CPL TKR vs SLZ, highlights: Pollard, Darren Bravo star in Knight Riders' win

Caribbean Premier League 2020: Catch the cricket score updates, ball by ball commentary updates of Trinbago Knight Riders vs St Lucia Zouks at Sportstar.

Trinbago Knight Riders has won all eight matches in the Caribbean Premier League this season.   -  CPL

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's blog of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) match between Trinbago Knight Riders and St Lucia Zouks.

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In the second match, Jason Holder scored 69 runs and took one wicket as the Barbados Tridents, 165/3, beat the Jamaica Tallawahs, 161/4, by 7 wickets.

ST Lucia Zouks innings:

Knight Riders make it nine wins in nine matches this season.

STLZ 152/7 in 20 overs (Chase 1, Boucher 0): Sammy tonks the first ball for a six over long on. Pollard and Bravo nearly collide in going for a high catch from Sammy but the TKR skipper reaches first to it. Kuggeleijn departs lifting a catch to Darren Bravo at long off.

Seales with the final over

STLZ 143/5 in 19 overs (Sammy 8, Kuggeleijn 9): Dwayne Bravo with an excellent penultimate over which leaves the Zouks needing 33 from the final six balls. Just 4 runs from that over.

37 needed from 12 balls

STLZ 139/5 in 18 overs (Sammy 6, Kuggeleijn 7): Tidy over from Pollard to finish his spell. He misses his pace up well and doesn't afford any freebies with his line.

STLZ 131/5 in 17 overs (Sammy 2, Kuggeleijn 3): Bravo with a full toss on leg side and Zadran whips it behind square for a four. Slower ball next ball on middle stump and Zadran drags it on to the stumps. Kuggeleijn is the new man in at No. 7.

Daren Sammy is the new batsman

STLZ 121/4 in 16 overs (Najibullah 8): Nabi gets the big hits going. In the slot form Pollard and Nabi plants his foot firm and launches it high over the long-on fielder. Pollard gets a third wicket; slower ball and Nabi looks for another six but only manages to top edge it high into the hands of Dwayne Bravo at short mid-wicket.

STLZ 111/3 in 15 overs (Najibullah 6, Nabi 9): Najibullah works the field by going for the ones and twos to keep the scoreboard ticking. But the Zous need some big hits at the moment. 65 needed from 30 balls.

Hosein back into the attack.

STLZ 104/3 in 14 overs (Najibullah 1, Nabi 8): Fletcher steps away and hits a no-look six off Pollard. He hold he pose for good measure as he stares down to the bowler. Pollard wins the battle as Fletcher picks out the fielder in deep mid-wicket this time. Pollard gets his 50th CPL wicket.

STLZ 95/2 in 13 overs (Fletcher 35, Nabi 8): Nabi picks up the slower ball from Bravo early and smacks him to the mid-wicket region for a huge six!

STLZ 86/2 in 12 overs (Fletcher 32, Nabi 1): Fletcher welcomes him into the attack with a huge six over the leg side. WICKET! Deyal heaves Pollard high into the leg side where Seales and Darren Bravo almost make a nasty collision but the former completes the catch. Nabi is the new man in.

Pollard with the ball.

STLZ 77/1 in 11 overs (Fletcher 25, Deyal 40): Short from Hosein and Deyal rocks back to put it into the deep-midwicket region for a four.

STLZ 68/1 in 10 overs (Fletcher 23, Deyal 33): Fletcher helps along a wayward delivery from Seales for a four after the restart.

UPDATE: The covers are off and play is about to begin. We won't lose any overs.

D/L par score is 70 and TKR is ahead at the moment.

STLZ 63/1 in 9.4 overs (Fletcher 18, Deyal 33): Hosein puts in the dive to save the ball form going to the boundary but ends up hurting his rib in the process. We go for an early drinks as he receives treatment. Hosein is okay to continue on the field. Deyal hammers the ball straight past the bowler and into the boundary. Rain comes in and the umpires ask for the players to get off the field. The covers are on but there is some blue skies in the background.

Seales is into the attack

STLZ 55/1 in 9 overs (Fletcher 15, Deyal 28): Darren Bravo sloppy in back up lets a throw run behind him for five runs. 7 runs from the over. Required rate has gone up to 11 runs per over.

STLZ 45/1 in 8 overs (Fletcher 11, Deyal 22): Deyal is looking to muscle Raza over the offside but is struggling to find the connection.

STLZ 39/1 in 7 overs (Fletcher 9, Deyal 18): Deyal with a crunching reverse sweep for another four this time of Fawad Ahmed. Fletcher has his eye in and goes big over the leg side for a six!

STLZ 26/1 in 6 overs (Fletcher 1, Deyal 13): Bravo with the breakthrough coming around the wicket to Melius. He bowls it short into his body and the batsman looks to play it behind but ends up gloving it high for Seifert to complete a catch on the dive.

Dwayne Bravo on for the final over of the powerplay

STLZ 23/0 in 5 overs (Melius 11, Deyal 12): Zouks get a move on in the chase. Deyal with another four by chancing his arms over cover. Melius then dances down the track and lifts it over to the long-off region for his first four of the innings.

Pierre replaces Hosein

STLZ 13/0 in 4 overs (Melius 6, Deyal 7): Deyal makes connection with the reverse sweep of Raza and lifts it over short third man for a four. Still just 5 runs from the over.

STLZ 8/0 in 3 overs (Melius 6, Deyal 2): Deyal is struggling to get any good timing or placement on the ball. He is batting on 2 off 8 balls.

STLZ 4/0 in 2 overs (Melius 3, Deyal 1): Spinners again providing a good start for TKR with the new ball.

Sikandar Raza shares the new ball duties.

STLZ 2/0 in 1 over (Melius 2, Deyal 0): Good start from the spinner. Just two runs from the over as Zouks look to snap Knight Riders' winning run.

Deyal and Melius are out for the chase. Hosein's left-arm spin to begin proceedings.

Knight Riders innings:

TKR 175/5 in 20 overs (DJ Bravo 5): Wow. Sweet sound off the bat from Darren Bravo. Length from Kesrick and Darren plunders it high into the wide long-on region for another six. 11th CPL half-century for Darren Bravo. He holes out on the last ball looking for another big one.

TKR 164/4 in 19 overs (DJ Bravo 4, DM Bravo 41): Kuggeleijn misses his length with his yorker and bowls an inviting full toss which Pollard pulls to the leg side for a four. Pollard steps across the next ball and deposits a half volley into the deep mid-wicket for a huge six. WICKET! Pollard jumps over deep into the offside and looks to launch the ball into the leg side again but Kuggeleign follows him. Pollard loses control and loses his bat but in the process takes a feint edge behind to the 'keeper. Bravo gets off the mark with an aerial square cut for a four.

TKR 148/3 in 18 overs (Pollard 30, DM Bravo 41): The big hits commence. Williams is bearing the brunt of them. Pollard makes room and punches a monster six over extra cover before Bravo goes the same region with a one-handed shot. 16 runs from the over.

TKR 132/3 in 17 overs (Pollard 22, DM Bravo 33): Kuggeleijn is brought back into the attack and gets his yorkers and low full tosses on the money. Pollard asks for a change of bat and gets a thock outside edge over short third man for a four.

TKR 121/3 in 16 overs (Pollard 12, DM Bravo 32): Sammy going around the wicket and following Pollard's movement to deny him room. He digs it in short and Pollard gets a thick edge behind for a four. No luck with what follows next; a half-volley is guided over wide long-off for a six.  

TKR 108/3 in 15 overs (Pollard 1, DM Bravo 29): 100 up for TKR in the 15th over. Another five wides and this time from Kesrick. Useful runs for TKR. Pollard is off the mark and nudges into Kesrick as he completes the single. The bowler isn't impressed.

TKR 95/3 in 14 overs (Pollard 0, DM Bravo 25): Just one run conceded from Nabi on his return. The Zouks haven't allowed TKR to get going since the end of the powerplay overs.

TKR 94/3 in 13 overs (Pollard 0, DM Bravo 24): Sammy starts with a loosener and Bravo helps it behind square for a boundary. Seifert had been struggling to get the run rate going and he perishes looking for a big shot. It was loose delivery but Seifert ends up spooning it high and Hajibullah takes an excellent catch on the run. Pollard is the new batsman.

Skipper Sammy brings himself on.

TKR 88/2 in 12 overs (Seifert 33, DM Bravo 18): Deyal concedes just three runs, not letting TKR to pull away early in the second half of the first innings.

TKR 85/2 in 11 overs (Seifert 32, DM Bravo 15): In the slot from Zahir and Bravo tonks it high and mighty over the long-on boundary for a six.

TKR 74/2 in 10 overs (Seifert 30, DM Bravo 7): Just 4 runs from Deyal's first over. Just 27 runs from the last 4 overs for TKR. Time for the drinks break.

TKR 70/2 in 9 overs (Seifert 28, DM Bravo 5): Tidy over from Zahir Khan with just 5 runs from it.

TKR 65/2 in 8 overs (Seifert 25, DM Bravo 3): Five wides down the leg side from Chase.

Darren Bravo is in at No. 4

TKR 55/2 in 7 overs (Seifert 23): Zahir bowls it a touch wide outside off and Webster gets underneath it and launches it over the wide long-on for a six. Zahir comes around the wicket and bowls a quicker delivery at 107 kmph which Webster misses only to see his off-stump pegged back.

TKR 47/1 in 6 overs (Seifert 22, Webster 13): A reverse weep and a conventional sweep of consecutive deliveries fetches Seifert two boundaries against Chase.

TKR 36/1 in 5 overs (Seifert 12, Webster 12): What was a good start to the over is ruined by a free-hit which Seifert launched high over the bowler for a six. He ends the over with an over-pitched delivery which Seifert punches wide of mid-off for a four.

Kesrick Williams replaces Kuggeleijn.

TKR 25/1 in 4 overs (Seifert 2, Webster 12): Nabi toss it up on the offside and Webster plonks his foot to the leg side and deposits it over the wide long-off boundary for a six.

TKR 12/1 in 3 overs (Seifert 0, Webster 2): Kuggeleijn drags his length a touch short and Simmons smacks it over the deep mid-wicket boundary for a flat six! Excellent comeback from Kuggeleijn. Bowls three dot balls to Simmons by stifling him for room to chance his arms. He follows it up with a short of length on fifth stump line which the batsman edges behind to the 'keeper.

TKR 6/0 in 2 overs (Simmons 2, Webster 2): Nabi on the money as well with his line and length. Not giving any air for the openers to get under.

Mohammad Nabi will share the new ball.

TKR 3/0 in 1 over (Simmons 1, Webster 1): Tight start from Kuggeleijn first up with no looseners.

Simmons and Webster will open the batting for TKR. Scott Kuggeleijn with the ball for the Zouks.

Kieron Pollard: "Each and every match is important, we want to win every match, keep on improving. We have plenty of first-class experience in the dressing room and then bring the T20 expertise into it. We have made quite a few changes today."

Daren Sammy: "We will bowl first. We have made a few changes, some emerging players in. Cornwall has been rested. We're still looking to find the right level as we prepare for the semis, it's good to know we have qualified, so we can play with freedom. I haven't come to the party as yet, but believe my captaincy has been good."

Playing XIs

Trinbago Knight Riders: Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Fawad Ahmed, Darren Bravo, Lendl Simmons, Khary Pierre, Tim Seifert, Sikandar Raza, Jayden Seales, Tion Webster, Akeal Hosein

St Lucia Zouks: Roston Chase, Mohammad Nabi, Daren Sammy, Najibullah Zadran, Andre Fletcher, Kesrick Williams, Scott Kuggeleijn, Mark Deyal, Zahir Khan, Kimani Melius, Leniko Boucher

TOSS: Zouks win the toss and will bowl first.

6.45 pm: Knight Riders are unbeaten in their eight matches so far in the competition with eight wins. Zouks are third on the table with 10 points from their eight matches. Both teams have qualified for the semifinals.

6.33 pm: Lendl Simmons and Colin Munro are the top-scoring batsmen for TKR with 2010 and 207 runs, respectively. St Lucia Zouks' Roston Chase is the side's leading run-getter with 170 runs and two fifties.

6.15 pm: Trinbago Knight Riders is unbeaten in its last five matches against St Lucia Zouks, while nothing up four wins.

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The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will be the world's first major T20 league to be held since the Covid-19 pandemic brought international and domestic cricket to a standstill, and will take place in Trinidad & Tobago.


Trinbago Knight Riders: Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Colin Munro, Fawad Ahmed, Darren Bravo, Lendl Simmons, Khary Pierre, Tim Seifert, Sikandar Raza, Anderson Phillip, Pravin Tambe, Jayden Seales, Amir Jangoo, Tion Webster, Akeal Hosein, Muhammad Ali Khan.

St Lucia Zouks: Roston Chase, Mohammad Nabi, Daren Sammy, Najibullah Zadran, Andre Fletcher, Kesrick Williams, Scott Kuggeleijn, Chemar Holder, Obed McCoy, Rahkeem Cornwall, Mark Deyal, Zahir Khan, Kimani Melius, Leniko Boucher, Kavem Hodge, Javelle Glen, Saad Bin Zafar.


The CPL will be televised live on Star Sports 1 & 1 HD, Star Sports 2 & 2 HD, Star Sports 1 Hindi and 1 Hindi HD.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's blog of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL 2020) match between Trinbago Knight Riders and St Lucia Zouks.