IND vs ENG Highlights, 2nd Test Day 2: Bumrah’s 6/45 breaks Bazball; India 28/0, leads by 171 runs at Stumps

IND vs ENG: Catch the highlights, score and updates from the 2nd Test match between India and England being played at the ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium in Visakhapatnam.

Updated : Feb 03, 2024 17:17 IST

Jasprit Bumrah celebrates the wicket of England's Tom Hartley.
Jasprit Bumrah celebrates the wicket of England's Tom Hartley. | Photo Credit: DEEPAK KR

Jasprit Bumrah celebrates the wicket of England's Tom Hartley. | Photo Credit: DEEPAK KR

Welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of Day 2 of the 2nd Test match between India and England being played in Visakhapatnam.

  • February 03, 2024 17:11
    STUMPS - India 28/0, leads by 171 runs

    India makes merry with whatever little time it got to bat before Stumps. It is a day which belongs to Rohit & Co. Yashasvi Jaiswal started with getting his double ton before Jasprit Bumrah ran rings around the English batters to bring their much-hyped Bazball to a grinding halt. Day 3 is often called the moving day of a Test match and it might just be the day where India seals the result. But if the first Test taught us anything, it was to never undermine this English side. 

    That’s it from us for Day 2. We’ll be back with the live action tomorrow. See you!

  • February 03, 2024 16:57
    IND 28/0 in 5 overs

    Rehan Ahmed for his first over. FOUR! Rohit shuffles and makes room before carving the ball past point. A single off the next delivery. That’s Stumps on Day 2.

  • February 03, 2024 16:54
    IND 23/0 in 4 overs

    FOUR! Jaiswal clears his front leg against Bashir and hits it down the ground. Another one, now with a cut past the backward point fielder. Third FOUR of the over, another one down the ground with a long stride out to get to the pitch. 12 from the over.

  • February 03, 2024 16:52
    IND 11/0 in 3 overs

    Just a single for Jasiwal from the Anderson over. India’s lead now upto 154.

  • February 03, 2024 16:45
    IND 10/0 in 2 overs

    Shoaib Bashir and not Joe Root from the other end. After four dots, Jaiswal drives the fifth down to long off to get a single. Rohit drills this over-pitched delivery through covers and breaches the ropes. 

  • February 03, 2024 16:44
    IND 5/0 in 1 over

    FOUR! Rohit Sharma slashes a wide delivery between point and gully to get off the mark.

  • February 03, 2024 16:42
    IND 0/0

    Yashasvi Jaiswal and Rohit Sharma begin the second innings. James Anderson will bowl the first over.

  • February 03, 2024 16:34
    India leads by 143 runs

    Though India’s 396 runs seemed insufficient at one point, Jasprit Bumrah’s six-wicket haul ensured it was more than enough. It was a masterclass of seam bowling from the 30-year-old. He’s put India in a commanding position where it can set a massive target.

  • February 03, 2024 16:26
    ENG 253 all out

    Bumrah with another attempt at bundling England out. GOT HIM! Bumrah gets one to move back in and traps Anderson leg before. Bumrah ends with six!

    James Anderson lbw b Bumrah 6 (19)

  • February 03, 2024 16:23
    ENG 252/9 in 55 overs

    Kuldeep replaces Mukesh. Anderson slog sweeps him to get FOUR runs. Two byes! Anderson tries a reverse sweep but misses, the ball sneaks through Bharat’s legs, allowing the two runs.

  • February 03, 2024 16:17
    ENG 245/9 in 54 overs

    Bumrah to Anderson again. Flicks to fine leg on the fifth delivery to get off strike. Bashir gets a single on the final delivery to retain strike.

  • February 03, 2024 16:17
    ENG 243/9 in 53 overs

    Shoaib Bashir with a textbook clip off his pads against Mukesh to collect his first boundary in international cricket. 

  • February 03, 2024 16:05
    ENG 239/9 in 52 overs

    Fifer for Jasprit Bumrah! Hartley has a swing at it only to get an edge and see Shubman Gill pouch it at first slip. England nine down!

    Tom Hartley c Gill b Bumrah 21 (24)

    Shoaib Bashir is the last batter for England. Bumrah swings it too much to give away FOUR byes down the leg side. A leading edge takes the ball wide of the gully fielder for one run. 

    Bumrah strikes the back pad of Anderson but India’s appeals have been denied by Marais Erasmus. Rohit goes up for a review. There is a spike on the UltraEdge but the replays are inconclusive with regards to how that shows up - the bat hitting the ground or the ball hitting the bat. The decision is upheld. 

  • February 03, 2024 16:02
    ENG 230/8 in 51 overs

    Mukesh follows up with a maiden over. That would do a world of good to his economy rate.

  • February 03, 2024 15:53
    Bumrah fastest Indian pacer to reach 150 wickets

    IND vs ENG: Bumrah becomes fastest Indian pacer to pick 150 Test wickets

    Jasprit Bumrah became the quickest Indian fast bowler to pick 150 Test wickets during the second Test against England played at the VDCA stadium on Saturday.

  • February 03, 2024 15:50
    ENG 230/8 in 50 overs

    Jasprit Bumrah back for his third spell. Stokes on strike. BOWLED HIM! 150 wickets for Jasprit Bumrah. This one nips into the left-hander, breaches the gate and crashes onto the off stump.

    Ben Stokes b Bumrah 47 (54)

    James Anderson gets off the mark with a nudge to square leg. 

  • February 03, 2024 15:45
    ENG 229/7 in 49 overs

    Mukesh back into the attack. FOUR! Hartley laps up a full delivery on his pads and places it through mid wicket. It’s a No Ball too. Seven from the over in total.

  • February 03, 2024 15:41
    ENG 222/7 in 48 overs

    Ashwin to Stokes. FOUR! Uses his feet to step out and pack it down the ground. Has enough on it to beat the long on fielder. Eight runs from the over.

  • February 03, 2024 15:36
    ENG 214/7 in 47 overs

    Kuldeep to continue. The second ball keeps low and Stokes somehow gets the bat down. Stokes sweeps the third to fine leg for one run. Hartley cuts to deep cover for a single. SIX! Hartley slogs away at a length ball and clears the fence over mid wicket.

  • February 03, 2024 15:30
    ENG 205/7 in 46 overs

    Stokes has decided to switch gears. He slogs Ashwin for a six towards midwicket. 

  • February 03, 2024 15:26
    ENG 196/7 in 45 overs

    Stokes gets length ball off Kuldeep and he smacks it towards midwicket for four. Now Hartley goes for a slog sweep and the ball just falls short of the fielder in deep. Kuldeep induces an outside edge and it JUST goes past Rohit’s right hand in the first slip. Four on a good ball. 

  • February 03, 2024 15:19
    ENG 182/7 in 43 overs

    Kuldeep strikes again! Rehan looking pull over the short midwicket but Gill times his jump perfectly and grabs the ball. England seven down now. It seemed like Rehan was in control of his innings for the brief time he was there. He went for the one he thought he could hit and mistimes it. It was a half-tracker, wide outside off stump. 

  • February 03, 2024 15:15
    ENG 181/6

    R Ashwin is back, replacing Bumrah. Just a single in that over. 

  • February 03, 2024 15:13
    ENG 180/6

    Rehan looking comfortable at the crease so far; Stokes not much. 

  • February 03, 2024 15:00
    ENG 173/6 in 39 overs

    OUT! Foakes is cleaned up as well. A slow dipper by Kuldeep. Foakes commits on the frontfoot very early, trying to play for the spin, but it goes straight past the outside edge and crashes onto the off stump. 

    England in a spot of bother as Rehan Ahmed walks in. 

  • February 03, 2024 14:55
    ENG 172/5

    Bumrah continues to challenge both the edges on length. And there’s comes a yorker. This has been a spectacular spell from Bumrah. 

  • February 03, 2024 14:45
    ENG 159/5

    And Bumrah strikes again! Bairstow departs. Ball angling into the right hander, seams away, finishing just ouside off stump, Bairstow had to play, gets the outside edge straight to slips. Beautiful bowling. No really footwork there by Bairstow.

    Jonny Bairstow c Shubman Gill b Bumrah 25

    Ben Foakes walks in. 

  • February 03, 2024 14:39
    ENG 159/4

    Kuldeep Yadav from the other end. Stokes goes for a slog sweep but isn’t able to get ball cross the ropes. Three runs. 

  • February 03, 2024 14:35
    ENG 155/4

    Bumrah to begin the session. Trying to get the ball into the right hander. Bairstow plays with soft hands. A maiden to begin. 

  • February 03, 2024 14:34
    Evening session

    India had a good second hour of the previous session and will look to keep chipping in with wickets. Bairstow and Stokes at the crease with still 241 runs to trail. 

  • February 03, 2024 14:14
    TEA - England 155/4, trails by 241

    Ben Stokes picks a boundaary off Kuldeep to bring the session to a close. India has pulled back in the this one. Things looked ominous with Zack Crawley going after the spinners but the a outworldly catch from Shreyas Iyer and a magical few overs from Jasprit Bumrah opened the doors for India.

  • February 03, 2024 14:08
    ENG 150/4 in 32 overs

    Bairstow gets two boundaries in the last two overs. He first cuts a short and wide delivery from Kuldeep. In the next over, he drills an over-pitched delivery from Mukesh through covers.

  • February 03, 2024 13:59
    ENG 138/4 in 30 overs

    Bumrah follows up with a maiden. Stokes is able to defend the six deliveries.

    In the previous over, Axar allowed just two runs.

  • February 03, 2024 13:47
    ENG 136/4 in 28 overs

    Bairstow picks two boundaries in Axar’s over - a cut first followed by a drive through covers. 10 runs from the over. 

    BUMRAH ON A ROLL! He has absolutely hammered this yorker into the stumps. Ollie Pope has to make the long walk back.

    Ollie Pope b Bumrah 23 (55)

    It’s time for skipper Ben Stokes to get some control over the innings.

  • February 03, 2024 13:36
    ENG 124/3 in 26 overs

    BUMRAH! ROOT GONE! Bumrah gets the ball to move away just a hint and Root is guilty of poking at the ball. Gill does the job at first slip. India has two in quick succession.

    Joe Root c Gill b Bumrah 5 (10)

    Bumrah greets Jonny Bairstow with a yorker which strikes him on the foot. India ponders over for a minute but then decides against taking a review.

  • February 03, 2024 13:31
    ENG 123/2 in 25 overs

    Jasprit Bumrah back into the attack. Tests the outside edge of Ollie Pope but does not quite induce one. One run from the over.

    Ollie Pope scoops Axar to fine leg for two runs. A single off the fourth delivery of the over. Root paddle sweeps the final delivery for one run.

  • February 03, 2024 13:21
    ENG 118/2 in 23 overs

    Axar Patel gets the wicket of Crawley. And Shreyas Iyer has pulled off a blinder. Crawley’s slog on the on side gets a leading edge. The ball loops over the point region where Iyer tracks back and puts in a dive to take the catch. 

    Zak Crawley c Iyer b Axar 76 (78)

    Joe Root joins the party with a reverse sweep boundary off Axar.

  • February 03, 2024 13:11
    ENG 110/1 in 22 overs

    Mukesh Kumar is into the attack now. Drifts towards the pads and Pope flicks it for four. Slight inwards movement for Mukesh though. 

  • February 03, 2024 13:06
    ENG 105/1 in 20 overs

    This has been a fascinating contest between Crawley and Ashwin. So much going with Ashwin trying out different angles, pace, and Crawley has very skillfully tackled it and found a way to keep scoring. 

  • February 03, 2024 13:00
    ENG 91/1

    Ashwin has been varying his pace, trying to draw the batters forward, make use of the bounce on offer. Crawley making use of his height slog sweeps him for a SIX to end the over. 

  • February 03, 2024 12:52
    ENG 81/1 in 16 overs

    Crawley taking on the attack. There’s good bounce on the pitch and the ball not turning much. 

  • February 03, 2024 12:42
    ENG 72/1 in 13 overs

    Crawley takes Kuldeep for 10 runs. A four and a SIX! And he gets to his fifty as well with that maximum. Superb batting this from the Englishman. 

  • February 03, 2024 12:35
    ENG 59/1

    OUT! India has finally got a breakthrough. Ball dips and Duckett isn’t able to control his defence and hits it straight to silly point. Kuldeep Yadav is the man of the hour for India. 

  • February 03, 2024 12:24
    ENG 54/0 in 9 overs

    Crawley pounds Bumrah for three consecutive boundaries on the first three balls! First on drive, then towards deep third, and finally drive straight down the ground. Nice way to get fifty runs on the board. Finishes the over with another straight drive for four. 

  • February 03, 2024 12:19
    ENG 38/0

    R Ashwin from the other end. Ashwin varying his pace on length at the off-stump line. Not getting a lot of turn. ALMOST a chance there at the short midwicket! Gill dived but can’t grab it. 

  • February 03, 2024 12:14
    ENG 34/0 in 7 overs

    Bumrah begins proceedings. Crawley takes a single on the first ball. He’s not getting the ball to move a lot though. Two runs from the over. 

  • February 03, 2024 12:13
    Afternoon session

    Birthday boy Zak Crawley along with his opening partner Ben Duckett walk out to bat with England requiring 364 runs more to trail. They have given a good start scoring 32 runs in the first six overs. An important session for India to not only get wickets but to control the scoring rate of England. Will spinners get turn? Is there an iconic Bumrah spell in offing? We’ll know very soon. 

  • February 03, 2024 11:35
    LUNCH - England 32/0, trails by 364 runs

    England started in a way one would expect it to, scoring at five runs per over. India has 364 more to defend and the two overs of spin in the first session would give Rohit Sharma some hope of taking the reins in this contest. 

  • February 03, 2024 11:30
    ENG 32/0 in 6 overs

    Ashwin for the final over of the session. Crawley drives for a single on the final delivery of the over. That will be Lunch on Day 2.

  • February 03, 2024 11:27
    ENG 31/0 in 5 overs

    Kuldeep Yadav into the attack. Two runs, Crawley punches at it and the edge takes it through point and to the fence. Kuldeep will take heart from the fact that he did not have much control on that shot. A single off the final delivery. 

  • February 03, 2024 11:23
    ENG 28/0 in 4 overs

    FOUR! Mukesh goes too full and Duckett parks it through covers. FOUR more! Slaps this wide delivery through point. Drills the final ball of the over through covers again. 12 runs from the over.

  • February 03, 2024 11:21
    ENG 16/0 in 3 overs

    Bumrah to Crawley. FOUR! Edged and through the gap between gully and second slip. Two more runs with a clip through mid wicket.

  • February 03, 2024 11:13
    ENG 10/0 in 2 overs

    Mukesh Kumar to Duckett. FOUR! Lucky! A thick under edge after the ball nips away after pitching which runs wide of the stumps and runs to the fence. Another inside edge, this time for a single. FOUR more! On the pads and Crawley clips it away past mid wicket. Crawley punches the final delivery through cover for a single. 

  • February 03, 2024 11:08
    ENG 0/0 in 1 over

    Two slips and a gully in place. Bumrah to Crawley, left alone. The third delivery angles across and thuds on to the batter’s pad. Crawley has a swing at the final delivery but misses. A maiden to start the innings.

  • February 03, 2024 11:07
    England openers walk out

    It is the usual pairing of Ben Duckett and Zack Crawley for England. For India, Jasprit Bumrah has the new ball.

  • February 03, 2024 11:02
    Advantage England

    Despite the splendid effort from Yashasvi Jaiswal, India is well short of a commanding first innings total. Once again, the tail offers little to no support. The final three wickets go down for just 12 runs. England will be confident of chopping off a substantial amount of this within Day 2. The English innings coming up shortly.

  • February 03, 2024 10:56
    IND 396 all out

    Bashir to Kuldeep. He opens the face of the bat on the fourth delivery to place the ball through point. But the second run does not come and Mukesh will need to survive the last two balls of the over. 

    HE CAN’T! Bashir gets his third as Mukesh is caught at slip. Done by the extra bounce and turn.

    Mukesh Kumar c Root b Bashir 0 (3)

  • February 03, 2024 10:49
    IND 395/9 in 111 overs

    Rehan Ahmed throws up a full toss for Bumrah who pummels it away through mid wicket. WICKET! Bumrah is caught at slip. He defends inside the line and offers an edge to Joe Root. India falling away like nine pins. 

    Jasprit Bumrah c Root b Rehan 6 (9)

    Mukesh Kumar walks in at No. 11.

  • February 03, 2024 10:38
    IND 387/8 in 108 overs

    Kuldeep drives Bashir through cover for another couple. A single through the same region on the fourth delivery. Bumrah is able to scamper through for a run off the final delivery.

  • February 03, 2024 10:33
    IND 383/8 in 107 overs

    OUT! Anderson gets Jaiswal! Only two runs coming in the last three overs and Jaiswal decided to charge the pacer. He hits it high into the air and gets caught at deep extra covers. A terrific knock comes to an end. Third wicket for Anderson. A superb spell by the veteran pacer. 

    Yashasvi Jaiswal c Bairstow b Anderson 209

    Jasprit Bumrah at the crease now. 

  • February 03, 2024 10:26
    IND 382/7

    Just one run from the last two overs. Both Anderson and Bashir are nearing the end of their one-hour spell now. 

  • February 03, 2024 10:17
    IND 381/7

    Anderson continues to be threatening with the hard new ball. Jaiswal edges past second slip for four. Taking the ball away and into the left hander. 

  • February 03, 2024 10:12
    Youngest double centurions for India; Jaiswal third in the list

    IND vs ENG: Jaiswal scores double hundred, 3rd youngest Indian to record 200

    At 22 years and 37 days, Jaiswal is only behind Vinod Kambli and Sunil Gavaskar on the list of youngest double centurions for India.

  • February 03, 2024 10:11
    IND 375/7 in 102 overs

    Jaiswal slog sweeps Bashir for a SIX over square leg! Then sweeps again, finds the fence again, this time four, and gets to his DOUBLE CENTURY!! Great knock this. 

  • February 03, 2024 10:04
    IND 364/7 in 101 overs

    Ashwin drives Anderson for four towards on side! But Anderson gets him on the next ball, edging the ball to the keeper. Ashwin did review it, but only for ultra edge to confirm it. He goes for 20. 

    Kuldeep Yadav walks in. Anderson has been brilliant this morning with the new ball. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:59
    IND 360/6 in 100 overs

    Jaiswal charges Bashir down the track and smacks him straight over the head for a SIX. Bashir has been slightly full this morning. Given the amount of movement Anderson is getting off the pitch, won’t be a bad idea for him to pull his length slightly back. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:54
    IND 352/6

    That seamed in quite a bit into Jaiswal and Anderson is very much interested in that LBW call. Umpire isn’t though and England takes a review. In real time it looked that there was bat involved but nothing on the ultra edge. Ball tracking shows wicket missing and Jaiswal survives. Just a single in that over. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:49
    IND 351/6 in 98 overs

    350 comes up for India as Ashwin gently drives a half-volley by Bashir for four towards covers. Five more added to the total in this over. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:47
    IND 346/6 in 97 overs

    Jaiswal hasn’t looked very comfortable so far this morning. Anderson is challenging his outside edge and has almost found it on two occasions. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:35
    IND 343/6 in 95 overs

    Second new ball has been taken. James Anderson to begin the proceedings. A jaffa on the first ball, challenging Jaiswal’s outside edge. He’s making the ball move away from both right and left handers. Two runs off the over. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:30
    IND 341/6 in 94 overs

    Shoaib Bashir to begin the day. Jaiswal on strike. Gets away with just a single: was short wide ball and Jaiswal had slashed hard on it but only to be fielded at point. Ashwin drives through covers to get the first boundary of the day. Five runs off the over. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:29
    All set!

    Yashasvi Jaiswal and R Ashwin walk out to bat. England players too come out for the second day. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:12
    India riding on Jaiswal’s ton

    The Indian innings now hinges on what Jaiswal, and his partner Ashwin, add up on the second day. The wickets of Axar Patel and Srikar Bharat tilted the match just a bit into England’s favour. The wicket still has plenty for the batters to enjoy and the way England goes about its business with the willow, it would fancy anything below 450. 

  • February 03, 2024 09:00
    Patidar on his dream debut

    IND vs ENG: Late bloomer Patidar relishes ‘dream-come-true’ moment on Test debut

    Patidar made a case for himself by smashing two hundreds against the visiting England Lions team and pipped Sarfaraz Khan to the playing XI on Friday.

  • February 03, 2024 08:39
    India vs England Day 1 - As it happened

    IND vs ENG: Jaiswal stands tall but England keeps India in check on day 1

    For all the anticipation around India’s batting approach, the host largely stuck to its methods to get to a respectable 336 for six, with Yashasvi Jaiswal’s stroke-filled century standing tall amidst the ruins of frittered starts on the opening day of the second Test here at the Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium on Friday.

  • February 03, 2024 08:33

    The India vs England 2nd Test match will be telecast live from 8:30 AM IST on Sports18 and Sports18 HD.

    The match can also be live streamed for free on the JioCinema app and website.

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