ISL 2021-22 Highlights KBFC 2-2 ATKMB: Kauko's stoppage time goal holds Kerala Blasters to a draw

ISL 2021-22, KBFC vs ATKMB Highlights: Get the Indian super league updates between Kerala Blasters and ATK Mohun Bagan from the Tilak Stadium in Goa.

Joni Kauko scored an equaliser in stoppage time to make it all square and helping ATK Mohun Bagan avoid a defeat against Kerala Blasters.   -  FOCUS SPORTS / ISL

Welcome to Sportstar's highlights of this evening's Kerala Blasters vs ATK Mohun Bagan Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) clash being played at the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Goa.

This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the pre-match buildup minute-by-minute updates of this high-voltage clash. Thanks for tuning in and take very good care of yourselves.

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Match Report: ISL 2021-22: Kauko's last minute goal holds Blasters to a 2-2 draw

Full Time

Kerala Blasters 2-2 ATK Mohun Bagan

90+7' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Joni Kauko scores a gorgous goal in the last seconds of the match, which after a deflection og Gill's gloves gets into the net to make it 2-2


90+5' Chance! ATKMB attack on the counter with Roy Krishna makes a run and his cross, first blocked is received by Kiyan, who goes for goal, but the KBFC defence had tracked back and teh ball is cleared away from in front of the goal

90+3' Red Card! Prabir Das is sent off after a rash challenge in front of the box. He had just come on shortly

90+2' Off the Post! Vazquez makes a run along the right and passes to Vincy in the box. Vincy goes for goal, but is denied by the woodwork

90+1' Manvir receives the cross in front of the goal, but fails to launch a shot and action on the other end

90' Chance! Manvir makes a run into the KBFC box and shoots, which is saved by Gill, but the resulting ball falls for Kiyan, but his cleared for a corner. The corner that follows has Jhinghan missing the target and the ball is eventually cleared.

88' Vazquez takes the KBFC free kick from the midfield, but it is too high and the score remains 2-1 i favour of Ivan Vukomanovic's men

87' Substitution for ATKMB! In: Prabir Das, Out: Pritam Kotal

86' Boumous tries to give a long ball from distance into the box, but ends up hitting it too strongly as the ball flies over the goal off-target

84' Double Substitution for KBFC! In: Enes Sipovic, the goalscorer in KBFC's last match Out: Jose Pereyra Diaz, who is booked for delaying his departure from the field

83' Substitution for ATK Mohun Bagan! In: Kiyan Nassiri, Out: Lenny Rodrigues

81' The last time KBFC beat ATK Mohun Bagan, COVID-19 was not into existence. This time, if the score line remains as this, it will be the first win for the men in yellow after four matches

79' Substitution for KBFC! In: Prashanth, Out: Sahal Samad

78' As the match resumes after the break, the Mariners look vindictive and quick as they look for an equaliser as soon as possible.

76' Time for a cooling break!

75' Another off-side! This time Boumous makes a run along the left, to exploit the free spaces, but the linesman had the flag raised

73' Off-side! Roy Krishna makes a run along the right after the midfield delivers a long ball along the flank, but the Fijian was already off-side

72' Substitution for ATKMB! In: Roy Krishna, Out: Carl McHugh

68' Free Kick! Sahal tries to contain the wing runs of ATK Mohun Bagan, but ends up awarding a free kick

64' GOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! Luna scores from the edge of the box with a gorgeous right-footed curler to give KBFC the lead. This time too, the goalkeeper was a mere spectator


63' Chance! Diaz makes a run behind the defender and receives the through ball very well. However, he fails to finish yet again as Amrinder stops initially and the shot the second time is off target

62' Kerala Blasters gets a corner on the other end and this time Manvir heads the ball out of the box. But it falls in for Sahal, whose shot is off target

60' Meanwhile, Manvir gets the ball in the final third and beats Khabra, but his left footed shot lacks force as Gill stops it easily

60' Boumous tries to make a run along the left flank, but the veteran Indian Khabra is there to clear the ball away

56' Yellow Card! Bookings for Puitea for the foul and to Kauko for the extensive protest.

56' Kauko to make a run with the ball as Puitea and Jeakson fail to stop him. But the referee stops play and the ATKMB midfielder is furious that an advantage was not played

54' Bijoy tries to get to the ball at the same time as Manvir and both get injured in the process.

53' KBFC tries to attack through set pieces as Khabra takes the free kick and Diaz rushes to get to the ball. He meets the ball, but his header is off-target

51' Foul! Boumous goes down after a soft challenge on him by Luna as the ATKMB forward tries to get the midfielder into the book. But the referee lets him off after a warning

50' Colaco's corner kick is headed in by Kauko, but it is off target as the score remains locked at 1-1

49' Chance! Diaz gets the ball in the midfield and makes a run, beating the Tiri, but his shot in the final third lacks force as the goalkeeper, Amrinder Singh stops the ball

46' Ferrando has decided to switch to a 4-2-2-2 formation from a 4-2-3-1 that he started with as ATK Mohun Bagan looks for the winning goal, something it has managed to find in their last three meetings

Second Half Begins!

The goal scorer in the first half, David Williams is replaced by Hugo Boumous as Ferrando looks to change the shape of his teams in the second half. No changes for Vukomanovic on the other hand.


Kerala Blasters 1-1 ATK Mohun Bagan

A quickfire counter attacking goal by David Williams following Adrian Luna's opening goal from the free kick keeps the scores locked at 1-1 midway in this tight ISL fixture.

45+2' Chance! Diaz gets the ball off a long ball from the midfield and passes it for Vazquez, who tries to find the top corner with a curler, but the ball does not dip that much

44' The last time the two sides had a 1-1 draw, it was January 2019. Since then, there have been three more matches and ATK Mohun Bagan has won all of them.

42' David Williams gives a through ball along the flanks, but Kotal fails to get to it as the ball goes out for a goal kick

41' Free Kick! ATKMB gets a free kick in front of the penalty box, which Colaco takes and beats the wall, but Gill pounces and catches it comfortably

38' Shot! Puitea gets the ball from Khabra and hits a left-footed curler, which hits the woodwork after a touch off Amrinder as KBFC gets another corner kick . This kick has Leskovic ruled offside and the attack fizzles out eventually

37' Injury Scare! Kauko bumps into Leskovic as the KBFC defender is down on the ground, being attended by his team's medical team, and he eventually gets back to his feet

35' Yellow Card! Marko Leskovic gets the first yellow card of the match for arguing with the referee for a potential offside decision, which is finally resolved by Luna as the match resumes again

34' Save! Liston makes a solo run, beats the KBFC defence and goes for goal, but Gill makes a key save

33' As the match resumes after the break, it is KBFC back in attack and in its despair to close the flanks, ends up fouling David Williams

31' Time for a cooling break!

30' Diaz makes a run along the left and passes the ball to Sandeep, whose cross is cleared for a corner by Jhinghan

28' Free Kick! Liston and Subhasish get together and Colaco takes the shot, which hits the wall and the attack is put to bed

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24' The corner that follows has Luna's ball in, but neither Bijoy or Khabra is successful to launch a shot and eventually, Williams clears the ball away for ATK Mohun Bagan

23' Save! Luna looks to Diaz and gives a long ball to him, who make sa solo run and goes for goal with a beautiful curler, but Amrinder makes a fingertip save

21' Save! Jeakson tries to give a long ball to Sahal, who was making a run into the final third, but Amrinder heads the ball away and McHugh clears the ball to the other end, where Manvir makes a run along the right and shoots with his right foot, but Gill makes a good save.

18' KBFC tries to stitch small passes, but the ATKMB defence breaks the attack down as the Men in yellow are forced to start again from the back.

16' KBFC goes on the attack this time, but Khabra's cross is stopped by Subhasish and then Sandeep gets the ball back into the KBFC box, but eventually the ball is cleared away as Colaco makes a run on the other end.

15' Shot! Kauko, Manvir and Colaco form a cluster in front of the KBFC box as Colaco passes to Lenny, who goes for goal with his right foot, but the ball flies over the goal

8' GOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLL!!!! KBFC is punished on the break after the goal and David Williams exploits the lack of movement to make it all square for ATKMB


7' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLL!!!! Luna scores from the free kick to put KBFC in front. The ATKMB defence and the goalkeeper were all beaten and KBFC is in front!


6' Foul! Carl McHugh brings down Sahal as KBFC gets a free kick from a dangerous position.

4' KBFC trying to build an attack from the back as the Mariners keep the flanks and midfield well marked.

2' Chance! ATKMB gets space in the final third and Williams makes a run after the through ball gets to him and passes the ball to Kauko, but Kauko fails to shoot as Luna tracks back to clear the danger for KBFC

7:30: Kick Off!

The action begins! Juan Ferrando's side is strengthened with the return of McHugh and Jhinghan as Kauko holds the midfield strongly.

7:25 pm: The players of both the teams are out on the field and have taken their positions for the National Anthem of India, after which the contest will begin right away. Kerala Blasters is in yellow and blue, while ATK Mohun Bagan is in white.

7:15 pm: STAT - Kerala Blasters has not been able to beat ATK Mohun Bagan in its last three meetings, conceding eight goals and it has managed to secure only one clean sheet in the process, which came in November 2020.

7:00 pm: The last time the two sides met, the match ended with the Mariners walking back home with three points in the first game of this season. In case you missed it we've got you covered.

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6:45 pm: What are the coaches saying?

Ivan Vukomanovic, Head Coach, Kerala Blasters: "The loss (against ATK Mohun Bagan) feels like it happened three years ago because of what we have achieved so far. It happened a long time ago, and since then many things have changed in our camp."

"We are now at the final line of the race, it is now about how the teams will respond and enter the fight in what mentality because we have good teams fighting for the points to reach the top. I hope on Saturday, we have a good game because now the players are motivated to show that against one very good team."

Juan Ferrando, Head Coach, ATK Mohun Bagan: "To be honest, I am thinking about winning the games and never about the record. We want to win the league then it’s necessary to win all the games."

"It’s necessary to win and it’s the same against Kerala Blasters FC. They are more or less in the same position as us. They have a great opportunity to win the league and to be in the playoffs. The game is maybe one final."

"Every game is different. Of course our plan will be different against Kerala Blasters FC. It’s a different game, we need to change some details of the plan."

6:32 pm: Confirmed Line-ups are out!

Kerala Blasters Starting XI: Prabhsukhan Gill (GK), Marko Leskovic, Sandeep Singh, Harmanjot Khabra, Bijoy V, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Sahal Samad, Adrian Luna (C), Jeakson Singh, Jorge Diaz, Alvaro Vazquez.

ATK Mohun Bagan Starting XI: Amrinder Singh (GK), Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Subhasish Bose, Pritam Kotal (C), Carl McHugh, Lenny Rodrigues, Joni Kauko, Liston Colaco, Manvir Singh and David Williams.

6:15 pm: HEAD-TO-HEAD: There have been 17 games between the two sides and Kerala Blasters has won four times while ATK Mohun Bagan has won seven games. The remaining six matches have ended in a draw.

6:00 pm: Here is how we think the two sides will line up tonight!

Kerala Blasters Predicted XI: Prabhsukhan Gill (GK), Enes Sipovic, Sandeep Singh, Sanjeev Stalin, Bijoy V, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Sahal Samad, Adrian Luna (C), Jeakson Singh, Jorge Diaz, Alvaro Vazquez.

ATK Mohun Bagan Predicted XI: Amrinder Singh (GK), Prabir Das, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Subhasish Bose, Pritam Kotal (C), Lenny Rodrigues, Joni Kauko, Deepak Tangri, Liston Colaco and Manvir Singh.

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Kerala Blasters and ATK Mohun Bagan come face to face in the Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) on Saturday and it should be a fascinating encounter at the Tilak Maidan Stadium, Vasco as the two teams are separated by just three points.

The Mariners are on 29 points, the same as the table-topper Hyderabad FC, which is ranked higher because of a superior goal difference but it has also played a game more. Blasters, with 26 points, is placed fourth and will be keen to consolidate its position in the top-four.

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Blasters should be in a confident frame of mind too, having scored a 1-0 victory against another Kolkata club, SC East Bengal, in its last match. The side could also take heart from the form of its talented trio of foreigners in Adrian Luna, Alvaro Vazquez and Jorge Pereyra Diaz.

Ivan Vukomanovic's men would have to put on a fine show if they are to overcome ATK Mohun Bagan, which has been doing well despite the absence of some key players.

Coach Juan Ferrando said his foreign quartet of Carl McHugh, Hugo Boumous, Roy Krishna and David Williams was. “I am happy because it was difficult in the last 3-4 games as they were injured but they are working with the team now and that is most important,” he said.

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But the likes of Liston Colaco and Manvir Singh have made up for their absence. The Kerala Blasters defence will be wary of them. “We will fight to stay on top. It's good that we have all players available for selection,” said Vukomanovic.

Where can you watch the match?

The Kerala Blasters vs ATK Mohun Bagan match will start at 7:30pm and will be telecast live on the Star Network (SD and HD). It will also be live streamed in the OTT Platform, Disney+Hotstar and JioTV.