Federation Cup: B. Chethan wins high jump gold

B. Chethan of Karnataka defeated national record holder Tejaswin Shankar and all others to clinch the high jump gold at the 21st Federation Cup athletics championships.

The men's heigh jump medallists. Silver medallist Ajay Kumar, gold medallist B. Chethan, and bronze medallists Sarvesh Kushare and Ritesh Kumar.   -  Kamesh Srinivasan


B. Chethan of Karnataka won the men’s high jump at 2.18 metres in the 21st Federation Cup athletics championships at the Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports Complex here on Saturday.

On a day when even Asian Games gold medallist Sudha Singh could not come anywhere close to her best timing in women’s 3000 metres steeplechase, the focus was on the high jump arena. However, the national record holder - the young Tejaswin Shankar - could not be at his best, possibly because he was returning to competition from a lower back injury. Chethan managed to pip Ajay Kumar for the gold as he cleared the height on the first attempt. Both failed to clear 2.20 metres.

Dharamaraj Yadav of Uttar Pradesh celebrates his winning throw of 58.32 metres in men's discus throw.


There were two bronze medals as Sarvesh Kushare and Ritesh Kumar cleared all their heights on the first attempt till they failed at 2.16 metres. Tejaswin Shankar, who has the national record at 2.26 metres, started at 2.05, cleared 2.10 on the second attempt, passed 2.13 and failed thrice at 2.16.

Coach Nikolai Snesarev was not too pleased with the pace of the women’s 3000 metres steeplechase, but considering the warm conditions and a glaring lack of competition, it was difficult for Sudha to push herself to a better standard.

The men’s discus gold went to Dharamaraj Yadav for a measure of 58.32 metres, his third throw, following efforts of 57.34 and 56.92. He could not get a mark with the next three throws. The competition was for the silver and Kirpal Singh managed to get a good fourth throw and Baljinder Singh’s sixth could not better his mark.

In the morning, in men’s 20 kilometres walk, Sandeep Kumar won the competition but was unable to get close to his best timing. He clocked 1 hour 27 minutes 43.28 seconds. The experienced Chandan Singh was pushed to the bronze by Sunil Rathee. Except for a jump of 12.98, N. V. Sheena of Kerala crossed 13 metres with every attempt. She clinched the women’s triple jump at 13.31 metres, her fourth jump. Joyline Lobo won the silver at 12.99, ahead of Bharabi Roy.

The results:


3000m steeplechase: 1. Naveen Kumar 8:50.85; .2. Durga Bahadur Budha 8:52.81; 3. Jaiveer Singh 8:57.72.

High jump: 1. B. Chethan 2.18; 2. Ajay Kumar 2.18; 3. Sarvesh Kushare and Ritesh Kumar 2.13.

Discus throw: 1. Dharamraj Yadav 58.32; 2. Kirpal Singh 55.43; 3. Baljinder Singh 54.23.

20 km walk: 1. Sandeep Kumar 1:27:43.28; 2. Sunil Rathee 1:27:49.39; 3. Chandan Singh 1:26:28.14.


3000m steeplechase: 1. Sudha Singh 10:03.01; 2. Parul Chaudhary 10:18.10; 3. Chinta Yadav 10:21.20.

Triple jump: 1. N. V. Sheena 13.31; 2. Mural Lobo Joyline 12.99; 3. Bhairabi Roy 12.92.

Pole vault: 1. KM Sangeeta 3.70; 2. KC Dua 3.60; 3. Mariya Jaison 3.60

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