The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has dissolved three of its State associations - Karnataka, Maharashtra and Haryana- and has appointed three-member ad hoc committees to conduct fresh elections and run the day-to-day affairs of these associations.

The decision was taken at the Executive Committee meeting of WFI which met in Delhi last week. WFI Secretary General V.N. Prasood was appointed as the chairman of the ad hoc committee which will run the daily affairs of Karnataka State Wrestling Association. K.K. Purushotham and M. Loganathan (both executive members of WFI) are the other members of the committee.

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WFI joint-secretary will be the chairman of the ad hoc committee for Maharashtra State Wrestling Association while S.P. Deshwal (Treasurer WFI) and Aditya Pratap Singh (joint secretary) are the other committee members.

Jai Prakash (joint secretary WFI) will be the chairman of the committee for Haryana State Wrestling Association. Darshan Lal (vice president) and Jagadish Kumar (executive member) are the other members of the committee.

"The WFI was forced to dissolve the three State associations after receiving numerous complaints against them. We had given them ample time to take corrective measures but they failed to take any action. The executive committee authorised the WFI president Brijbhushan Sharan Singh to form the ad hoc committees," said V.N. Prasood, the Secretary General of WFI.