Calcutta Football League: Peerless inches closer to maiden CFL title - As it happened

Follow the Calcutta Football League's (CFL 2019) LIVE scores, updates and commentary of the title decider involving Peerless, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

Peerless holds a three-point advantage over defending Mohun Bagan.   -  Rajeev Bhatt

Follow the Calcutta Football League's (CFL 2019) LIVE updates of the title decider involving Peerless, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. I am Aashin Prasad and I will be bringing you the updates.


It's full time at Barasat Stadium where Peerless has beaten George Telegraph 2-0. But the champagne will continue to remain on ice for Peerless to celebrate its first CFL title in its 61 years of existence. East Bengal would need seven goals in its next match to edge past Peerless.

Mohun Bagan beats Kalighat 3-0.

Peerless has one hand on the CFL 2019 title and will need to wait on IFA's decision on the fate of East Bengal's match.

GOAL! Mohun Bagan is finishing on a high as it adds a third goal through Fran Morante.


GOAL! FK Faiz doubles Mohun Bagan's lead. Mohun Bagan is currently out of the reckoning as it would require a loss for Peerless against George Telegraph.

As it stands, there cannot be a winner declared today. What an anti-climatic title decider this has turned out to be.

OFFICIAL: We are getting reports from the stadium that the match has been called off! The IFA will take a call on whether the match will be abandoned or if the match will be played on a later day.

The match commissioner is speaking to the team managers currently. They will look to arrive at some kind of a situation here. And as I type that, East Bengal supporters are making their way out from the stands.

Another nail in East Bengal's title hopes! East Bengal needs to win by a seven-goal margin to win the title.

GOAL! Kromah doubles Peerless' lead!

GOAL! Mohun Bagan goes 1-0 up! Salva Chamorro with the goal.

UPDATE: The match commissioner and the officials are out on the pitch again to inspect the playing conditions.

This is an agonising wait for East Bengal and its followers.

It's half-time at Mohun Bagan ground where its goalless between Mohun Bagan and Kalighat. Crucially, Peerless has a 1-0 lead at the break in its match.

This is the water-logged corner flag region of the pitch which is holding up play - Screengrab (Sadhna News)


That would douse the celebratory mood among some section of the East Bengal fans. Peerless' goal now means East Bengal would need to win its match by a six-goal margin.

GOAL! Peerless is in the lead! Former East Bengal and Mohun Bagan player Ansumana Kromah has given the side the lead against George Telegraph in the 35th minute!

The referees and match commissioners are currently inspecting the conditions of the field. There is ankle deep water in one corner of the field.

There is full-house at the EB ground and the Red and Golds supporters are bouncing in the stands.

GOOD NEWS! We have live images and the commentators are saying the East Bengal-Calcutta Customs will begin shortly.

There is no confirmation as to when the East Bengal match will begin. The other two matches are underway and the scores are 0-0 in both the matches.

The start of East Bengal vs Calcutta Customs is delayed due to water-logging conditions in the East Bengal ground.

Kolkata football's Super Sunday? Before kick-off, have a read about what's at stake today and what are the possible scenarios in store. (Title decider explained)

Calcutta Customs XI: Sanjoy, Amit, Dipak, Emmanuel, Soubik, John, Rajon, Rakesh, Sumit, Adjah

East Bengal XI: Mawia (1), Asheer (2), Pintu Mahata (11), De la Espada (18), Didika Ralte (20) Ronaldo (19), AMM Crespi (21), Juan Mera (23), Samad 25), Abhishek (27), Rohlupia (43)

East Bengal vs Calcutta Customs

We will be giving you the minute-by-minute updates from the match between East Bengal and Calcutta Customs and simultaneously bring you the scores from the other two key matches.

Mohun Bagan XI: Shilton Paul; Lalramchullova, Bikramjit Singh, Fran Morante, Gurjinder Kumar, SK Sahil, Fran Gonzalez, Britto PM, Suhair VP, Nongdomba Naorem, Salva Chamorro

Mohun Bagan vs Kalighat

Peerless is on the verge of creating history in 38-years of Kolkata football. If the side wins the CFL, it will be the first time a team outside the 'big three' (Mohun Bagan, East Bengal, Mohammedan SC) wins the title. It will also be Peerless' first CFL title in its club's history.

Fixtures on September 29:

Mohun Bagan vs Kalighat MSM. Bagan/CFC2.30 pm
East Bengal vs Calcutta CustomsE. Bengal/Aryan2.30 pm
Peerless SC vs George TelegraphBarasat Stadium2.30 pm
















22:11= 11



East Bengal





17:10= 7








16:13= 3



Mohun Bagan





17:10= 7



The East Bengal vs Calcutta Customs match will be telecast live on Sadhna News.