PKL 2019: Rakesh Kumar's Haryana Steelers beats Puneri Paltan; Jaipur Pink Panthers cruises past U Mumba - As it happened

Tune in for live updates from season seven of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 2019) as U Mumba takes on Jaipur Pink Panthers followed by Puneri Paltan's clash against Haryana Steelers.

Updated : Jul 22, 2019 23:12 IST

Puneri Paltan will begin its PKL 2019 campaign against Haryana Steelers on Monday.
Puneri Paltan will begin its PKL 2019 campaign against Haryana Steelers on Monday.

Puneri Paltan will begin its PKL 2019 campaign against Haryana Steelers on Monday.

That's it from our side, folks. Tuesday is a rest day, so we will be back with our live blog on Wednesday. See you then!

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It's a day of multiple milestones as Jaipur Pink Panthers and Haryana Steelers emerge as the winners. Jaipur Pink Panthers banked on Deepak Niwas Hooda's Super 10 to cruise to complete a 42-23 rout of U Mumba, while Naveen powered Haryana Steelers to a 34-24 win over Puneri Paltan.

Here are some interesting stats from day 3 of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 2019):

1 - First win for Rakesh Kumar as Haryana Steelers coach.

10 - Amit Hooda registered his PKL career's 10th High 5

19 - Jaipur Pink Panthers' 19-point win over U Mumba was the biggest win margin in the 16 matches between the two sides

25 - Deepak Niwas Hooda Super 10 against U Mumba marked his PKL career's 25th Super 10


40' It's Rakesh Kumar's Haryana Steelers who emerge victorious! Naveen's Super 10 powers the side to a 34-24 victory over Puneri Paltan.

39' SUPER TACKLE! Manjeet had a great chance to inflict an All Out on the Steelers, but he can't get past Parveen. Haryana Steelers now lead 33-24 and that surely has to be the game.

38' SUPER 10 FOR PAWAN! He gets the better of Vikram Kandola and earns his Super 10, but more importantly it brings Puneri Paltan's deficit to less than 7 points, meaning the side will pick up a point even if it loses today. 

38' TWO FOR PAWAN! What a stunning move that is! He sneaks out of Cheralathan's double ankle hold and Vikas' tackle to win two crucial points with a little over two minutes left on the clock. Steelers lead 31-23.

37' It's a contest of empty raids and Pawan Kadian finally breaks the streak as he gets rid of Kuldeep Singh.   

34' It's a 9-point game now! Jadhav gets a strong tackle on Selvamani and Puneri Paltan appear to be making inroads here. Surjeet had said during the timeout that a couple of points here and there could change the game and it looks he was cent percent right.

33' NAVEEN BRINGS UP HIS SUPER 10 ! He gets past Surjeet's tackle to complete a Super 10 and earn his 12th point of the game.

32' We're down to the last eight minutes of this clash and Haryana Steelers have a 11-point lead at 28-17, but Puneri Paltan still has a fighting chance. A tense finish awaits!

30' " Bonus try kar beta, nahi mila toh no problem " says Cheralathan as Vinay goes in for the raid, but he can't get past the defence and is taken out by Vinay.

29' Cheralathan claims his first tackle point of the game as he pummels Manjeet to the ground. Steelers lead 27-16.

28' Selvamani appears to be in a hurry and goes in for a tackle within seconds of beginning his raid, but runs into a chain tackle and will have to leave the mat.

27' Pawan Kadian comes off the bench and races into the Haryana Steelers half, he twists and turns, but returns empty handed. Haryana Steelers lead 26-15.

24' Vikas Kale says "get outta here" and simply throws Amit Kumar off the mat. How is Amit still walking? That looked so painful sitting here!

23' 10 POINTS FOR NAVEEN! Surjeet is his latest victim and Naveen picks up his 10th point. Steelers lead 24-12.

22' Naveen has Girish on the bench! He races to the left corner and gets a toe-touch on Girish to pick up his 9th point of the game. 

21' Dharmaraj throws himself at Pawan with a knee hold, but the raider slips way and the Haryana skipper has to go to the bench. Haryana leads 22-11.

Meanwhile, Puneri Paltan have got off to a sluggish start, but Anup Kumar will look to them to a maiden title. READ- PKL 2019: Coach Anup Kumar looks to lead Puneri Paltan to glory

"There is a big difference between being a coach and coaching as a player. During my playing days, I'd coach the younger players now and then, and move on. The coaching ended there. But now, it is different. It just doesn't end," Haryana Steelers coach Rakesh Kumar told us this morning. It's safe to say that he must be mighty pleased with his side's display so far. Full story - From outside the mat, Rakesh Kumar plots Haryana Steelers' success

20' Haryana Steelers skipper Dharmaraj Cheralathan, the 44-year-old veteran, goes on an empty raid and that brings us to the end of the first half. After a bit of a slow start, Haryana Steelers upped the ante and took complete control of the game to soar to a 22-10 lead at half-time. 

17' Not this time, says the Puneri Paltan defence. It's a do-or-die raid and Naveen tries to steal a point, but he runs into a chain tackle on his way back and he's off the mat. Steelers lead 21-10.

16' It's the defence that impresses this time around as a combined effort, led by Kuldeep Singh, seeds Pawan Kadian trudge back to the bench.

14' Surjeet is taken out by Vikas Kale and it's another ALL OUT ! Haryana Steelers look mighty impressive and have sped to a 12-point lead at 20-8.

13' SUPER SELVAMANI WITH A SUPER TACKLE! He simply bulldozes his way past defensive trio of Shubham Shinde, Girish Maruti Ernak, Pawan Kadian to extend Haryana Steelers to a 15-8 lead. And Puneri Paltan are now down to three men!

11' Amit Kumar laps up the pressure of the do-or-die raid and manages a touch on Vikas Kale to reduce Puneri Paltans' deficit to three points at 8-11.

9' ALL OUT! Naveen ups the ante as he claims the first All Out of the game. He gets past Jadhav Shahaji and escapes Surjeet ankle-hold to win four massive points for his side. Haryana Steelers now leads 11-6.

7' SUPER TACKLE! It takes Hadi Tajik less than a minute to make an impact on this game as he throws Vinay off the mat to get a Super Tackle and and wins two points. Haryana Steelers trail 5-6.

5' Naveen takes up responsibility and gets Haryana Steelers two big big points. He gets a touch on Shubham Shinde and Deepak Yadav to make it 3-4.

3' Surjeet goes in for the tackle, but Girish Ernak doesn't back him up and it allows Naveen to pick up a point. Coach Anup Kumar looks a tad annoyed and calls for an early time-out.

3' Manjeet gets two! He gets rid of Vikas Kale and Kuldeep Singh to earn his first points of the game and hands Puneri Paltan a two-point advantage.

2' Pawan Kadian appears to have won two raid points, but the ref corrects his decision and judges him out. The scores are level mat 1-1.

1' First points on the board and it's Puneri Paltan who draw first blood. Amit Kumar gets a fine ankle hold on Vinay and it's 1-0 to Puneri Paltan.

We now head into the second game of the evening between Puneri Paltan and Haryana Steelers. Former India captains and World Cup winners Anup Kumar and Rakesh Kumar will make their coaching debut. Read more about their journeys into coaching here - World Cup winners Rakesh, Anup excited to start coaching careers

What makes this win sweeter for Jaipur Pink Panthers is that this evening's 19-point win is the biggest win margin ever between the two sides.

40' Jaipur Pink Panthersrejoice as they secure a resounding 42-23 triumph over U Mumba.  The captain, Deepak Niwas Hooda, led from the front as he registered his PKL career's 25th Super 10 and powered his side to a comprehensive win.

39' SUPER 10 FOR DEEPAK HOODA! He revels under pressure and gets a touch on Surinder to complete his Super 10 for the night. What a fantastic display from the captain. 

STAT: That is Amit Hooda's 10th High 5 of his PKL career.

39' High 5 for Amit Hooda! He gets rid of Lee and Jaipur Pink Panthers are now cruising to a comfortable win.

38' What a raid that is! Sachin Narwal escapes Fazel's ankle hold and manages to somehow get out of Sandeep's body-crushing tackle to earn two points and extend Jaipur's lead to 14 points at 34-20.

37' A win seems far-fetched at the moment and U Mumba will now look to lose by less than seven points so that they can pocket one point from this game. Each point will prove to be vital in this long PKL 2019 season.

37 ' Deepak Hooda claims his seventh point of the evening as he evades Harender's tackle. The U Mumba defender has no support and looks a tad unhappy. Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 30-19.

" Koi tension nahi yaar, koi tenison nahi " says Sandeep Narwal at the Time-Out, egging his boys on. Spoken like a true leader.

36' It's just not Fazel's night, is it? The 'Sultan' has to make the disappointing walk back to the bench as Deepak Hooda gets the better of him. Jaipur Pink Panthers still has only two men and if U Mumba is to come back into this game, it simply has to get that All Out. Jaipur leads 29-19.

35' Sandeep Dhull tries to outmuscle Lee, but the South Korean wriggles his way to the mid-line and ensures U Mumba remains in the hunt. With five minutes left, U Mumba trails 19-28. U Mumba has a strong chance to comeback now because Jaipur has only two men on the mat!

33' Abhishek gets his fifth point of the game as he gets the better of Vishal once again. Abhishek is playing the clever game - he's refraining from making any rash tackles and waits patiently for the defender to make a mistake. Jaipur leads 28-18.

31' We finally see Surinder and Fazel combine! Surinder leaps in to with a waist hold on Deepak Narwal and Fazel races to teammate's support to ensure the raider has no way out. Some lovely team work here. The U Mumba camp would wish this cohesion was formed a little earlier in the game though.

30' Lee keeps the scoreboard ticking as he makes the most of Sunil's poorly timed tackle. Jaipur Pink Panthers are down to five men, but remain ahead at 28-16.

29' Uh oh, he undoes that raid. Abhishek makes a rather late and haste tackle on Deepak Hooda and the latter has the last laugh. That brings up Deepak Hooda's 600th raid point in PKL history.

27' It's a do-or-die raid and Abhishek dives past Amit Hooda to ensure he remains on the court. Jaipur Pink Panthers remains ahead at 26-15.

25' Abhishek Singh had a fantastic opening game as he claimed a Super 10 against Telugu Titans. He's looked a tad off-colour this evening, but he's got a touch on Vishal and that's his third point of the evening. If there's a raider who can turn things in U Mumba's favour, it has to be this man.

24' TAKEN OUT! Fazel swoops in with a low tackle and takes Ajinkya Pawar off his feet! After a bit of a lull, the Iranian finally strikes and picks up his second point of the evening.

22' Lee, who was with Tamil Thalaivas last season, begins the second half with a bonus point. A string of empty raids follow and Jaipur remains ahead at 23-10. 

20' That's the end of the first half and boy oh boy, how good have the Jaipur Pink Panthers been? They've impressed in defence and raiding alike and have offered little to no room to come back into this game. The side leads 22-9 and looks set to cruise to a massive win.

19' ALL OUT! Abhishek Singh runs into Sandeep Dhull and that's another All Out, the second of the game. The U Mumba raider simply has no room escape here and Jaipur Pink Panthers coasts to a 13-point lead at 22-9.

17' What a terrific tackle that is! Nitin Rawal sends the dangerous defensive duo of Fazel and Surinder to the bench and earns his fifth point of the game.

16' SUPER TACKLE! Surinder simply shoves Deepak Narwal off the court and that earns U Mumba two big points.

15' The U Mumba defence looks really jumpy today. Sandeep, quite uncharacteristically, makes a haste tackle on Nitin, and the raider escapes. Sandeep has to head back to the bench and Jaipur maintains its ten-point lead at 15-5.

14' It's the biggest rivalry in Pro Kabaddi League history and Jaipur Pink Panthers appear to be running away with this one! Can season two champion U Mumba claw their way back into this game?


13' Rohit Baliyan is taken out, yet again, and U Mumba is down to four men. The raiders have struggled to get going and the defence is all over the place and Jaipur have made the most of it. With a little over six minutes to go, Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 14-4.

12' Sandeep Narwal picks up his first point as he gets a touch on Sunil in the right corner. That is U Mumba's fourth point of the game.

10' It's one way traffic here, ladies and gents. Amit Hooda lays a strong tackle on Rohit Baliyan and Deepak Hooda gets rid of Fazel and Jaipur now leads 12-3.

8' ALL OUT! It's the first All Out of the match as Deepak Narwal gets a touch on Young Chang Ko on the left corner and clips Surinder on his way to the midline to win four huge points. Jaipur Pink Panthers hold a massive 10-2 lead.

6' Lee is pushed off the mat by Amit Hooda and Jaipur Pink Panthers have stamped their authority on this game. The side leads 6-2.

5' Nitin strikes! He gets a running hand touch on Fazel and U Mumba is now down to three men. An All Out in the offing? Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 5-2.

4' Lee gets his first point for U Mumba. It's a do-or-die raid and he does extremely well to get a sneaky touch on Deepak Hooda and sends the raider packing.

3' The other Deepak joins the party! Deepak Narwal gets Sandeep Narwal out and Jaipur now leads 3-0. U Mumba is now down to four men, bereft of three of its main defenders.

1' What a start! Deepak Niwas Hooda gets this game off to a cracking start as he gets a touch on Harendra and Surinder to open his side's account for the evening. It appeared like he got a touch on Fazel too, but U Mumba reviewed it, and the captain survives.


7:30pm: GAME ON! Jaipur to raid first.

7:28pm: A couple of really interesting names in the mix here. Abhishek Singh, who put up a very impressive showing in the earlier game seals his spot as the side's main raider, while Harendra also retains his spot in the starting 7. Pink Panthers will see Sandeep Dhull, the league's second best left corner defender anchor its defence. Fun fact, who was the best left corner defender last season? The Iranian powerhouse, Fazel Atrachali.

7:26pm: Interesting starting line-up for U Mumba, Dong Geon Lee replaces Athul MS and will make his debut for the side today! Here's how they will begin - Rohit Baliyan, Surender Singh, Harendra Kumar, Dong Geon Lee, Abhishek Singh, Sandeep Narwal, Fazel Atrachali. 

7:25pm: The Jaipur Pink Panthers are on the court and this is their starting 7: Deepak Hooda, Vishal, Deepak Narwal, Nitin Rawal, Amit Hoda, Sandeep Dhull, Sunil Sidhgavali.

7:20pm: We're less than 10 minutes away from the action! While we wait, you can check out our entire PKL 2019 coverage here -  Sportstar's full PKL 2019 coverage

7:15pm: Sandeep, Deepak Niwas Hooda and Fazel Atrachali are some of the big in PKL. But did the three make it to Sportstar 's pick of the top 7 players to watch out for this season? Find out here - PKL 2019: Seven stars to look out for in season seven

7:10pm: Sandeep Narwal was in fact among the top-5 buys at this year's acutions. U Mumba got him on board for a whopping Rs. 89 lakh, making him the the fifth most expensive signing. Here's the full list - PKL Auction 2019: Top five buys

7:05pm: U Mumba’s defence was its strength as and captain Fazel Atrachali and Sandeep Narwal have looked a formidable defensive duo. The two of them won four tackle points and got two successful tackles each against Siddharth Desai in their last match.

Jaipur Pink Panthers, on the other hand, has a decent pool of raiders. The side's captain Deepak Niwas Hooda will spearhead the raiding department, and will be supported by Nilesh Salunke, Deepak Narwal and Ajinkya Pawar.

7pm: Do U Mumba go into this tie as the favourite? In the 15 times that the the two sides have faced each other, the U Mumba has emerged victorious on 8 occassions. Furthermore, U Mumba beat Jaipur Pink Panthers twice in the three times the two sides played last season.

Trivia : U Mumba and Jaipur Pink Panthers have one of the first and the biggest rivalry in PKL and both of them had in fact contested the first final! Jaipur went on to win that, but U Mumba came back strong to lift the title in the following season.

6:55pm: So I had done a video previewing all the 12 squads this PKL 2019 season. Here goes:


6:50pm: Did you know? The second clash of the evening, between Puneri Paltan and Haryana Steelers, will see two coaches make their PKL debut! Former players, Anup Kumar and Rakesh Kumar, will don a new role as they take charge of their respective sides.

6:40pm: Jaipur Pink Panthers has struggled to find form since winning the title in the inaugural season. Apart from season 4 where it finished runner-up, the team has had forgettable campaigns finishing in the bottom half of the table every other time. Will this be their year? READ| Jaipur Pink Panthers looking to revive fortunes

6:30pm: So U Mumba come into this evening's tie on the back of a commanding win over Telugu Titans on Saturday. The side's captain Fazel Atrachali had said on the eve of the game that U Mumba had an elaborate plan to tackle Siddharth Desai and the side did just that as they completely had him covered. Siddharth managed all of 5 points as U Mumba coasted to an easy win.

REPORT | Defending champ Bengaluru trumps Patna, U Mumba beats Titans

Hey guys, welcome back! We head into day three of the seventh season of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 2019) and we've got two massive games in store. The first match will see season 2 champion U Mumba take on season one champion Jaipur Pink Panthers, while the second match will see Puneri Paltan face Haryana Steelers.

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Before we get into today's matches, here's a quick recap of how yesterday's games went down: A new-look Tamil Thalaivas rode on Rahul Chaudhari's Super 10 and the mighty Manjeet Chhillar's High Five to cruise to a comfortable 39-26 victory over home side Telugu Titans. (Wondering what these terms in bold mean? All answers here - PKL 2019: Key terms explained )

RELATED| Tamil Thalaivas routs Telugu Titans, Gujarat FortuneGiants thrashes Bengaluru Bulls

While the first game saw a repeat of last year's final, but we had a different outcome in store. A phenomenal all round performance saw Gujarat FortuneGiants put up a stunning display to exact revenge and hand defending champion Bengaluru Bulls a 42-24 hammering to get its campaign off to a winning start.

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