Yan Law and Mohammedan Sporting part ways

Yan Law and Mohammedan Sporting parted ways on Sunday, hours after the side beat ARA FC 4-1 in the ongoing I-League Qualifiers.

Yan Law became the youngest ever to coach an I-League club when he took charge of Punjab FC last season at the age of 26 (File Photo).   -  AIFF Media

Yan Law and Mohammedan Sporting parted ways on Sunday. The development comes hours after Mohammedan beat ARA FC 4-1 to claim its second win on the trot in the ongoing I-League Qualifiers.  

Law became the youngest ever to coach an I-League club when he took charge of Punjab FC last season at the age of 26. He also has the distinction of being the youngest AFC A License holder coach in Indian football. He subsequently agreed to join Mohammedan in July. However, his stay at the club has been cut short owing to internal differences.

“There have been a few issues between me and the club off the field and I think it's best that we part ways. I cannot disclose anything further as of now and I think its best that we move on. I wish the club all the best for its remaining two matches (in the I-League Qualifiers) and for its future in the I-League and the Indian Super League,” he told Sportstar.

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Wasim Akram, general secretary of Mohammedan Sporting, clarified that the club had sacked Yan. “After the first match or rather even before the first match there was a problem with the head coach. He does not listen to his fellow coaches – be it the assistant coach, the goalkeeper coach, the team manager who has been with the team for the last 18 years, or the management. I have requested him many times to not play with certain players and play with others instead,” he said. 

“On the first day we told him to not play certain players in the starting XI and have them on the bench, he went against the management and fielded them in the starting XI. We had a disaster, and it was a very bad performance. Yes, we scored in the last minute, but the entire 90 minutes we were horrible.”

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Elaborating, Wasim added: “Yan Law is not answerable to our fans or the public; he is just answerable to us. But we are answerable to the entire fan base. They kept asking us what was going wrong and why certain players did not play. After the first match, we fixed a Zoom meeting, and I was there along with the club’s officials.

“I told him that his attitude of becoming the dictator and boss of the team will not work this time. I added that if he had a problem, he should let me know right away because this was the team I wanted.' He was not too happy about it but agreed.”

Wasim continued that the players also had issues with the coach. “The players, after the first match, told the management that they did not want him and that he only prefers a couple of players. They said he has his own style of play and that they did not understand it as it was very complicated.”

The club issued Yan his termination letter this evening and said assistant coach Saheed Ramon will be in charge for the two remaining I-League Qualifiers games.

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