2018 World Cup Quiz - Round 4

France's Kylian Mbappe. Photo: AFP

1.While Eric Dier famously scored the historic last penalty kick to take England through to the quarterfinals, he wasn’t their original choice. Who was supposed to take it?
2.The teen sensation Kylian Mbappe scored two goals against Argentina to take France through to the quarterfinals. Who was the last teenager before Mbappe to score more than one goal in a World Cup match?
3.World Cup history was made in the Russia-Spain match as the fourth substitute rule was applied for the first time. Who replaced Daler Kuzyaev in the 97th minute?
4.Uruguay has now won their opening four matches at the 2018 World Cup with wins over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt, and Portugal. When did Uruguay last achieve a similar feat at the World Cup?
5.Brazil comfortably defeated Mexico 2-0 to reach the quarterfinals with goals from Neymar and Roberto Firmino. When was the last time Brazil failed to make the final 8?
6.Adidas and FIFA decided to use a different red-panelled ball, named the Telstar Mechta (the one used in group stages was the black-panelled Telstar 18), for the knockout stages of the World Cup. Why the change in colour?
7.The pre-quarterfinal against Switzerland was Sweden’s 50th match at the World Cup. Which other team, along with Sweden, has played 50+ matches at the World Cup and has not yet won it?
8.An appropriate one to close this round – when the much-lauded Japanese team cleaned up their dressing room following their heartbreaking loss against Belgium, the only thing they left behind was a note that said ‘спасибо’. What does ‘спасибо’ mean?