Quiz: 1990 football World Cup

From West Germany's third title to heartbreak for Argentina, the 1990 FIFA World Cup was a dramatic affair. How well do you know this edition of the quadrennial marquee? Take our quiz and find out.

Diego Maradona of Argentina is brought down by both Guido Buchwald (left) and Lothar Matthaus (right) of West Germany during the 1990 FIFA World Cup Final at the Stadio Olimpico, in Rome, Italy. West Germany won the match and final 1-0.   -  Getty Images

1.Which of these stadiums hosted the first ever indoor World Cup game at the 1994 tournament?
2.Which Escobar was shot dead after he returned home to Colombia following an own goal in the game against the USA that eliminated his team in the group stage of the 1994 World Cup?
3.The 1994 World Cup saw the end of Diego Maradona’s international career. After testing positive for ephedrine, he was sent, but not before scoring __ goals in __ games?
4.At the 1990 World Cup, Italy had the best performance of a team ever that did not become champion. How many of the seven games it played did it win?
5.The 1990 World Cup was only the second time that all four semifinalists were former champions – Argentina, England, Italy and West Germany? When did this happen for the first time?
6.In 1990, which Argentine became the first player to be sent off in a World Cup final?
7.Lothar Matthaus was part of the West Germany squads that reached three consecutive World Cup finals between 1982 and 1990. But which teammate of his played all three finals?
8.The 1990 World Cup had the lowest average number of goals scored per game. How many?