid. Breaks no sweat there.


22-22 Maninder Singh's hand is across the line and sends the last two remaining players to the bench! All-out inflicted on Haryana Steelers! We have a tantalising last 10 minutes on the cards here!

17-21 Vikas Kandola's ankle is held firm by the Bengal Warriors! The gap becomes narrow now.

16-21 Sachin Shingade with another error! He gifts a point to Maninder Singh.

Monu Goyat, who has had an average season thus far, has been sharp tonight in his raids. Four points on the night.

13-20 Monu Goyat with a successful raid.



12-19 Sachin Shingade goes for the tackle on but Amit Nagar manages to escape and reach the mid line. That's the last play of the half.

11-19 An easy raid point picked up by Vikas Kandola on the left side of Bengal's defence.

11-18 Sunil leads the tackle on Maninder Singh and is successful.


11-15 Monu Goyat cleans up the remaining two Bengal defenders and that's the first all-out inflicted on them!

11-11 Mahesh Goud is stoped in his tracks by Mayur!


11-10 Ran Singh with a wrestling hold on Vikas Kandola! Super strength on display by the defender. Super tackle points.

8-10 Vikas Kandola evades an ankle grab and gets way with a touch point.

8-9 Ravindra Singh is trapped down the middle of the mat by Haryana defenders.

8-8 Haryana's Naveen picks up his first point of the night.

8-7 Maninder Singh overcomes Mayur's challenge to reach the mid line.

7-7 Monu Goyat picks up a point with a kick!

7-6 Mahesh Goud goes deep for the touch on the left corner which allows the right sided defenders to take him out to the lobbies.

6-5 Ravindra is cleaned up near the lobbies as Haryana claws its way back in this contest.

6-4 Haryana's Sachin with a strong ankle hold on Maninder!

6-3 Ravindra Ramesh picks up a point on his raid, eliminates Kuldeep.

5-3 A defensive error from Bengal's defence allows an easy touch for Vikas Kandola.

4-2 Monu Goyat is crowded out and taken down by the Bengal Warriors defence.

2-2 Sunil with a thumping tackle on Maninder!

2-1 Monu Goyat picks up a bonus for Haryana.

2-0 Maninder Singh starts with a two-point raid for Bengal Warriors.



Bengal Warriors has a 1-0 head-to-head record over Haryana Steelers.