IWF worried over potential impact of NADA's rules

National Anti-Doping Agency's relaxation of rules for doping tests has left the Indian Weightlifting Federation worried about its potential repercussions.

IWF points to the need for strict anti-doping rules for the overall benefit of the sport.   -  AP (Representational Image)

The Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWF) fears that the senior National championships may lose relevance due to a relaxation of dope-test rules by the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA).

Speaking exclusively to Sportstar, Sahdev Yadav, Vice President, IWF said, “Two officials from the NADA collecting samples of only eight players where there are approximately 300 players participating defies logic. The top three winners from each category need to be tested along with random tests of other players [sic]. Till last year, more than 60 samples have been tested in each of the National championships."

Vijay Sharma, coach of the Indian weightlifting team, added, “The rules in the national camp in Patiala are going to be very tough. IWF should make sure that each and every player will be tested there ahead of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) qualifying event. WADA may also come for some random tests. Players will have to be very careful with what they eat and drink, otherwise they will be in trouble. NADA is talking about knowledge and awareness but greed of the players also needs to be taken into account.”

Where does this new policy leave the senior National championship?

The President of the IWF, Birendra Prasad Baishya, had spoken to Sportstar earlier on the issue. He was disappointed with the new policy of NADA.

The IWF would want to make sure that old days of players getting banned, coaches getting sacked, and IWF paying huge sums to the International Weightlifting Federation to participate in big tournaments do not come to haunt them again.

It would hope to make sure that the Narsingh Yadav episode this year at Rio does not recur due to NADA.

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