Performances of all foreign coaches and support staff will undergo scrutiny by the Sports Authority of India (SAI), which is focussed on providing the best to athletes preparing for various international events.

“We have been going through the assessment of all the coaches with the assistance of inputs from federation officials. We may seek the views of some of the champions too, because it is the players who stand to gain overall,” a top SAI official told Sportstar here on Friday.

The focus, maintained the official, would be on getting the best possible coaches as the teams prepare for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. “We have been paying the coaches handsome salaries and need to evaluate their work. The relationship with all foreign coaches and support staff has been healthy but we have to look at what is best for our sportsmen,” the official added.

Without prioritising any discipline, the SAI official said, “the review of coaches is part of the process. For us, all disciplines are equal.”

The Tokyo Olympics is SAI’s target. “The preparations are being done on a scientific basis. We have been analysing player performances minutely and constantly reviewing their participation at various events. We have to look at what more can be done to help them reach their peak at the Olympics. We have to see what would be their capacity to absorb the training these coaches impart,” the official said.

Even though the evaluation process has been in progress post Asian Games, much is expected from the review related to the hockey team’s performance. Not winning the Jakarta Asian Games gold has hurt the game most. Finishing without a medal at the World Cup in Bhubaneswar did not go down well with Hockey India, which promptly removed Harendra Singh as chief coach.

Harendra was handed the responsibility of the junior team much to his disappointment. “We will be undertaking review of the hockey team’s coach and the support staff in consultation with the federation on February 12. The federation has forwarded some names for the new coach,” said the official. It is learnt that the current women’s team coach, Sjoerd Marijne, is the front runner to take Harendra’s place.