IPL 2020: Wadia calls for better umpiring, use of technology to avoid errors

Kings XI Punjab co-owner, Ness Wadia, has urged the BCCI to ensure better umpiring in the IPL, as the franchise feels that the 'short run' call cost them the game against Delhi.

Ness Wadia wants technology to be used to the maximum in the tournament.   -  Vivek Bendre

Kings XI Punjab co-owner, Ness Wadia, has urged the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to ensure better umpiring in the Indian Premier League. This comes after Kings XI lodged an appeal with match referee Javagal Srinath over an erroneous line call in the 19th over of its opening match against Delhi Capitals on Sunday.

The franchise feels that the 'short run' call cost it the game. "I would request BCCI to ensure better umpiring and to ensure henceforth that technology is used to the maximum so as to ensure fairness and transparency in a game which is known to be the best leagues in the world," Wadia said in a statement on Monday.

"I feel it is unfortunate that Kings XI were the subject of poor decision-making by the umpire and this cost us the game. I do hope that BCCI implements a system and process so that the other teams do not suffer the same plight as Kings XI did yesterday.

"If technology is not there to be used for the fairness and transparency of the game and to ensure that it is equitable to all, then why use technology at all?" Wadia questioned.

IPL 2020: Controversial umpiring decision leaves Kings XI short  

Drawing reference to the other leagues and how technology is used, Wadia said: "It is exceedingly unfortunate that today with tremendous use of technology, we still do not use technology to ensure the total fairness and transparency in cricket game like several other leagues across the world including EPL, NBA, etc."

"VAR has become something which is used across the world. The game of yesterday in question between Kings XI and Delhi had two umpiring mistakes which cost KXIP the game."

Wadia feels that the first decision that went against his team "came in the first few overs of the match where a leg bye went for four and it was given as leg bye by the umpire but it was actually a wide ball."

"The second disastrous decision came at the end of the game in the last couple of overs, when a run was deemed as not being a run even though TV replays showed that it had been a run. Unfortunately these two decisions cost Kings XI the game," Wadia said.

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