England vs Pakistan 1st Test Day 3 Highlights: Pakistan 244 ahead in see-saw battle

England vs Pakistan First Test 2020: Catch the live streaming updates, ball-by-ball commentary, live cricket score of Pak tour of Eng at Old Trafford.


Yasir Shah registered figures of 4 for 66. - AP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the first England vs Pakistan Test at Old Trafford in Manchester.



England will be buoyant after that final session. Wickets have come regularly. Pakistan's first-innings lead of 107 still makes it an even contest at the moment; no one team has a decisive edge.

Join us for Day Four, on Saturday, at 3.30pm IST. Until then, it's goodbye.

. And that is the final over of the day. A fruitful session for England; the game is alive! The lead is 244.

. Ben Stokes bowls a short delivery to Shaheen Afridi, and he tries to fend it away but ends up handing a catch to third slip. Pakistan eight down now. 137/8 after 44.

. Some runs from Yasir Shah. He steers a delivery square on the off-side and gets a boundary off Stokes. In the next over, Broad bowls the short ball, and Yasir plays the pull; he gets an edge, and the ball runs away to fine leg for four. 136/7. The lead: 243.

. Broad dismisses Shadab Khan lbw, and Pakistan is seven wickets down. It's a good-length delivery coming in with the angle. It's given not out by the on-field umpire, and a review is taken by England. The third umpire says it's out; it would be hitting leg stump. 122/7.

. A short-of-a-length delivery coming in with the angle to the right-handed Rizwan, and it hits him high on the back leg. The umpire gives him out! The review doesn't help the batsman and Ben Stokes hands England its sixth wicket. 120/6.

. Ben Stokes into the attack now. And he gives away two singles off his first over. 118/5.

. Shadab Khan won't let a loose delivery go by. He sees a short ball from Dom Bess and smashes it to deep midwicket for a boundary. Then, off Anderson, he slashes through gully to pick up another. 116/5.

Shadab Khan plays the pull stroke. - GETTY IMAGES


. Rizwan gets a full delivery from Anderson and he drives confidently through mid-off for a boundary. He pulls Anderson for two and brings up the 100 for Pakistan.

A surprise is in store, as there's a run out! Pakistan's batsmen ran a lot of sharp singles in the first innings, but no one got out. This time, the decision to run the risky single proves costly; Rizwan taps the ball on the off-side and takes off and Asad Shafiq cannot reach the other end on time as Dom Sibley has a direct hit with one stump to aim at.

Shafiq departs for 29. It's 101/5. This contest is anybody's.

. Asad Shafiq plays the sweep but he gets an inside edge and it runs away to the boundary at fine leg. Two more runs from the over, also from Shafiq. 95/4.

. Anderson is generating some pace; bowling at 86mph. He settles in on a short-of-a-length off-stump channel and comes in with the angle to the right hander. The final delivery of the over cut the batsman - Rizwan - into half as it made its way to the wicketkeeper. There was half a shout from someone as Buttler was about to pouch it; but it drops out of Buttler's hands. Replays confirm there was no bat involved, but top delivery nonetheless. 89/4.

. Eight runs from the over from Dom Bess, as the batsmen open up the off-side as he bowls short. There are two threes and a two. 87/4.

. Mohammad Rizwan gets a boundary with a sweep shot off Dom Bess. It was waiting to be hit; too short. Rizwan had to stretch himself a bit to reach out to the pitch of the ball. A misfield from Stuart Broad at point gives Rizwan three. A productive over for him. Releases the pressure, too. 75/4. The lead: 182.

. Woakes gets a couple of deliveries to seam in to Asad Shafiq on a good length, and the ball, on both occasions, hits him near the solar plexus. A mild shout for lbw when it hits him there the second time, and it's given not out. Height was the main factor there.

Woakes hiding the visible side of the ball as he is running into bowl. Is there reverse swing? 68/4.

. Asad Shafiq cuts a delivery from Woakes and James Anderson at point drops it. It flew to him at knee height, and away from him too. Anderson dives but can't hold on. Runs coming in singles at the moment, as Dom Bess gives away two singles off the next over. 68/4.

Chris Woakes celebrates with his team-mates after dismissing Azhar Ali lbw. - REUTERS


. One run from the over from Dom Bess. Shafiq pulls a short delivery to deep midwicket for one. All eyes on Shafiq now. 64/4.

. A full and straight delivery from Chris Woakes and Azhar Ali plays all around it. It's given out! A straightforward decision for the umpire, and Azhar Ali doesn't review it. It would have been hitting leg-stump. He goes for 18. 63/4.

. Dom Bess gets a delivery to kick off from a length and it hits the gloves of Asad Shafiq, but no damage done as the ball doesn't balloon up for a catch. He gets hold of a loose delivery from Bess - it's full, on or outside leg-stump - and collects a boundary through fine leg. Moves to 13. Pakistan 63/3. It's drinks.

. Shafiq gets his first boundary with a tuck to square leg; it was waiting to be put away, off his legs. He repeats the stroke on the next delivery but this time it goes straight to the fielder and it's a single. An enquiry by England from the umpire after a good length delivery outside off goes past the edge of Azhar Ali, but Woakes signals to his team-mates there was a wide gap between the bat and the ball. 57/3 after 22.

. Asad Shafiq off the mark with a single; he tucks one to fine leg off Dom Bess. It brings up the 50 for Pakistan as well. 51/3 after 21.

. Chris Woakes into the attack, and he gets the big fish! Babar Azam gets an edge and it's caught by Ben Stokes at second slip! It was a good-length delivery just outside off-stump and Babar couldn't get his bat out of the way. 48/3.

. Dom Bess is getting some nice turn and bounce. He bowls a rare full-toss but Babar Azam fails to capitalise on it, his drive yielding no run. A single is taken in that over, by Azhar Ali. 42/2.

. A dab to third man gets Babar Azam a couple of runs. Those are the only runs scored in the over from Jofra Archer. 41/2.

. One run from the over from Dom Bess, a nudge off the backfoot to midwicket for a single. 39/2.

. Azhar Ali edges one, and it flies through the slip cordon to the boundary. The ball wouldn't have carried on the full to the fielders; it nicely bisected the first and second slip. What's more, it's a no-ball. 38/2.

Abid Ali cuts. - AP


. Dom Bess into the attack, and he gets a wicket in the first over! Abid Ali tries to sweep a full delivery and it's a top edge; it carries straight to the fielder at deep midwicket - Chris Woakes. A wicket-maiden. 33/2.

. Azhar Ali leaving deliveries comfortably outside the off-stump; the over from Archer yields a single taken by Abid Ali. 33/1.

. A back-of-a-length delivery from Broad and it's punched by Abid Ali for two. A single, and Pakistan moves to 32/1.

. Abid Ali latches on to a short and wide delivery to cut fiercely but it yields only one, as a man is stationed at deep point. One from the over from Jofra Archer. 29/1.

. Broad continues. Two full deliveries outside off and Azhar Ali gets back-to-back boundaries. He moves to 8. 28/1 after 10.

It's been Pakistan's Test match so far. If top-order batsmen do not capitulate in the second innings, the contest could be pocketed by it.

Back in 15 minutes.

Ben Stokes reacts after dropping a catch in the slips. - GETTY IMAGES


. Abid Ali collects another boundary through cover-point off Anderson. It's a back-of-a-length delivery and Abid Ali punches it nicely. He nearly edges behind off a better delivery from Anderson, but no harm done. 20/1 after 9.

That will be tea.

. An accurate, probing over from Stuart Broad, and it's a maiden.

. Edged, and dropped! It was a straightforward chance for Joe Root at first slip - he returned to the field after tending to his finger - but Ben Stokes at second slip goes to his left before the ball could reach the lap of Root, and drops it. He is terribly disappointed.

A reprieve for Abid Ali, who plays the cut two balls later to collect a boundary through point. 16/1.

. Two good overs - from Broad and Anderson - and some nervy moments for Azhar Ali. He nearly edges Anderson behind a couple of times. 8/1 after 6.

Joe Root hurt his hands while collecting a ball in the slips. - AP


. Azhar Ali gets an edge off Stuart Broad but the ball doesn't carry on the full to Joe Root at first slip. Root suffers some pain after he's collected it on the bounce. He calls on the physio, and before long, leaves the ground to get some medical assistance. No run in that over. 8/1 after four overs.

If Azhar had been out, it would have been a pair for him.

. Abid Ali, the other opener, gets off the mark with a couple. He flicks a delivery from Anderson to leg. 8/1.

. The star for Pakistan in the first innings falls for a duck in the second! And it wasn't off a great delivery either. Broad bowls a good-length delivery on leg-stump, and Shan Masood attemps to tuck it towards fine, instead he guides the ball to the hands of the wicketkeeper. Pakistan 6/1.

Asad Shafiq leaps to take the catch to dismiss Dom Bess. - AP


. A no-ball and four byes from the second over of the innings (bowled by Stuart Broad). No run off the bat yet. 5/0.

. James Anderson starts off with a maiden. But he was a bit wayward, bowling a wide delivery outside off and a wider delivery on the leg side. 0/0 after one over.

. It's all over. James Anderson attempts the reverse-sweep again but cannot get bat on it. It hits the front pad. The umpire gives it out. The review taken by Anderson doesn't save him. It's the second wicket for Shadab Khan.

England's been bowled out for 219. The lead: 107.

. Broad doesn't want to hang around. He sees a chance and goes for it. A slog sweep for six is followed by a slog for four. The fielder at deep square leg drops the catch on the second occasion; the ball pops out and trickles to the boundary. 217/9.

Chris Woakes is bowled. - AP


. A shout for lbw, and it's not out. Anderson tries to defend a delivery off the back-foot, misses it, the ball touches his thigh pad and travels to the slip fielder on the bounce. Pakistan opts for the review, but hawk-eye it's the umpire's call to determine whether it's hitting the wickets. Not out. 205/9 after 69.

. James Anderson, the No. 11, gets off the mark via a reverse-sweep. It's a boundary. It brings up the 200 for England. 202/9.

. Jofra Archer gets a glove to a full delivery from Shadab Khan, the wicketkeeper makes no mistake, and England is nine wickets down. 197/9.

. A shout for caught behind, it's given not out. Pakistan opts for the review, and the third umpire confirms that there's no bat involved. 195/8 after 66.

. Shadab Khan, another leg-spinner, into the attack now. Jofra Archer gets a flighted delivery around off-stump once again, and this time, he smashes it to the extra-cover boundary. A single taken as well. 192/8.

. Jofra Archer lines up for a big six as he sees a flighted delivery around off-stump from Yasir. The edge is taken, and the ball falls between two fielders on the off side. 187/4.

Jofra Archer plays a stroke. - REUTERS


. Three fours from Stuart Broad, the No. 10 batsman, in this over from Shaheen Afridi. The first is via a nudge to fine leg, the second an inside edge off a near-yorker that narrowly missed the stumps, and the third a slap through extra cover. 184/4 in 63 overs.

. Chris Woakes gets a slightly shorter delivery from Yasir Shah, shapes up to play the full, and misses! The ball hits the stumps! Yasir has four wickets now; England eight down. Woakes departs for 19 (48b).  172/8.

. A near run-out after Woakes defends one on the off-side and takes off; he turns around quickly and dives back and tumbles but Yasir Shah's throw would have resulted in his dismissal if it had hit the stumps. Yasir lets out a smile and gestures to his team-mates that it missed narrowly. 170/7 after 61.

. Two slips in place for Yasir Shah. But Archer plays them safely. 166/7.

. Archer tucks one to leg for a single, and Woakes pulls a short delivery for a single. The rest of the deliveries from Naseem are defended or left alone. 166/7.

. Dom Bess gets an edge off a full delivery from Yasir Shah and Asad Shafiq at slip takes the catch. He is out for 1. Pakistan seven down now, unravelling quickly. 164/7.

. Dom Bess, the new batsman, plays one to midwicket and gets off strike. Woakes plays the rest of the over from Naseem Shah safely. 161/5.

. Six deliveries from Yasir Shah negotiated without much trouble by Chris Woakes. 160/6.

. First runs of the session. Woakes nudges one to midwicket and scampers through. Naseem continues to generate good pace. 160/6 after 55 overs.

. Yasir Shah strikes! Jos Buttler shapes up for a forward prod but the ball sneaks through and hits the off-stump. Buttler is out for 38. England six down now. Perhaps Buttler was expecting the ball to turn; it didn't. 159/6.

. A maiden over from Naseem Shah. He continues to generate pace. 159/5.

Shadab Khan at gully takes the catch to dismiss Ollie Pope. - AP


Some excellent bowling from Pakistan's seamers, but England will be happy just one wicket, that of Ollie Pope, has been lost. Pope battled hard before he got a magnificent delivery from Naseem Shah and departed for 62, caught at gully.

Jos Buttler has batted patiently as well. He needs 12 more to get to his half-century. Giving him company is Chris Woakes. A reminder: England has a long way to go to erase the deficit. It trails by 167.

We'll be back in about half hour.

Picture perfect: Chris Woakes unleashes the drive. - GETTY IMAGES


. Buttler patiently lets all the deliveries from Shaheen Afridi go by outside the off-stump. It's not a maiden, though, as Afridi bowled a no-ball. It's lunch. England 159/5.

. Buttler carefully negotiates this over from Yasir. The leg-spinner is getting good bounce as well. Two singles taken. 158/5.

. A nice drive through extra-cover takes Buttler to 35. And then he takes a couple as well. 156/5.

. Three singles from Yasir Shah's first over of the day. He bowled a few short ones in that over. He gets sharp turn, too; he bowls a full delivery outside off to Buttler and the ball turns away considerably. 150/5 in 49 overs.

. We're back. It seems to have been a passing shower. Afridi completes his over. Woakes gets a full, wide delivery and smashes it to the extra-cover boundary to move to 13. 147/5 after 48.

. A loud shout for lbw after Afridi's delivery - on a good length - swinging in, raps Woakes on the pads. But it's too high. Woakes then unleashes a nice drive; it should have yielded two or three but the fielder chasing the ball, Mohammad Abbas, makes a mess of it as he tries to flick it back with his hands and the ball reaches the boundary.

And it starts raining! There will be an interruption in play. Players are walking off. It's 141/5 in the 48th over.

. A full, wide delivery and it's square driven by Buttler for a boundary. Woakes drives as well, and gets three. Those are his first runs. 137/5.

. Shaheen Afridi gets the deliveries to go across the right-handed Jos Buttler in the over. Buttler drives off a full delivery and collects a couple. There's a wide as well, in the over. 130/5.

England physio Craig De Weymarn talks to Chris Woakes after Woakes was struck in the helmet. - GETTY IMAGES


. Naseem strikes! He gets one to rise from a length and the ball touches the shoulder of the bat and flies to gully. Pope didn't seem to have enough time to pull his bat out of the way. It's a sharp, seemingly unplayable delivery. Pope is distraught. He is out for 62. England five down. 127/5 after 45. Chris Woakes is the new batsman.

. Some runs in this over from Abbas. Pope taps one to leg and scampers through for a single; it's a no-ball as well. The fourth delivery of the over is smashes to the extra-cover boundary for four; it's a wide delivery from Abbas and Pope takes full toll. There are a couple of more singles as well. 123/4.

. Buttler plays a nice drive through extra-cover to get a boundary. It's a shot that would give him some confidence. 115/4 in 43 overs.

. Another probing over from the persistent Mohammad Abbas. Again, Pope narrowly avoids edging him behind. The wicketkeeper was standing up to the stumps in this over, perhaps to prevent the batsmen from standing outside their crease.

It's time for drinks. Abbas has given away just one run in his spell this morning. 111/4 after 42 overs.

. A single taken by Ollie Pope after he tucks one to fine leg. No more runs taken off Naseem in the 41st over. 111/4.

. No runs off the bat from the latest over from Abbas, but there four byes as he gets excessive inswing on a particular delivery and it goes past the outstretched hands of the wicketkeeper into the boundary. 110/4.

Mohammad Abbas has his hands on his heads. He bowled an accurate, economical spell in the first hour. - REUTERS


. Naseem gets a lot of pace and bounce. Pope is carefully leaving deliveries alone but on one occasion - probably because the delivery was a little fuller - he nearly edges behind, attempting a drive playing away from his body. 106/4.

. Questions asked as Mohammas Abbas continues to bowl in the corridor. Two deliveries narrowly pass the outside edge of Buttler's bat en route to the wicketkeeper. No run from the over. 106/4.

. Naseem Shah into the attack, and he generates pace straightaway. The first delivery to Jos Buttler is 88mph. It's driven to mid-off. Off the third delivery, he induces an edge, but the ball falls just short of Babar Azam at first slip. Was Babar too deep? It was a good length delivery outside off and Buttler was perhaps hurried into the stroke by the pace. He drives on the penultimate delivery of the over to get three.

And off the final delivery, he gets Pope playing away from his body and nearly edging behind. Pope immediately shakes his head. An eventful over. 106/4 in 37 overs.

. Abbas keeps bowling in the corridor or on off-stump, and they're left alone - or defended - carefully by Pope. It's a maiden. 103/4 after 36.

. Pope nearly drags it on once again, and immediately berates himself for it. It's a full delivery from Afridi this time, and he gets an inside edge but the ball is stopped by his boot. No damage done. He runs a sharp single off the fifth delivery and moves to 51. 103/4.

. It's four byes, as wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan fails to collect a delivery from Abbas. It bounces in front of him, and runs away. No more run from the over as Abbas bowls in the corridor. It's 100 up for England in the 34th over. 102/4.

Wasim Akram rings the bell at Old Trafford before the start of play on Day Three. - GETTY IMAGES


. Pope nearly drags on off a short-of-a-length delivery; he gets an inside edge and the ball bounces over the stumps, narrowly evading it. A close shave. The next delivery, he gets one on his legs and he nudges it to midwicket for a couple. That's his half-century. A valuable knock, but also an attractive one. England would hope he carries on for long. 98/4 after 33.

. Pope runs through another single, after pushing one to midwicket. No other run taken. It's 95/4 after 32.

. The first run of the day comes via Pope. He runs through a sharp single after tapping the ball to mid-off. 94/4 after 31.

. Another maiden. Jos Buttler is content to just let the deliveries go by outside the off-stump or defend when needed. 93/4.

Jos Buttler and Ollie Pope walk out to bat at the start of the Day Three. - GETTY IMAGES


. A maiden over from Afridi. He settles in on a line going across the right hander; some balls are defended, wider balls are left alone. The length is more or less uniform, too. Lively pace. 93/4 after 29 overs.

. Shaheen Afridi to begin proceedings; he bowls to Ollie Pope who needs four more runs to reach his fifty. Clouds hover around but the sun shines through.


Yesterday's was an action-packed day, but Mahmood Abbas's delivery to get rid of Ben Stokes was perhaps the moment of the day. How many Tests has he played in England before? Two, in Lord's and Leeds, in Pakistan's 2018 tour.

- Shan Masood seems to be coming of age: Mudassar Nazar

Can Pakistan gallop to a victory in Manchester? If it does, this will be its second-ever win here. The only victory was in 2001.


Shan Masood scored his fourth Test century on Thursday, and his third in a row. What's more, it's his highest Test score. He became the second Pakistan opener after Mudassar Nazar to smash three consecutive Test tons.

We got a full day's play yesterday after a rain-curtailed Day One in Manchester. What will the weather hold for us today? "Light cloud and light winds" are predicted by the BBC. A maximum of 26 degrees Celcius and a minimum of 15 degrees. Perfect for cricket.

After a rain-curtailed first day, we got a full day's play on Day Two, a day dominated by Pakistan for the most part. Afridi, Abbas and Naseem were all over England in the final session, after Pakistan posted 326 on the board.

England's middle order has to rally to try to get close to Pakistan's total. With Root and Stokes both gone, though, it's an uphill task.

Here's the report of the action from Thursday.

Where and when can you watch Pakistan vs England LIVE?

Pakistan vs England will be aired LIVE only on SONY SIX channels from 5 August 2020, 3.30 pm onwards. It will be available for live streaming on SONY LIV.