2018 World Cup quiz - Round 3

Brazil head coach Tite believes Neymar has returned to his best form as the five-time champion prepares to take on Mexico in the last 16.

1. What record did the Mexican Jesus Gallardo set during their match against Sweden?

2. With Germany’s elimination from the World Cup, the recent trend of the previous edition’s winners not being successful the following edition continued. So, which was the last team to reach a World Cup final following a win in the previous edition?

3. Continuing on the German elimination theme, when was the last time Germany finished below the top 8 in a World Cup?

4. Ahead of their final group game against Serbia, what did The Sir Walter Pub, a bar in Rio Di Janeiro, decide to offer its patrons if a particular event took place?

5. What radical move did former Swedish international Anders Svenson claim he would do if Mexico eliminated Sweden from the World Cup by beating them in their match?

6. With Senegal’s elimination, none of the five African teams qualified for the pre-quarterfinal stage. When was the last time this happened in a World cup?

7. What unusual decision did the 23-year old Iranian footballer Sardar Azmoun, nicknamed the ‘Iranian Messi’, decide to take post their elimination from the World Cup after seeing his mother’s health deteriorate due to constant criticism?

8. A simple one to round off, at the end of the group stages which team scored the maximum number of goals?

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