ASIA CUP: Gurjant scores as India holds Korea

India draws 1-1 with South Korea after Gurjant Singh scores in the 60th minute after Jungjun Lee scores for South Korea in the third quarter.


It is India vs South Korea in the first Super 4s match in the Asia Cup.

Gurjant Singh is the man for India. India's unbeaten record in the Asia Cup still stands as it ekes out a 1-1 draw. India now meets Malaysia on Thursday.

End of the fourth quarter and second half. South Korea 1 India 1.

60" It was a skirmish at the goalmouth. Gurjant gets the first hit and the Korea goalkeeper is in position to save the shot easily. The rebound goes to another Indian who couldn't hit on target but with the Korean goalkeeper down and a defender not clearing properly, Gurjant finds the target this time from the left with a neat shot. What a time for India to draw level.

60" Gurjant is the man for India. Scores with just under one minute left. India draws level.

58" Penalty corner for India. Korea goes upstairs. And the call is successful. No penalty corner for India.

57" India asks for a penalty corner. The referee goes upstairs but the video evidence is not conclusive. While India doesn't get the penalty, it doesn't lose the review too.

56" Harmanpreet manning the goal and India playing an extra player upfront.

55" Akashdeep misses a sharp chance. He cannot get on the ball easily and a wayward shot doesn't help India either. Too many missed chances costing India dear.

Five minutes left on the clock for India to come back on level terms.

51" Korea has strengthened its defence. Eight players ready to thwart India's attempts now.

50" India has been poor on the counter attacks too. Manpreet and Harmanpreet get a chance but cannot get away in a flash as Korea gathers its pace back to stop the counter.

48" Lee sends an excellent through ball from the left to the right flank only to find his team mate missing the connection.

47" Korea now slows the pace of the match. Varun Kumar's woeful run continues as he misses the ball again.

Sardar Singh starts with a huddle and gives out a volley of instructions. India's unbeaten run in the Asia Cup is on the line.

Fourth quarter begins

End of third quarter. South Korea 1 India 0.

45" Sunil gets an opportunity in the dying seconds of the quarter but fluffs the chance.

43" Ramandeep and Manpreet combine to do something and restore parity but the Indian captain cannot keep up to the pace of the ball and loses it.

41" Korea draws first blood. Takes the lead. Varun Kumar misses a clearance at a goalmouth skirmish on the right and Jungjun Lee slots it home with a ferocious strike from a close angle. South Korea 1 India 0.

40" Akashdeep in question now. He misses a ball and the ball is back with the Koreans. It was easy considering he was expecting and waiting for the ball.

38" Korea has been excellent in man-to-man marking. They are buzzing around the Indian players, not allowing them to hold on to the ball. And the smart tactic is looking to make dividends as India is losing possession easily.

37" India forwards having an off day. Gurjant makes a mistake this time as he fails to hold on to a through ball, a rarity considering how water-tight Korea has been.

35" Korea has been clinical with their passing in the midfield and in the defence. India needs to take that possession and surge ahead.

33" A defensive lapse from India and luckily it doesn't cost much.

Third quarter begins

Both the teams have been solid in defence. South Korea had two chances and both were saved by Chikte. Both the teams' search for the elusive goal to take the lead continues. Thirty more minutes of action.

End of second quarter. First half ends, both teams goalless.

29" Ramandeep cannot get under the ball properly and loses possession after Akashdeep has done all the good work in bringing it from the right flank.

27" Looks like India is just trying every other possibility to breach the Korean defence. The pressure of having no goals in almost half-an-hour is showing on the Indian players.

26" Korea gets one past Chikte. But sadly, the shot is from outside the circle. Indian defence for a minute was in shambles, with two players unsuccessful in clearing the ball.

25" India enjoying more possession than in the first quarter. However, it hasn't been able to breach the Korean defence.

22" India's backline is also talkworthy. They have denied Korea an opening as well.

21" Korea is stupendous inside the circle. India trying for an opening but is thwarted by the alert Korean defence. India hasn't had any chance of note till now.

19" India relying more on through balls to attack from the circle. Unfortunately that is not happening as much as how India would like it to. Akashdeep is trying to get into wide but cannot get the ball on target.

17" Korea begins on the attack. The Indian defence is agile and alert to prevent any danger.

Second quarter begins

End of first quarter. The deadlock remains. India 0 South Korea 0.

15" First penalty corner for India. Harmanpreet cannot time his shot and is easily cleared by the Korean defence. India tried an indirect shot but it didn't work.

14" India looking a total contrast of what it was in the group stages.

12" Korea is enjoying possession. It has had two shots on goal so far while India is struggling to get to the ball. The Koreans are good on the flanks and India needs to work out a different strategy now.

11" India's Varun Kumar just escaped a card. He hit the ball after the whistle but the referee deciding to give the Indian the benefit of doubt.

10" Chikte in action as he averts danger. Korea looking to make a point and make India earn every chance.

9" Ramandeep Singh with a nice pass from the middle but no support to aid his effort. The ball is now with Korea.

7" Korea looking dangerous on the flanks. Indian defence must tighten the screws.

6" India has stepped up the gas. The players final third don't look appealing or yet in the groove.

4" India trying to break into the Korean circle. The Koreans are in no mood to leave any small opening or half-a-chance either.

2" Korea starts off in the attack. Indian defence is firm. The ball is just passed in the India midfield with no counters.

Akash Chikte is manning the goalpost for India.

First quarter begins

The teams are in a huddle and we are just minutes away from live action.

The National Anthems now and we are all set for action. India's anthem first followed by Korea's.

The teams are walking out. The weather looks humid at 30 degrees but the heat and intensity on the turf will be much more.

Here is what the Indian line-up looks like..


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India has been flawless in its three matches so far, winning all three and topping the group. It all started with a 5-1 win over Japan and the Indians came up with a stupendous performance to drub the host Bangladesh 7-0. In the big match against arch-rival Pakistan, India trounced the Men in Green 3-1.

A confident India knows it can't afford to relax and be complacent, especially against a side like South Korea, which is known for its fast, counter-attacking play. In terms of world rankings as well, the Indians start as favourites. While India is placed sixth in the world, Korea occupy the 13th spot. You can read the preview of the game here.

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