Serena has won the title to our hearts

Serena Williams might not have won another Wimbledon title, but she still remains an inspiration to all of us.

Cleverly sweeping into the Wimbledon final, Serena Williams played extremely well against Angelique Kerber, but the German proved herself the winner in just two sets.   -  AFP

I have had the best pastime this summer vacation, with my heart racing as the green-coloured ball bounced on the grass at Wimbledon. It was spectacular to watch the world’s oldest Grand Slam with grandpa. Just two days ago, the world was shocked at the defeat of Roger Federer followed by Rafael Nadal in the semis.

Then came Serena Williams, with a massive wave of redemption here at Centre Court. A fantastic game, clever tactics, out-of-the box skills are a treat to watch.

Let’s take a few steps back. A month before Wimbledon, it might have seemed a small step on the court for us, but it was a giant leap for Serena at Roland Garros. The whole stadium was ablaze with cheers that were directed towards her. Days before, Serena was enthusiastically playing with daughter Olympia, born last year, and now the spotlight was on her game at the French Open. After carving out some wins, fans were in for heartbreak. Serena’s inability to play in her next match owing to a nagging injury stunned every tennis fan.

At Wimbledon, she was getting through every opponent that she encountered. Cleverly sweeping into the finals, Serena played extremely well against German superstar Angelique Kerber. But Angelique proved herself the winner within just two sets.

Serena might not have won another Wimbledon title, but she still remains an inspiration to all of us. She might not have been a winner that day, but she’s a winner when it comes to all the problems that she has faced in the world.

Little Olympia’s just an infant, and our new supermom (she might be “just me” but she’s a supermom for me!) raced through the battles on grass to the finals. She is responsible for her child as well as for the noble spirit of tennis. Despite all the difficulties surrounding her, she played with great grit and determination. “I was really happy to get this far. For all the moms out there, I was playing for you today,” she remarked after her final on Centre Court. If she can do it, why can’t every other mother in the world do, too? It’s just the beginning: fighting for everything is what every woman should do. She has won aces of appreciation, sets of courage and the title to our hearts!

Afraaz Sidhu is student in Class 9 at Apeejay School, Jalandhar.

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