Hello and welcome to the LIVE blog of Tuesday's matches in the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 at the Pataliputra Sports Complex in Patna. .

The Patna Pirates takes on the Telugu Titans at home. In the Zone A fixture earlier, the Gujarat Fortunegiants defeated Puneri Paltan 37-27. The matches are streamed live on Hotstar .


FULL-TIME 53-32: Telugu Titans go to the top of Zone B with his thumping of the defending champion. Rahul Chaudhari bags 17 raid points of the night while it is the Titans' defence which was the star of the game, matching its star raider's points.

53-32 Vishal Bharadwaj gets his ninth and his team's 17th tackle point with the final raid of the match.

49-31 Vikas Jaglani gifts a super tackle for Titans as he steps out of the lobby and loses a chance to get his super ten of the match.

47-31 Abozar Mighani tries an ankle hold but Vikas Jaglan bags his ninth raid point of the match.

47- 30 Vijay comes back with a point after Mohsen Maghsoudlou tries to go for a tackle which was never on. Rahul Chaudhari is topping the charts with 18 raid points, while his counterpart Pardeep Narwal has managed to get just 4 raid points in the match, thanks to some excellent defending from Telugu Titans defence led by its captain Vishal Bharadwaj.

45-29 Patna is looking for a way back into it. But without Pardeep Narwal, it's a huge task especially against today's Telugu Titans defense.

24-41 But the bigger contest now is the one between Pardeep and Rahul Chaudhari. Pardeep Narwal is no longer in action today and Rahul Chaudhari only needs two more points to overtake Pardeep as the league's all-time top scorer.

24-40 It's a 16-point margin now for Telugu Titans! And everyone's chipping in for them. Everyone's picking up points.

22-35 Super Raid! Rahul Chaudhari picks up 3 big points, splitting the defense and escapes through the gap. Patna's chances look bleak.

21-30 Telugu Titans continue to stamp its dominance on the mat. Abozar Mighani takes down Tushar Patil in a do-or-die raid for Patna and the Titans go steady.

20-28 Patna Pirates has started off the second half well, picking up a raid and tackle point. Pardeep is still quiet.

17-25 HALF-TIME! Pardeep Narwal goes on the final raif of the first half as Vishal Bhardwaj tackles him out of the court. But the raider manages a bonus point.

13-23 Two more successful raids by Rahul Chaudhari puts Patna on the verge of a second allout.

10-19 Titans' defence is looking unstoppable at the moment, as Pardeep is tackled by Abozar Mighani.

9-16 First all-out of the game by the visitor! A super raid by Nilesh Salunke followed by two more points by Rahul Chaudhari puts Patna on the backfoot.

9-8 First Super Tackle of the night by Telugu Titans as it takes out Pardeep Narwal who loses his footing on his way back after having a touch.

9-6 Rahul Chaudhari tries to get a bonus point in a Do-or-die raid, but he allows too much time for the Patna defence to stop him from getting back.

7-6 Pardeep gets one more point as Farhad  Milaghardan mistimes his tackle to gift away a point. Rahul Chaudhari pulls one back for Titans.

6-5 Pardeep gets his first raid point of the night as he takes out Anil on the far corner.

5-5 Rahul Chaudhari comes back with a bonus point after both defences look to be on top in the opening exchanges.

3-3 Pardeep Narwal is out of the court yet again, Abozar Mighani does well to pin him down to the ground.

3-2 Tushar Patil takes out two defenders as he squeezes out of the left corner.

1-1 Patna defence tackles down Nilesh to get on level terms.

0-1 Here we go! Pardeep goes on the first raid but loses his balance and steps out of the line while returning back to the centre-line. First points for the visitor.

Look out for the contest between Pardeep Narwal and Rahul Chaudhari as it'll be a clash of two titans of Pro Kabaddi as the Patna Pirates takes on Telugu Titans.

Patna Pirates vs Telugu Titans preview: HEAD-TO-HEAD (OVERALL)

Overall: Matches – 13 | Patna Pirates – 6 | Telugu Titans – 7

Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans have played each other 13 times. After they were tied at 6-6, Telugu Titans took the lead by winning their first meeting of PKL 6 35-31.

-Pardeep Narwal was held to just 5 raid points in this match by Titans’ brilliant defence. That was the only game Pardeep has failed to score a Super 10 this season.

-Manjeet and Vijay both had more raid points, 7 each for Patna Pirates.

-Titans corners Abozar Mighani (5 tackle points) and Vishal Bhardwaj (6 tackle points) both picked up HIGH 5s

- Rahul Chaudhari scored 7 raid points in 20 raids (Raid SR – 35). Rahul has failed in 5 raids in the game and 4 out of those 5 games were DoD raids.

In PKL 5, the Patna Pirates completed a clean sweep against Telugu Titans, winning all 3

matches that they played.

-This will be their second meeting of PKL 6.

-Patna Pirates PKL 6: 3 wins, 4 losses. Lost last match against Haryana Steelers by 11 points.

-Telugu Titans PKL 6: 3 wins, 2 losses. Lost last match against U Mumba by 21 points.


9:00pm Gujarat Wins! The Fortunegiants inflicts another all out with that it wins the game 37-27. Gujarat bags five points from the game, while Puneri Paltan gets none, just missing out on points for a defeat less than seven points.

8:59pm Another Super tackle from Puneri Paltan! Their strength in defense has been on show tonight but their raiders have underperformed and Nitin Tomar going off injured mid-game has made things worse.

8:55pm Losing Nitin Tomar has proved to be a big blow for Puneri Paltan. Paltan's other raiders have scored only 5 points among them and it looks like it lacks the firepower to make a comeback now.

8:53pm Super Raid for Gujarat Fortunegiants! Is that the game? A 29-24 lead now with just three minutes to go.

8:51pm This doens't look good for the Paltan! Nitin Tomar has asked to be substitued here, he looks injured. That's their biggest weapon back among the seats.

8:50pm Puneri Paltan is on the road to redemption. Its defense pulls off another good tackle to reduce Gujarat's lead to just two points-  23-25. Things are getting interesting here at the fag end of the game.

8:49pm Nitin Tomar flies over a tackle to bring up his 100th point of the season. Pune is finding its way back. 22-25.

8:46pm Another Super Tackle by Puneri Paltan. Sachin is taken out by three of Paltan's men on the mat and Gujarat's lead has come down to 4 points. What it also means is Nitin Tomar can re-enter the mat, as Pune looks to get a few points on the flurry. 21-25

8:44pm Yet another all-out lurks on the horizon for Puneri Paltan. They're down to two on the mat. 18-25

8:43pm Sachin easily evades a tackle to give his side a 7-point lead now. Paltan, with just 3 on the mat, has to step up now. 17-24

8:41pm Nitin Tomar will have to wait for his 100-point mark. Pravesh Bainswal makes a strong ankle hold and picks up a point for Gujarat.

8:40pm Prapanjan fails in a do-or-die raid and Puneri Paltan seems to be findinga way back into it. It's defense steps up. 17-21

8:35pm Super tackle! This will do good to Puneri Paltan's confidence. It's followed by a successful raid and it's down to a 5-point difference now.

8:35pm Gujarat's raiders have done well for them. And this time its Prapanjan as Fortunegaints run away with the lead. 21-13 to Gujarat.

8:33pm Nitin Tomar is only a point away from reaching a 100 points for the season. 17-13 to Fortunegiants

8:23pm At the end of the first half, Gujarat Fortunegiants leads 16-12. It was a half where the Paltan started well but Gujarat stole it in the final few minutes.

8:18pm Gujarat's defense has been doing as well as its raiders. Taking Nitin Tomar down has to be a big boost for its confidence. Gujarat leads 16-11

8:16pm Gujarat suddenly has the upper hand here as Sachin gets raid point leaving Paltan with just a man. The last man picks up a bonus point but is successfully tackled. Puneri Paltan is all out for the forst time today and Gujarat has a sizeable lead now. 15-9

8:14pm Nitin Tomar has been Pune's best raider so far but Ruturaj takes him down with a back-hold and Fortunegiants lead 10-8.

8:10pm The game looks tight at the end of 10 minutes. Neither team is able to dominate and lead keeps shifting with every move. 8-8

8:09pm Foolish from Sachin as he dives to hold Nitin Tomar who easily escapes his hold. Isn't Sachin a raider? 6-5 to Paltan

8:08pm And quickly, Gujarat moves into the lead courtesy some cautious raiding from Sachin.

8:06pm Sachin picks up a point from the corner. It's Rinku who goes.

8:03pm Nitin Tomar has given Puneri Paltan a good start to the game. It leads 4-2 with a Tomar two-point raid and Gujarat shrinks in numbers.

8:01pm And here we go!

The teams are back in action after a day's break following the Interzone challenge week. The Puneri Paltan managed to win only one game out of its three during the week, while the Gujarat Forutnegiants comes on the back of an easy win against the Tamil Thaliavas.


Overall PKL: Matches – 4 | Puneri Paltan – 0 | Gujarat Fortunegiants - 4

-Gujarat Fortunegiants are unbeaten against Puneri Paltan winning each of the four games they have played so far. This will be the teams’ second meeting of PKL 6:

-Gujarat beat Pune by 6 points in the first meeting which was the first game of the Pune leg

-Nitin Tomar’s 13 raid points and Girish Ernak’s 6 tackle points went in vain for Pune

-Sachin’s 9 raid points and Parvesh Bhainswal’s 4 tackle points supported by the rest of the team helped Gujarat to victory