IND-W v NZ-W Women's World Cup Highlights: New Zealand thrash India by 62 runs, Harmanpreet's fifty goes in vain

Women's World Cup 2022 IND v NZ: Get live scores, commentary and updates from the CWC 2022 game between India and New Zealand in Hamilton on Thursday.

Updated : Mar 10, 2022 13:57 IST

Yastika Bhatia of India in action during the 2022 ICC Women's World Cup match against New Zealand at Seddon Park.
Yastika Bhatia of India in action during the 2022 ICC Women's World Cup match against New Zealand at Seddon Park.

Yastika Bhatia of India in action during the 2022 ICC Women's World Cup match against New Zealand at Seddon Park.

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the 2022 ODI Women's World Cup. This is Lavanya Lakshmi Narayanan and Dhruva Prasad bringing you the latest from the WC game between India and New Zealand from Seddon Park in Hamilton on Thursday.

Mithali: I thought NZ would go on for 270-280 but our bowlers did well to hold them back. This was chaseable but provided the top order kept the run rate going and we didn't have a batter who could take the team through. There was bounce but it was not unplayable. We could have done better. In both the games, the batting, top and middle order, needs to fire. You need your batters to fire when teams are posting 270. Bowlers have come good and it's time for batters to improve.

Sophie Devine: It was a complete performance. We build partnerships throughout, Kerr, Satterthwaite were brilliant. We were probably 20-30 runs short. Our bowlers were brilliant too. They didn't give them anything today. We have different people putting their hand up in different phases of the game, that's what we want in the World Cup. The girls were outstanding today, they had the pressure on them to make sure they stood up Tonight was a more complete performance. All we need to do and all we can control is the next game. 

Satterthwaite is the player of the match: I just tried to build an innings to set a platform to launch from. I was really disappointed in the first game and it was a real reflection to go back and look at the way I wanted to play. I managed to bat long enough to get us a total we needed today and our bowlers were exceptional.

Match summary:

NZ: 260/9 (50 overs)

IND: 198/10 (46.4 overs)


IND 198 all out in 46.4 overs: Meghna wants to have some fun and thumps one down the ground from Jensen for FOUR . But, she pulls things back with a brilliant yorker to blow up Jhulan's stumps. The lifeline from the previous over was shortlived. And she's cupping her face after that wicket. She follows it up by removing Rajeshwari Gayakwad off the very next ball as she knicks one to the keeper. Duck. And that is curtains on the Indian innings. WICKETS Jhulan Goswami b Jensen 15 (13b), Rajeshwari Gayakwad c †Martin b Jensen 0 (1b)

IND 193/8 in 46 overs : India's chances maybe dead but Jhulan's spirits aren't. She welcomes Amelia Kerr with a massive SIX over deep midwicket. What a warhorse she is! Kerr pegs it back getting an edge off Jhulan as she tries to sweep. It travels to Jensen who DROPS JHULAN. Maybe she wanted to watch her fight back just a little longer too. LIFELINE. Meghna joins the party, chasing the ball outside off to edge it to the boundary wide off that slip cordon. Kerr closes the over with an LBW appeal but nothing will come off it. 12 runs off the over.

IND 181/8 IN 45 overs: Jensen comes back for an over. Two new batters at the crease and will manage just three runs in this over.

IND 178/8 in 44 overs: Goswami is not to be kept out of things. She welcomes Amelia Kerr with a boundary through the covers. FOUR . But Kerr has the comfort of momentum and gets her way in the end, with Harman holing out to Devine at long off. A long slog ends for Harman. Kerr's third wicket of the game. WICKET Harmanpreet Kaur c Devine b AC Kerr 71 (63b)

IND 171/7 in 43 overs: 110 needed from 48 and here's the response. BIG BIG OVER from Harmanpreet Kaur. She has shaved off 20 runs from the target. A six over midwicket, a four through deep midwicket, a six over midwicket again, and a four through backward square. Beautiful from Harman. The confidence is showing. Oh how different this game would have been if some of this came earlier.

IND 151/7 in 42 overs: Another economical Amelia Kerr over as she concedes just the four runs. But the highlight is Harmanpreet getting to a fighting half century.

IND 147/7 in 41 overs: Asking rate is now 12 an over. India has left a bulk of the job to be done with little time. Familiar?
With much to do, India is handed another bolt as Vastrakar holes out to Sophie Devine at mid-off. Hannah Rowe has her first wicket of the game. Jhulan comes out and Kaur is on strike and goes about the requirement. A short ball comes her way and she won't miss these anymore. Sends this to the deep midwicket boundary.  Seven runs off the over. WICKET Pooja Vastrakar c Devine b Rowe 6 (16b)

IND 140/6 in 40 overs:
Amelia Kerr comes in to bowl the 40th.I was just looking at how many three-run overs India has had during this chase. India breaks the pattern here, but with just 2 coming off the over.

IND 138/6 in 39 overs:
Rowe comes in now, as Tahuhu has bowled through her quota. Just the three singles.

IND 135/6 in 38 overs: Vastrakar and Kaur at the crease. STILL not impossible.  Herculean though. Mackay comes in for her 8th over. Keeps it tight despite the Indian pair running singles. Ends the over with a shorter delivery meandering down leg and Harman is happy to pull this one behind square for FOUR.

Short and turning down leg from outside off, Harman opens up and pulls that away behind square to beat the fielder for four

IND 128/6 in 37 overs: Lea Tahuhu in for the final over of her spell. Sends one in with considerable height short in length.  Get's a touch on Rana's gloves and Martin makes no mistake to finish off the job. Three wickets for Tahuhu today. Very well done. WICKET Sneh Rana c †Martin b Tahuhu 18 (28b)

IND 125/5 in 36 overs: It's easy to miss that Harman has now come up to her 30s. She looks decently set and will need to anchor this innings to the end to give India a chance. A long chance, but a chance nonetheless. Meanwhile, New Zealand is happy to aid India's response in singles. Three runs again. Asking rate climbing close to 9.

IND 122/5 in 35 overs:
Tahuhu into her ninth over of the game. Tonnes of variation in this over, from the slower balls and off cutters to short and full length variations. Three runs from it. And it's just not enough. 

IND 119/5 in 34 overs:
New Zealand is continuing to squeeze the batters at the crease. Three runs come off the first ball but the runs continue to be hard to come thereafter. She's employed the wrong'un from time to time. Variations, but with a discipline in her line and length. Five runs from the over.

IND 114/5 in 33 overs:
Tahuhu is having the match of her life and that will continue with just three runs conceded in this over. Kaur and Rana are needing to work to find the gaps and a well planned field means those gaps are not easy to find.

Take a look at Tahuhu's numbers: 8-2-12-2. WOW.

IND 111/5 in 32 overs:
Amelia Kerr returns. 158 runs. Five wickets only. Pressure pressure pressure. Rana starts cautiously as she and Kaur are happy to negotiate in singles but manages to finally get lucky as an edge wide of slip runs off to the fence for FOUR . Eight runs come off the over. India needs to make this happen more. By hook or by crook.

IND 103/5 in 31 overs:
Competitive fields set here. Especially the one for Kerr's hattrick ball. Immaculate pressure building. Two runs come off this over as Sneh Rana and Kaur try to set in as a pair.

IND 97/5 IN 30 OVERS: BREAKTHROUGH. Melie Kerr has turned things around in an almost Vastrakar-like fashion. MITHALI is stumped trying to go down the crease and take on Kerr. She is miffed with her shot choice on full ball. Looked like she wanted to turn to sweep, so much happening in a second. This might not the bad news India things it is because coming up next is Richa Ghosh, who can amp up the scoring rate but what do you know, KERR HAS TAKEN HER OUT TOO! On a hat-trick, this dynamite! Googly leaves her woodwork rattled. Oh brilliant cricket from Melie Kerr. Advantage New Zealand. Batter coming in on the hat-trick ball is Sneh Rana and she almost defiantly cuts this to point for FOUR . WICKETS Mithali Raj st Martin b AC Kerr 31 (56b), Richa Ghosh b AC Kerr 0 (1b)

IND 95/3 in 29 overs:  Mackay comes in with another tidy over and just three runs conceded. An extension of the bilateral series coming through here.

IND 92/3 in 28 overs: Another good over for India. Nine runs off it. These two have started rotating the strike a bit better and Harman tops it up with a lovely sweep between deep midwicket and deep square leg. FOUR .

IND 83/3 IN 27 overs:
Identitical dividends for India in this over from Mackay. Caution from the Indian batters.

IND 78/3 in 26 overs: Devine finally introduces spin with Amelia Kerr getting the ball. Kerr is focusing on that middle and off stump line but bowling them full. Four runs, four singles. Run rate climbs just a bit more.

IND 75/3 IN 25 overs: Jensen continues. Devine has kept her spinners back. You don't need brakes when the engine is refusing to start.  NINE RUNS OFF THE OVER THOUGH. Not a drill. Mithali and Harman are being given deliveries that are making them coming out and play. After five runs come off the first four balls, Harman pulls one square for her first boundary. Need more of these. 101 dot balls within 24 overs is not ideal or a stat that will fly under the radar.

IND 66/3 in 24 overs: Jess Kerr continues, come in over the wicket to Raj. Kerr is not relying on the short ball, she's happy with the run rut. Five runs come off the over though, thanks to quick singles and we see Harman exhaling heavily at the end of it. This is one of India's better overs, the state of that.

IND 61/2 in 23 overs: One solitary run from this Jensen over and the run rate keeps climbing.

IND 60/3 in 22 overs: Jess Kerr gets the ball. Largely uneventful as the players go on the defence. Three runs off it. India crawling.

IND 57/3 in 21 overs: Harman has a job to do here and will need to find her footing fast. Slip was brought it for her to squeeze space a bit more around her. Jensen comes in from over the wicket. After a brisk two runs for Raj, she follows it up with a boundary, a lucky edge-ish shot that goes just wide of that slip fielder and runs off to the ropes. FOUR . Seven runs come off the over.

IND 50/3 in 20 overs: Yastika's slog at the crease as a leading edge she has sent to cover is caught by Mackay. 59 balls for that 28 and some discomfort in her right leg along the way too. She seemed to have been trying to get that to midwicket but alas. This means, it's Kaur time! But more importantly, A WICKET MAIDEN. Yastika Bhatia c Mackay b Tahuhu 28 (59b)

IND 50/2 in 19 overs:
Three runs off this Jensen over as she entices the batters to come out and play as she sends her deliveries angling outside off. The Indian fifty comes up.

IND 47/2 in 18 overs: Tahuhu returns and is closing out another dot-filled over. Yastika manages to thump a wide-ish short delivery to third man for a single. Tahuhu almost gets Raj off the last ball of the over, a full length ball that gets a leading top edge heading over to cover. Frankie Mackay dives and thinks she has reached it but hasn't. Good work on the field nevertheless. Just ONE RUN FROM THIS OVER.

IND 46/2 in 17 overs: Hayley Jensen begins from around the wicket, relying on full length deliveries to try and maybe entice these two to try and play and make an error. Mithali almost does as she reaches for one going wide of the off stump. Unlikely of the Indian captain. No harm done though as three singles are taken for this over.

IND 43/2 in 16 overs: Mithali and Yastika are staring at a climbing asking rate and manage to run three singles in this over. Tahuhu is not allowing Yastika any room and Mithali is happy to play it slow. Not a bad ploy, but the dots have to reduce.

IND 40/2 in 15 overs:
Hannah Rowe returns and is dispatched to the boundary down the ground by Yastika Bhatia. FOUR . Rowe seems to have a few issues with her run up as she lands a little oddly on her ankle and so she runs back to bowl again. Yastika is middling the ball well but finding the fielders almost every other time. Nevertheless, eight runs come off the over. Thanks to

IND 32/2 in 14 overs:   Lea Tahuhu is getting some assistance from this wicket but she's also being consistent with her length to full length deliveries. Will concede just one run here.

Yastika receiving some medical attention in the middle. Tahuhu will continue.

IND 31/2 in 13 overs: Yastika comes down the track to Rowe and drives to extra cover for a quick single. Mithali drives well a full delivery but straight to mid off. Good running as Mithali drives with open face through cover and point and collects three runs. Very short and umpire calls it one for the over. Good bouncer. Single to Yastika to end the over.

IND 26/2 in 12 overs: Mithali on strike for her first ball. Two slips in place. Tahuhu comes over the wicket. Mithali shoulders arms outside off. Tahuhu keeps it around off and Mithali presents a straight bat to defend. Beaten! Tahuhu moves it away from Mithali to beat her outside edge. Left again in the channel this time. First attacking shot by Mithali as she slashes outside off but straight to point. Maiden over again.

IND 26/2 in 11 overs: Skipper Mithali Raj is in and she has a huge task ahead of her. Yastika drives straight to extra cover and wants a single but Mithali sends her back. Some more confusion in the middle after Yastika wants a single after dabbing behind point. Mithali doesn't oblige yet again. Bouncer to end the over. Another maiden over.


IND 26/2 in 10 overs: Lea Tahuhu with the ball. Round the wicket to Yastika. Guided to third with open face for a single. Angling down leg side and a wide. Just two runs off the first five balls. Huge LBW appeal but turned down. Tahuhu angled it into Deepti's pads from around the wicket and it looks close. NZ reviews. Gap between bat and bowl. Gone. Three reds and Deepti has to go. Deepti Sharma lbw b Lea Tahuhu 5(13b 1x4 0x6).

IND 25/1 in 9 overs: Hannah Rowe comes into the attack as first change. Yastika slices through the off and a brilliant dive at point to keep it to a dot ball. Straight up and it falls in a vacant area behind the keeper. Yastika got a top edging trying to pull. FOUR! Drifting outside leg and Deepti flicks it behind to the fine leg boundary. Driven straight for a dot to end the over.

IND 19/1 in 8 overs: Jess Kerr goes down leg side and wide. Finally a run for India. Yastika cuts hard off the backfoot but finds the fielder at point. Finally pierces the gap between cover and mid off and a couple of runs. FOUR! Elegantly driven through covers and the timing is so sweet that it runs away to the boundary. Single through mid wicket with a flick and Yastika will keep strike.

IND 11/1 in 7 overs: Mackay continues her spell with more discipline. Not giving any room, a good length and six dots for Deepti.

IND 11/1 in 6 overs: Again beautifully timed by Mandhana on the off side but straight to the fielder again. Three dots again and Mandhana is on 6 off 20 balls. OUT! Mandhana holes out at extra cover. Unable to pierce the gaps, she was looking for elevation but chipped it straight to the fielder. Smriti Mandhana c Suzie Bates b Jess Kerr 6(21b 0x4 0x6). Deepti Sharma in. She is off the mark with a single behind point.

IND 10/0 in 5 overs : Yastika turns a fuller one from Mackay down leg side for a single. Mandhana finally finds a single with a front-foot push past mid off. Chance and just short. Yastika chips a fuller delivery almost to the fielder at mid on. It trickles past her and a couple to end the over.

IND 6/0 in 4 overs: Frustrating five dots balls for Mandhana as she is unable to find the gap on the off side. Kerr doesn't err from her off stump line. Driven again by Mandhana but straight to the fielder at cover. Maiden over.

IND 6/0 in 3 overs: Mackay keeps it tidy with a tight line on and around off stump and just a single to Mandhana from the over.

IND 5/0 in 2 overs: Jess Kerr from the other end. Short outside off and Mandhana punches off the backfoot between point and cover for a couple. Short and angling down leg this time and a single through mid wicket.

IND 2/0 in 1 over: Smriti Mandhana and Yastika Bhatia begin the chase for India. Off spinner Frances Mackay with the ball. Just two runs off the first over.


NZ 260/9 in 50 overs:  Jhulan bowls the final one and I know a lot of us thinking about that milestone. Jhulan said before the game that she isn't thinking about the top wicket taker in ODI WCs record but she has equalled that tally by removing Martin in the first delivery of the over. Yorker clatters the stumps and she is now joint highest wicket taker in ODI WCs. She won't get another one just yet. NZ survives to touch 260.

NZ 255/8 in 49 overs: Meghna Singh takes over at the other end. Meghna goes full to begin, throws in a yorker too, bur sends in another fuller one which allows Mackay to find the square leg boundary. Here's a chance though as Mackay gets height on the last ball but the skipper Mithali Raj has dropped it at cover. 11 runs off this over.

NZ 244/8 in 48 overs: Momentum with India here and Jhulan comes in. Just three runs and Jhulan as expected keeps the Kiwis disciplined.

NZ 241/8 in 47 overs:
Vastrakar returns and instant impact yet again as her yorker removes Lea Tahuhu and Jess Kerr in quick succession. Vastrakar on a hat-trick but won't get her third as Mackay resists. WICKETS Lea Tahuhu b Vastrakar 1 (4b); Jess Kerr b Vastrakar 0 (1b)

NZ 239/6 in 46 overs: Gayakwad comes in and removes Jensen with a fuller delivery angling in. It knocks off her off stump and she's beaten while trying to sweep. Martin is determined to keep going and she does with a fine sweep. WICKET Hayley Jensen b Gayakwad 1 (7b)

FIVE OVERS. FIVE WICKETS IN HAND. Time to accelerate for New Zealand.
NZ 233/5 in 45 overs:
Vastrakar returns and Martins greets her with a paddle through short fine leg. FOUR. She follows that with three dots. Martin tries heading for a run from a sharp yorker and Pooja is pure aggression when she throws the ball back to her end almost as a warning. Nicely done by the Indians here. Four runs off the over.

NZ 229/5 in 44 overs:
Very good over for India as just three runs are conceded. Jensen trying to settle in quickly.

NZ 226/5 in 43 overs: VASTRAKAR COMPENSATES and removes Satterthwaite. Bowls in full to the NZ mainstay and she's hit this with some elevation. Simplest of catches for Mithali Raj at mid-wicket. Jensen is the new batter, who survives as LBW review as well. WICKET Amy Satterthwaite c Raj b Vastrakar 75 (84b)

NZ 222/4 in 42 overs:
Martin targets the areas behind the keeper and despite no boundaries, these two are running for their lives between the wickets. Moment of the over is a potential wicket for India, that of Martin and Pooja Vastrakar has DROPPED a sitter at third man. Oh will she regret this? Eight runs from the over for NZ.

NZ 214/4 in 41 overs: Vastrakar pulls things back for India giving just three runs away in this over. Satterthwaite needs to engineer a late flourish and take the momentum away from India.

NZ 211/4 in 40 overs:
After the drought we've seen so far, Amy Satterthwaite compensates with not one, not two, but three boundaries off this Deepti Sharma over. Intent from Satterthwaite as we enter the last 10 overs of this White Ferns innings.

NZ 198/4 in 39 overs: Five runs off this Vastrakar over as Satterthwaite and Martin slog for the runs. Last 5 ov (RR): 20/0 (4.00). Good lord. The brakes have been applied on this NZ innings and how.

NZ 193/4 in 38 overs:
Sharma returns around the wicket. Things have slowed down far too much by their standards over the last 10 OVERS. Yes, you read that right. It's been just the one boundary in the last 10, but the Kiwi pairs have rotated strike well. Just the five runs from this over and that involved a chance for India to remove Satterthwaite when she mistimed one to long on but it fell safely.

NZ 188/4 in 37 overs: Vastrakar returns to the attack. Amy's faced 17 balls in the last seven overs. That explains so much. Good over from Vastrakar as she concedes just two runs.

NZ 186/4 in 36 overs:
Martin breaks the boundary drought as she sweeps a full length ball from Deepti for FOUR. Five runs come off the over. Time for NZ to accelerate a bit?

NZ 181/4 in 35 overs: 7 overs since we last saw a boundary in Seddon Park. Make it eight. The Kiwis take only three runs from this Gayakwad over.

NZ 178/4 in 34 overs: Deepti resumes and INSTANT IMPACT.
Green holes out to Mandhana at long-on. The boundaries had dried up and Green clearly got a little impatient trying to get things going. Martin joins Satterthwaite. Three runs come off the over and pressure is now on Martin to build a partnership and allow Satterthwaite to keep the scoring rate up. WICKET Maddy Green c Mandhana b Sharma 27 (36b)

NZ 175/3 in 33 overs:
Gayakwad is also going around the wicket. It's been five overs since NZ had a boundary so a positive? But the runs have not stopped. Five runs come off this over with Satterthwaite getting to her half century off the last ball. Lovely innings from the veteran.

NZ 170/3 in 32 overs: Deepti is sticking to her fuller length deliveries. Six runs come off the over as the White Ferns duo stick to running to keep the score ticking. Good footwork from these two too.

NZ 164/3 in 31 overs: Meghna continues at the other end. Broadcast reminds us that India is two overs behind in the over rate. There are strict guidelines to keep time but India has taken some time with field placement here and there. After dealing in boundaries through this game, Satterthwaite and Green are happy to run between the wickets to get six runs off this over.

NZ 158/3 in 30 overs: Deepti Sharma, who bowled just two overs in this game so far, is back for her third. She also goes around the wicket to both the left and right hander. Just the four runs from it after going full in length throughout.

NZ 154/3 in 29 overs: Meghna concedes just two singles and India gets an over without a boundary. Phew. Far too many loose deliveries being gifted to New Zealand, she's done well to halt that tendency.

NZ 152/3 in 28 overs: Goswami returns. Four tidy singles from the over. Satterthwaite batting deep is key for New Zealand. There are pinch hitters in this NZ side who can accelerate further down. 

NZ 148/3 in 27 overs: Meghna Singh comes around the wicket and keeps things tight with four dot balls. She follows that up with a loose ball that's full and wide and Satterthwaite is happy to dispatch this through the covers for FOUR. A single comes off the last ball.

NZ 143/3 in 26 overs:  Jhulan returns. She goes short and allows Maddy Green to go on the backfoot and pull this to the square boundary for FOUR runs . Another one as Jhulan sends one going outside the off stump and it's run away beating backward point and a diving Sneh Rana who does all the work but doesn't manage to stop the ball. FOUR. Eight runs from this over for NZ.

NZ 135/3 in 25 overs: Rana concedes seven runs as she allows Maddy Green to find some room and sweep for her first boundary of the game. FOUR . This middle over does struggle and the Indian side's plans for them will determine how and in whose favour this game swings.

NZ 129/3 in 24 overs:
As one would expect, there's some pressure on the new batter in. Mithali brings in a slip for her after Satterthwaite's single puts Green on strike, but Gayakwad does not concede any runs after.

NZ 128/3 in 23 overs:
Maddy Green takes Kerr's place. FOUR Rana tries to keep things tight after a boundary off the first ball for Satterthwaite. Seven runs come from this over for the White Ferns.

NZ 121/3 in 22 overs: Kerr gets the fifty out of the way, driving Gayakwad to long-on for a single to get there.
This is her sixth half century in ODIs. What a player she has been for this White Ferns unit. Oh but she has fallen right after! She tries to get on one knee and sweep Gayakwad but the ball hits her pad instead. Sue Redfern's finger goes up. Kerr doesn't survive the review. WICKET Amelia Kerr lbw b Gayakwad 50 (64b)

NZ 119/2 in 21 overs:
The over begins with some luck for Satterthwaite as a lofted shot from her lands safely just outside the inner circle. Mithali Raj runs towards it but doesn't look like she intended to catch that. Rana keeps it tight after giving just to runs away. Amelia Kerr still waiting to cross the fifty mark.

NZ 117/2 in 20 overs: FOUR! Satterthwaite makes good use of her feet, steps out to Gayakwad, and chips it over the infield on the off to find the fence. FOUR! Satterthwaite comes down again and swats it over mid off over four more.  A single and a no-ball follow as Vastrakar was not inside the circle. FOUR LEG-BYES! Kerr reverse-sweeps and finds the gap behind the keeper. But the umpire reckons it went off the pads and Kerr has to wait for her half-century.

NZ 102/2 in 19 overs: Change of ends for Sneh Rana. Kerr dabs off the backfoot for a couple behind point. Flicked to deep mid wicket for one. Satterthwaite looks to clear the leg side field but swats it straight to mid on. FOUR! Gets the elevation this time and heaves it to the mid wicket fence for a boundary. That brings up the hundred for New Zealand in 18.4 overs. Two singles to end the over.

NZ 93/2 in 18 overs: Gayakwad back in the attack. Flighted on off and Kerr drives through cover for just one. Satterthwaite sweeps for one more at deep square leg. Single to Kerr to end the over.

NZ 90/2 in 17 overs: Vastrakar returns with the ball. Wide outside off but Satterthwaite misses it trying to swipe at it. Stays back and guides this length ball to third man for one. FOUR! Regal! Kerr punishes this full delivery on off by leaning into a crisp drive through the covers. Jams her bat on the next one for one more at third man. Satterthwaite defends back to the bowler.

NZ 84/2 in 16 overs: Sneh Rana into the attack. FOUR! Errs in line first ball, too straight and Kerr is quick to sweep behind to the fine leg rope. Corrects her line, goes on and around off, three dots follow. Shorter, just outside off and Kerr guides it to third man for three runs. A deft late cut that by Kerr but Gayakwad does well in the deep to save one run. Single for Satterthwaite to end the over.


NZ 76/2 in 15 overs: Vastrakar bowls her third. Tidy over and just a single to Kerr from that over. Time for a drinks break.

NZ 75/2 in 14 overs: Deepti from the other end. Shorter and Kerr stays back and pulls to mid wicket for one. Tossed up on off and Satterthwaite sweeps to square leg for one more and completes 4500 WODI runs with that. FOUR! Strays down leg side and Kerr sweeps it past short fine leg and to the fence.

NZ 68/2 in 13 overs: Vastrakar continues. FOUR! Satterthwaite gets on top of bounce and punches this back of length delivery between point and cover. Full from Vastrakar on off stump but Satterthwaite keeps finding the fielders driving through off.

NZ 63/2 in 12 overs: Deepti Sharma into the attack. Tossed up on off first ball and driven on leg for a dot ball. FOUR! Kerr steps out and lofts it over mid on over a boundary. FOUR! Deepti drags back her length and Kerr rocks back and slashes through the covers for another four. Dot to end the over.

NZ 54/2 in 11 overs: Vastrakar from the other end. Guided to third for a single by Kerr. Full on off and Devine drives for just a single. Kerr steers to third man for one more. OUT! Vastrakar strikes. Devine edges behind to Richa Ghosh trying to cut square of the wicket. A bit of extra bounce did her in. WICKET Sophie Devine c Ghosh b Vastrakar 35 (30b)

NZ 51/1 in 10 overs:
First bowling change for India and Gayakwad is with the ball. Angling down leg side first ball and swept behind by Devine for one. Dropped! Kerr gets a top edge to deep square leg trying to sweep and Yastika does well to get to it but cannot hold on diving forward. Harsh to call it a dropped catch actually. Swept again, but along the ground this time, and a single this time to Kerr.

NZ 47/1 in 9 overs: FOUR! Goswami pitches it too full after some good line and length on the first couple of balls. Devine covers drives to perfection, holds the pose and a horrible misfield by Vastrakar, who lets it go between her legs and to the boundary. Five runs from the over.

NZ 42/1 in 8 overs: FOUR! Devine drives this over-pitched delivery through the covers for another boundary. Wide down leg side follows. Seven runs from the over and Devine and Kerr coasting along.

NZ 35/1 in 7 overs: Goswami pegs the batters back with a good length on and around off. A single each for Devine and Kerr in the third man region.

NZ 33/1 in 6 overs: Meghna pulls her length back a bit after she was taken for a few boundaries in the previous over. Just a couple for Kerr from the over.

NZ 31/1 in 5 overs: Devine guides it past point for one. Kerr follows it with a dab to third man for one more. FOUR! Devine is divine. Sumptuous square drive through covers for a boundary. FOUR! This is a loosener outside off and Devine cuts it away to the deep point fence. Goswami lets out a roar of frustration.

NZ 21/1 in 4 overs: Meghna continues. Continues pitching it up, moving it away from Devine. Wayward and wide down leg next ball. FOUR! Full-toss and Devine doesn't miss out. Hammers is down the ground for a boundary. FOUR! Width and room outside off and slashed away past point for another boundary. Richa Ghosh coming up to the stumps. Devine drives on the off and a good save at mid off to keep it to a single. Kerr flicks it to square leg for a couple.

NZ 9/0 in 3 overs: Devine scampers for a quick one after tapping on the off side and a direct hit at the striker's end. OUT! Bates is gone. Pooja Vastrakar with pinpoint accuracy and India strikes early. Amelia Kerr the new batter. Goswami doesn't give Kerr much room to free her arms. Five dots to end the over. Maiden. WICKETSuzie Bates run out (Pooja Vastrakar) 5(10b 1x4 0x6).


NZ 9/0 in 2 overs: Meghna Singh will share the new ball. Pitched up on and around off and Bates guides it straight to point. A bit of away movement in the air for Meghna. FOUR! Shaping away beautifully, Bates is drawn into the drive and an outside edge flies over the slips and to the third man fence.

NZ 5/0 in 1 over: Suzie Bates and Sophie Devine are out in the middle. Jhulan Goswami with the new ball. Straight and full first up and Bates defends it back. Similar line and length and Bates flicked it on the leg side and just short of a diving Harmanpreet Kaur at mid on. Pierced between gully and slips for a single; a little bit of an outside edge from Bates. FOUR! Devine starts off with a boundary behind point. Rose a bit with the bounce and punched it. Dot to end the over. Five runs from it.

6:22 AM: Both teams walk out for the national anthems. Twenty percent crowd capacity is permitted for this game so a bit of a buzz at the venue. India's anthem is first up.

Team India getting into the groove ahead of the big clash.



India Women: Smriti Mandhana, Yastika Bhatia, Deepti Sharma, Mithali Raj (c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Richa Ghosh (wk), Sneh Rana, Pooja Vastrakar, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jhulan Goswami, Meghna Singh.

New Zealand Women: Sophie Devine (c), Suzie Bates, Amelia Kerr, Amy Satterthwaite, Lea Tahuhu, Maddy Green, Frances Mackay, Katey Martin (wk), Jess Kerr, Hannah Rowe, Hayley Jensen.

PITCH REPORT: The pitch is a different than the one used for the England vs Australia game. A bit dry and Craig McMillan reckons 240 will be a good score on this wicket.


Mithali Raj : We will have a bowl. Looks a good wicket and later on, there could be dew which will make batting easier. We depend a lot on spinners, so better to bowl first. One change - Yastika (Bhatia) replaces Shafali (Verma) at the top.

Sophie Devine : We would have batted first anyway. We did play India well in the recent series. We were able to put together complete performances and that's something we've been speaking about for a while. It's now about replicating it today. Same team for us.

TOSS: Mithali Raj has won the toss and India will bowl first. In the only change for India, opener Shafali Verma is out and Yastika Bhatia comes in.

5:55 AM: India has lost both its WODIs at Seddon Park, the venue for today's game. Out of the 11 WODIs played at the venue so far, five of the 11 games have been won by the team batting first.

5:50 AM: India is coming off a commanding 107-run victory over arch-rival Pakistan while New Zealand suffered a three-run loss against the West Indies before bouncing back with a nine-wicket demolition of Bangladesh. However, in the recently concluded WODI series between India and New Zealand, the White Ferns thrashed the Mithali Raj-led side 4-1. New Zealand also has the wood over the Indian women in the format with 32 wins from 53 matches. The last time the sides met at the ICC World Cup was in 2017, when the Women in Blue gave New Zealand a 186-run drubbing, dismissing their opponent for just 79.

STAT ALERT: Veteran pacer Jhulan Goswami (38) needs two wickets to surpass Lynn Fullston (39) and become the leading wicket-taker in World Cups. Goswami already has the most number of wickets in all WODIs, with 247 scalps from 196 matches.
5:00 AM:
Hello everyone! The 12th edition of the Women's Cricket World Cup is finally underway in New Zealand. The tournament which was initially scheduled to be played in February - March 2021, was postponed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Match #8 will see India take on host New Zealand

Where to watch - Live Streaming details

The ICC Women's ODI World Cup will be broadcast on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar.

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