Korea beats India in Women's Asian Champions Trophy final

South Korea ended India's unbeaten run at the Women's Asian Champions Trophy, by beating them 1-0 in the final on Sunday.

Indian women reached the final remaining unbeaten in the group stage.   -  PTI

Good morning and welcome to the LIVE updates from the final of the Women's Asian Champions Trophy, where India takes on host South Korea.

12:56pm: And that will be it as South Korea beats India 1-0 to win the Women's Asian Champions Trophy. India after conceding the first goal in Q2, couldn't keep their chances alive by failing to find the equalising goal. But it was a stupendous show from the Indian team in this tournament.

12:51pm: Less than three minutes of play left and looking difficult for India to get through an equaliser.

12:45pm: The clock ticking away fast for India as they look for that late equaliser.

12:36pm: Q3 ends and India fails to equalise. Nonetheless they played really well in this Quarter, specially in defense and by neutralising the relentless Korean attacks.

12:33pm: Korea gets a PC and India's goalie Savita pulls of a brilliant save by kicking the ball away with her right leg.

12:30pm: With barely four minutes left in Q3, India attacking more to get through the equaliser from somewhere. On the other hand, the defense of India has been water-tight despite repeated wave of attacks from the Koreans.

12:11pm: And that will be the end of Q2, with Korea being successful in finding the back of the net. In the next Quarter, India needs to slip through an equaliser. India 0-1 Korea.

12:04pm: GOAL. South Korea takes the lead with a brilliant goal from the right flank. India 0-1 Korea.

12:02pm: The last few minutes were nervous times for India, with Korea getting two PCs and numerous more chances to take the lead.

11:57am: First PC for Korea. Can they find the net? India does well though the Koreans still had a second chance to score off the deflection.

11:50am: End of Q1, with the scoreline 0-0. Korea definitely dominated it with the Indians managing to make some impression in its attacks. The second Quarter gets underway.

11:38am: Koreans make a strong start in Q1, keeping the ball possession as India struggles to make any decisive forays yet.

11:30am: Time for the anthems as both teams are all set for the start.

The Indian team led by defender Sunita Lakra, stormed into the final after remaining unbeaten in the round robin stage and finishing top of the table. The Indian women started the campaign with a 4-1 win over Japan, China (3-1), Malaysia (3-2) and South Korea (1-1).


But South Korea won't be a pushover for the Indian girls like the other oppositions it faced earlier in the group games.