RCB vs LSG Highlights, IPL 2022 Eliminator: RCB knocks LSG out with 14-run win, to face RR in Qualifier 2

LSG vs RCB Live Cricket Score, Tata IPL 2022 Eliminator: Get the IPL score updates of today's match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants from the Eden Gardens.

Updated : May 26, 2022 00:26 IST , KOLKATA

Josh Hazlewood picked two wickets off successive balls in the 19th over to put RCB on top.
Josh Hazlewood picked two wickets off successive balls in the 19th over to put RCB on top.

Josh Hazlewood picked two wickets off successive balls in the 19th over to put RCB on top.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE coverage of the IPL 2022 Eliminator between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants from the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

KL Rahul: "It's quite obvious the reasons why we didn't win the game. We let ourselves down in the field. The difference between the teams was Rajat Patidar's knock. When a player from the top ends up playing a good knock, the team ends up winning."

Royal Challengers knock out Super Giants. Terrific all-round performance from RCB. The win was set up by Rajat Patidar's maiden IPL hundred and sealed with the help of accurate death bowling by Josh Hazlewood and Harshal Patel. LSG were in the fight till the end courtesy of KL Rahul's 58-ball 79 but his dismissal in the 19th over effectively ended LSG's hopes. Hazlewood's final figures of 4-0-43-3 don't tell the whole story. His penultimate over went for just nine runs. And Harshal did what he does best to ensure RCB get a crack at reaching the final. They will now take on Rajasthan Royals in Ahmedabad on Friday. The winner will face Gujarat Titans on Sunday.


Lewis takes single first ball. Harshal bowls a wide now. Harshal to Chameera, no run. Chameera smashes the third ball for six. 16 off 3 now. 15 off 2 now. 15 off 1 now! RCB are through to the second qualifier! LSG have been knocked out.

LSG 184/6 in 19 overs: Hazlewood to bowl the 19th. Rahul on strike. He starts with a dot. He bowls a wide. Rahul can only get a single off the second legitimate ball. He bowls another wide. Another wide. The batters steal a bye next ball. GONE! Rahul is gone. He falls for a 58-ball 79! Super Giants need 28 runs in 8 balls. Krunal Pandya caught next ball! Hazlewood on a hat-trick. Chameera hits the last ball for four. 24 off 6 balls.

LSG 175/4 in 18 overs: Here's Harshal. Stoinis on strike. Harshal starts wide a wide. Harshal has lost his radar, concedes another wide and this time DK is unable to collect cleanly and the ball races away to the fence. First legitimate ball of the over is a dot. Another dot ball. GONE! Stoinis perishes next ball! Good comeback from Harshal after that wayward start. Super Giants need 35 runs in 15 balls. Evin Lewis is in next. He is off the mark with a single. Rahul kept down to a single off the fifth. Dot to finish. 33 needed off 12 balls.

LSG 167/3 in 17 overs: Hasaranga now. Just two singles off the first two balls. Rahul sweeps the third ball over fine leg for six. He collects four more next ball. 1 off the fifth ball. Meanwhile, Rahul has crossed 600 runs this season. Another 1 to finish. 41 off 18 now.

LSG 153/3 in 16 overs: Siraj for his last over. Rahul picks 1. Stoinis pinches one next ball. Dot ball now. Excellent from Siraj so far. Just 2 off the first three. Rahul smashes the fourth ball for six. Single next ball. Siraj now concedes a wide. He ends with a dot. 55 needed off 24 balls.

LSG 143/3 in 15 overs: Hello there, there's still life in the chase as Hooda greets Hasaranga with a six first ball. Dot next ball. Hooda dances down the track next ball and smashes it over long-on. GONE! Hasaranga strikes back, clean bowls Hooda next ball as he attempts a sweep. Stoinis vs Hasaranga now. He is off the mark with a six last ball. 18 off the over. Super Giants need 65 runs in 30 balls.

LSG 125/2 in 14 overs: Hazlewood. KL Rahul brings up his 50 with a six, off 43 balls. Rahul takes two next ball. Hooda's turn to amp up the scoring rate, goes big over long-on for six. 1 to finish.


LSG 108/2 in 13 overs: Shahbaz Ahmed to Rahul, 1 run. Shahbaz Ahmed to Hooda, 1 run.  Shahbaz Ahmed to Rahul, 1 run. Hooda takes two off the fourth. Hooda gets one off the penultimate ball. 1 to end the over. Only 7 off the over. Shahbaz Ahmed 4-0-35-0

LSG 102/2 in 12 overs: Harshal.  Hooda steals a leg bye first ball. Harshal bowling cutters. Rahul gets a single off the third ball. Hooda gets a single off the fourth. Rahul ducks under a slower short ball. Fantastic over. Only four from it. Super Giants need 106 runs in 48 balls.

LSG 98/2 in 11 overs: Shahbaz Ahmed to Rahul, four runs and brings up the 50 partnership. Rahul takes a single next ball. 1 to Hooda now. Rahul pinches one more off the fourth. Dot ball. Shahbaz concedes a wide. 1 to finish, 9 off it.

LSG 89/2 in 10 overs: Harshal Patel after the break. Rahul on strike. He takes a single off the second ball. Hooda was a goner if Hazlewood had hit the stumps at non-striker's end. Hasaranga , you beauty. Hooda nearly gone again as Hasaranga grabs a brilliant catch at sweeper... he has lost his balance though , so makes it a point to release the ball before making contact with the ad cushions. Just 1 run! What an effort. Rahul and Hooda collect singles off the next two balls. Rahul keeps strike with a single last ball. 5 from it. Super Giants need 119 runs in 60 balls.


LSG 84/2 in 9 overs: Hasaranga into his second. Harshal Patel is on the field but hasn't bowled yet. Very good over from the Lankan leggie, just five off this. 10 off his 2 overs so far. Super Giants need 124 runs in 66 balls.

LSG 79/2 in 8 overs: Shahbaz is back into the attack. After just four off the first four balls, Hooda goes inside out over cover for six. Three off the last ball, which included a wide. 12 off it.

LSG 67/2 in 7 overs: Wanindu Hasaranga with the ball now. Tidy start. Five singles from it. By the way, LSG's 62/2 is its second-best PowerPlay score this season.

LSG 62/2 in 6 overs: Siraj gets a third inside the first six. Rahul swivels and pulls the first ball for four. He is teeing off, is Rahul, as he pulls the next ball for six. Rahul is nearly caught at short third off the third ball. Rahul getting stuck into Siraj, launches the fourth ball over cow corner for six. They are checking for a catch off the fifth ball but Hasaranga has taken that on the volley and Rahul survives. 1 to finish with 17 off it.

LSG 45/2 in 5 overs: Hazlewood's back. Vohra greets him with a good pick up shot for four. He follows it up with a majestic drive on the rise for six over long-off. GONE! Hazlewood strikes back as Vohra falls to a sharp catch by Shahbaz at midwicket. Deepak Hooda joins Rahul. Hooda opens his account with a cover drive for four off the last ball.

LSG 31/1 in 4 overs: Shahbaz Ahmed into the attack. DK misses a stumping chance off the first ball and what's worse? It's raced away for 4 byes. Vohra survives. Next ball, he clobbers one over deep midwicket for six. Vohra takes one off the next. Three dots to finish. 11 off it.

LSG 20/1 in 3 overs: Siraj continues. Rahul collects two and one off the first two balls. Vohra, meanwhile, struggling to put the ball away for now. Siraj concedes a wide and the batters pinch a single as well. Rahul picks one off the fifth. Vohra keeps strike with a single off the last ball. 7 from the over. Super Giants need 188 runs in 102 balls.

LSG 13/1 in 2 overs: Manan Vohra is in next. Hazlewood to share the new ball. Rahul collects three off the second ball. Harshal Patel is walking off, clutching his ribs; hurt himself while trying to stop a boundary last ball. Very fine over, just five off it.

LSG 8/1 in 1 over: Siraj takes the new ball. Quinny on strike. Huge lbw appeal first ball but clearly down leg side. Not given. The batters steal a leg bye off the third ball. Rahul's off the mark with a single. Qdk plays a wristy flick for six off the fifth ball. Qdk caught next ball! What a breakthrough.

KL Rahul and Quinton de Kock to start the chase. These two had put on a double century stand in the last game. Lucknow could use that tonight. RCB players in a huddle.


An all-out Rajat Patidar show has ensured Bangalore ends on a high, smashing 84 runs in the last five overs and taking the team over the 200-run mark. Royal Challengers didn't have the best of starts and lost skipper Faf du Plessis for a golden duck in the first over. Virat Kohli played a few stylish strokes for his 24-ball 25 and stitched a half-century stand with Patidar. After a brief middle-overs struggle, where Glenn Maxwell and Mahipal Lomror fell cheaply, Patidar and Dinesh Karthik struck an alliance of 92 runs in just 41 balls. Despite the carnage, Mohsin Khan ended with figures of 4-0-25-1.


RCB 207/4 in 20 overs: Avesh to bowl the last one. A couple of runs to start the over as DK swings across the line to hammer this to long-on. FOUR! In the slot and this is drilled over the bowler's head by DK for a boundary. Slow and short outside off and Karthik misses trying to ramp this over third. Another dot ball. DK is livid with himself as he shuffles wide outside off and misses the scoop as Avesh goes even wider. FIVE WIDES! This will make him feel better as this bouncer goes awry and blazes over the keeper and runs away to the boundary for five extras. Full and Karthik only manages a single to long-on. Just one more for Patidar at long-off to end the innings. 13 runs from the last over and what a finish for RCB. They plundered 84 runs off the last 30 balls.

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RCB 194/4 in 19 overs: LBW appeal by Chameera and given out! This was a low full toss on middle, a yorker, and DK seemed to have missed it after shuffling across his stumps. He reviews it however and UltraEdge confirms there was a bit of bat involved. SIX! Low full toss again on middle and Karthik has smashed this for a massive one over deep mid-wicket.  FOUR! This is RCB's day as a good wide yorker outside off also finds itself across the boundary rope at third-man. Another low full toss and Karthik gets an inside edge on it for a  single. SIX! Patidar you beauty! Full and slow and he has smoked this over the mid-wicket fence. SIX! One more as Patidar shuffles across and laps this over the fine-leg boundary. 21 runs from this over. 71 runs from the last 24 balls. 

RCB 173/4 in 18 overs: Slow, back of a length, Patidar makes room outside off and misses. Slower one again and Patidar pulls and misses. Two crucial dots after that avalanche of runs. Dropped! Top edge, loops up high and dropped by Vohra at deep backward point. SIX! Short and this is pulled away over square leg and what a way to bring up your maiden IPL hundred, off just 49 balls. This made a cracking sound off the bat, summing up the kind of innings Patidar has played. To think that he wasn't even in the initial squad and came only as an injury replacement for Luvnith Sisodia. A couple of dots to end the over as Patidar swings and misses as Mohsin darts in more slower one.

RCB 165/4 in 17 overs: Karthik misses the lap shot first ball before slicing the next one over extra-cover for a boundary. FOUR! In the slot, and Karthik drives it past extra cover for one more boundary. Wide ball outside off after Karthik shuffles across his stumps and Avesh attemps to follow him. FOUR! Rubbing salt into the wounds. Short, pulled, top-edge and four more behind the keeper. Good wide yorker outside off and drilled to point for one. Good stop by the fielder. Low full-toss on the pads and Patidar drives it down the long-on for one more. 15 from it and 42 runs have come in the last 12 balls.

RCB 150/4 in 16 overs: Bishnoi bowls out. Full outside off and driven by Karthik for one. SIX! Short, angling down leg, and Patidar goes back and pulls this over mid-wicket for six runs. FOUR! Short again, Patidar goes deep and hammers this to deep mid-wicket, where Hooda slides and drops an easy one, and worse, lets it through for four runs. SIX! Patidar goes downtown now as this is pitched up too much. FOUR! Slapped away by Patidar between cover and mid-off. SIX! Slog-swept and this has flown over long-on.  27 runs from the over as the over sequence reads 1 6 4 6 4 6 .

RCB 123/4 in 15 overs: Mohsin comes back. One run for Patidar at long-off. Short of a length on leg-stump and tucked off his hips by DK for one more. Patidar makes it three singles in a row with a punch to long-off. Pace off, angling across outside off and Karthik bunts this straight to point for a dot. Dropped! Leading edge for Karthik as he wants to clip this on leg-side, Rahul does well to dive at mid-off to take it and then it pops out as his elbow hits the ground. Single to end.

RCB 117/4 in 14 overs: Bishnoi back for his third. OUT! Gone first ball. Googly, turning away outside off, and Lomror drives this straight to extra cover. Mahipal Lomror c KL Rahul b Ravi Bishnoi 14(9b 2x4). DK beaten first ball! Length ball stays low outside off, spinning away just that slightly. Huge appeal for LBW as DK misses this one that turns in from a length. Not given and Rahul goes up for the review. Karthick will survive as this is just clipping leg-stump and the on-field decision stands. Karthik sweeps the next one to short fine-leg. Tossed up outside off and Karthik  sweeps again behind square for one. One more for Patidar to end the over.

RCB 115/3 in 13 overs: Krunal bowls out. A couple of singles off the first two balls. Patidar goes down on one knee to slog sweep this over mid-wicket but only manages an inside-edge and hares for one. One more for Lomror at long-on. Going down leg and wide ball. FOUR! Thick outside edge for Patidar has he looks to go big on leg-side. It is just wide of short third and runs away to the boundary.

RCB 106/3 in 12 overs: Chameera with a no-ball first ball as the umpire thinks this is a full toss over the waist. KL and Krunal are not happy with the call. Good wide yorker outside off and Lomror cannot dig it out and the free-hit is a dot ball. Lomror guides the next one to third man for one. FOUR! Patidar makes room outside off and slices this low full-toss over the covers for four runs. Audacious batting! Yorker on middle and digs it out for one at long-on. FOUR! Short, angling down leg, and Lomror pulls this away to the fine-leg boundary. Hundred runs up for RCB in 11.5 overs. FOUR! Gentle and precise from Lomror as he carves this behind point for four more.

RCB 90/3 in 11 overs: Kurnal into his third over. Length ball on middle and Maxwell pulls it for one. Single for Patidar at long-on and he gets to his fifty off 28 balls. OUT! Shortish on middle, Maxwell goes back in his crease to pull this over the rope but finds deep backward square leg. Glenn Maxwell c Evin Lewis b Krunal Pandya 9(10b 1x6). Lomror starts off with a couple of runs at deep point and then a single off the next one. Patidar keeps strike with one more.

RCB 84/2 in 10 overs: Bishnoi continues. A couple of dot balls off the first two. Maxwell goes for the switch-hit off the second and misses it. He is beaten with a short of a length ball outside off next ball. Four dots now as Maxwell is now beaten with the one turning in. SIX! Tossed up on middle and Maxwell muscles this down the ground for a maximum. Hammered straight to long-off for one more and Maxwell keeps strike with that.

RCB 77/2 in 9 overs: Low full-toss outside off by Avesh and Patidar hacks it away to deep cover for one. Beaten! Short of a length, nipping in a bit and goes under Kohli's attmpted pull shot. OUT! Kohli makes room outside off premeditatedly, Avesh decks it in short and Kohli ramps this straight to third man fielder. Virat Kohli c Mohsin Khan b Avesh Khan 25(24b 2x4). Maxwell comes in next and starts off by defending one back to the bowler. Length ball outside off and Maxwell pushes this to deep cover for a single and gets off the mark. SIX! Short into the body, and Patidar has pulled this over fine-leg for six runs!

RCB 69/1 in 8 overs: Bishnoi with the ball. Length, turning into Kohli's pads and he turns it away for a single. Half-tracker down leg-side and Patidar pulls it for one more. Wide ball down leg-side. He then presses forward to clip one off his pads for two more behind square. Shorter on middle and Kohli slaps it to long-on for one more. Full outside off and Patidar swings hard but gets an inside edge and the ball dribble on leg-side for one more. Kohli punches the last one to deep mid-wicket for a couple more.

RCB 60/1 in 7 overs: Chameera returns after the PowerPlay. Full on the pads and Patidar flicks it away for a couple. Fifty-run stand up between Patidar and Kohli. Two dot balls to follow. Chameera decks it into the pitch, quick and Patidar misses as he expected a fuller delivery. Kohli dabs behind point for one to third man. FOUR! Short and Patidar swivels and pulls this imperiously to the mid-wicket boundary.

RCB 52/1 in 6 overs: Krunal continues. Kohli takes a single first ball. FOUR! In the slot and Patidar swings across the line and fetches the mid-wicket boundary. FOUR! Fuller still, in the slot again and Patidar hammers this again to the mid-wicket fence. SIX! This is slightly shorter, put still full enough for Patidar to make room and launch this over mid-off for a maximum. FOUR! And Patidar is letting them fly off his bat today. Shorter outside off and Patidar gets on top of it and pats this between cover and point for a boundary. Single to end the PowerPlay. 20 runs from it and this over has more than made up for the sluggish start.

RCB 32/1 in 5 overs: Avesh with the ball. Tucks him with a short one into the body. FOUR! Good riposte by Patidar next ball. Short outside off and Patidar slaps this over point for four runs. FOUR! Short again this is crisply pulled away to mid-wicket boundary by Patidar. Pace on, just short of a length again just outside off, and Patidar misses this time as he looks to chip it over the infield. Two more dot balls to end the over as Avesh goes slightly fuller.

RCB 24/1 in 4 overs: Krunal into the attack. Full on the pads first ball and flicked by Kohli for a single. Patidar takes a single at deep mid-wicket. Kohli tucks this short one for one more. Patidar punches the last one to deep mid-wicket for a single. Just four singles from the over.

RCB 20/1 in 3 overs: FOUR! Full outside off, Kohli drives through aerially through the covers for four more. This was just wide of a diving cover fielder. Peach next ball! Short, angling across off, and Kohli jumps to fend this off and misses. A couple more for Kohli as he slices this past point off a thickish edge. Just a single off the last three as Mohsin keeps it short of a length and on the stumps.

RCB 13/1 in 2 overs: FOUR! Full and straight and this is a classic Kohli flick off the pads for a boundary through mid-wicket. Length in the channel next ball and Kohli shoulders arms. Pushed to point for a dot and then to mid-on for a quick single. Angling into Patidar and he pushes this off the backfoot behind point. FOUR! Glorious shot by Patidar. Gets on top of the bounce to punch this towards point. The ball bounces off the ground and goes over the fielder for four runs.

RCB 3/1 in 1 over: Mohsin comes over the wicket to Kohli. Length ball on middle and Kohli defends it back. Beaten! Another length ball, going across outside off and Kohli misses poking at it. Gently tapped on the leg-side next ball. Three dots to start with. Wide ball down leg side. First run for RCB. Kohli slices this full one over the covers for three runs. This goes high into the night sky. OUT! Length again angling across, similar to the one that beat Kohli, but du Plessis has edged this to the keeper. Faf du Plessis c Quinton de Kock b Mohsin Khan 0(1b). Angling across outside off again, slower one, and beats Patidar.

Jhulan Goswami rings the bell at Eden Gardens, signalling the start of proceedings. Kohli and du Plessis are out to open the innings for RCB. The last time Kohli played an IPL at Eden, he smashed an unbeaten 58-ball 100. Can he repeat some, if not all, of that brilliance today? Mohsin with the ball.


Lucknow Super Giants: Quinton de Kock (wk), KL Rahul (c), Evin Lewis, Deepak Hooda, Krunal Pandya, Manan Vohra, Marcus Stoinis, Mohsin Khan, Avesh Khan, Dushmantha Chameera , Ravi Bishnoi.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Faf du Plessis (c), Virat Kohli, Rajat Patidar, Glenn Maxwell, Mahipal Lomror, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Shahbaz Ahmed, Wanindu Hasaranga, Harshal Patel, Josh Hazlewood, Mohammed Siraj.

TOSS: Lucknow Super Giants wins the toss and elects to bowl. Jason Holder, K Gowtham miss out and in come Dushmantha Chameera and Krunal Pandya. Mohammed Siraj is back in the Royal Challengers Bangalore playing XI in place of Siddarth Kaul.

19:43 IST: Toss is scheduled for 7:55 PM IST and the first ball will be bowled at 8:10 PM IST. We will have a full 20-over contest with no overs reduced. Good news coming from the middle.

19:30 IST: The covers are coming off at Eden Gardens. The match could start soon.

Playing conditions: The match can start as late as 9:40 PM IST without a reduction in overs. A five-over contest can start as late as 11:56 PM IST. In case that is also not possible, a Super Over can take place as late as 12:50 AM IST. If no play at all is possible, Lucknow Super Giants will go through to Qualifier 2 based on league standings.

19:00 IST: The covers are coming on at the Eden Gardens. There seems to be a strong gust of wind at the venue too. The toss has been delayed due to a drizzle.







Lucknow Super Giants has emerged as a force in its debut season in the Indian Premier League and will be keen to carry the momentum when it faces Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Eliminator at the Eden Gardens here on Wednesday.

Super Giants, who narrowly missed out on a Qualifier 1 berth, will be eager to achieve the twin targets of avenging its defeat to Royal Challengers in the group stage and staying alive in the tournament.

Guided by mentor Gautam Gambhir and coach Andy Flower, Super Giants has used its trademark aggression to notch up some sensational wins.

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Captain K.L. Rahul, who is second on the scorers list with 537 runs (including two hundreds), and Quinton de Kock, who blasted a breathtaking unbeaten 140 in the last match, are in super touch. Deepak Hooda is an asset, while all-rounders Krunal Pandya and Marcus Stoinis are known for making valuable contributions.

The Super Giants attack — comprising Avesh Khan (17 wickets), Jason Holder, Mohsin Khan and Ravi Bishnoi — has the potential to disturb any batting order.

Royal Challengers, who made it to the playoffs for the third consecutive season after Mumbai Indians ousted Delhi Capitals, were troubled by inconsistency in the middle phase. Nevertheless, they have the potential to beat the best.

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While skipper Faf du Plessis (443 runs) has gathered the majority of RCB’s runs, Virat Kohli has contributed 309 in a subdued season. Dinesh Karthik has impressed with his magnificent re-emergence as a finisher.

Glenn Maxwell and Shahbaz Ahmed’s all-round skills give the team flexibility.

Sri Lankan spinner Wanindu Hasaranga (overall second with 24 scalps) has served Royal Challengers well. Pacers Harshal Patel (18 wickets) and Josh Hazelwood (15) have shone brightly even as Mohammed Siraj has impressed occasionally.

Royal Challengers will try to make the most of its lucky break in order to finish the season on a high.



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