Pro Kabaddi PKL 8 Highlights: Naveen Kumar scores 24 points, Dabang Delhi thrashes Bengal Warriors 52-35

Pro Kabaddi League Live Score: Get live updates and scores from the PKL 8 game between Dabang Delhi and Bengal Warriors in Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Naveen and Maninder

Dabang Delhi's Naveen Kumar and Bengal Warriors' captain Maninder Singh will be the stars to watch out for in today's PKL 8 clash.   -  Special Arrangement

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League. This is Shyam Vasudevan and I will be taking you through today's PKL 8 match between Dabang Delhi and Bengal Warriors.

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Naveen Kumar is the unstoppable force that drives Dabang Delhi as the star raider scored a staggering 24 points, the most he has ever scored in a single game, as his side beats defending champion Bengal Warriors 52-35. Naveen was at his best from the get-go and was a constant thorn in the Bengal Warriors defence, which simply struggled to contain him. Bengal Warriors skipper Maninder Singh picked up 16 points but that wasn't enough to stop his side from slipping to another loss.

Dabang Delhi is the only side that is unbeaten in PKL 8 and will continue to top the standings with 18 points from four games, while Bengal Warriors will drop a place to the fourth spot.

Dabang Delhi - Bengal Warriors



52-35 Sukesh picks up the bonus point and we're down to the last 30 seconds of this game. Dabang Delhi reviews the decision and the bonus has been retracted.

51-34 That's a great tackle from Ashu as he traps Nabibakhsh in a terrific ankle hold.

49-34 SUPER RAID FROM MANINDER! He manages to squeeze past three Dabang Delhi defenders and takes his evening's tally to 15 points.

49-31 ALL OUT! Naveen Kumar is at his absolute best. He gets rid of both the men on the court and powers his side to an unassailable 18-point lead.

45-31 And Sukesh has been sent to the bench, courtesy of Naveen. Bengal Warriors are reduced to two men and are staring at an All Out.

44-31 Sukesh has just been relying on the bonuses and gets one but the Bengal Warriors need a lot more than that.

'Dabang Delhi coach Krishnan Hooda, understandably, is a calm man. He tells his men to simply stay focused and not complicate things.

44-30 Naveen gets his 21st point of the evening as he makes the most a poor tackle from the right corner.

Naveen goes in for a raid, but is wise enough to not take a risk and simply kills the clock. That's smart play from the youngster.

42-29 Jeeva gets a hold of Maninder's left leg and the Warriors captain has nowhere to go but the bench. Top tackle from Jeeva.

Bengal Warriors coach BC Ramesh says: "Remain calm, the points will come."

41-27 Sandeep gifts Maninder a point and has to jog to the bench.

Ten minutes to go, can Maninder and the Bengal Warriors turn this game around?

41-26 Off you go, says Naveen. Nabibakhsh goes low to avoid a toe touch, but Naveen catches him by surprise with a kick and catches him on the shoulder. Naveen's too wily, I tell you.

40-26 One captain gets rid of the other! Maninder gets a running hand touch and eliminates Joginder Narwal.

40-25 Absolutely remarkable from Naveen. He wrestles out of Sachin's tackle on the right corner and gets a touch on Sukesh on his way back. He's got 19 points already and we have another 10 minutes left in this contest.

38-25 Maninder targets Jeeva and gets the better of him. Fun fact, the two were teammates at Bengal Warriors last season.

That's a Super 10 too for Vijay - he's having a great evening.

38-24 SUPER RAID! That's great work from Vijay - he picks up Sachin and Vijin AND a bonus point!

34-23 Old habits die hard - Manjeet makes a rash tackle as he dashes from the left to the right but Sukesh evades his challenge with ease.

34-22 ALL OUT! Maninder takes on all three Dabang Delhi defenders and runs through ALL OF THEM! He picks up five massive points to offer his side a glimmer of hope.

Bengal Warriors are taking advantage of the fact that Naveen is on the bench and have reduced Dabang Delhi to three men. An All Out here to quickly swing the tide in the Warriors' favour.

33-17 Another tackle point for Bengal Warriors as Ashu Malik is thrown off the court.

33-16 Manjeet is a sitting duck there. He was by himself, not part of the defensive chain, and gets caught out.

Naveen is on the bench now and Vijay will lead the raiding department for the time being.

Dabang Delhi was keen to exact revenge for last season's loss in the final to Bengal Warriors and they've begun this game in some style! Naveen has been in outstanding form as he's racked up 16 points and powered Dabang Delhi to a gigantic 18-point lead at half-time. Stay tuned - you don't want to miss this game!

33-15 SUPER TACKLE and Naveen is tackled for the first time! All three Bengal Warriors players give it their everything to contain Naveen and with great difficulty, they just about manage to do so.

33-11 Naveen's dealing in doubles today - he gets the right corner with a scorpion kick and lands a touch on the left cover on his way back to take his tally to 16.

It's amazing how Dabang Delhi has not had a single do-or-die raid so far. A team is faced with a do-or-die raid when it does not score a point in more than two raids.

30-10 The Dabang Delhi defence seems to have done its homework and has offered Maninder absolutely no room today. They combine well, led by Manjeet, to block him yet again.

Dabang Delhi captain Joginder Narwal gets a green card for coaching during a raid.

29-10 Two more points for Naveen and it looks like he's simply out here to have fun. He's got the Bengal Warriors defence dancing to his tunes!

27-10 Bengal Warriors finally gets its first tackle point as Abozar locks Vijay in a super ankle hold.

Bengal Warriors, which relies hugely on its defence, is yet to pick up a tackle point!

25-8 Wow, that was some display of strength from Maninder but he can't get past the five-man defensive wall from Dabang Delhi. Maninder has had a touch evening so far.

21-7 ALL OUT! Nabibakhsh has been wrestled off the court and it's Jeeva who has the last laugh. Dabang Delhi has a massive 14-point lead now.

18-6 SUPER 10 FOR NAVEEN! That almost seems like a given, now. He truly is the Mr. Consistent of the PKL world. He gets a touch on Maninder and brings up his fourth successive Super 10 of PKL 8.

17-5 Two more points in the bag for Naveen! He skips past Sachin and Vijin comes in too, but he pulls Naveen by the neck and the tackle will not stand.

Two green cards will lead to a two minute suspension.

15-5 That's the Manjeet Chillar we're used to! He makes a sublime tackle on Maninder to send the captain back to the bench. And Manjeet, somehow, manages to pick up a green card as well.

13-5 Vijay joins the party and picks up two points from his first raid - a bonus and a touch on Abozar.

11-5 Maninder gets the better of Jeeva this time around, as the latter makes an unsuccessful late dash.

Naveen has got six points in as many raids and is yet to be tackled.

10-4 ALL OUT! Nabibakhsh is shoved off the mat and Dabang Delhi has inflicted an All Out inside six minutes.

6-3 Sandeep Narwal makes a rather hasty challenge and Sukesh escapes with two points. That brings Nabibakhsh back on the mat.

6-1 How does Naveen make that look so easy? wow! He coolly ducks Abozar's challenge and has reduced the Warriors to one man.

5-1 That's three out of three for Naveen! He picks up a bonus point and gets a touch on Darshan. The Warriors are down to two men!

3-0 Naveen is at it again! He teases and entices the left corner to come forward and skips out of the tackle.

2-0 That's a massive tackle from Jeeva! He comes from behind and traps Maninder in a strong upper body hold.

1-0 Naveen strikes in his first raid! He slips out of Nabibakhsh's ankle hold to open his tally

0-0 Maninder thinks he has the point here, but there's nothing to show for it

Dabang Delhi won the toss and chose court, Bengal Warriors will raid first.


7:30pm: Here's how the two sides will start today -

Dabang Delhi - Naveen Kumar, Jeeva, Manjeet Chillar, Vijay, Ashu Malik, Sandeep Narwal, Joginder Narwal

Bengal Warriors - Maninder Singh, Darshan, Vijin, Sukesh Hegde, Nabibakhsh, Abozar, Sachin

7:20pm: Dabang Delhi is the only unbeaten side so far and tops the PKL 8 table with 13 points from three games, while Bengal Warriors is in the third spot with 11 points. A win today for the defending champion would see it soar to the top spot! Check out the PKL 8 PKL 8 Points Table: Bengaluru Bulls still on top, Patna Pirates go second .

7:15pm: Head to head stats: Dabang Delhi and Bengal Warriors have clashed 15 times in the PKL and Bengal Warriors has a marginal 7-6 lead. Dabang Delhi will surely be eager to set the record straight and avenge last season's loss in the final.

7:10pm: The Bengal Warriors will be eager to get back to winning ways after losing its last game against Bengaluru Bulls. The side's captain Maninder Singh was in rivetting form as he grabbed 17 points, including a sublime six-point Super Raid, but could not take his side past the Bengaluru Bulls. Maninder, who sat out last season's final against Dabang Delhi due to an injury, will be keen to make merry (Christmas fever is still on!) on the met today.

Gujarat Fortunegiants captain Fazel Atrachali (right) successfully thwarts Maninder Singh (left) of Bengal Warriors in the opening qualifier clash in Mumbai on Tuesday.   -  Special Arrangement


7:05pm: Coming to the Bengal Warriors, the side has one of the most balanced teams in PKL 8. Captained by the powerhouse in Maninder Singh, the side features a plethora of stars including the ever-dependable Mohammed Nabibakhsh, Sukesh Hegde, Abozar Mighani and Rishank Devadiga. PKL debutant Akash Pikalmunde has also looked impressive, while defenders Rinku Narwal, Vijin and Sachin have looked in good stead.


All-rounder Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh has been a crucial member in Bengal Warriors' maiden title win in the league in 2019 and will be a key part of its title defense this season.   -  Special Arrangement


7pm: While Naveen has been at his impressive best, the Dabang Delhi defence has had a host of issues. The veteran duo of Manjeet Chillar and Jeeva Kumar has managed to feature in all three matches so far despite their abysmal start to the season.

Here are their stats after three games -

Jeeva: Three points, three successful tackles, eight unsuccessful tackles

Manjeet: Two points, two tackles, 12 unsuccessful tackles

6:55pm: Dabang Delhi has banked on the brilliance of Naveen Kumar this season. Naveen has bagged 44 points in three games to ensure Dabang Delhi remains undefeated and on top of the table. The agile raider also has the record for the most Super 10s in a season and most consecutive Super 10s to his name and brought up his 23rd successive Super 10 in the last match. Here's him talking about his time at the club and his love for methi  fenugreek) laddoos -

6:45pm: Hello guys and welcome to another day of kabaddi action! We've got a super game on our hands today, a repeat of last season's final, as Dabang Delhi takes on defending champion Bengal Warriors. I was fortunate enough to attend the final at the EKA Arena in Ahmedabad and I can tell you the atmosphere was simply electric! It's a pity we have no fans in the stands today, but we're in for a thrilling contest nevertheless.

Before we introduce you to the fixtures of the day, here's a look at the results from the last three days -

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Where to watch PKL 8?

You can watch all the games of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 8) on the Star Sports Network. The matches will also be streamed live on the Disney + Hotstar app.