RCB vs MI Highlights, IPL 2022: Bangalore thrashes Mumbai by seven wickets for third straight win

MI vs RCB Live IPL Score, Tata IPL 2022 Match 18: Get the live score updates of today's IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Updated : Apr 09, 2022 23:29 IST , PUNE

Anuj Rawat of Royal Challengers Bangalore raises his bat after scoring 50 runs.
Anuj Rawat of Royal Challengers Bangalore raises his bat after scoring 50 runs.

Anuj Rawat of Royal Challengers Bangalore raises his bat after scoring 50 runs.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's Highlights of the IPL 2022 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians from the MCA Stadium in Pune.



RCB 152/3 in 18.3 overs: Brevis raps Kohli in front off his first ball in the IPL. Given out but Kohli reviews straightaway. Kohli strode forward to defend and it spun away from a leg stump line. Virat Kohli lbw b Dewald Brevis 48(36b 5x4 0x6). FOUR! Glenn Maxwell reverse-sweeps first ball to the boundary behind point. FOUR! Maxwell finishes off in style with another boundary. He cuts off the backfoot and gets it past point. Bangalore wins by seven wickets and nine balls to spare.

RCB 144/2 in 18 overs: Kohli starts off with a couple as he hangs back and cuts Bumrah to point. An overthrow allows them a second as Tilak Varma does well at point but throws wildly trying to get a shy at the stumps. Karthik on strike strike. He gets an inside edge that runs away behind the stumps and just one. Slower bouncer to Kohli who leans back and misses the ramp. Kohli flicks on leg side, the ball remains inside the inner circle but Kohli still runs a couple and another overthrow allows him to collect three. He moves to 48 off 35 with that. SIX! Karthik pulls this short one that rices to midriff over the rope at deep mid wicket.

RCB 131/2 in 17 overs: Unadkat bowls out. SIX! Rawat steps out and pulled over mid wicket for another maximum. Good yorker next ball and Rawat misses the flick. LBW appeal turned down and Rohit reviews. No bat involved and the ball is pitching outside leg. Mumbai loses the review. Kohli swings and misses as Unadkat gets the ball to shape in after pitching on a fourth stump line. Kohli hacks across the line to long on and comes back for the second. A direct hit at the non-striker's end finds Rawat short of his crease and he has to walk. Anuj Rawat run out (Ramandeep Singh) 66(47b 2x4 6x6). DK comes in but Kohli keeps strike with a single.

RCB 122/1 in 16 overs: Pollard into the attack. Kohli cuts the first one fiercely but the man in the deep cuts it to keep it to a single. Rawat steps out and and drags this from wide outside off to long on for one more. Kohli takes one more. Wide ball outside off and Pollard has to reload that one. Slower one outside off and Rawat misses trying to heave on leg side. SIX! Good length on middle, comes at a comfortable bounce with Pollard's gentle pace and Rawat pulls it over square leg for a maximum. He keeps strike with a single.


RCB 111/1 in 15 overs: FOUR! Thampi bowls out. Kohli pulls in front of square, straight to Brevis in the deep, who drops the catch and lets through a boundary. Couple more for Kohli next ball. Kohli misses the pull and the ball misses the bottom edge and brushes off the thigh pad and to the keeper. Driven to deep mid wicket for a single. Two singles to end the over.


RCB 102/1 in 14 overs: Single for Rawat and he brings up his fifty off 38 balls. One more for Kohli next ball. Rawat steers this yorker length delivery to third man for one more. FOUR! Short outside off by Bumrah and Kohli brings out his pull to find the boundary at deep mid wicket. Good bouncer next ball. Kohli flicks to fine leg as Bumrah drifts down leg and three runs to end the over. Good dive in the deep saves one run.

RCB 92/1 in 13 overs: Unadkat to Kohli. He steps out and guides the ball on the off for a couple. A single next ball with a flick off his toes. Rawat returns strike after tapping on the off for a single. Kohli is offered room outside off and he drives it through the covers for one more. Slower short one slanting across to Rawat and he leans back and misses the ramp. He jams his bat to his yorker outside off and takes a quick single to end the over.

RCB 86/1 in 12 overs: FOUR! Full on leg and Kohli flicks Thampi to the square leg fence with disdain. Slower one on a good length on off and Kohli hangs back and flat-bats along the ground on leg side. Good bouncer and Kohli steps out and misses the pull. Good length again on middle and Kohli taps it back to Thampi. SIX! Rawat with wrists of steel. Too full on the legs and Rawat flicks it over deep square leg. FOUR! Rawat slashes outside off and gets it behind point for another boundary.

RCB 71/1 in 11 overs: FOUR! Rawat takes a forward stride and drives down the ground, over the bowler and to the boundary. Single for Rawat at deep square leg. FOUR! Tossed up by Ashwin on middle and Kohli stays leg side of the ball and pierces the gap at deep mid wicket.

RCB 61/1 in 10 overs: Kohli hares for one after gently tapping to point. Pollard slants across a slower one to Rawat, who misses trying to guide it to third man. Single next ball to deep square leg. FOUR! Kohli steps out and cuts it crisply through the covers for his first boundary. Dabbed to short third for one run. Rawat steps out this time thumps this fullish delivery to long on for one more and keeps strike.

RCB 53/1 in 9 overs: OUT! du Plessis lofts to the man straight at deep mid wicket. Faf du Plessis c Suryakumar Yadav b Jaydev Unadkat 16(24b 1x4 0x6). Virat Kohli is in next. Starts off with two dots. He flicks to fine leg for one and opens his account. Rawat taps on the off for one more. Single to end the over and Kohli keeps strike.

RCB 50/0 in 8 overs: Pollard with the ball after the Timeout. RCB needs to go at 8.23 runs an over. Good length outside off and du Plessis pulls in front of square for a single. Rawat chops to short third and the batters take a risky single. Jags into du Plessis and he dabs to short third for one more. Rawat taps through square leg for a single. A dot and single to end the over. That brings up the fifty for RCB in 8 overs.

RCB 45/0 in 7 overs: Ashwin will continue. SIX! Full-toss on leg and Rawat slog sweeps it over deep square leg. Thumped down the ground for a single. FOUR! Full on off-stump and du Plessis makes room and drives through the covers for a boundary. Better length on middle and du Plessis flicks it to square leg for one. Spinning away from Rawat and called wide outside off. Dot to end.

RCB 30/0 in 6 overs: Rawat steps out to Bumrah and flays this good length ball that slants across between mid off and cover for a couple of runs. Yorker next ball and Rawat digs it out to mid on for a dot ball. Good length ball on leg stump moves away off the seam and beats Rawat's outside edge. Fuller and straighter and defended back. A single off an inside edge to square leg. Full on off and du Plessis slices it straight behind point. Just three runs from the over.

RCB 27/0 in 5 overs: Murugan Ashwin into the attack. Tossed up on middle to Rawat and he flicks it on leg for a single. Du Plessis is biding his time at the crease and his happy to defend a couple of balls. Another tossed up delivery on leg stump and du Plessis thumps it back to the bowler. Three dots now. Turns it into du Plessis this time, who goes back into his crease and misses trying to whip it off his pads. Another dot to end and just one run off the over.

RCB 26/0 in 4 overs: Thampi returns. Starts off with a wide down leg. Length on middle and leg and du Plessis turns it down behind square for one. Two dot balls as Rawat thumps one straight to mid off and then gets an inside edge onto his pad. Three singles to end the over.

RCB 21/0 in 3 overs: Bumrah replaces Thampi. Searing yorker to du Plessis first ball and he flicks it to mid wicket for one. A couple for Rawat with a flick on leg side. One leg-bye as Rawat misses the flick on this length ball on leg stump. Low full-toss and du Plessis flicks it to mid one for one more. Good length again on leg stump, Rawat tries to tuck it off his hips and collects another leg-bye. Angling into leg and du Plessis whips it behind square for a single and keeps strike.

RCB 14/0 in 2 overs: Unadkat from the other end. Over the wicket to du Plessis. He gets the ball to shape in and du Plessis pushes to short mid off and hares for one. Length on leg stump and Rawat misses the flick as the ball thuds into his thigh pad. Shapes this away a bit from Rawat, who taps it to point. SIX! Rawat comes down the track and pummels this half-tracker outside off over the rope at long off. SIX! One more for Rawat who steps out again and lifts this over long on this time for a second six in two balls. Taps behind point for a dot.

RCB 1/0 in 1 over: A little bit of swing on offer as Thampi opens the bowling. Swing and a miss from du Plessis as the second delivery shapes away from him. He tucks a delivery going down leg for a single at fine leg to open his account. Just the one run from the over.

Amol Karhadkar - our reporter on the ground - says 20024 spectators are in attendance at the MCA Stadium in Pune.



MI 151/6 in 20 overs: Harshal to bowl the last over. A slower one outside off, low full-toss and Unadkat swings and misses. A short one this time and Unadkat misses trying to pull and DK collects the ball behind. He has taken off a glove to prevent the single. Unadkat thumps the ball down the ground for a single and Surya is back on strike. He shuffles across outside off looking to scoop the ball behind but misses. A fuller one this time just outside off and Surya misses trying to sweep it. Just one run so far in five balls. SIX! Full-toss outside off and Surya smashes it for a maximum over deep mid wicket.

MI 144/6 in 19 overs: SIX! Suryakumar flays this good length ball outside off over the covers and the ball sails over the ropes. Siraj continues to have a rough day. A couple more for Surya and to add to Siraj's agony it is a no-ball and Surya will face a free-hit. A wide and full one outside off and Surya doesn't connect and instead guides it back to the bowler. Flicked away on leg side next ball for one and Suryakumar Yadav brings up his fifty off 32 balls. Unadkat pulls and gets a top edge behind the keeper for one. SIX! Full on the legs to Surya and he flicks it over deep mid wicket for another maximum. SIX! Full outside off and this time Surya slices it for six runs at third man.

MI 121/7 in 18 overs: Harshal with the ball. Low full-toss and Surya misses it and it hits him full on the chest. Harshal appeals for LBW but turned down. The review confirms it was hitting top of leg but it is umpire's call. Surya survives. Perfect yorker next ball and Surya fends it back to the bowler. FOUR! Surya slashes hard outside off and it runs away off the outside edge to the boundary behind point. Strays down leg this time and Surya whips it to fine leg and Akash does well in the deep to keep it to a single. FOUR! Just short of a yorker, in the slot and Unadkat lifts this over the infield and finds the boundary at long off. A couple to end the over.

MI 108/6 in 17 overs: Hasaranga replaces Shahbaz. A quicker googly turning into Surya, who backs outside leg and steers straight to point. Single next ball for Surya as he flicks to long on. Hundred up for MI in 16.2 overs. Unadkat cuts this googly behind point for a single. SIX! Cracking shot as Surya kneels down and slog sweeps this over mid wicket for a maximum.

MI 99/6 in 16 overs: FOUR! Good length outside off and Surya pulls it to third deep mid wicket fence for one more boundary. Good yorker from Siraj and Surya digs it out for a single at long on. Short again and Unadkat pulls and the ball lobs and lands safely in the deep mid wicket region. Just a couple. Two dots to end the over.

MI 92/6 in 15 overs: Shahbaz continues. Unadkat gets off the mark with a single behind point. SIX! Surya cuts loose as he steps down the track, makes room on the off and goes inside out for a maximum over sweeper cover. Straight by Shahbaz next ball and shorter, Surya taps it back. FOUR! Loose ball down leg and Surya sweeps it behind for another boundary. Single and Surya keeps strike.

MI 80/6 in 14 overs: Harshal returns. A couple for Ramandeep off the first ball as he pushes on the off side. OUT! A slower one outside off that Ramandeep tried to guide behind point with an open face but ended up getting a feather edge on it that just about carries to DK behind the stumps. Ramandeep Singh c Dinesh Karthik b Harshal Patel 6(12b 0x4 0x6). Unadkat is the next man in. He finds a thick outside edge first ball that flies to third man for a single. Harshal ends the over with another slower one that is dug in short. Surya leans back, gets low and looks to ramp it to the third man fence but ends up lobbing it just short of point.

MI 77/5 in 13 overs: Shahbaz Ahmed into the attack. Single for Ramandeep first ball. Two dots to follow as he keeps it on a tight line on off side. Strays on the legs and Surya collect one at mid wicket. A bit of room outside off and Ramandeep thumps it to long off for one more. FOUR! A quicker one that turns into Surya, who backs out on leg side and slaps through point and cover and Siraj fumbles in the deep to allow a boundary off the last ball.

MI 70/5 in 12 overs: Akash Deep bowls out. Veers into Surya from a good length outside off and he steers it to third man for one. Two dot balls to Ramandeep. Another good length ball very close to off stump and Ramandeep taps it back. A gentle dab to third for one more. FOUR! Suryakumar unleashes an aerial drive through the covers and finally a boundary for Mumbai.

MI 64/5 in 11 overs: OUT! Hasaranga traps Pollard in front and given by the umpire. Pollard reviews. Gone. Googly again, Pollard cannot read the ball that spins in and raps him just above the knee roll. Kieron Pollard lbw b Wanindu Hasaranga 0(1b 0x4 0x6). Debutant Ramandeep Singh is in. Googly again and he goes deep inside the crease to defend. Outside off next ball and he presses forward to defend again. Fuller on the leg and he pushes past mid on for his first run. One more for Surya to end the over.

MI 62/4 in 10 overs: Akash bowls his third. Slants it across to Kishan, bowls it quick and short of a length and beats Kishan. OUT! Short again and angling across outside off. Ishan leans back and looks to ramp it over third man but the fielder runs in from deep backward point and takes a fine catch in the deep. Ishan Kishan c Mohammed Siraj b Akash Deep 26(28b 3x4 0x6). Tilak Varma is in. Two dots to start with. OUT! Tilak taps on the off and wants a quick single but Maxwell hits bull's eye at the non-striker's end to send the youngster back for a duck. Tilak Varma run out (Glenn Maxwell) 0(3b 0x4 0x6). Suryakumar is beaten outside off as Akash darts it on a good length off. Surya hops on his toes to hit it behind point but misses due to extra bounce. Maiden over for Akash Deep.

MI 62/2 in 9 overs: Hasaranga returns. Over-pitched googly first ball and Brevis flicks it behind for a single. One more for Kishan next ball. OUT! Googly again, a bit quicker, and raps Brevis on the pads in front as he goes back inside his crease. Dewald Brevis lbw b Wanindu Hasaranga 8(11b 1x4 0x6). Suryakumar Yadav in to bat in his 200th T20 match. He gets off the mark first ball with a single through the covers. Full on middle and Kishan flicks for one more. Good length on middle and Surya hangs back and taps back and Hasaranga dives to his right to keep it to a dot.

MI 58/1 in 8 overs: FOUR! Akash bowls it on a good length outside off and Brevis gets a thick outside edge trying to swipe and it falls just short of the man at slip before running away to the rope. Two singles off the next two balls. Brevis back on strike and is beaten outside off side off consecutive deliveries. Another good length ball outside off and Brevis slaps it over point for a single and keep strike.

MI 51/1 in 7 overs: Harshal into the attack. Comes round the wicket to Kishan. He flicks the first one for a single. OUT! Slower one by Harshal on fourth stump line and Rohit gets a leading trying to turn it away on leg. Rohit Sharma c & b Harshal Patel 25(15b 4x4 1x6). Brevis is in at three. Two dot balls to start with. Slower yorker and Brevis taps it short mid on. Length ball outside off and Brevis cuts for a single and keeps strike.

MI 49/0 in 6 overs: Akash Deep to bowl the final over of the PowerPlay. Angles it across to Kishan outside off and beats him with extra bounce. Slightly fuller on a similar line and Kishan swings and misses. Wide outside off again and Kishan slaps it between cover and point for one. Third man and fine leg up. Akash strays on Rohit's pads and he flicks it straight to short third. Rohit drives through point and cover for a single. FOUR! Pitched full outside off and Rohit leans into the aerial drive over covers. 49 for no loss at the end of the PowerPlay.

MI 42/0 in 5 overs: Hasaranga into the attack in the PowerPlay. FOUR! Googly first ball, pitched too full and Kishan rocks back in his crease and pulls it to the square leg boundary. FOUR! Too full again, outside off and Kishan hammers it down the ground for another four. Kishan takes one at long-on. FOUR! Rohit takes a big stride forward, gets down on one knee and sweeps to the square leg fence. Mumbai finally off to a good start.

MI 29/0 in 4 overs: Siraj will continue. Three runs for Kishan off the second ball through mid wicket. SIX! Rohit skips down the wicket and muscles this length delivery over the fence at mid wicket. On the pads and flicked away through mid wicket for a couple. FOUR! Low full-toss and Rohit crisply flicks to scythe the mid wicket region and find the gap in the deep this time. Slower one and this is angling down leg and wide called. 16 runs off the over so far. Dot to end.

MI 13/0 in 3 overs: Willey continues. Offers room outside off and Kishan dabs it to third man for a couple. FOUR! Short of length and Kishan pulls it along the ground and the ball runs away through mid wicket and to the boundary. Fuller and on the pads and Kishan taps it back. Cut away again behind point by Kishan but this time straight to short third and it is a dot. Kishan heaves this one over the infield on off but there is no timing on it and just one. Beaten! Willey slants it across to Rohit who prods outside off and is beaten.

MI 6/0 in 2 overs: Siraj from the other end. Slants it across to Kishan and beats his outside edge on the drive. Beaten again outside off with some extra bounce. Closer to off stump this time and Kishan cuts straight to point for another dot ball.Siraj strays into the pads and Kishan whips it to fine leg for a single. FOUR! Deft and delicate by Rohit! He just gently pushes this over-pitched ball on middle past mid on. Dot to end.

MI 1/0 in 1 over: Willey to Kishan from over the wicket. Pitched up on off first ball and Kishan shoulders arms. A bit of swing straightaway. Beaten! Pronounced swing away and beats Kishan's outside egde. Another dot ball follows and it is three in a row. Single for Kishan as he drives it through cover. Rohit leaves this one which comes in from a length. Another dot to end the over.

The players have spilled onto the field. Ishan Kishan and Rohit Sharma are in the middle to open the innings for Mumbai Indians. David Willey has the new ball.

19:20 IST: We are minutes away from live action. Stay tuned!


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Ishan Kishan (wk), Dewald Brevis, Suryakumar Yadav, Tilak Varma, Kieron Pollard, Ramandeep Singh, Murugan Ashwin, Jaydev Unadkat, Jasprit Bumrah, Basil Thampi.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Faf du Plessis (c), Anuj Rawat, Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, Shahbaz Ahmed, Dinesh Karthik (wk), David Willey, Wanindu Hasaranga, Harshal Patel, Akash Deep, Mohammed Siraj.

TOSS: RCB won the toss and elected to bowl.


Kolkata Knight Riders beat Mumbai Indians by five wickets (April 04, 2022)

Gujarat Titans beat Delhi Capitals by 14 runs (April 02, 2022)

Rajasthan Royals beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 61 runs (March 29, 2022)





RCB won by 54 runs (September 26, 2021)

RCB won by two wickets (April 09, 2021)

MI won by five wickets (October 28, 2020)

RCB won in Super Over (September 28, 2020)

MI won by five wickets (April 15, 2019)


It’s a new-look squad, but the same old story at the start of an Indian Premier League season.

Mumbai Indians is yet again off to a slow start. The team hasn’t yet appeared to be a potent force, and it will be interesting to see if Rohit Sharma’s boys can open their account against a recharged Royal Challengers Bangalore on Saturday night.

Three nights after being hit hard by Pat Cummins’ hurricane, Mumbai Indians will return to the Maharashtra Cricket Association’s International Stadium. The MI bowling unit, with Jasprit Bumrah as its lone flag-bearer, will be hoping not to let Dinesh Karthik repeat his heroics that consigned Rajasthan Royals to its first defeat earlier this week.

Karthik and Shahbaz Ahmed aren’t the only concerns for MI bowlers. Glenn Maxwell, who is set to make his maiden appearance this season, will be gunning to tee off in style. Virat Kohli, too, will be eager to stamp his authority against a side led by Rohit Sharma, his successor as India’s captain across formats.

While the Royal Challengers don’t have too many gaps to fill, Mumbai Indians looks far from a settled unit. No wonder then that in his pep-talk to the team after Wednesday’s loss, Rohit used the term “desperation” multiple times.

With a team that is still searching for its best combination, especially in the batting department, the onus will be on Rohit, Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav to play a blinder and see the team through. All these seasoned professionals realise that despite having qualified for the Playoffs after suffering five losses in a row at the start in 2014, with a rejigged combination and a new format, time indeed is running out for the five-time champion.



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