Hockey World Cup 2023, HIGHLIGHTS: Argentina holds Australia 3-3; France, Netherlands, Malaysia claim wins

Catch all the updates, results, and highlights from the FIH Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 in Odisha.

Updated : Jan 17, 2023 16:29 IST

Bhubaneswar: Australia’s Jeremy Hayward celebrates after scoring a goal during the FIH Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 Pool A match between France and South Africa, at Kalinga Hockey stadium in Bhubaneswar.
Bhubaneswar: Australia’s Jeremy Hayward celebrates after scoring a goal during the FIH Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 Pool A match between France and South Africa, at Kalinga Hockey stadium in Bhubaneswar. | Photo Credit: SHAILENDRA BHOJAK

Bhubaneswar: Australia’s Jeremy Hayward celebrates after scoring a goal during the FIH Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 Pool A match between France and South Africa, at Kalinga Hockey stadium in Bhubaneswar. | Photo Credit: SHAILENDRA BHOJAK

Welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE Score of the Hockey World Cup 2023- Day 4, taking place in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.

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Australia vs Argentina - Match 14

Fourth Quarter

  • Full-time and what a game this has been. A brilliant solo goal from Gower saves Australia to a 3-3 draw.
  • With under four minutes to go, Australia pulls its goalkeeper out for an outfielder. And the intent receives the reward. Gower wins the freehit, brings the ball forward and slices it into the roof of the net. It is 3-3 now!!
  • Argentina looks to see through what would be an incredible win. Aran Zalewski is given space inside the box, but he drags his shot wide. HUGE MISS!!
  • This result could significantly alter the dynamics of this game and possibly even the tournament.
  • Martin Ferreiro dances through the Australian defence and reverse sticks into the bottom corner. ARGENTINA LEADSSS!!!
  • Australia looking to outpass the Argentines and wins a PC in process. But nothing comes from it.

Third Quarter

  • Argentina wins a PC. Casella pushes it in, but Andrew is positioned perfectly to block it.
  • Australia thought it takes the lead back, but the goal-bound ball was deemed to be too high. It stays 2-2.
  • Goal! Argentina gets an equaliser. Casella steers the ball into the net after receiving a pass right in front of the goal.
  • Argentina tries an early circle penetration, but Australia is there to thwart the attempt with yellow shirts in numbers
  • Australia gets the third quarter started with a slender lead against Argentina.

Second Quarter

  • Australia, with just six seconds left in the clock, takes the lead, after a long review. Beale Daniel the scorer and it is the first half.
  • Della Torres makes a goal-line intervention to save Argentina. That was close!!
  • Argentina wins a PC and makes it count. Domene Tomas smashes it straight past the keeper. Argentina equalises.
  • Australia hasn’t been at its best, yet still leads the game, thanks to its efficiency from PC.

First Quarter

  • Australia thought it had won a penalty stroke for a foot on the line, but its appeals for a referral Is denied for some reason.
  • The South American side is pushing further into the Australian territory. But it is Australia who wins a PC and Hayward Jeremy threads it in. Australia leads 1-0 now.
  • Argentina holds on strongly and has responded with a few attacks themselves and wins the first PC of the game. Andrew blocks away the shot for Australia.
  • Australia starts the proceedings and it pushes Argentina back straight away.

France vs South Africa - Match 13

Fourth Quarter

  • South Africa’s pressure yields the result, it is a PC. It is a shot on target, but Gowen blocks it away and it is full-time. France wins 2-1.
  • South Africa withdraws its goalkeeper as it looks to push more men forward.
  • French PC and Charlet pumps it into the left bottom corner. It is the go-ahead goal for France.
  • South Africa looks the more eager side. Gowan is forced into making another save, an easy one though.
  • 15 more minutes of action left in the game for either side to find a winner.

Third Quarter

  • France’s turn to win a PC. Charlet gets time to drag it into target, but Gowan is there to palm it away.
  • France gives away a PC after Xavier pushes the ball behind deliberately. SA appeals for another PC, but the ball came off the stick of the first runner.
  • Tonder Jacque with a vital interception to stop a dangerous-looking French attack.
  • South Africa with a venomous counter attack, but the pass into the box was long and that is a chance missed.
  • The action resumes as both sides look to take the lead in a game vital to to their progression in this tournament.

Second Quarter

  • France makes a late push for a goal. SA goalkeeper Gowen had to dive out of his line to block a dangerous cross.
  • Not much circle penetration from either side as both midfields have solidified to protect their defences.
  • Goyet wins a PC for France, but they can’t make anything out of it.
  • South Africa breaks free down the left, but the shot is straight at Arthur. Easy save.
  • That late PC goal has brought the game back into equilibrium.

First Quarter

  • A late appeal from South Africa for a referral right when the quarter whistle went off. It is a PC, great referral by SA and they make it count. Connor Beuchamp smacks that it in with fiery pace. GOALL!! AND IT IS LEVEL
  • France looking the more likely side to score the next one as it targets South Africa’s right side.
  • France wins the first PC of the game thanks to some good work by Jouin Noe. Victor Charlet is fed the ball and he drags it emphatically down the middle. GOALL!!!!
  • France in control of the ball in the early stages of the game. But no circle penetrations from the European side yet.
  • An exciting game between France and South Africa. And the game starts.


South Africa defeated France 2-1 in the FIH Hockey Men’s Nations Cup South Africa 2022 match.

New Zealand vs Netherlands- Match 12

PLAYER OF THE MATCH- Thierry Brinkman


  • Justen Blok almost scores but the ball goes wide as he dives in the attempt. That marks the end of the fourth quarter and the game. Netherlands win 4-0
  • Netherlands keep passing the ball to avoid the Kiwis from getting the ball.
  • Croon swiftly passes through the NZ defence as Dutch hold ball possession.
  • Hoedemakers deflects a pass off Thijs van Dam, Dixon is left seeing the ball go past him and the Dutch leads 4-0.
  • Bijen fails to connect as his pass goes out of the back line without any Dutch player deflecting the ball.


  • Blair Tarrant gets green card and NZ will be a player short for two minutes.
  • Netherlands are too quick on the field.
  • Sam lane, Simon child and Sam Hiha trio are unable to connect to score a goal.
  • Many interceptions for the Netherlands.
  • Brinkman closed down several times this quarter. Have the Black Sticks found a way to stop the Dutch captain?


  • It’s half-time, Netherlands leads comfortably 3-0.
  • Dutch press hard, but New Zealand tries to enter the Dutch circle with Sam Lane trying to shoot it and missing out.
  • PC for the Dutch, as they intend to make it 4-0. However, Janssen’s shot is saved.
  • Jonas de Geus passes the ball to Koen Bijen, who deflects it to the goal, which was left empty as Dixon moved away from the goal and came forward to stop the ball. Netherlands leads 3-0.
  • Looks like NZ has fielded its goalie Dixon in this quarter to not make the mistake it made last quarter.
  • Giving up the goalkeeper for an extra player was a risky move for New Zealand and it was clear it didn’t pay off as the Dutch found it easy to score after entering the Kiwi circle.

This is what our reporter in the ground had to say


  • Well defended by New Zealand as they stop Janssen’s flick and the hooter goes off signalling the end of first quarter.
  • A penalty corner for Netherlands and NZ seeks a referral. If the Dutch gets a PC, then a PC will be taken with a goalie.
  • Dutch scores yet again as there is no goalie for NZ, van Heijningen passes to his captain Brinkman, who scores his second goal of the game with no one to stop him.
  • Netherlands field deep down. NZ tries to score as Joseph Morrison shoots it wide.
  • The Dutch seem to dominate the proceedings.
  • New Zealand earns a PC, however, the Oranje save it and head towards the Kiwis side.
  • Withing three minutes of the match starting and the Dutch captain Thierry Brinkman scores after a pass from Tjep Hoedemakers near the circle and no New Zealand defenders stopping them.
  • The teams enter the field and the anthems are played.


Netherlands thrashed New Zealand 3-0 in a Test match between the two teams.

Malaysia vs Chile- Match 11


  • Chile fails to get a penalty corner conversion and its the end of the game. Malaysia defeats Chile 3-2.
  • Chile gets a penalty corner and last opportunity for La Rojas.
  • Chile is asking for a penalty corner as the final whistle blows.
  • Malaysian coach is heard telling his players to tell sorry as Chile’s Goni is seen lying on the ground holding his head.
  • Green card for Amoroso. Oh wait, looks like he said something on his way out and his card is upgraded to yellow. Chile to field 10 players for five minutes.
  • Was it a goal? or did Becerra make a deflection outside the line. Video referral shows the connection between stick and the ball was outside the circle line.
  • Chile visibly looks nervous as they are vying to put points on the standings table.
  • Clean cut chance for Valenzuela, however, it falls way wide of the goal. Another yellow card for Malaysia as Mizun is out for five minutes.


  • YELLOW CARDS FOR BOTH THE TEAMS as Hassan and Amoroso are out for five minutes. The hooter goes off and the two teams will start the fourth quarter with one less player.
  • Malaysia takes the lead for the first time this match as Norsyafiq Sumantri takes advantage of the La Rojas ‘keeper trying to close in and sweeps the ball into the goal, edging past the Chiel ‘keeper. Malaysia leads 3-2.
  • A freaky shot by Hamsani as he goes underneath the ariel ball to receive it and plays a similar to cricket’s scoop shot, making it hard for Adrian Henriquez to stop the ball moving past his right side. Malaysia equalize 2-2!
  • Malaysia’s penalty corner conversion hasn’t been great, missing eight penalty corners. Well, make it nine as Razie tries to score a goal off rebound near the back end line.
  • Leading a counter-attack, the Malaysians get a penalty corner, however, Rodriguez saves it on the line.
  • Chile fails to make use of it as a tomahawk and the ball hit the back of Goni’s stick leading to Malaysia taking the ball.
  • Penalty corner for Chiles, will they make it 3-1?
  • Malaysian gets a PC as the ball hits Valenzuela. Another PC for the Speedy Tigers. Three consecutive PC’s for Malaysia as the ball hits the Chilean defenders legs on all three occasions. They fail to balance the scores.
  • The Malaysian’s right flank tries to get through to the Chile circle, however they loose ball possession.


  • Rahim gets a green card due to a rough tackle and the hooter blows for half-time as Chile leads 2-1.
  • Chilean fans are in for a treat as Martin Rodriguez hits a tomahawk towards the left hand side far corner of the Malaysian ‘keeper Hafizuddin Othman. Chile leads 2-1 in a blink of an eye.
  • Razie Rahim takes the shot, the Chilean ‘keeper Adrian guesses the right side of the shot but is unable to stop as the ball whizzes past him.’ And Malaysia equalises. This is Malaysia’s first goal in this World Cup.
  • Penalty Stroke for Malaysia after the ball touches the leg of Chilean defender in the circle.
  • Shahril Saabah almost gets the ball near the goal, but the ball goes wide.
  • Andrés Pizarro lifts the ball high to get it inside the circle, however Rodriguez is unable to reach it and the ball goes out!
  • Chile’s Juan Amoroso scores via penalty corner off the goalkeeper’s right side to score Chile’s second World Cup goal!
  • Two minute suspension for Malaysia’s Franco and Chile’s Firhan for rough tackling.
  • Malaysia tries consecutive attacks, gets a penalty corner however, the ball hits above the knee of a Chilean defender making him leave the field wobbling,


  • A minute to go for the first quarter to end. A loose chance to score a goal, but it was stopped by La Rojas ’keeper. Chile refers for a penalty corner awarded by the referee, but it seems like the ball hit the Malaysian defender’s foot and they keep their referral.
  • Chile’s Raimundo Valenzuela has a great chance to strike, but he misses it and holds his head, knowing how big a chance he missed.
  • First penalty corner of the day, earned by Chile.. Franco Becerra gets to flick the ball, but no chance for Chile as the Malaysian defence stands strong.
  • A great chance for Malaysia as the Chilean goalkeeper Adrian Henriquez comes front to save but the ball goes past him. However, Vicente Goni saves it from entering the goal and pushes it out of the back line.
  • Firhan Ashari attempts to tomahawk, but misses the goal by an inch as it flies towards the stands.
  • Match is underway.
  • Both the teams are on field and the anthems of both teams are being played.
  • We are a few seconds away from witnessing the first match of the day. A few Chile fans are seen in the stands of Birsa Munda Stadium in Rourkela.



Malaysia defeated Chile 5-1 in its last encounter against each other in the Electric Ireland FIH Road to London (Men) Dublin 2012.

Here are the matches for the day.

POOL C PREVIEW- (Aashin Prasad)

Netherlands looks for early qualification; Chile, Malaysia aim maiden win

Netherlands will take on New Zealand  in their second Pool C match at the Birsa Munda International Stadium on Monday to seal its qualification into the knockouts of the World Cup.

The Dutch got off to a 4-0 win over Malaysia but were left unsatisfied and frustrated with their performance. Both the head coach Jeroen Delmee and captain Thierry Brinkman echoed the sentiment that the team ‘can do better’.

“There was room for improvement [in our game]. The quality of our technical skills wasn’t good enough and we couldn’t get a good tempo into the game. Malaysia played very defensive and didn’t really want to play hockey. We need two teams to get a certain flow,” said Delmee.

Malaysia’s tactics would have provided New Zealand, which beat Chile  3-1 in its opener, with a blueprint to emulate and frustrate the inexperienced Dutch by denying them the space to attack into.

The Blacksticks also have the speed and penetration from attack and midfield to hurt the Dutch on the transition.

Brinkman, however, noted that the Netherlands team will look to adapt and draw the opposition forward by sitting back to counter the approach.

In the other Pool C match, Chile will take on Malaysia with both teams hoping to stake a claim for a place in the crossovers.

Despite the defeat, Chile finished the game strongly with a first-ever World Cup goal and came close with their penalty corners. Malaysia coach Arul Anthoni felt the team needed to cut out the individual errors and take the chances that come their way.


Hockey World Cup 2023: Fans undertake gruelling journey to witness Chile making debut - Aashin Prasad


A handful of Chileans are making themselves heard as Chile  battled it out with New Zealand in the afternoon sun of Rourkela in its first-ever World Cup game. The history-makers are being cheered on by the small group dressed in their country’s colours, while waving their flags. ( READ MORE)

Where to watch the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches?
The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches will be telecast live on Star Sports First, Star Sports Select 2 HD, Star Sports Select 2 SD. The same will be streamed live on Disney+ Hotstar.


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